A Summation for Farm 42

 By Anna Von Reitz

I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the current situation and solutions to it. 
That said, the idea that there are debt dollars illegally positioned against M1 and M2 assets, and that this is the cause of the problem, is like saying that we never knew the Atlantic Ocean was wet.  It inspires nothing but a cynical smile and appreciation of just how deep this conversation is likely to get. 
You can’t solve the problem presented by Odious Debt —that is, debt established by false pretenses, semantic deceit, phony bookkeeping, or other means of fraud, of which the victims are unaware, and from which they do not profit — precisely what we are dealing with here and now, by letting the Perpetrators pretend that they are the Avenging Angels, instead. 
Such a course merely guarantees that we will all be victimized yet again.   Likewise we cannot argue legalities when it is the Law and Flesh and Blood that is offended. 
The immediate problem started when the Committee of 300 was erroneously given authority by Ferdinand Marcos — authority, it turns out, Marcos never had to give — and the Committee of 300 closed the physical asset accounts and took them off-ledger.  
What ensued can only be described as a very dangerous and increasingly corrupt 3 Ring Circus. The Trading Platforms and pass-through concessions like the Federal Reserve took full advantage of the opportunity to use other people’s assets and pay them nothing but a portion of their own credit in return (if you were lucky and well-connected) or, steal the entire amount of the victim’s credit, plus all interest and fees paid on that credit.  
Does anyone see a problem with this?  One that has nothing to do with “legalities” or “debt dollars” positioned anywhere at all —-but everything to do with Law?  
Especially as this entire ludicrous personation fraud was promoted using falsified and undisclosed registration of babies so as to unlawfully convert their natural persons and estates into corporations benefiting the Queen, the Pope, the Lord Mayor, and every Bar Attorney from here to New Delhi?  A purported private contract of which the victims were totally unaware? And resulting in the Unjust Enrichment of those who set up and operated this gigantic fraud? 
We are now trying to “unstick a stuck world economy” and sort out jurisdictional priorities that have been deliberately obscured and evaded for profit and coercion, while at the same time providing mankind with some viable — and believable — means of conducting both international trade and commerce. 
And we are supposed to do this without hurting anyone, including the criminals, if possible.  
Let’s begin by observing that the actual physical assets are the inheritance of the living people and do not belong to any foreign corporations gratuitously named after them for the purpose of illegal and unlawful impersonation.  
Thus there is no basis to claim the existence of CORPORATION TRUSTS  in this circumstance; all such constructs lacking full disclosure and knowing consent are null and void— this applies to all Americans, all U.S. Citizens, and all Municipal citizens of the United States, who were never given full disclosure and who could not knowingly consent as a result. 
All purloined assets must be returned to the control of the victims and forfeited for their enjoyment.  The same is true in every country worldwide where this criminal racket has been employed.  
The Odious Debt must be discharged by applying the National Credits to the National Debts, which are by definition, equal.  
The profits realized from this scheme in the form of interest paid for the use of one’s own credit, mortgage payments that were never owed by the landlords, property taxes that were never owed by the landlords, federal income taxes paid by people who never had any “federal income”, insurance payments made by those who were already indemnified, and so on, must be returned  in the form of pre-paid credit and investment capital and placed under the oversight of the lawful governments and the people who have suffered this outrage.  
To accomplish this, the guilty corporations must be nationalized and a full public accounting made for each country.  
To get us all through this arduous but necessary exercise, sufficient assets and credit must be deployed to guarantee a peaceful and plentiful and pleasant environment conducive to business and development, cultural growth, maintenance and expansion of infrastructure, environmental clean up, health remediation, and public services worldwide.  
Thankfully, the actual Heir of Severino Sta Romano has recouped his standing, the actual roles and duties of Ferdinand Marcos have been elucidated, the assets of The United States of America—our unincorporated Federation of States, have been claimed, and all our assets have been released and assigned to me as the lawful Fiduciary. 
Everyone dealing with incorporated trusts and other such vehicles operated “in the names of” countries, provinces, states, and living people can now go home, the bankruptcies can now be voided, the unlawful and unauthorized probate courts shut down, and a reset of a very different kind begun— one that doesn’t accept Odious Debt as an obligation. 
I shall similarly observe that we are not facing any overpopulation, but are instead facing a population collapse, as the developed countries have failed to meet their replacement goals for decades and thanks to the continued delusion and coercive actions of the Idiot Eugenists a very substantial part of the current generation has been murdered and/or rendered infertile. This crime, like the financial crimes, will be exhaustively researched and fully addressed by the living men and women of this planet and absolutely no repugnant claims of commercial ownership of living flesh based on the undisclosed injection of patented DNA or RNA fragments or other genetically engineered flotsam will be entertained.  
I will personally skin anyone or anything that attempts to bring forward such claims regardless of what the U.S. Territorial Supreme Court has to say about it.  
Finally, I will observe that on average and except for areas being influenced by highly unusual excitation of volcanic magma along both the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Pacific Ring of Fire, our planet is cooling and has been for decades — and it is now facing a Solar Minimum exacerbated by asinine attempts to dim what sunlight we have with a poisonous aerosol spraying program that has distributed industrial wastes including heavy metals and incendiary metal oxides all over this planet.  
The Perpetrators of this insanity have also, by dint of destroying natural forests and coral, kelp, and algae in the sea, succeeded in reducing the amount of atmospheric oxygen by 5% in the past hundred years.  For your information, Earth has suffered a reduction of overall atmospheric oxygen amounting to 13% loss over the past 2,000 years, 5% of that in the last hundred. Do the math.  This reduction in atmospheric oxygen has not only wrecked the Carbon Cycle on this planet and resulted in increased concentrations of carbon dioxide, but it has caused brain damage and oxidative stress on our bodies, that has resulted in a vast proliferation of chronic disease, illness, and death quite apart from the efforts of the profit-driven health care corporations which have done their best to promote the same. 
These circumstances require the urgent attention of sane, logical, and dedicated scientists, not politically and materially motivated hacks looking for a new excuse to impose a punitive tax.  
Those of you who care anything at all about Justice and actual Law, those of you who can see the absolute necessity of cleaning up this Mess and doing a righteous job of it—-come on along.  Learn to be Counselors of Law instead of attorneys.  

