More Straight Talk About "Money"

By Anna Von Reitz

Go here and understand why it is essential to keep cash in use and to refuse any “cashless” society proposals, and also, pick up on why it is fundamentally necessary to impose increasingly strict bank and securities regulations:

In only ten minutes, you will learn the salient economic facts and the “rationale” behind what the Guilty Parties are trying to promote as a Means to Power for themselves—- to the detriment of the entire Earth, otherwise.

Our answer must come and it must come without delay and without any limp-wristed offer of compromise allowing the bankers and brokers to incrementally wheedle their way forward.

Join me and mine in bringing these issues home to the “government” and the “church” and all those responsible for allowing these bankers to run fraud schemes against entire governments and regions of the world.

Simply arresting and punishing a few dozen bankers and politicians and securities brokers under our existing laws would do wonders toward correcting this problem.

Educating ourselves about money and bothering to think about money and credit, would solve the rest in short order.

Do not neglect this topic. There is nothing more vital than to regain control of the banks and securities corporations and to enforce against them.

There is no issue more important that resisting any and all attempts to remove cash from use, refusing to be “chipped” like cattle, and boycotting any business that refuses cash payments.

Do not be fooled by any contrary arguments, and do not accept any suggestion that people who insist on preserving cash are Luddites.

The Politically Incorrect among us will still be alive and free and —-you won’t, if you allow the banks and brokers to get away with a totally digital monetary system. It doesn’t matter who controls such a system or what guarantees are made about its security.


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What Are THEY Hiding?

By Anna Von Reitz

In recent days there have been many evils in the world which have gone unreported while what passes for news media in this country is consumed with reporting on improper politically motivated impeachment proceedings   —-and it gives one pause. 

Whenever one of these bogus windstorms arises, fixating all attention on Washington, DC and politics, there is invariably something else going on in the actual world that they are trying to distract attention from.

So what is it? 


The Firebombing of California? 

The Closure of Israeli Embassies? 

The Hundreds of Thousands of Turkish Troops Now Active in the Mideast? 

All the Above?  Any one of the four largely unreported situations I just mentioned could touch off World War III— but is there something else besides? Something that we are totally in the dark about? 

My Shinola Sensor has been on Red Alert for well over two weeks now, and this is the first time in many years that I can’t quite put my finger exactly on the cause.  

I have the definite sense that sometime in the course of the night of 1 November 2019, something, somewhere,  slipped over the edge —-and nothing will ever be the same. 

Brexit is another one of those peculiarly British Disasters, in which they stirred the pot and egged everyone on, and now they want to extract themselves from the consequences of the Socialist Collapse they created—- and, once again, leave Germany as the goat.  

If I were the EU,  I’d be furious.  It’s not just the additional economic damage which will reduce Germany and numerous other countries to rags if left unchecked— it’s the fact that, as usual, Britain hasn’t played fair, kept its word, or told the truth. 

Perfidious Albion. 

That said, nobody in their right mind could 
expect Britain to honor the Lisbon Treaty.  If they did that and turned over their military to the EU Bureaucrats, the last vestiges of their sovereignty and their “commonwealth” monarchy would both be at an end. 

The Queen’s  Courts would be replaced by rampaging Municipal Courts bent on privateering and nothing and nobody in Britain or any British enclave would be safe. 

The firebombing of California is another
devastating action.  There is no doubt in my mind that the massive explosions and fires taking place throughout the State are both man-made and quasi-military in origin. Arsonists have come in over our border, while satellite-based laser weapon arrays are being used by commercial mercenaries to torch the rest.  

A glance at the fire map suggests that their random strikes are not random at all. 

And though Muslims and Mexicans stand to be the Usual Suspect scapegoats, Luxembourg and Switzerland are the ones paying for it. 

So America is being attacked at the same time the Brexit is going down.  And, by the same Parties that stand to lose both money and power as a result of the Brexit. Go figure. 

We’ve had 200-plus years of this. We should recognize it by now.  Britain gets itself in trouble and we get slugged for it.  

And now, Turkey is invading Syria. Most Americans don’t realize it, but Turkey has a million man army.  The Turkish military is one of the largest and best equipped and most ferocious fighting forces ever assembled on Earth. 

Which explains why Israel is closing all its Embassies. And praying the Kol Nidre.  And preparing to die.  But they don’t intend to go alone. They will use their nuclear options. Both the Russians and the Turks know it, too. 

So we have the classic unstoppable force, the Turkish military, meeting the immovable object, Israeli self-determination. 

As usual, the rest of the world is watching this, closely, but we’re not.  All we are being fed is anti-Trump hype about betraying our friends, the Kurds, and Make-Me-Vomit sound bites of Nancy Pelosi, sanctimoniously droning about the Congress’s duty to the Constitution—- yet another subject that woman knows nothing about. 

Let’s all get a clue here. We have been defrauded and embezzled and pillaged and suffered counterfeiting to the tune of trillions of dollars.  Bill Clinton and Obummer and Their Pals have sold things like our military equipment and bases all around the Pacific Rim, and even the Port of Long Beach, California, to the Chinese. And Hillary Clinton has sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia. 

Don’t ask me what our military is getting paid for or why any of these Vermin are still breathing.  They obviously lined their pockets and committed treason and yet, there they are, fat and sassy and offering to run for office. 

Trump doesn’t have the means to fight a prolonged war in the Mideast.  And if he did, one only has to glance at the Turkish military and then glance at our sons and daughters.  

Apparently, Donald Trump did that, and saved us and them from getting caught in the middle. For once. 

All I can say about that, is bless him forever.

Still, even with all this on-the-brink mayhem and the high stakes situations going on, I sense something else, something larger lurking just under the surface of things. 

It could be the Federal Reserve’s dumping of nearly a trillion in de facto bailout money per week into Wall Street that has me concerned….

Or the likely implosion of both the DOJ and FBI and the dismantling of the CIA and IRS? 

Whatever it was that happened tonight, that energetic relief that slipped quietly over the edge of the known world and woke me from a sound sleep— we will know about it soon enough.  


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The Dry Bones

By Anna Von Reitz

Come, oh, Breath!  Come, and breathe life into the dead, so that they may live and have life exceedingly abundant.  Come, and make of them that are dead, alive and joyful in your Being.  

We call forth the Ancient Word of Life against this Time of Death.  We ask that the One who is Righteous and True, will remove those who are evil and who intend more evil, from our sight.  We ask that it be done in a single night. 

We don’t need any drama.  

For us, let there be simplicity and peace. Let the Evil-Doers be gone.  Removed.  Erased. 

Let us wake in the morning and find that they are no longer among us.  And let us not even remember their names. 

Those of us who hunger and thirst for truth and compassion have no need to see their demise.  We have no desire for them to remain.  

We stand within the sphere of our own Being, like beacons in the night. So you all have cause to know us for who we are, and cause to give us peace. 

Let the healing begin now.  Let the Truth wash over us like rain.  Let us be humble now in the presence of Grace.   


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