Protect Yourselves and Others

 Are you at Peace? Do you fly the Peace Flag?

By Anna Von Reitz,

These supporters of the Trucker Convoy are flying the American Peacetime flag, and by doing so, they are identifying themselves as peaceable Americans — people who are NOT at war, NOT soldiers, NOT here to blow anyone up, shoot anybody, etc., etc., etc. — and that is important.
If every American War Flag in this convoy was converted to a Peacetime Flag, there would be nothing at all that any of the Rats could do to attack or complain or harass anyone involved. They would all have to stand down and watch the parade.
Flying the right flag can save your life or the lives of people you care about. Flying the right flag can protect your property and your Natural and Unalienable rights and Constitutional Guarantees.

Remember that America — the actual America and the actual American Government — has been at peace since 1814, and all the “peaceable” Americans are owed the full support, protection, and respect of their government employees without exception.
So stand up for who you are and what you are doing and use the proper flag to make your silent declaration of your standing and peaceful intentions. All over this country, more Americans are waking up and catching on. They are flying the Peacetime Flag. Isn’t it about time you did, too?
Check out for the honorable and venerable history of our Peacetime Flag — and stop a moment to think: do you want war or do you want peace? It’s up to you to declare.
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Dr. Ashish Jha should be fired

I wanted to write this headline earlier, but I got sidetracked. Now, Dr. Ashish Jha is in the headlines again with bad advice so this time I’m not going to give him a pass.

Consider the following headline:

Let me be very clear. Everyone, including the CDC, now knows what misinformation spreaders such as myself have been saying for a long time: vaccinated people don’t have a lower risk of getting COVID.

There is no evidence for the previous vaccines that you’re going to reduce community spread. If anything, the evidence shows the opposite when you look at it with a critical eye as Mathew Crawford has done, for example. Check out this chart from his article:

See the red part? It’s supposed to be black for cases, hospitalization, and death. If he’s wrong, someone should point that out to him on camera, but they all seem to be camera shy. I can’t figure it out. Nobody wants to challenge his analysis.

If you can’t interpret the chart, here’s what he wrote:

Boosters are a disaster. Not only are disease rates and mortality higher, but these are people subjecting themselves an additional time to adverse events, which seem to have a dose dependent relationship (more LNPs or more mRNA are doing worse damage due to either pathological priming or toxic buildup or prions or…).

But you don’t need to believe me or Mathew on any of that. Here’s why:

It is crystal clear that there is no evidence that the new booster prevents you from getting COVID or will prevent grandma from getting COVID from you.

The Pfizer combo booster was tested on just 8 mice and all of them got Omicron when they were challenged with the virus. Also, all the mice are dead now so it’s hard to assess the risk of death and/or hospitalization.

See my article about the paper from top authors that concludes that vaccine mandates are unethical for young adults. Why isn’t Jha telling Americans about this important analysis?

On the Israeli safety data, Jha never asked to see the data. Why not? Shouldn’t this be a top priority for him?

Biden should not be taking health advice from a guy who both makes up science and withholds scientific results from the public. Period. Full stop.

Joe Biden Must Go

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are many reasons that Joe Biden and his sidekick Kamala Harris both have to go.
The first reason is that Joe and Sister Kamala are a tag team of unprecedented incompetence.
Second, Joe is a self-admitted thug and crook who used his position as VP to Obummer to launder money for his family and friends in Congress. He was proud of his strong-arm technique, using our stolen credit as leverage against a Ukrainian criminal prosecutor who happened to be investigating the activities of Hunter Biden.
Joe Biden isn’t only a crook, he’s an accomplished crook and bully. He bragged about it on video and to this day, he hasn’t recanted a word of it.
Contrary to what the equally corrupt DOJ may have told you, he is not protected by his office from criminal prosecution. Nobody and that means NOBODY is above the Public Law in this country, and if you think otherwise, you are living in a different “country”.
That’s right, take it in — criminals and thugs are in control of “our” federal Subcontractors, and our military is either so corrupt or so stupid that they actually appear to believe that this joker acting “as” the President of the United States of America is their Commander in Chief.
News for them. You’ve been following the wrong “President” for a while.
Biden is “President” of a look-alike, sound-alike British Territorial Commercial Corporation, He is emphatically NOT The President of The United States of America and NOT your Commander-in-Chief.
That Office belongs to the actual President of the Federation of States of the Union.

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Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda – Movie Produced by Children’s Health Defense

From award-winning director Dr. Andy Wakefield, in collaboration with executive producer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Films comes the documentary “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda.” The film exposes a World Health Organization (WHO) population control experiment carried out under the guise of a vaccination program, resulting in the sterilization of women in Africa without their knowledge or consent. “Infertility: ADA” will leave you wondering if history, could be repeating itself… again.

“Hi, I’m Recruiting for the Mental Health Industry”

Quadruple header today. Four articles.

ARTICLE ONE: “Hi, I’m Recruiting for the Mental Health Industry”

Hi, I’m Phil. I’m a recruitment scout for the Mental Health Industrial Complex.

Are you a college student? Having trouble with your grades? Can’t get a date? Don’t seem to fit in? Miss the folks at home? Feel like an outsider?

Instead of dealing with these problems one at a time, in a sane way, how about opting for a blanket solution? YOU HAVE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.

It works, believe me. First of all, we have plot lines for you. Scripts. For example, you’re suffering from the effects of racism. You’re unsure about your gender. You need a fix, a new identity.

Go with one of these narratives and you can join a group. Then you’ll be accepted. You’ll live with a bevy of like-minded warm comrades.

Start thinking of yourself as a victim. A new world will open up to you. You can get creative with sub-plots and triggers and purported incidents that prove you’re on the receiving end of aggression. It’s beautiful.

If you’re hesitant, we have specialized therapists who can push you over the edge into buying a plot line that really works for you.

You can go deeper. Psychiatry. Receive a mental disorder diagnosis you can wear proudly. And then, of course, there are the drugs. They’ll scramble your brains and confirm your victim status. We’re talking a LIFETIME of diagnoses and drugs.