Nothing “Novel” — All Contrived; and Some Hope For Us

By Anna Von Reitz

Go to YouTube and look up a posted video conference between David E. Martin and Reiner Fuellmich entitled “A Manufactured Illusion: Dr. David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich”.
This conversation features the results of Dr. Martin’s exhaustive analysis of the information available from the EU and US Patent records related to SARS-2 /Covid 19 and the implications of those records (and others) with respect to prosecution of the guilty individuals and corporations responsible for the death and damage that has been willfully and with malice aforethought created for profit motives.
Here you will see that there is no such thing as any “novel” Coronavirus involved in any of this entire genocidal hoax, and that any other impression was deliberately created by varying the frame of reference when reading the same sequence of genetic code.
In other words, if you start reading the sequence at one point it will appear different than if you begin reading the same information sequence at a different point on the same sequence. Try it yourself with any length of random sequencing of four elements: AABCDDCCA, etc.,
This is the puerile deceit involved in claiming that any “novel” coronavirus ever existed in nature; instead, what we find is that in 2005 a biological weapon was created based on an artificial “synthetic” sequence of genetic information to produce a lipid nanoparticle envelope to work as a transfer agent to dump payloads of whatever pathogen or pollutant into healthy cells using the polybasic cleavage site and receptor of the SARS-2 virus.
This explains how they delivered graphene oxide, hydra and parasitic worm eggs, fragments of HIV, liquid mercury, foreign clotting factors, luciferin, and aluminum among other pollutants and poisons directly into the cells as well as the bloodstreams of their victims.
It appears that the CDC, which is a privately owned and operated commercial corporation, violated 35 USC 101 when it issued the following patents related to the SARS-2 Gene Code and Detection: US Patents 7220852, 46592760 (2P), and 776521.  It also appears that there was collaboration through Sequoia Pharmaceuticals which published a patent for the treatment of SARS-2 — US Patent 7151163 (defined three days earlier by the CDC Patents) and ultimately DARPA, US Patent 9193780.
The Great New Invention was nothing more or less than a vector to distribute poisons, pollutants and fragments of disease, like HIV, into the cells and bloodstreams of the victims.
And that’s what the Vermin did with it.
The reason Ivermectin, a horse de-wormer, is an effective therapy, is that it also kills an exotic Middle Eastern parasitic heartworm of sheep, one of the gifts given to Americans and people throughout the world by Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson, etc., because these corporations were assured by members of the U.S. Congress that they would be held harmless no matter what adverse impacts any of their vaccines had — and, by correlation, no matter how irresponsible these manufacturers were.
Congress gave them a license to sell snake oil — literally.  And they profited themselves with billions of dollars given to them by the same corporate Executives and members of Congress who stood to benefit from killing and maiming billions of people with these “products”— while the Dr. Mengeles at DARPA got to stage the largest human clinical trials on toxic chemicals and blood parasites and clotting factors and HIV and blood-borne magnetic particles and all sorts of other “I wonder if….” questions that these Vermin cared to pose while making a buck.
There is only one response that is appropriate and that is absolute and total outrage.
Meantime, there is some hopeful news coming out of Germany– at least as regards the blood diseases and abnormalities which have been caused by these injections.  I only have a German-language link with English subtitles, but will pass on this important and hopeful finding that therapy with dilute chlorine dioxide is able to restore normal oxygen and Co2 carrying capacity and normal clotting characteristics to damaged blood and also reduce cell death rates (shown by reduced levels of lactate and creatinine) associated with systemic inflammation:
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Warning Notice For All Public Employees and Licensees

 By Anna Von Reitz

It is now confirmed by the Patent Office, Government Contracts, and Congressional records that the Department of Defense and the unelected National Security Council have, with malice aforethought, knowingly conducted a campaign of genocide within The United States and abroad. 
The motive for this appears to be nothing more than financial profit. 
The US Congress exempted themselves and their families and their Staff members and their families from all the mandates and demands they made upon their Employers, the American people.  They also exempted CDC Employees and pharmaceutical company officers and employees complicit in the scheme.  
They did this knowing that the seven year survival rate is 1 in 40,000 for mRNA “therapy” recipients, and they evaded all normal security and safety protocols to do it, using pre-arranged loopholes that prior Congresses provided. 
What they have done amounts to infecting everyone who took the shots with a form of AIDS.  The victims die from a myriad of opportunistic diseases as their immune systems break down. They are calling the results “Adult Sudden Death Syndrome” as if they don’t know the cause of the 7,500 “Excess Deaths” per day that our nation is suffering.
We have already endured the equivalent loss of fifty Vietnams. Two-thirds of our population will be dead and gone within seven years, young, old, rich and poor, black and white, liberal and conservative.   
They think that as members of “a” Congress they are immune from prosecution, but that is not true.  They are operating foreign governmental services corporations for profit and are reduced to the same status as any other officers of a commercial corporation. They have no state immunity and cannot offer any immunity to others. 
This circumstance and the facts attendant mean that anyone who is complicit in this scheme is subject to immediate arrest and trial before a military tribunal or American Common Law Court.  These are capital crimes on land and sea.
This Warning Notice is being sent out to all public employees and licensees to apprise them of the situation and allow them to quit their jobs, and to tear up their Bar Cards and Professional Licenses.  All professionals are advised to exit into private practice. 
District and Municipal Assemblies and School Boards, County Commissions, and any other quasi-governmental groups are advised to disband and cease operations until such time as these matters are fully addressed by the American people.  The DNC and RNC Political Parties are also advised to shut down and clear out. 
Legal and commercial action is being taken that will result in severe punishment of the offenders at all levels, however, with over 160,000,000 victims of this insanity now being among the Walking Dead, there will be violence and the Washington, DC, metro area is no longer a safe place to be or to live.  It is no longer safe for the United Nations to meet in or maintain offices in New York City.  Anyone who can get out of Metropolitan California is advised to do so.  
Our people have suffered the final abuse at the hands of their own employees; we can safely assume that the bereaved parents and grandparents will take a large portion of those responsible down, one way or another, before they leave this Earth. 
Members of the newly elected Territorial Congress are advised to conduct all and any business via teleconference and to entertain no actions that are not in strict compliance with the Constitution of 1860.  They are also advised to regain control of the Department of Defense/DOD operations by any means possible, including complete severance, court martials of the officers responsible, and auditing. 
This is not a political matter or action.  This is a criminal matter of genocide against peaceful civilian populations by foreign commercial corporations under the influence of undeclared foreign powers. These so-called service corporations have impersonated the victims, stolen their identities, hacked their credit, and now, have contrived to murder two-thirds of their victims, who are also their Priority Creditors.  
These criminals do not deserve to live among the decent law-abiding people of the world and you do not want to be voluntarily associated with them in any way.  
The United States of America

Federation of States

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