I am here to discuss this and everything and anything else which you may wish to discuss. 

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Liberty Zone News Briefs

 Liberty Zone News Briefs

Forwarded from Patel Patriot
Here’s my take on what’s happening in Ukraine/Russia. I’m just spitballing here. Like everybody else I have more questions than I do answers but I think this plays into Devolution.

First think about what Ukraine is – It’s the epicenter of corruption for the political establishment. Victor Pinchuk, George Soros, Ihor Kolomoisky… All funding “deep state” agendas worldwide, all based out of Ukraine. We know their ties to the Clinton foundation and liberal politics in America.

If Trump was going to truly drain the swamp, he would have to tackle the corruption in Ukraine. The oligarchs have funded their own militaries in previous color revolutions. Trump could wouldn’t be able to take them down without a fight. So if Trump is going to clean up Ukraine he would likely need boots on the ground to do it.

Enter Putin.

It’s no secret that Putin hates Soros as he banned him from Russia long ago, and it’s also no secret that Putin despised the “deep state” tactics of implementing color revolutions to overthrow pro-Russian leaders and install ones that would play ball with the “deep state”. It’s speculated by many that Putin could be working with Trump in the fight against the “deep state” and it’s hard to argue with. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

So think of the brilliance that might be taking place right now.

Boots on the ground were likely necessary to fully remove the problem in Ukraine, but Trump couldn’t invade Ukraine with US troops. Somebody else would have to do it. However, if somebody like Putin were to do it while Trump was president, it would make Trump look week and the media would have a field day.

What better time to clean up the mess in Ukraine than with Biden in office? Kills two birds with one invasion. You make the Biden administration and the MSM look like fools, while taking on the “deep state” in one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.

