Evil Memes Are Not a Matter of Genes — Plan-Demics

By Anna Von Reitz

There has been a great deal of irresponsible talk and perhaps some of that has unwittingly been encouraged by me.  I don’t condemn any innocent people simply because they are members of a particular family. I only condemn those who are guilty of crimes against humanity and their immediate co-conspirators and accomplices who know about such crimes and do nothing to oppose.   

Evil thoughts give rise to evil deeds. 

They also give rise to evil emotions.. 

It really is as simple as that.  

We are only partially a product of our genetic quotient, which certainly imbues us was particular talents and proclivities, but which does not in the end dictate what we believe or value or do.  

Those aspects– beliefs, values, and ultimate actions, are determined by what we learn and observe, mostly from family members and the ethnic-religious-community we live in. 

Thus, when you find people doing evil things — plotting genocide, committing infanticide, promoting forced vaccination and sterilization, building concentration camps, polluting the environment, creating problems to profit from solutions, holding other people in contempt simply because of the color of their skin, or promoting violence excused because people hold differing religious beliefs — it is not a matter of genetics.  

It is a matter of evil example and false teachings. 

Unfortunately, evil memes — evil ideas and beliefs — can be passed on generation to generation, just as surely as genetic content.   And those evil ideas readily translate into evil motivations and actions. 

If the individuals in subsequent generations are impressionable, or simply cowed into submission, they will carry forward the original good or bad agenda of their forefathers without examination.  

They will stand there and look at you and say, “But, but.but…. this is the way we do it.  This is the way we have always done it….  this is what my Father believed…. and my Grandfather before that…..”  

If they are skeptical, they will examine the validity of what they have been taught and decide for themselves.  It is through this second group of people that all good change arises.  It is only those who search for truth who find it. 

Examining the recent history of Earth shows that an evil, fascist, elitist, and criminal set of ideas came to dominate the Government of Westminster in the middle of the Nineteenth Century.  

This nexus of false beliefs and values gave rise to the Raj in India, to the concentration camps and horrible forced vaccination experiments of the Boer War,  the atrocities and “racial supremacist” ideas of Nazi Germany, and now, we have evidence that the same little group of fascist, elitist criminals has sponsored the current Corona Virus Plan-Demic. 

They proudly announced it to the world and published it on the new British Twenty Pound Note  which displays a 5G microwave cell tower holograph, and right above it, the laboratory symbol of the Corona Virus.  This is proof published in a form that everyone on Earth can understand, claiming “credit” for these despicable misapplications of modern technology.  

But they can only succeed in their evil agendas as long as they can hide in the shadows and evade the detection and opposition of sane and morally competent people.  The use and mis-use of Plan-demics is a case in point. 

Please take the time, if possible, to listen to this 2014 expose about the use of disease epidemics as an instrumentality of political objectives.  If you have never thought about this, think now: 



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