Eve Claims Victory in the "Endless" War

By Anna Von Reitz

Setting: Garden of Eden

Characters: The Living God, Adam, Eve and Satan

The Plot: Satan lies to Eve and eggs her on to eat a forbidden fruit. Eve eats the fruit and gets Adam to eat it, too. They get caught.

Adam blames Eve. Eve and Satan take their lumps. Adam is disqualified, because he doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions.

The children of Eve contest against the children of Satan to inherit everything.

The Climax: [Fast forward thousands of years.] Satan and his children default.

They abdicate responsibility for the corporations and babies they’ve created.

The End: Eve and her children are the only ones left standing and caretaking and accepting responsibility.

Slightly more than a day and a half ago, the Spirit of Falsehood was located in a dungeon beneath Balmoral Castle in Scotland, and transported from the Earth.

In approximately a day and half, the profound change will become noticeable even to people without a spiritual bone in their bodies.

The war that has been the source and cause and mother of all wars, is over.

The meek who did not mock the True God, who did not worship idols, who did not treasure falsehoods, who did not worship the creation instead of the Creator, who did not build upon lies, who did not forsake their children, who did not ruin the Earth — they shall indeed inherit, and the Gates of Hell have not been any fortress against them.

May the True and Living God be praised now and forever. Open your hearts to receive him and may your gladness increase by the hours.

Satan and all his deceits have been overthrown. His lies which encircled the Earth like bonds of steel are gone. By the hour, the tares are separating from the wheat, the sheep from the goats.

There will be peace — abundant peace, and abundant life, and all manner of good things, for those who have overcome, each according to their good heart and the secrets of their inmost desiring; for our Father knows us better than we know ourselves, and his heart is turned toward his children now, to heal and teach us, to comfort and lead us.

It has been a very long struggle over a very long time. And now, it’s over.

Please turn your thoughts to Jerusalem again, and to the gates, to open them wide.

Some have asked me whether they should think of this as opening the gates from outside the city or inside the city.

You need to understand that there are seals like the Seal on Bardsey Island, on both sides of the wall, and these must ultimately be overcome from both directions.

So in your mind, begin washing away of the seal on the outside of the city gates, and as the seals crumble away, let your mind wash over the stones and mortar, until you can feel them give way, and then enter, and wash away the inner seal on each one of the city gates of Jerusalem.

Those who hear my voice and see these words can do this: you can open the gates of Jerusalem, with the power now vested in your hearts, set free from all lies and limitations.

Envision the reds of home fires and camp fires, the reds of sunsets, the reds of roses washing over the city gates, remember the orange of citrus fruits, the orange of sunrises, the orange of chrysanthemums and let orange wash over the city gates.

Now yellow in all its glory, the bright sun of morning, the heart of the daisies, and stripes of the bees, let yellow wash over the gates of Jerusalem.

And green, the green of the new leaves in springtime, and pastures when the summer is deep upon us, the greens of the pine forests, too, let all things be made new, and let green wash over the gates of Jerusalem.

Find the blues of the ocean and summer days in you, the blues of autumn skies and winter nights, and hurl them against the gates of Jerusalem.

And finally, as quiet settles and the shadows come, let violet touch the rim of the Earth’s horizon and strike the mighty blow that hails the kingdom come, and opens the gates of Jerusalem.

Let all of creation bow and sing a glad song again. The war is over. The issue decided. Man shall live at peace with man.

All praise and all glory to our Father in Heaven and to the One Faithful and True, forever and ever.


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