Putin is simultaneously helping Trump to serve up red-pills while fixing a problem that actually benefits the USA and the rest of the world – the denazification of Ukraine.

We won’t have any definitive answers until this blows over but make sure you guys are using the 24 – hour rule with news reports coming out about this stuff.

Answer WHO’s Bid and Object

 By Anna Von Reitz

Right now, the World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing to put a Treaty in place that would allow the WHO to take over the government of all and any countries during a pandemic or other major “health emergency”.
We have already seen how corrupt and useless the WHO is and how it would be misused for political ends and material pillaging if any such Treaty is allowed.
Time to get rid of the WHO, not empower it further.
Americans have never granted any office of government any say in our health issues, public or private. All of the measures that have been imposed here have been imposed under color of law by renegade commercial corporations that need to be liquidated once and for all.
So, Peeps, use your Power of the Pen to fully inform both the United Nations Secretary General and the International Court of Justice that this is the case and we won’t be allowing anyone to “represent” us in this matter and cannot be considered to be acquiescing to any action purportedly taken for us by any representatives as we have already spoken to the matter and denied them any authority related to our health as individuals or nation-states.
Get out your little red marking pens and send Antonio Guterres a Nasty Note and carbon copy the International Court of Justice.
Send these letters either First Class, or if you can afford it, send via Express Mail.
The vote is to take place on March first.


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The REAL aggressors attacking humanity are the vaccine pushers, covid propagandists and governments that terrorize their own citizens

(Natural News) The financial sanctions Biden has announced against Putin are nothing compared to the Canadian government’s own financial terrorism that it has unleashed against its own peaceful citizens. Donate just $20 to the freedom convoy and all your bank funds can be stolen without notice, completely outside of due process. But we’re told that…

Letter to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti, Copy to Archbishop of Canterbury

 By Anna Von Reitz

27th January 2022 according to the Julian Calendar
11th February 2022 according to the Gregorian Calendar

Dear H.E. Cardinal Dominique Mamberti, 

We wish to express our desire to open a case in the Vatican Chancery Court and the Ecclesiastical Court of the Holy See to discuss our findings and dispute the legitimacy of historical claims linking pagan blood sacrifice practices and ritual cannibalism to the Christian Church.  

We also wish to discuss, in a public forum, the sacred nature of Mankind’s Genome, both DNA and RNA, the name of our Creator encoded within the DNA Code, and current venal quasi-scientific efforts to alter, convert, and claim commercial ownership of what belongs only to God and his Children. 

We have entered the Divine Province for purposes of treaty.  We wish to bring these issues before the named courts as expeditiously as possible and ask you to appoint appropriate personnel to assist in scheduling these hearings and the preparation of our presentation according to the court’s rules. 

It is our position that the Roman Emperor Constantine told a Big Fat Lie about his purported conversion to Christianity some thirteen years after the supposed fact, and used this deceit along with feasts and honors and promises of peace  to the early Church Fathers, to beguile them and co-opt the early Church.  He, Constantine, acquired means to alter and influence the selection of the books, references, and interpretations finally adopted as The Holy Bible in August 397 A.D. — a process that resulted in Constantine’s pagan beliefs in Apollo and Mithras being combined with the Gospel, and equally pagan practices and interpretations regarding blood sacrifice being included in the practices of the Church from then on. 

It is our aim to clean the slate of Roman blood-letting and defend our Beloved Teacher, whose correct name in English, is Joshua. It is our hope that today’s generation of Church Leaders will recognize the now-obvious pollution of the Gospels and the Church’s teachings which took place during this crucial era, and will accordingly expunge the practices and beliefs based on the worship of Apollo (Lucifer) and Mithra.  

Confession is not only good for the soul.  It is the only way to re-establish the Church on a firm basis and put away the sins of ignorance, pride, deceit, greed, and coercion.  

It is our further position that tolerance for the creeping tentacles of pagan belief and pagan practices begun in 325 A.D, has gradually led to the current worldwide debacle involving accusations of child sacrifice and pedophilia being practiced by Roman Catholic clergy and protected by the Church.  

