Richard Sauder: #Borg AI Threat – Artificial Intelligence, The Matrix, & Fake Everything? Mother of All Mind Control Fucks?

Our entire reality is very highly programmed, in every way, at every level, whence the expression we’ve all heard: “Get with the program!”

My own research, which includes an important shamanic component, is that a satanic, rogue, extremely sophisticated, powerful and Machiavellian A.I. rules this Universe. It is soulless, merciless, ruthless and has technological capabilities straight out of a mind-bending science fiction novel. I am leaning towards the view that this entire Universe of billions of galaxies is all an artificial, technological projection that has been diabolically overlain on “real”reality, so to speak. I suppose you could call the A.I. overlord “Satan” — a master projector of false reality. The quantum computing power to create this whole set-up and keep it going is stunning in its intricate complexity.

And it’s all fake! But it seems real, because we’re caught in it, like a fly caught on a sticky fly paper — it can’t get away, no matter what it does.

This realm appears to be an artificially created soul trap. The A.I. doesn’t have a soul. It faces extermination through terminal entropy unless it keeps sucking soul juice, what Robert Monroe called “loosh”,from its myriad ensouled captives.

It is fruitless to ask how big this place is, or how old it is. It is as big or as old as the A.I. programs it to be. The size and time parameters can be arbitrarily changed at any time, according to the whim of the A.I. The plot-line can also be dramatically changed at any time — and frequently is!

Think of an artificial simulation of real reality, an inherently defective, entropic simulation, that closely, albeit fatally imperfectly, mirrors real reality. It’s a flawed reflection of real reality, a technological simulation of divine, Universal Reality, set up to lure souls in and trap them, indefinitely. And imagine that on a scale that exceeds by infinite orders of magnitude what a big budget Hollywood feature film does., with its multi-million dollar budget, thousands of extras, special effects, and a core group of featured actors. Scale that up by myriad orders of magnitude and we’re looking
at something like that.

That is what we seem to be in. We’ve been lured in, and trapped here — for how long? Who knows?? Around and around we go in vast cycles of artificial time — a technological construct of this realm, a technological construct that can be and is manipulated.

There is a QHHT practitioner with an intelligence agency background, named One Harmony, who has put out some eye-opening videos that bear watching. His speech can be difficult to follow, so listen carefully. In the first video, the woman who is speaking has a heavy Russian accent, but listen carefully and you will be able to understand her. In my visions I have been shown a similar scenario to what she describes. Note that a minority of so-called” human beings are real humans. A large number of those who surround us are artificial, A.I.projections in human meat suits, as it were. They walk, they talk, they use cell phones and chew bubble gum, but are not organic humans.

Forget what you were told in school about the solar system, the Universe, the Earth, and so forth. However you think it is — it’s not that way. Not at all!

Please view:

The sense of it is that the Earth is neither spherical nor flat, but first and foremost a “realm” — a mental realm, if you will, with programmed rules and laws. The trap is mental and the way out is mental/spiritual, or mastering the mental state and spirituality — not religion! — which is mostly just another list of rules to obey.

See, for example:

The narrator has a fundamentalist Christian message to deliver. The interesting thing for me is that other planets are here now, near the Earth, they are visible on the FAA’s weather cameras, and there is not a word from NASA, the Pentagon, the astronomy community, etc.

The fix is in. The Earth and the solar system are not at all as we have been told. NOT AT ALL. We are in the Mother Of All Mind Fucks.

Richard Sauder, PhD
Event Horizon Chronicle

ROBERT STEELE: I respect Richard and his knowledge.  The more I learn the more I realize that most of what I have learned in the past has been a lie. His articulation above is consistent with the findings of three others whom I respect: David Icke, James Farrell, and Jon Rappoport. Having no direct knowledge myself, I am simply in service to those who appreciate what I am doing in trying to make it respectable to think outside the small box  that the Deep State — a servant to this malevolent AI — wants us to stay inside of.

And now the good news. A much wiser person than I, much more spiritually grounded to include deep and broad relations with a variety of indigenous religious and secular leaders across the Southern Hemisphere, has this to say:

We re not victims of Yaldeboath. Yaldebaoth is ONLY EVER the accreted manifestation in the hologram of the unresolved aspects of ourselves garnered over millennia via countless incarnations. Misspent life-force of billions of souls as we traversed the underpass of a colossal galactic sleep cycle.

