Lockdown fallout: Nearly one-third of NY, NJ small businesses reportedly closed in 2020

At the on-set of the Wuhan virus, bureaucrats mandated lockdowns – except for “essential” businesses. That typically meant the big box stores: Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, etc.

The businesses that are “essential” for many trying to make a living were shutdown: The mom-and-pops, small businesses, restaurants and many locally-owned service provider companies.

As we enter month nine of the Wuhan virus, more lockdowns are expected. Again, big box retail that is deemed “essential” will not face any lockdowns.

The results are devastating for the lives of so many small business owners.

According to the NY Postnearly one-third of small businesses in New York and New Jersey remain closed since January amid the coronavirus pandemic.

From the NY Post story: In the Empire State, 27.8 percent of small businesses have not reopened their doors, while Jersey has lost 31.2 percent as of Nov. 16, according to TrackTheRecovery.org, a Harvard-run database that keeps tabs on the economic impact of the virus.

More than half of small businesses in both states were forced to shut their doors in the spring at the height of the pandemic, with both hitting highs in mid-April — 52.5 percent of New York businesses and 53.9 percent in the Garden States, the stats show.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said Sunday that a new lockdown is “on the table” again, which could spell more bad news for business owners.

And New Jersey isn’t the only state suffering — the national average is 29.8 percent, The Hill reported.”

You have to wonder why the bureaucrats were/are so quick to shutdown American small businesses for a virus that has a 99%+ survivability rate (vulnerable demographics excluded). Especially when many of the bureaucrats violated their OWN Wuhan virus mandates and allowed the BLM/Antifa protests to continue throughout this pandemic.


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Source: https://nypost.com

Mexico Senate Votes in Landslide To Legalize World’s Largest Cannabis Market

By Elias Marat,

Mexico is hurtling toward legalizing cannabis for a variety of uses, opening up the Latin American country to becoming the largest legal marijuana market in the world.

Just days prior to the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., Mexico’s Senate approved a bill that would put an end to prohibition measures in a landslide vote of 82 to 18, with seven abstentions.

Lawmakers in the ruling Morena party have been working hard to seal the approval of the landmark cannabis legalization bill before the current congressional session draws to a close in December. Morena, alongside its allies, holds majorities in both chambers of Congress.

The bill is designed to “improve living conditions” and “contribute to the reduction of crime linked to drug trafficking,” according to its text.

The move would amount to a huge U-turn after decades of anti-drug policies led to the explosive growth of transnational cartels – and ferocious local cartel wars – in Mexico. In recent years, violence related to drug cartels has claimed upwards of 10,000 lives.

Advocates of legalization in Mexico have long argued that legalizing the plant would allow the country to advance alternative drug policies, halt the criminalization of drug users and refocus its security efforts to better address public health.

The demands of advocates came significantly closer to being realized in 2018, when the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that recreational marijuana should be permitted. One year prior, legislators voted to legalize the plant for medical purposes.

While Mexico has a long and storied history of cannabis usage, the consumption of the plant is still not as culturally accepted on a widespread level as in the United States. However, the creation of legal commercial markets for the sale and purchase of the plan will likely displace the large systems of illicit cultivation in the country.

Socially conservative Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, popularly known by his initials AMLO, has largely shied away from vocally supporting the legalization of the plant. However, Lopez Obrador has long endorsed the need to radically reform the country’s laws to put an end to rampant drug violence in Mexico, where drug cartels still hold sway over the illicit trade of narcotics.

But while the president hasn’t been an outspoken champion of legalization efforts, members of his center-left party such as Senate leader Ricardo Monreal and senior cabinet members like Interior Minister Olga Sanchez have been clear in their calls to open the doors to legalizing and regulating the recreational usage of cannabis.

Under the proposed measures, Mexico would place strict controls on ownership and the supply chain used for domestic production and international commerce of cannabis. The trade surrounding the industry would also have to comply with various forms of financial source verification, ensuring that the business doesn’t fall into the hands of criminal syndicates, writes Forbes.

Under the bill, adults over 18 will be allowed to cultivate and possess up to 28 grams of cannabis for personal use. Possession of up to 200 grams would also be decriminalized.

Individuals would be allowed to grow up to 20 plants provided their annual yield isn’t in excess of 480 grams. Medical patients would be able to grow over 20 plants, if necessary. Public consumption of cannabis would also be allowed in all spaces besides those marked as “100 percent smoke-free.”

Cannabis sales would also be subject to a 12 percent tax, with revenue going toward drug abuse programs. The new laws and regulations would be enforced and overseen by the Mexican Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis.

