Rob Potter to Interview Kim Goguen Live Thursday

Founding member and frequent contributor to Prepare for Change Rob Potter is set to interview Kim Goguen, this Thursday, January 20 at 12pm PST on his website, The Promise Revealed as well as these outlets:

This exclusive interview comes on the heels of Goguen’s huge proclamation of planetary freedom that came out this past Wednesday the 12th. Goguen, who claims to be the Ground Commander of planet earth among other titles and responsibilities, made the surprise announcement that the cabal’s global institutions and financial system were essentially taken off-line due to the ending of certain planetary covenants that weren’t renewed that the dark forces have used historically to assert their claims of rule over the planet.

Goguen claims to be the earth ambassador of humanity who controls a back-end system that allows distribution of funds to the highest levels of government, military, and financial institutions. She is encouraging humanity to prepare themselves for self-governance. Her announcement is linked here.

Potter who has over 45 years of experience with higher realm beings and also has been a contactee and ambassador to our nearest neighbors the Venusians, brings a unique perspective to the conversation that will occur on his website. As a precursory explanation of who Goguen is and to set the context for her claims and to further explain the action as related to the Global Restoration Plan, Potter has released a series of 3 videos that readers can view at the following links:

Global Restoration Plan Part 1

Global Restoration Plan Part 2

Global Restoration Plan Part 3

Potter has been very active in the community for years and helped create many initiatives such as a Restoration Plan and the Community Leaders Brief. Elements of the restoration may be discussed in the interview with Goguen.

Was Omicron engineered by WHITE HATS as a self-spreading ANTIDOTE to end the covid pandemic?


Because of the characteristics of Omicron and how it combined high transmissivity with very low mortality and hospitalization rates, there’s growing speculation that Omicron might have been engineered in a laboratory by “white hat” scientists who released it as a self-spreading antidote to the covid pandemic.

Because Omicron is reportedly far more efficient at spreading — yet seemingly no more dangerous than a common cold — it is sweeping across the population and displacing Delta and other strains that posed a much higher danger to humanity.

Importantly, an Omicron infection appears to invoke a natural immune response that protects people from all other strains, meaning that a simple Omicron exposure and infection makes covid vaccines obsolete and builds natural immunity to resist Delta and other strains.

In other words, it ends both the pandemic and the vaccine justification all at once.

In essence, Omicron is functioning as a kind of self-spreading vaccine — or antidote — that’s creating widespread immunity and shutting down the covid plandemic. The only real debate is whether the Omicron strain was engineered and released on purpose by a team that’s trying to save humanity.

Self-replicating vaccine technology has been possessed by DARPA for many years

The technology of “self-replicating vaccines” is well documented and known to be in the possession of DARPA, the same group that rejected a funding request from EcoHealth Alliance to fund the aerosolized release of toxic nanoparticle spike proteins in bat caves in China. For whatever reason, DARPA recognized the danger in a wild release of SARS-CoV-2 and decided that such an experiment would pose too large a threat to humanity.

As we’ve learned since, the real threat to humanity isn’t “covid” itself but rather covid vaccines. The vaccines contain the spike protein bioweapon (or the instructions for the body to manufacture those toxic nanoparticles), and thus the continued injection of human beings with vaccines is the real threat against humanity.

Covid vaccines are being pushed due to the narrative that covid is sending people to emergency rooms and killing those with suppressed immune systems. Thus, denying this narrative to the cabal of criminal vaccine pushers — Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma and Big Government — would be a significant achievement that might save hundreds of millions of lives (or even billions, see this analysis) if the vaccine holocaust can be stopped in its tracks.

Omicron, in other words, might end up being the very thing that ends the plandemic and saves humanity from total extermination.

New evidence for mouse origins of Omicron

This science study, published in the Journal of Genetics & Genomics, unveils new evidence for the mouse origins of Omicron. It is entitled, “Evidence for a mouse origin of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant,” and was published on Dec, 24th, 2021. It is indexed at the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Central database.

The study points to the possibility (perhaps even a likelihood) that Omicron came from mice. If so, the most likely place where the 45 mutations were accomplished is a mouse-populated laboratory.