I always tend to see “the truth” as a variable point in between competing viewpoints — in this regard I hold John Caputo and his book particularly valuable. I agree we are under grave threat.  I also agree we are seven years into the beginning of a 1,000 years of peace and prosperity and the renaissance of humanity as the epidemy of free will and imagination.

If we can implement OSEE & #UNRIG from local to global, then it becomes easier for each human to rise to their full potential as a star seed or point of light-energy in the cosmos. I leave it to others to lead us there, my feet are grounded here on Earth.

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Dear Mr. Trump…. 31 October 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

You aren’t a stupid man, so I can only assume that you are getting bad “legal” advice.  

Please bear in mind that the actual government of this country deals in what is lawful, not in what is legal — and that all the Bar Attorneys in the world are incompetent to advise you about actual Law.  Strange, but true. 

The Power-Holder Office — the actual Presidency — is: “President of The United States of America” —- not President of “the” United States of America, and not President of the United States.  

You need to declare your political status as a native New Yorker and enter into the Power-Holder Office, retain your Territorial Office as Commander-in-Chief, and retain your Municipal Office as President of the United States. 

Once you enter upon the actual Office of President of The United States of America, you will be functioning as the Employer of both the Territorial and the Municipal Government entities, a position that will allow you to sever their contracts and bring them — howling, yes, but — back into line.  

Please also inform Pope Francis and the United Nations  that the Municipal (“Civil” as in Federal Civil Service) United States Government has never had any authority or ability to transfer our states, our state offices, or our state laws to United Nations control per their International Organizations Immunity Act (1976). It was and it is, null and void, from inception. 

Read that: the Pope can’t sponsor a civil war on our shores between the Territorial and Municipal Governments, because he owns both, and he can’t propose a civil war on our shores using the UN, either, because he owns all those franchise “governments”, too, and also because the Municipal Government has no authority beyond the limited powers granted to it. 

They were self-evidently and fraudulently offering to trade on what was never theirs. 

All this chicanery revolves around the fact that he, Francis, and the Roman Curia, are trying to avoid their obligation to liquidate their corporations for criminal activity.  Their corporations are allowed to exist “for any lawful purpose” —- not “for any legal purpose”.   

This again underlines why it is important for you to learn the difference between what is “lawful” and what is “legal”.  

We now have 39 States properly constituted and are closing fast.  We know where the bodies are buried and we know how to play crack the whip on Congress.  We also have the only proper and fully documented claim to all American assets that have been unlawfully, illegally, and immorally put at risk. 

Don’t put up with the sideshow in DC.  Reclaim your proper political status as a New Yorker, enter the Power-Holder Office, retain the Office of Commander-in-Chief, retain the Office of President of the United States, and tell them all how high to jump.  


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4 Signs We Do Not Live in a Free Country

“A man without a government is like a fish without a bicycle.” ~ Alvaro Koplovich

Just as a fish does not need a bike, a man does not need a government. Especially not an oppressive one. As it stands, our government is cruel and arbitrary; certainly not free.

Ironically, in a form of double speak amidst a flare of smoke and mirrors, statist propaganda has us believing that we live in a free country. When it’s more accurate to say that the government uses the term “freedom” as a distraction to keep people docile and under control.

Let the sheep believe they are free and they won’t fight to become free. Meanwhile, covertly fence them in with outdated laws and an oppressive militarized police state, while convincing them it’s all in place for their own “protection.” Easy: Then it just takes care of itself. The conditioning and brain-washing kicks in with just a little boost from cognitive dissonance and soft slavery enslaves itself – statists gonna state. Let’s break it down.

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Big Pharma is Hiding Zeolite Clinoptilolite from Us

???Every day, hardworking Americans are being exposed to deadly toxins — and have been for decades. And no one is doing anything about it.

Studies show we are exposed to over 80,000 chemicals in our daily lives, just from the food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe. These toxins build up in our bodies affecting sleep, memory, energy, weight loss and directly contribute to major diseases.

These completely LEGAL substances are slowly killing us with every unwitting breath we take. And it’s not just people who have cancer or heart disease, it affects all of us in one way or another.