Advocates have also expressed caution about moving forward while taking into account social equity concerns and safeguards to prevent transnational corporations from monopolizing the massive, burgeoning weed market in the North American country.

The success of these efforts would make Mexico the largest country in the world, by population, to legalize cannabis. With a population exceeding 125 million people, Mexico would quickly become the largest consumer market for cannabis products, marking a huge step forward in bringing the international cannabis marketplace out of the shadows.


Source: The Mind Unleashed

7 Things Regarded As ‘Crazy Conspiracy Theories’ Are Becoming Facts Right Now

by Daisy Luther

Remember back in the old days of, say, 2019, when anyone who talked about microchip implants, Americans being forced to show travel papers, and re-education camps was thought to be a crazy conspiracy theorist? And then 2020 rolled around and voila! It turns out those conspiracy theories weren’t so “crazy” after all.

And I’m not just talking about the government releasing info about UFOs.

David Rockefeller All We Need Is The Right Major Crisis Nwo

We’re living in a time when someone will attempt to beat the crap out of you, burn your house down, or even kill you if you voted for the “wrong” presidential candidate.

We’re being subjected to curfews, our movement is restricted, and our businesses have been forcibly shut down.

One day, people will look back on this as the year that everything changed – or depending on how Americans respond to the mandates – the year we finally said enough.

Here are seven things that were considered crazy conspiracy theories…until now, when they’re becoming far too real.

#1) Universal Basic Income

Did you ever really think we’d live in a country where the government would tell private business owners when and how they could operate? Where workers would be told, “You can no longer go to work for your own good?”

Well, welcome to 2020!

22 million jobs were lost and only 42% of those were recovered by last August, when the country began to reopen. Millions of lost jobs were permanent losses, as businesses across the country fold under the weight of the restrictions that either don’t allow them to operate or the money problems of their former customers.

“It’s clear that the pandemic is doing some fundamental damage to the job market,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics.

“A lot of the jobs lost aren’t coming back any time soon. The idea that the economy is going to snap back to where it was before the pandemic is clearly not going to happen.”

…More than 10 million Americans are currently categorized as temporarily out of work. But historically, nearly 30% of people who tell the Labor Department that they are temporarily unemployed never get their job back, said Heidi Shierholz, senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank.

“Even though we don’t know if the historical record will hold in this case, it’s an extremely valid concern that not all of those people are going to get called back,” she said.

People who are counting on businesses reopening their doors may be surprised to find that a temporary loss has become permanent one, said Zandi. (source)

Of the businesses that have closed, many will never reopen. Most harshly affected were small businesses.

“About 60% of businesses that have closed during the coronavirus pandemic will never reopen, and restaurants have suffered the most, according to new data from Yelp.” (source)

So we have not only people who became unemployed, but we also have business owners who’ve lost everything.

As we go into the second round of lockdowns across the United States, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that some of the small businesses that have thus far managed to stay afloat will succumb to the economic effects of these mandates… taking with them even more jobs and plunging even more people into poverty.

Poverty is a vicious cycle and one seemingly small thing can suck those who are struggling into a vortex of fees and penalties from which emerging seems impossible.

I’ve written about my own experiences with poverty here. The concern is that even fewer people will recover financially after this round of government mandates, leaving even more Americans broke, hungry, and homeless.

But don’t worry – the government is here to help and I mean that in the President Reagan threatening kind of way.

They provided a “stimulus” check to everyone in America, gave such huge unemployment money to people that they made more staying home than they did going to work, and went so much deeper into debt that the number is simply unfathomable.

In effect, they paid people not to work. And it isn’t the fault of those people in most cases – the government forced their places of employment to close unless it was considered “essential.”

And that sounds a whole lot like Universal Basic Income. Or as I like to call it, modern feudalism.

Quite a few people are ready to give up their freedom so that someone else can take care of them.

They don’t think they’re giving up freedom. They’re convinced that they are embracing a smart, fair system that eliminates poverty.

The greed, entitlement, and lack of ambition that seems inherent in many people today will have them slipping on the yoke of servitude willingly.

They feel like they deserve a living just for drawing breath. As Gawker’s headline reads, “A Universal Basic Income Is the Utopia We Deserve.”

The idea of a universal basic income for all citizens has been catching on all over the world. Is it too crazy to believe in? We spoke to the author of a new book on the ins, outs, and utopian dreams of making basic income a reality.

The basic income movement got a significant boost this week when the charity GiveDirectly announced that it will be pursuing a ten-year, $30 million pilot project giving a select group of Kenyan villagers a basic income and studying its effects.