As the study’s abstract states, “The molecular spectrum of mutations (i.e., the relative frequency of the 12 types of base substitutions) acquired by the progenitor of Omicron was significantly different from the spectrum for viruses that evolved in human patients, but resembled the spectra associated with virus evolution in a mouse cellular environment.”

The study also seems to point to an effort to rapidly accelerate the host evolution of the virus through deliberate selection of host adaptations, meaning scientists who ran the experiment would have been intentionally selecting mice with very mild symptoms but high transmissivity. From the study:

We found that the Omicron spike protein sequence was subjected to stronger positive selection than that of any reported SARS-CoV-2 variants known to evolve persistently in human hosts…

These observations are entirely consisting with a “white hat lab” running an operation to produce Omicron as a self-spreading “antidote” of sorts. This isn’t absolute proof that this took place, but it’s evidence consistent with the theory. More evidence is needed to know for sure.

Battling bioweapons

If this theory is true, then the citizens of the world are caught in the crossfire of a global bioweapons battle that involves competing laboratories and salvos of self-spreading bioweapons or antidotes being dumped on humanity every few months. It’s like we’re all living in a city while Godzilla and a giant Transformer robot are battling to the death above us, dropping buildings and giant concrete chunks on the sidewalks while we’re all trying to dodge the fallout.

Whether this “white hat” theory is true or not, I believe the best defense is good nutrition and immune-boosting supplements such as vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, artemisinin and so on. We have no idea what crazy bioweapons they’re going to release next, but a fully functioning immune system is absolutely the key to surviving all this. It also wouldn’t hurt to know about ivermectin, chlorine dioxide, hydroxychloroquine and other emergency medical interventions.

Sadly, those who took the covid vaccine shots have destroyed their immune systems and will be highly vulnerable to whatever comes next. That’s all part of the depopulation plan, of course: Killing people off with common flu strains by making sure their immune systems are destroyed beforehand (with the jab).

Get full details in today’s podcast, which also features jaw-dropping news about dating-aged women lying about their vaccine status in order to pretend they are still fertile. Since vaccines make women infertile, men are dumping women once they find out they’re vaccinated. In this way, vaccinated women are removing themselves from the human gene pool, and they’re also losing out on informed potential husbands who don’t want “damaged goods” in the form of vaccine-damaged women. Seriously… While women tend to seek out men who are financially well off, men want women whose ovaries are intact and not destroyed by the spike protein. (An interesting study in human behavioral anthropology is no doubt in the works…)

Hear the full details in today’s Situation Update podcast:


War on Free Thought

Outstanding new source and work from PFC Volunteers George and Rusere!

Victory of the Light!

I am delighted to have made my first contribution to The Light newspaper, and it’s the front page lead (see attached), researched and written jointly with my Holding the Line colleague Rusere Shoniwa. The Light is the UK’s fastest growing newspaper by a long way, up from a print run of 20,000 for issue 1 last year to 275,000 for issue 15 in November. That’s already more than some national papers’ daily circulations and the Light’s publisher is now confidently targeting 1 million copies at some point. It shows how much demand there is from a public starved of truth and balance in the mainstream media.

The December issue and all back numbers can be read for free online at Or you can subscribe to a printed copy for £5 a month, including p&p. All contributions are written by motivated volunteers. No-one is getting paid.

Other topics covered in the December issue include the 500% increase in footballers and other sports people who are experiencing heart issues, in some cases fatally so (p3); a new study in the American Heart Association journal showing that mRNA vaccines double the chances of a heart attack (p4); the battle for justice for care home staff who lost their jobs due to vaccine coercion (p3); and the thousands of miscarriages that are occurring in pregnant woman following vaccination (p18).

Holding the Line, meanwhile, is now posting stuff on our new website (, Telegram channel, Twitter feed and Odysee channel. We are also being contacted every week by journalists and other media professionals not only in the UK but other countries. We now have members in the US, Canada, France, Italy, Croatia and New Zealand.

Best wishes.


The full article as it appears in the paper:

War on free thought


By PFC volunteer Roger Guttridge and PFC member Rusere Shoniwa


When the UK government put its so-called Online Safety Bill before Parliament, it lit the touch paper for a funeral pyre.

Not a funeral for the countless victims of lockdown or vaccination but for the catastrophic demise of free speech.