We note that the same exact method of usurpation used by Constantine is still being employed by Luciferians today, namely:  (1) Tell a Big Lie; (2) join your Enemies and pretend to be one of them; (3) play upon gullibility and trust to further infiltrate their ranks; (4) twist and alter basic ideas and beliefs, while lying about or omitting basic history; (5) gain control based on these alterations and use them to co-opt your original Enemies, making them your pawns. 

This is the pattern used to co-opt and enslave the Early Church, and it is also the method that has been used to co-opt and commandeer the national governments of the world.  There is nothing truthful, fair, or honest about any of it; it is a regime founded in deceit, fraud, and power-mongering, and it is destined to die under The Sword of Truth. 

Our position regarding the sacred nature of DNA and RNA is based on its natural God-given origins and upon state of the art science which has finally unraveled the Divine Code and opened “the door that will not be shut”.   The people of the world now know how vast our true history is and the knowledge encoded in our DNA which far surpasses the mere blueprint for our earthly bodies.  

Therefore we object in the strongest terms possible to any non-consensual or undisclosed alteration of mankind’s genome by any insertion of man-made code sequences and we also reject any and all commercial claims upon our DNA and our selves by any disgusting commercial interests.  

This recent attack upon what is intrinsically private property by would-be thieves, murderers, and comptrollers seeking to insert foreign man-made DNA and mRNA into our natural genomes via “vaccines” that aren’t vaccines, so as to assert commercial interest in our DNA and RNA, and legally convert people into “Genetically Modified Organisms” —-is the final straw.  

If the Church wishes to survive intact with any credibility at all, it must cleanse itself of Luciferian blood-letting, ritual cannibalism, Roman lies, and gross immorality, and it must take a stand against all attempts by commercial interests to alter our DNA and RNA  by non-consensual means and deceit.  It must oppose all commercial claims of ownership of our DNA and RNA based on the insertion of man-made snippets of genetic code of any kind.  

And it can no longer condone “Killing for Christ” or other oxymorons in support of depopulation agendas seeking to enrich immoral individuals and institutions.  It can no longer ignore the depletion of oxygen as the actual cause of climate change.  

As Divine Beings ourselves visiting the Divine Province on Earth, we are calling upon the Church to judge itself, judge the facts, and repent of more than a thousand years of error.  

                                                                       Anna Maria [Riezinger]
                                                                       In care of: Box 520994
                                                                       Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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Humanity Withdraws Consent from Globalist Tyrants

The Canadian truckers and freedom protesters deserve huge credit for bringing humanity to a tipping point against tyranny. Thanks to the courage, determination and dedication to peace that’s demonstrated by Canada’s protesters, humanity is withdrawing its consent from government tyrants all over the world. Globalism is crashing, and centralization of power is being ripped to […]

FDA ready to OK the vaxx for babies; why not just throw the babies off a cliff into a volcano?

by Jon Rappoport

February 11, 2022

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And the answer to that question is obvious. Throwing babies into a volcano makes no money for Pfizer.

On Feb. 15, the FDA will decide whether to approve the Pfizer COVID shot for children between the ages of six months and four years. The press and gov’t. spokespeople predict it’s a GO.

This is murder.

The FDA approval committee members will come in several categories: those who’ve been paid off; those who’ve been threatened; straight-out cold Nazi bureaucrats; those who’ve been blackmailed; and those who WANT TO murder babies.

You can’t get around this. Given the mainstream view of COVID, these FDA/CDC people KNOW the risk of the disease to babies is non-existent, and risks of the vaccine are absolutely devastating.

—Over a million vaccine injuries have already been reported to the US federal database; and this number represents vast UNDER-REPORTING.

Nevertheless, the FDA deciders are ready to say, unless exposed for what they are: inject the babies; kill the babies.

If you still think the government COVID response had anything to do with science or public health or human concern, if you’re still making excuses for Fauci and the whole rogue crew of predators and maniacs at the FDA and CDC, you’re an automatic robot; you just don’t know it.