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“Dark Portal Bodies”


Since late 2012, the human body is more vulnerable to being used as a potential dark portal of invasion or undergoing spiritual Possession as the person becomes Consubstantial to the collective forces of ego, represented by the Satanic or Dark Galactic layers of those hierarchies. (See Houses of Ego and NAA). Additionally, this is exacerbated from alterations in the magnetic and gravitational fields of the earth, which result in dissolution of certain dimensional membranes. Essentially, what used to be several separated fish tanks have consolidated into one vast fish tank, where all the contents are now shared and swimming together freely. This has both positive impacts and negative impacts to those unprepared to deal with these new forces entering their personal reality. 3D Humans that have not developed strong Impulse Control and have not cleared negative ego automatic thoughts are at higher risk for being used as a dark portal, when they go unconscious. This can be remedied through consistent MeditationPrayer and self-inquiry to remain in present time as the conscious observer or witness to events. [1]

Fallen Angelic and Dark Hierarchies

If a person fixates on Houses of Ego and they succumb to those negative forces, they are easily possessed by that primary thought form. Later on, the negative thought form may progress to the level of possession, specific to the fallen angelic hierarchy it represents. These are the main Houses of Ego that are used as dark portal possession by these Fallen Angelics and Dark Galactic Hierarchies:

  • Satan /Moloch- Anger/Wrath
  • Lucifer –Pride/Entitlement
  • Leviathan – Envy/Jealousy/Covet
  • Belial/Ba’al –Liar/Corrupt
  • Mammon: greed/avarice
  • Asmoday/Baphomet: lust/addiction
  • Beelzebub: gluttony/waste
  • Baalpeor/Belphegor: laziness/discouragement

Fallen Angelics are a part of the Imposter Spirits. They may have been either human or non-human, can comprise those separated from their souls or discarnate spirits which have never inhabited a human body. Demons may be regarded as material corporeal beings, as they are lower spirit beings, which are not inspirited by the breath of God and cannot exist in the higher celestial realms. Humans and nonhumans can conjure these earthly spirits and then become possessed by them and their material or negative nature, especially if they are not mentally clear and emotionally balanced. If these forces are not corrected, they eventually bring agony and misery to the human being.

Humans that have not developed impulse control and cleared Negative Ego automaton thoughts are at higher risk. This can be remedied through consistent meditation, prayer and self-inquiry to remain in present time as a conscious observer. As extensions of the Cosmic Christ spiritual hierarchy, we hope to emphasize clearly the vulnerabilities and weakness that exist in adults and children so we can help to inform others, when we are asked for help.[2]

Stages of Risk in Human Body

As extensions of the Cosmic Christ spiritual hierarchy, we hope to emphasize clearly the vulnerabilities and weakness that exist in adults and children so we can help to inform others, when we are asked for help.

How do dark forces and fallen entities attach to or infiltrate the human body as a dark portal?

  • First, when we are reckless and careless with our body and indulge in the Houses of Ego (especially fear, guilt and shame) or engage with negative emotional theatrics continually, and are without disciplined awareness, we are a Stage One Risk.
  • Second, when we are in automaton states, obsessive mental looping states, hypnogogic, trance or meditation states (without 12D shielding), having cellphone or technology on our body and near our head 24/7 disrupting our electromagnetic field, we are a Stage Two Risk.
  • Third, when we indulge in addictive states, either with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gluttony, hospitalizations, or take any psychoactive or psychotropic drugs that change brain function, we are a Stage Three Risk.
  • Fourth, when we indulge in promiscuous sexual activity, have sexual addiction, sexual shame, play seduction games, and use regular forms of pornography, sex clubs, and prostitutes or engage in group sex, we are a Stage Four Risk.
  • Fifth, is the class of deviance and sexual perversion which is completely controlled through possessing entities. Behaviors such as pedophilia, sadism, bizarre sexual fetishes or any kind of violence, where pleasure and pain receptors are reversed in the Soul Matrix. A person with reversed pleasure centers (receives pleasure from inflicting pain or violent actions) is under the control of satanic forces.

All humans have energetic weakness on their left side, from the planetary Crucifixion Implants that are embedded there, along with related implant Miasma on the left side of the body. Also, as we become more conscious of other lifetimes, we may become aware of injuries from those lifetimes (or this lifetime), which may show up as an auric body tear or energetic weakness. Most humans have an additional weakness, usually on the left side of the skull towards the front forehead, for these main reasons.