It’s a move whose importance is impossible to overstate. It’s Nineteen Eighty-Four with bells attached.

While most see Orwell’s prophetic novel as a warning of how governments could wield control by obliterating pathways to truth and information, the UK government appears to be using it as an instruction manual to manifest the dystopian vision he warned about.

As Big Brother Watch succinctly puts it, “The legislation introduces state-backed censorship and monitoring on a scale never seen before in a liberal democracy.

“This regulation would deputise private companies like Facebook to be the speech police of the internet.

“Government has designed the plans not only to deal with crime online, but to explicitly target lawful speech.”

In October 2021, YouTube’s proudest boast was that it had deleted more than 1 million videos under its ironically named “Covid misinformation policy”.

In allegedly democratic Australia alone, YouTube removed 75 per cent of video ads posted by the anti-lockdown United Australia party.

One of the great myths peddled by governments and mainstream media is that the material being censored is “misinformation” or “disinformation” – online tittle-tattle from conspiracy theorists, the uneducated and the uninformed.

What millions have yet to grasp is that many of the world’s leading doctors and scientists are among the victims.

Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA, and Dr Peter McCullough, a leading US cardiologist, are among thousands who have been driven to “alternative” platforms as the only way to share their fears and warnings about vaccine dangers.

Heart-breaking posts from relatives of people killed or maimed by jabs are also routinely taken down under Big Tech’s nebulous “community guidelines”.

The hounding of dissenting voices has in turn spawned a host of new platforms such as Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee, BrandNewTube and Telegram.

Aware that these new champions of free speech are filling the truth vacuum left by Big Tech censorship, the government seeks to capture all platforms in a diabolical censorship net.

The UK already has extensive legislation to ensure that what’s unlawful offline is unlawful online.

What’s new is that the overarching protection of free expression under the Human Rights Act 1998 will no longer apply.

So bold is the government’s overreach that the Online Safety Bill instructs Ofcom to draft codes requiring platforms to address content that is “legal but harmful”.

Chillingly, the Bill’s scope extends to surveillance of private messaging between individuals.

In other words, it’s a blueprint for totalitarian control of information. All information.

The Bill defines “harmful” content as that which presents “a material risk of the content having, or indirectly having, a significant adverse physical or psychological impact on an adult of ordinary sensibilities”.

Is it really the government’s responsibility to protect adults of “ordinary sensibilities” from psychological harm through exposure to the written word?

Defining “harmful” content is mission impossible and suggests either a gaping error in the Bill or a deliberate design flaw to give the private censorship enforcers carte blanche to remove anything that might offend an adult of “ordinary sensibilities”.

Add to that the threat of heavy penalties against platforms failing to remove such ill-defined content and it’s not hard to see that private platforms are all but guaranteed to take an even bigger sledgehammer to online content.

The war on free speech and democracy is global, with many Western governments using Covid as a trojan horse to entrench censorship through the statute book.

Legislators in Canada and Ireland are in sync with the UK’s efforts.

In New Zealand, the police can issue a “takedown notice” against anything considered “objectionable”.

In Greece lawmakers are trying to criminalise journalists for publishing “false news”.

And so on. With few exceptions, the Western world is increasingly resembling a giant banana republic as its claim to democracy grows ever more farcical.

The UK government denies its responsibility for causing real-life harm to vast numbers through destructive lockdowns while simultaneously pretending to care about online “harm” by saddling companies with an absurd psychological duty of care over digital interactions between members of the public.

This rank hypocrisy suggests a psychopathy not exhibited by Western governments in recent history. It must not be allowed to continue.

Write to your MP and visit Big Brother Watch to help their campaign to defend freedom of speech.

  • The above article was first published in the December 2021 issue of The Light newspaper in the UK. Roger Guttridge and Rusere Shoniwa are also members of Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship (

Divine Intervention Activation Update

Signing process for our Planetary Liberation petition has been very successful, on both petition websites together we have gathered more than 165,000 signatures until now:


This is already well over 144,000 signatures needed, and a certain exopolitical protocol will be initialized at the moment of our meditation at 4 pm UTC on December 21st:

You can definitely keep signing the petition if you have not already signed, but our main focus now will be to gather over 144,000 people meditating at the exact same moment at 4:00 pm UTC on December 21st.

