“Fall of the Cabal parts 1-10” on Rumble and Bitchute (plus MP4 DOWNLOADS of the compilations)

Image links to the Rumble series

Well, these were posted earlier (3-21-20) at this Kp blog post, but, not surprisingly were, taken down from YouTube. These are wonderfully extensive disclosure / red pill video series, done by Janet Ossebaard, of the Netherlands (and who knows how many anons).

I downloaded the compilation videos (5 parts each), whose links are below (as MP4s (both 720dpi)):

Parts 1-5 compilation MP4 (222MB); Parts 6-10 compilation MP4 (217MB)

So, the “news” from this current Kp blog post, is that these have all been uploaded onto both Rumble and Bitchute. I wanted to place those channels links here. These may be useful for future “red pilling assistance” of whomever may still have an open mind to this information.

[Caution: do not try to show to anyone who insists on wearing masks, because they will likely pull the mask over their eyes so they won’t be “infected” by this information.]

Rumble video links: JanetOssebaardOriginalSeries Channel

Bitchute video links: FallCabal channel

The Bitchute FallCabal channel also has a sequel to each of the original 10 videos, plus more (which I’ve yet to view).