As an anti-poverty solution, universal basic income appeals to impoverished people in Africa, relatively well-off Scandinavians, and Americans automated out of their jobs alike. (source)

Sure, money for nothing sounds great on the surface.

But what would the real result of a Universal Basic Income be?

Feudalism. Serfdom. Enslavement.

UBI would fast-track us back to the feudalism of the Middle Ages. Sure, we’d be living in slick, modern micro-efficiencies instead of shacks. We’d have some kind of modern job instead of raising sheep for the lord of the manor.

But, in the end, we wouldn’t actually own anything because private property would be abolished for all but the ruling class. We’d no longer have the ability to get ahead in life. Our courses would be set for us and veering off of those courses would be harshly discouraged.

People will be completely dependent on the government and ruling class for every necessity: food, shelter, water, clothing. What better way to assert control than to make compliance necessary for survival? (source)

With this second round of lockdowns how many more jobs will go permanently down the tubes? What are all those people going to do for food? For rent?

The government is going to give them money. And we can’t even argue, really, because everyone knows someone who has lost a job they had for decades and who can’t find other work.

They might call it something else, but Universal Basic Income is coming. And it’s coming soon.

#2) Travel Papers

Don’t be ridiculous. We’ll never have to show our “papers” to travel freely in the United States.


Not until a COVID pandemic with all its subsidiary restrictions occurred. Back in March, days after I warned about the first lockdown, I wrote:

For everyone who thought the article about the Lockdown of America was a “hysterical overstatement” and that they could still do whatever they wanted because it wasn’t really being enforced, what are you thinking now that “travel papers” are being handed out?

To me, this sounds like the lockdowns I wrote of yesterday were just the first incremental step toward a society that nobody hopes to see.

Yesterday, readers sent me photos of “travel papers” provided to them by employers so they could get to and from work.

These are employees who work in industries like healthcare, pharmacies, and foodservice, as well as those who work in the production, transport, and sales of essential supplies.

One reader wrote, “We were told to show these if we got stopped on the way to or from work and that if the authorities gave us any trouble, to not argue and just go back home.”

Papers that people sent were from Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Kansas, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, Oregon, Florida, Louisiana, and Ohio.

Industries mentioned in the papers were trucking, grocery stores, medical clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, city transit workers, railroads, food production plants, pharmacies, gas stations, stores like Target and Walmart, and automotive repair facilities.

Most people were given their papers on Friday or Saturday and told they’d need them to get to and from work starting the week ahead. (source)

You can see some of the papers that people sent me here.

#3) Mandatory GPS Tracking Of Humans

“Don’t be silly. Nobody is actually tracking you with your phone. You’re not Jason Bourne.”

Whoops. 2020 proved that was a lie when they rolled out contact tracing apps to make sure you didn’t breathe the same air as somebody who got a positive COVID test.

Not only do sick or potentially sick people need to worry about being phoned or questioned by contact tracers, but there’s also a whole new world of dystopian technology being rapidly developed.

Apple and Google formed a partnership to develop a phone app with the potential to monitor one-third of the world’s population.

The Australian government has developed an app called COVIDSafe to “protect you, your family and friends and save the lives of other Australians. The more Australians connect to the COVIDSafe app, the quicker we can find the virus.”

In fact, all sorts of potentially invasive new technology tools are springing up to “fight COVID.” Some use AI to detect signs of COVID and the Department of Defense is deploying thermal imaging to detect signs of COVID.

These things won’t just go away when the pandemic is over. If they’re in use for a year or two years – however long this virus is with us – chances are, they’re here to stay. (source)

So… if you have a smartphone, rest assured, at some point you’re probably going to have an app like this forcibly installed during one of those relentless updates.

Of course, they’ll say that the app is just the framework and you have to enable it for it to work. Oh, wait, they already said that. After installing “the framework.”

#4) Cashless Societies

Somehow, the United States ran out of change.

There were no coins to be had…anywhere…for a while. Bloomberg reported in August:

As if a deep recession and a never-ending pandemic wasn’t enough, the U.S. now faces another crisis: a coin shortage. Thanks to the lockdowns, fewer coins are in circulation, leaving businesses unable to make change when customers hand over paper money. (source)

This had a lot of people concerned, especially since Venezuela used COVID to push citizens toward a cashless society. Here in the United States, the “change shortage” was so extensive is caused many stores to give you your change on a store loyalty card or invite you to donate that change to some cause.

A true cashless society would allow significant control over our day to day lives. See this article for some of the totalitarian ways it would affect us.

