False Positive Test Results

By Anna Von Reitz

Play none of their games. 
This just in. 
Half the tests they are giving people to test for the Moronvirus come back as false positive—- that is, confirming that you have the virus, when in fact you do not. 
Anyone smell a rat here?  
What’s the purpose of a test if it’s factually unreliable? 
Just turn off 5G, arrest the rats, and come home to America. 
If any of THEM come to your door, just say- “Let’s make this short and sweet.  We are Americans.  Not US citizens of any kind.  We are living in Alaska (Maine, Alabama, etc) not “the State of Alaska”.  We are not Federal Residents and this is not Federal land.  You are therefore trespassing.  We are minding our business and staying home, which is what we recommend to you, too.  Now kindly get off my private property.” 
If they try to force their experimental vaccines on you, throw their abortion mantra back in their faces—- “My body, my choice.”
Do everything you can to get your political status corrected and on the record and stand ready to defend it if any of these jackboots show up on your porch.

Italian Research Group Reports that Newest Swab Test for Covid-19 Being Used in China Produces 80% False-Positive Results on Those Who Are Diagnosed on the Basis of Contact Only


Can We Trust The COVID-19 Test? What You May Not Know About the ELISA And RNA Tests



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