Therefore the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to participate in our last booster meditation to help reaching the critical mass. This booster meditation will be taking place at the moment of the full moon on December 19th at 4:35 am UTC.

The exact time for our ultimate booster meditation for all time zones worldwide is here:

Instructions for the booster meditation remain the same, and are posted here:

Ultimate booster meditation livestream video in English is here:

You can keep signing the petition here:

And finally, the instructions for our main meditation on December 21st are here:

Victory of the Light!

Accessing Metaphysical Aspects

From starlight432.blogspot:

A while back, an adept I have been following mentioned that there are levels of intelligence that are aspects of oneself that cannot be understood through the conscious mind. For example, the physical body is exceedingly complex, yet a person’s conscious mind doesn’t cause DNA to replicate and so forth. The processes of the physical body operate on an intelligence level that is beyond the rational mind. This adept also stated that the animal kingdom is the same way. Animals are very intelligent because animals operate all the processes in their physical bodies. Again though, this intelligence operates on an entirely different level.

Regarding meditations, focus, will, and I Am presence are utilized. It’s through focus, will, and I Am presence that metaphysical aspects of oneself can be accessed. These metaphysical aspects operate on the same level of complexity as the processes that operate in the human body, or even more so. Very little about metaphysical processes can be known rationally, just as the rational mind fails to comprehend the many processes that operate in the physical body. Modern surface-population-science claims to know far more about the physical body than is actually known.

Just as the rational mind cannot operate the processes in the physical body, the rational mind cannot operate metaphysical aspects of oneself. The rational mind can, however, help to steer metaphysical aspects for desired goals. For example, the rational mind can decide to do a meditation and access metaphysical aspects with a chosen intent.

Metaphysical aspects of the self are extremely powerful. This is why there is so much discussion about unlocking hidden potential and ‘the power within’ and so forth. There are sayings such as, “People are more powerful than they know.” People are more powerful than they know because of their metaphysical aspects.

On a personal note, my issue with doing meditations in the past was that I was relying too much on my rational mind. I felt the meditations were accomplishing nothing because my rational mind kept trying to do the work of my metaphysical aspects. The rational mind operates on linear logic, but metaphysical aspects are nonlinear. Part of doing a meditation is to use will and focus, and then to let go to allow the metaphysical aspects to do their part through I Am presence. One can focus, and then just be, in cycles in a meditation. There are no absolutes, but this method is what works well in my case. People can experiment with this, or do what feels best.

Regarding abusive metaphysical experiences (dreamstate infiltration in my case), my rational and emotional minds cannot handle most of the trauma. If I were to try to deal with most of the abuse (both against myself and against others) through my rational and emotional minds, I would lose my sanity and probably never get it back. Even though there can be crying as an emotional release, the trauma in its entirety, if dealt with only on a 3D level, would rip me apart. Therefore, I defer to my metaphysical aspects to be able to take care of the trauma. There’s so much abuse with such severity that there’s no way for the emotional mind to be able to remotely ‘deal with it all.’ Therefore, I allow aspects of myself beyond my rational and emotional minds to ‘deal with it all,’ and there is also assistance from the Light Forces.

Even having the intent to access one’s own “God-Self” and Galactic Central Sun, Cosmic Central Sun, violet flame, fire of An, flower of life, and so forth, activates metaphysical aspects to be able to deal with what no human on the 3D level could ever deal with. Those who access such powers of course need to be careful and not ‘let it go to their heads.’ Or, let it go to one’s head in a constructive way. For example, believing oneself to be metaphysically ultra-powerful can activate metaphysical aspects (to a certain degree) through confidence. The negative elites, however, believe themselves to be the ultimate Gods of all creation, as egomaniacal psychopaths. Readers probably know what I mean by ‘not letting it go to one’s head.’

Happy awakening!

Owning Our Own Power And Joining The Galactic Family


Some may think that supporting the meditation and petition is just giving up our own power and relying only on Ets to save us. This is not the case. We can stand up for ourselves and stand on our own two feet and work with First Contact at the same time. These two aspects don’t have to be in opposition. I don’t see the surface population as being helpless without Ets, and the surface population should never be in the position of being helpless without Ets. No one is helpless. It’s entirely possible for the surface population to own their own power and join the Galactic Family at the same time.