#5) Microchips

DARPA got involved early on, touting it as a way to “save” us all from COVID. Robert Wheeler wrote:

But governments aren’t having to market the chip as a method to track, trace, and control their populations.

Instead, they are marketing the chip as a way to track and detect COVID and other coronaviruses.

Clearly, this is a much easier sell to a public literally terrorized by their governments and mainstream media outlets for the last six months.

Raul Diego details the creation and coming rollout of the new biochip in his article, “A DARPA-Funded Implantable Microchip to Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets By 2021,” where he writes,

The most significant scientific discovery since gravity has been hiding in plain sight for nearly a decade and its destructive potential to humanity is so enormous that the biggest war machine on the planet immediately deployed its vast resources to possess and control it, financing its research and development through agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and HHS’ BARDA.

The revolutionary breakthrough came to a Canadian scientist named Derek Rossi in 2010 purely by accident.

The now-retired Harvard professor claimed in an interview with the National Post that he found a way to “reprogram” the molecules that carry the genetic instructions for cell development in the human body, not to mention all biological lifeforms.

These molecules are called ‘messenger ribonucleic acid’ or mRNA and the newfound ability to rewrite those instructions to produce any kind of cell within a biological organism has radically changed the course of Western medicine and science, even if no one has really noticed yet.

As Rossi, himself, puts it:

“The real important discovery here was you could now use mRNA, and if you got it into the cells, then you could get the mRNA to express any protein in the cells, and this was the big thing.” (Source)

The microchip talk died down but the fact it as even a discussion and topic of COVID research should be troubling. Anyway, after the initial microchip hubbub, the push got redirected toward our next conspiracy theory.

#6) Mandatory Vaccines

Remember back when nobody thought that adults would ever be forced to take vaccines except for “crazy conspiracy theorists?” Well, that day is coming sooner than many people expect.

A much-heralded COVID vaccine could be rolled out in a matter of days. Pfizer and BioNTech have both concluded Phase 3 of rushing their jabs to market. There are still many, many questions.

The return to many of our old familiar ways will take time, and how much time remains unclear. The answers await more research into the vaccines, how they can be distributed and how many people are willing to get them.

“A vaccine won’t be available immediately for everybody,” says Arthur Reingold, a professor of epidemiology at the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley…

…“It probably will take four to six months,” he says.

“What that says to me is that people will have to keep wearing masks at least until spring. We won’t be in a magically different situation by February or March. I don’t see how that can possibly happen.”

Equally important are the unknowns about the vaccines themselves. Scientists still don’t know how long vaccine-induced protection will last, for example, or whether inoculations can block actual infection, or only prevent the onset of disease.

If the latter turns out to be the case, meaning the vaccines keep us from getting sick, but not infected, we still could be infectious to others. Until we know, don’t toss those masks into the trash…

…Andrew Badley, an immunovirologist who chairs Mayo Clinic’s covid-19 task force, says the return of any normal activities depends on numerous factors, including how many people get vaccinated.

“The only possibility that life will return to normal by summer is if the majority of the population receives the vaccines by then and the early efficacy data is borne out in ongoing studies,” he says.

He adds, however: “I think it is unlikely we will be able to vaccinate the majority of the population by then.” (source)

And how will they make sure that “the majority” of the population gets the vaccines?

It’ll start out easy — there are tons of people who will gladly roll up their sleeves to get a vaccination that was rushed to market with no testing on the long-term effects.

And then, the rest of us will be coerced by being unable to go to work, to a concert, to school, or into a public building without proof we’ve been vaccinated.

YOU WALK TOWARD the arena, ready for a big game, tickets in hand. But what you see is a long line wrapping around the corner of the building and a bottleneck at the entrance as people search their pockets and purses for a small piece of paper.

To be cleared to enter, you’ll also need that document — proof that you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccination.

This is the future as some experts see it: a world in which you’ll need to show you’ve been inoculated against the novel coronavirus to attend a sports game, get a manicure, go to work, or hop on a train.

“We’re not going to get to the point where the vaccine police break down your door to vaccinate you,” says Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at New York University’s School of Medicine.

But he and several other health policy experts envision vaccine mandates could be instituted and enforced by local governments or employers — similar to the current vaccine requirements for school-age children, military personnel, and hospital workers…

…The mandates can be directed toward customers, as well. Just as business owners can bar shoeless and shirtless clients from entering their restaurants, salons, arenas, and stores, they can legally keep people out for any number of reasons, “as long as they’re not running afoul of any antidiscrimination laws,” says Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, a professor of health and vaccine law at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

When a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, some experts think states will require targeted industries to enforce vaccine mandates for their employees, especially those we’ve come to know as “essential workers.”