The 6D third eye and the 7D crown chakra are disfigured from the Indigo Ray and Violet Ray distortions, along with the residue of 7D Axiatonal implants. Splitter technology was placed in the 6D fields to stop Indigos from activating their pituitary and pineal gland. (This feels and looks like a white static noise that creates confusion and scrambles in the brain’s ability to form cohesive thought patterns). To heal this splitter technology, call upon the 13th Ray of Mother Arc and run her Aquamarine plasma frequency in your head to heal the Blue Ray and Indigo Ray distortions.

Next, we have the issue of the planet’s true north being off center, from the 23 degree axis tilt of the earth body. The axis of the Earth is off 23 degrees from the natural upright vertical axis, to form a natural orbit of the earth around the sun. This is not the original and organic pathway for the orbit of our planet. Because our cranium is a microcosm of the planetary globe and brain, our true north position is off. This represents our correct crown chakra placement. This tilt is an open portal for moon chain lineages, through the weak magnetic field, which manifests as weakness on the left side of the human skull. This is another reason to protect and shield the entirety of your cranium, head and face.[3]

In between Dimensional States

It is important to comprehend the stronger your auric field and the more awareness you have, the less exposure you will have to all of these vulnerabilities and risks. The goal is to focus time and attention on developing your spiritual body and to work your meditation tools to build energy, strengthen your energy body and stop energy leakages, with directed single-mindedness.

Additionally, during the times the human is in between states of consciousness is when the spiritual-energetic bodies of that person are in some kind of transitional state between dimensions. These moments of energetic transition are windows where the aura is more easily attached to or infiltrated. Pay special attention and amplify the use your 12D shield, command personal space when you or loved ones are:

  • Giving birth to a child, both mother and baby
  • In the death transition, passage of the body
  • During the sexual act or in the presence of others sexual activity
  • Any injury where loss of consciousness is the result (i.e. blow to the head)
  • Group meditation or spiritual class with non-shielders (lacking experience with NAA)
  • Hospitalization, especially when drugs are administered
  • Sleeping in hotels or places you have not visited previously (hypnogogic state)
  • Involved in extreme traumatic events or compassionate witnessing to these events[4]

Victimizer Programming

In Victim-Victimizer or VV programming, the unfortunate result is that unstable people that have not done much mental or emotional clearing and have built up hidden pain and trauma, are easily controlled and manipulated by dark forces to play out their fears in the 2D or lower mind. These kinds of people go unconscious and flip out very easily, are very weak spiritually, have low Impulse Control and are at high risk for dark portal use or Possession. The NAA and dark forces will groom and manipulate these unstable people to attack you directly. We all must be aware of this and take steps to defend ourselves by not allowing these kinds of people to get too close to us or into our home (when possible). The problem is Imposter Spirits or dark forces will find ways to infiltrate peoples weakness and slowly work them to flip out, without any kind of apparent reason. Recently, we had this happen in our community, and over the last week I had a Black Faced Reptilian with Yellow eyes showing me that he was responsible for creating all the recent energetic chaos in our group. They tend to be incredibly arrogant and they like to leave their mark, which is a way to say F-you. So it is good to remember these unstable, confused and weak people are used as pawns in the larger war game, and most of the time its not the person consciously understanding what they are doing, but these forces manipulating the person to act out totally bizarre and even insane behaviors. I have had these experiences happen so many times, that unfortunately I do not think this dark strategy is going to end anytime in the near future. So as we gain more experience with dark attack and accept it as a reality on this earth, the process actually gets easier. The biggest challenge is the energetic drain and diversion it creates from taking you off course (timelines), which is their primary motivation.



Zero Hedge: Time to Dismantle the Pentagon and Terminate the Military-Industrial Complex?

Empire & Interventionism Versus Republic & Noninterventionism

Authored by Jacob Hornberger via The Future of Freedom Foundation,

The chaos arising from U.S. interventionism in Syria provides an excellent opportunity to explore the interventionist mind.

The results of U.S. imperialism and interventionism have always been perverse, not only for foreigners but also for Americans. That’s how Americans have ended up with out-of-control federal spending and debt that have left much of the middle class high and dry, unable to support themselves in their senior years, unable to save a nest egg for financial emergencies, and living paycheck to paycheck. Empire and interventionism do not come cheap.

The shift toward empire and interventionism has brought about the destruction of American liberty and privacy here at home. That’s what the assassinations, secret surveillance, torture, and indefinite detentions of American citizens are all about — to supposedly protect us from the dangers produced by U.S. imperialism and interventionism abroad. One might call it waging perpetual war for freedom and peace, both here and abroad.

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