Ewww! Half a Billion Stolen From Our Collective "Income Taxes"

By Anna Von Reitz

Most people don’t know this, but the “Income tax” got its start during the 1100’s, with an “obligatory tithe” on “income” called “Peter’s Pence”, which was collected in Britain and France by the Inquisition every April 15th, to support the cost of wars in the Middle East — the Crusades.  

Sound familiar?  

So here we learn that a half billion has been improperly siphoned from our “Peter’s Pence” funds — all the loot taken from us as “Income Taxes” under false pretenses and presumption that we are “voluntarily” adopting Municipal United States political status as “citizens of the United States” and that we are all members of the Municipal religious cult, too.
Well, here’s your “Holy Cause” as stated by FDR during his First Inaugural Address— which will make more sense now that you know the history of “Peter’s Pence” —- however, apparently, the current Church thinks that this money is being set aside for purposes other than making war, as you will gather from the comments in this video:  

It looks like a scheme to set up a new bank in the Inner City of London, plus Benefits, of course.  

Which gives us pause, because the Vatican and its various affiliates already have any number of banks all over the world.  Why misappropriate half a billion of income taxes (that most of us never owed) to buy another bank building under the auspices of Westminster?  

How very strange. 

It all makes me ill to consider how many people have been unknowingly and unwillingly enslaved and suffered in peonage to this scam, and for what?  

Let’s bring them all forward and question them?  

What, at the end of the day, was all this criminality about?  


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