By Anna Von Reitz
Let’s begin with a quote from Benito Mussolini: “Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” 

This is what “your” military is engaged in right now.  They are acting as Agents of the British Territorial Government and infringing illegally on our Good Name and Trademark, operating as a Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA — and selectively seizing upon corporations that are chartered under “the” United States. 

So for example, they have seized upon Walmart and they have seized upon Costco and Amazon and Walgreens and all sorts of other “US Corporations” and the military is now directly running these iconic “brand” operations however they see fit. 

Notice that General Dunford is now sitting as the Top Vulture at Lockheed and overseeing the death and dismemberment of Boeing. 

All over this country the military junta that has been illegally and unlawfully and immorally ruling over us as a “protectorate” since 1863, has been gobbling up and commandeering corporations chartered under “the” United States and using your credit and borrowing your authority to do it. 

The problem is that as all these Municipal corporations were chartered under your Delegated Power, they belong to you.  

So the misbegotten military is using your credit to seize upon corporations that already belong to you. 

Say what? 

We, The United States of America, the unincorporated Federation of States, already own and have first dibs on all Municipal Corporations chartered under our Delegated Powers.  They belong to us, not our Subcontractors. 

But here these Territorial Honchoes are, pretending to have an interest in these corporations that they don’t have, and buying up all this municipal property— that is actually our property—- at fire sale prices, and using our credit to do it. 

Got that? 

Your Employees are offering to buy your house out from under you by pretending to be you or to be your Agent and using your credit to do so. 

Now, of course, you never authorized these people to act in any such capacity. You haven’t even been told that this is going on and that your credit is being abused in this fashion and that you are in effect being forced to buy back your own property for the benefit of new owners. 

But now you have been told and you need to take action. 

Start by declaring your proper political status as an American, then join your State Assembly, and make it very, very clear to the US Trustees that you are the Primal Creditor of all the bankrupt municipal corporations and you will receive back their assets without paying for them again and without giving any title or ownership interest to the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business “as” THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


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