Kp Message – Note 4-24-20… “Very brief Dad Update”

I write this at 555 AM. I’ve been up until about 2:30 AM filling out papers to enable Dad to enter a rehab center to help strengthen his body. This will most likely happen today or tomorrow. It’s the same center that Mom stayed at for a few weeks, and made significant improvement, before she passed over.

I asked for Dad to be taken to the emergency room two mornings ago because he had become weaker and weaker during the 2-3 days prior, and even his hands were shaking trying to eat his food the night before. His personal physician recommended he go to emergency and get checked out. Unfortunately, they discovered a skin / nervous system condition that might have contributed to this rapidly progressing (during 2-3 days) weakening, which had to be treated with antibiotics…. urgently.

I’m hoping that the hospital stay and rehab will help. Challenge is, they are not allowing any outsiders in right now, due to the Corona shutdown. I cannot see him now, or be physically present with him.

Sorry, but I know the decision was what was needed for this moment, but I still feel an occasional pang of “guilt and sadness” about this.

I’m trying to not let my ego mind wander into thoughts that I may not see him for awhile (or ever again). Tears are in my eyes right now. It was so sudden to get the clear message to have him go to the hospital, and he just said, “I just wanted to rest,” as they wheeled him out to the EMTS vehicle.

Sorry I’m crying right now.

I love my father, and his mind is still very present (most of the time), and he’s so very kind and pleasant with people. But the Parkinson condition has been slowly getting worse and worse, and he knows this.

And my efforts help him and to care for him have led me to a wall. I am feeling very spent, and helpless.

I still am intending to have him return here to the house and live the remainder of his Earth time here. We’ll see how that works out.

Thank you for your Prayers, Love, and Light fit my father and myself.

Sorry, can’t write any more.

Aloha, Kp