Get a load of this. CNBC: “Pfizer amended its clinical trial in December to evaluate a third dose after two shots did not induce an adequate immune response in children 2- to 4-years-old. Pfizer and BioNTech said they will submit data on the third dose to the FDA in the coming months.”

I see. The vaccine didn’t work after 2 shots, but it’ll be approved anyway in few days, and Pfizer will let us know IN A FEW MONTHS how the third shot worked.

And that’s science. That’s the bullshit the educated class believes in. That’s the bullshit the deaf, dumb, and blind believe in.

And THE TRUCKERS are the terrorists. Sure. The government is righteous and just. Of course.

People “who spread misinformation about COVID” are terrorists. The government is righteous and just.

Love the government. Hate the terrorists.

Memo to parents: if you’ve been crazy enough to take the shots yourselves, are you ready to deliver your innocent babies into the hands of doctors and nurses who’ll spin the roulette wheel of death and inject their bodies? Is that what you’re going to do?

If so, why? Do you think it’ll make a nice talking point when you get together with friends? Do you think it’s a potent virtue signal? Do you think it proves you’re a loyal subject of the king?

Perhaps you can show up at a local school board meeting, with your infant in your arms; and you can look at the doughy morbid faces of the low-rent grifters sitting behind their long table, and you can say, “Look! I just had my baby shot with the vaccine! It’s wonderful!” And they’ll nod approvingly.

And some piece of dreck who picks up a paycheck as a city public health official will speak at the meeting. He might say vaccinated babies should wear masks. Ask him and find out. Look at his eyes. His brother-in-law, who knows the mayor, rescued him from a career as a gravedigger.

I want to know what the Pope thinks. He’s already stated taking the vaccine is a loving gift to God. What about the babies? Does Popius Maximus Jesuiticus believe The Lord wants infants injected? Let’s get this Pontiff on the record.

Would Mary, in her hut, have told the local doc to inject baby Jesus? Perhaps her husband Joseph, a minor character in the story up to that point, would have brandished a Glock and motioned the sawbones to the door.

Speaking of guns, I think four or five Secret Service agents, their weapons drawn, should usher Nurse Jill to the White House residence, where she will speak candidly and starkly to old Joe—spending as much time as necessary informing him about what the FDA is ready to do, until he UNDERSTANDS.

Then, the agents will force Joe in front of a camera—going live on major channels—where he will unambiguously declare his position on injecting babies.

If he supports the program, he will take full responsibility for the consequences.

After all, the FDA is an agency in the Executive Branch, under the President.

The buck stops with him. It should stop under harsh television spotlights, where no tap-dancing is permitted.

Of course, you parents will have the last word. Unless the guns of the State are pointed at you. If that comes to pass, are you ready to die fighting for your children?

Or will you sacrifice them on the altar of your own passivity and cowardice?

I STRONGLY suggest you make your position clear now.


Leave no doubt.

Before it’s too late.


Are you standing up? Or are you grinning and virtue signaling—down on your knees?