I’m noticing two opposite polarities:

1. “We don’t need positive Ets for anything.”

2. “We are nothing without positive Ets.”

The middle ground is to know the following:

We need positive Ets for assistance with certain matters that are beyond our control, such as stopping high tech weaponry being used against us, but we can still stand in our own power. We are not domesticated animals to positive Ets. We are sentient beings in our own Divine Right. We have unlimited potential, just as all Cosmic Beings have unlimited potential, and we look forward to joining the Galactic Family. Therefore, we will sign this petition:

The negative elites and their minions have been taking the above petition down. At the time of this writing, the petition has been taken down twice so far. There is a backup petition here though:

If the original page for the petition is taken down, sign the backup. If the original page for the petition is working, sign the original. If you’ve signed the original, don’t sign the backup. If you’ve signed the backup, don’t sign the original. People need to be counted once, and not twice.

And, we will do the following meditation:

Updates for the meditation can be found here:

Victory of the Light!

Focus 1 and 2 for Lightworkers

From starlight432.blogspot:

Focus 1 and 2 for Lightworkers

Currently, the most disempowering mental trap for lightworkers who follow and participate with the 2012portal blog is to get angry with the Light Forces for “not doing enough.” I’ve been there myself, but this line of thinking is a dead end. The focus needs to instead be on further awakening the surface population through saturating the surface population with the violet flame through meditations. Already, the surface population is standing up to tyranny in great numbers, and the more people who do this, the more power the negative elites and their minions lose.

The Light Forces should not be focused on in terms of “What are they doing for us lately?” The Light Forces have averted the La Palma mega-tsunami, along with many other major catastrophes. It is, however, unacceptable for the surface population to suffer under further Covid-19 tyranny in all its many forms. Therefore, the surface population needs to take matters into their own hands by disempowering the negative elites and their minions. The question of “Why won’t the Light Forces do this for us right now?” is not a constructive focus. Instead, the question needs to be, “How can we awaken the surface population to remove the negative elites and their minions from power?” I asked myself this question, and found that the answer was to saturate the surface population with the violet flame.

The 2012portal blog’s upcoming December 21st mass meditation is another subject of focus. Therefore, the focus of lightworkers can be a dual focus:

Focus 1: Awaken the surface population to remove the negative elites and their minions from power.

Focus 2: Spread awareness of the December 21st mass meditation and the associated petition.

The Light Forces can take care of removing all remaining exotic and high-tech weapons, along with completing many code black tasks behind the scenes, while lightworkers can work on the above 2 operations.

My plan, at least, is the following:

When the Light Forces are able to intervene to physically remove the negative elites and their minions from power, the negative elites and their minions will already be severely weakened by the surface population. The Light Forces would probably want the surface population to stand up for themselves in their own Divine Right, and doing so creates a win-win scenario!

Victory of the Light!

The Ultimate Betrayal

From our friend starlight432.blogspot:

Getting hopium and being later let down is far worse than gloom and doom fear-mongering. It is incredibly cruel to lead people on, making them think matters are improving, when in reality the world is going straight to hell. If young children getting the experimental drug isn’t the world going straight to hell, I don’t know what is.

At least with gloom and doom there’s a chance the gloom and doom won’t come true, in which case there is a sigh of relief. But with hopium, people are led to believe that dramatic positive change is just around the corner, only to find a dystopia lying in wait for them at the other end, ready to vanquish the last bit of Light they’ve been holding onto.

Darkness is merely nourished by the loosh from gloom and doom, but has an all-out feast from hopium.

People have been betrayed far worse than they realize, and now it’s time for the final planetary purge of Darkness.

Corey Goode Was Probably Right All Along

From our friend starlight432.blogspot:

Corey Goode stated that other civilizations were waiting on Ets to save them from the Negative Elites and their Minions (NEMs) who were enslaving them. The more they waited, the worse matters became. These civilizations then learned that they themselves had to overthrow the NEMs, and that talk of positive Et intervention was propaganda designed by the NEMs to cause complacency and inaction. These civilizations then successfully removed the NEMs from their worlds by their own hand. Earth’s current situation is probably the same as these other civilizations.

Here is Corey Goode’s latest video. I highly suggest watching it and taking it into strong consideration: