Michael Jaco 12-26-20… “Juan O Savin Shares Insights on Trump and The Coming Collapse of the Deep State”

There’s quite a bit more of Juan’s enthusiastic “Wake the —- Up” stories and discussion of where we are at in this effort to eliminate the deep state in this video. It’s cerainly “going on big time” right now.

One key point is that these processes must be allowed to “play out” in their own way, in their own time frame.

Also some may wish to check out Michael’s latest video, “High tech laser used in attack in Nashville“, which shows some of the evidence for that. Juan mentions this in the interview.

Link to Juan’s ebook: Kid by the Side of the Road (it’s also available in “solid” form as well).


VIDEO: Nashville Mayor Laughs And Smiles While Talking About Explosion

(Brock Simmons) As new information about the Nashville explosion continue to comes in, one person who seems to be happy about the situation is Nashville mayor John Cooper (democrat, of course). While being interviewed by TV stations, Cooper starts smiling and laughing while talking about the explosion, before expressing his concerns over a water main.

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Boom! Boom! Boom! Three Massive Meteor Explosions in 9 Days

(Paul SeaburnThe mystery of three recent earth-shaking explosions in Russia, Dallas and the U.S. Midwest is not their cause – even diehard skeptics are calling them meteors or bolides. What’s mysterious is why such unusually violent and visible space rock events occurred in a space of just nine days. Where is NASA’s meteor alert team? Are we in the middle of an undiscovered meteor shower? Should we expect more? Does Home Depot sell meteor-proof sheds?
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