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

What Is Now Known About Batches

 By Anna Von Reitz

We now know that the various batches of bio weaponized Common Cold Virus contained different components and represented different levels of toxicity, which give rise to specific results.
The range of toxicity runs from truly lethal injections that are 2500 to 3000 times more toxic than the other varieties, all the way to saline solution placebo shots.
The various different less-than-lethal component payloads offer batches that are calculated to cause myocarditis, batches that suppress the Cancer Suppressor Gene —allowing cancers to develop and spread without immune response, HIV infected batches that lead to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), batches that cause unnatural blood thickening and coagulation, batches that contain high levels of graphene hydroxide which attacks cells and capillaries causing massive cell death and microscopic bleeding which then triggers a massive chronic inflammatory response, pain, unusual bruising, fevers, and fatigue, and last, but not least, substances that attack the myelin sheath of the nerve cells, causing symptoms akin to ALS and Parkinson’s Disease.
So, depending on which batch of vaccine the victims received, they could die outright within a short period of time, develop myocarditis, cancer, AIDS, Blood Coagulation Factor Disease (causes heart attacks, strokes, and COPD) , chronic inflammatory diseases, or neurological diseases.
All these vaccine results are far more dangerous and damaging than any of the over 240 naturally occurring corona viruses — and interestingly, none of the vaccine batches tested from the various manufacturers contained any coronavirus at all.
This underlines the fact that these ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines. They are genetically and chemically engineered bioweapons.
These injections had nothing to do with preventing any disease or preventing the spread of any disease, which is self-evident from the infection rate of vaxxed individuals and the runaway levels of infection in the most-vaccinated populations, such as Israel.
It is self-evident from the patents that this entire “live exercise” to use former Secretary of State Pompeo’s words, was intended to enrich certain corporate interests and individuals, massively depopulate Europe, Australia, Africa, Eurasia including India, and North and South America, and give the for-profit medical cartels a huge influx of new patients suffering from deadly chronic and debilitating diseases.
Johnson and Johnson has quietly ceased manufacture of its vaccine and Pfizer has just as quietly warned stockholders of potential losses.
The UK Government is even more quietly offering settlement payments to preclude claims from vaccinated individuals in the future.
Large oil companies and defense contractors and Silicon Valley corporations are already having their Personnel Departments identify those who took the injections and have ordered those departments to plan for replacement of those people over the next three to five years.
The writing is on the wall. This was deliberate, self-interested, murder and maiming for profit.
And as we look around, we see that China, India, Iraq, and a handful of African nations that declined to pay for the expensive experimental jabs, and which opted to use Ivermectin against “enhanced” coronavirus infections, instead, are the only ones relatively unaffected by this debacle.
In my opinion, China collaborated to a certain extent, realized that it was being set up as the Fall Guy for this attack, and turned the tables just in time to protect their own interests and people.
It is now clear that this entire scheme began in Britain, migrated to America via British-connected individuals and institutions, and from America, to China via illegal investment activities. It is also clear that the roots of this debacle began in Britain as far back as the Boer War and were carried forward by British Eugenicists and their organizations, notably, the Pirbright Institute, Wellcome Trust, and Pilgrims Society.
It was all coordinated by the British Corporation SERCO, which has been illegally issuing criminal patents and mis-administering the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Major players in this debacle, all connected by interlocking directorates, incorporation relationships, and patents include:
The Rose Law Firm of Little Rock, Arkansas
Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Pirbright Institute
The Wellcome Trust
The Pilgrims Society
Harvard University
Duke University
Bill and Melinda Gates
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The American Medical Association
The United States Department of Defense, Inc.
Moderna, Inc.
Astrazeneca, Inc.
Johnson and Johnson, Inc.
World Health Organization, Inc. (WHO, INC.)
United States Department of Health and Social Services, Inc.
World Bank
Anthony Fauci
Charles Lieber
Ralph Baric
Et Alia….
It also appears that President Donald Trump either knowingly or unknowingly participated in this covert agenda, as he signed Executive Orders that served to expedite it.
All of this has been confirmed by experimental results, laboratory analysis, numerous historical whistleblower testimonies and speeches given by people who had first-hand knowledge as far back as 1969 and ever afterward, and by current day whistleblowers having first-hand knowledge who have come forward and been formally deposed as part of our pursuit of criminal charges against these corporations and their officers.
The elitist, class conscious, caste system of British Society has gone stark raving mad. The Nazi-sympathizers among the British Royals even during World War II are well-known and documented. And the Nazis themselves were Eugenicists who participated in and promoted concentration camps and medical “experiments” modelled after Lord Pirbright’s actions against the Dutch POW’s of the Boer Wars.
We have motive (profit obtained at many levels including insurance scams) and evidence and opportunity, hundreds of witnesses and millions of victims. And despite all claims otherwise, we have standing to bring action in the International Criminal Court.
We also have the power to allow the court’s jurisdiction to extend to the US and the USA, which are both dependent sovereignties.
Get ready for more than Public Opinion hearings.

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