“Grocery store workers get exposed to a lot of people, but also have the chance to infect a lot of people because of the nature of their work and the fact that virtually everybody needs to buy food,” says Carmel Shachar, executive director of the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School.

Hospitality industry workers — those who work in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, for example — could also see similar mandates.

“It’s in an employer’s interest to make sure that their workplace is protected and that you can’t infect your colleagues,” Shachar says.

“Having a widely accessible vaccine gets a lot of employers out of having to control their clients’ behavior.” And with a vaccinated workforce, “you don’t need to worry if the people you’re serving at the restaurant have COVID-19.”

Even the general public could be incentivized to get vaccinated.

“Oddly enough, the best way to impose a mandate is to reward people with more freedom if they follow that mandate,” Caplan says.

For example, with proof of inoculation, you would be able to attend a sporting event “as a reward for doing the right thing,” he says.

“And I can imagine people saying, If you want to go to my restaurant, my bowling alley, or my tattoo parlor, then I want to see a vaccine certificate, too.”

Booster shots could also be required, depending on the efficacy of future vaccines. (source)

Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside how all these experts are planning to force an unwilling populace to accept an untested vaccine? It’s all for our own good, you know.

#7) Re-Education Camps

Remember how we all used to joke about being put into FEMA camps? Well…..

Finally, for those of us who believed these conspiracy theories were conspiracy facts all along – oh – and for Trump voters – there’s the discussion about how to re-educate us so we can rejoin society.

In a Twitter thread run amok, we saw the dark side of some “well-educated” Democrats who were sincerely trying to figure out how to redeem those of us who did not vote for Joe Biden.




Of course, he doesn’t really mean re-education camps. Of course not.


And Laura found she bit off a bit more than she intended to chew. So of course she blamed non-Americans. (Probably those darned Russians, right?)



Welcome to my inbox for the past 8 years, Laura. Every time I have posted a pro-gun, pro-self-defense article, I’ve been barraged with “creative” rape threats with a vast variety of implements and violent threats by the “peaceful” left.

People have wished my children dead in a school shooting. So cry me a river, Laura, if your “thoughtful discussion” of putting me and people like me into anti-cult deprogramming in a gulag put you in an unpleasant position.

Trust me, you get used to it. Heck, you might even begin to understand why I’m a gun owner.

What Other Conspiracy Theories Have Been Proven True This Year?

Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World Order

Is it just me or has 2020 been like reading every “crazy conspiracy” rabbit hole on the internet while dropping acid?

Except you can’t come down from the trip because it’s all actually happening. As the insanity continues, make sure you have this book to help you get prepared.

What other former “wacky” theories have become fact this year? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Source: https://www.theorganicprepper.com

Biden Has Filled His Foreign Policy Team With Weapons Contractors

By John Vibes,

The overseas wars that the US military has been involved with for nearly two decades have been unpopular with the American public for a very long time. Both Obama and Trump campaigned on promises of ending the wars, or at the very least significantly scaling them back. However, while both administrations oversaw small and ceremonial troop withdrawals, the US military’s involvement overseas did not slow down and didn’t seem to miss a beat from the Bush era.

Joe Biden has made some very similar promises while on the campaign trail in 2019. In one speech, Biden said, “It’s past time to end the Forever Wars, which have cost us untold blood and treasure.”

However, he was vice president in the Obama administration, which oversaw wars in Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, and numerous other countries, and he has also indicated that he has no intention of fully pulling out of Afghanistan.

On November 10th, Biden announced the members of his agency review teams, which he says “are responsible for understanding the operations of each agency, ensuring a smooth transfer of power, and preparing for President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris and their cabinet to hit the ground running on Day One.”

large portion of the officials who were selected for the Department of Defense agency review team, 8 out of 23, have direct ties to the military industrial complex or a part of it themselves. This number could be higher, as the backgrounds of all of the candidates are still being thoroughly researched.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is listed as the “most recent employment” for three selections on Biden’s Department of Defense agency review team: Kathleen Hicks, who is a former defense official under President Barack Obama, as well as Melissa Dalton, and Andrew Hunter.

CSIS is an influential foreign policy think tank that promotes war while receiving funding from companies like General Dynamics Corporation, Raytheon Technologies, Northrop Grumman Corporation, and Lockheed Martin. They also work on behalf of the oil companies.

Furthermore, two other officials, Ely Ratner and Susanna Blume also named for positions on the team, most recently worked with the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) a think tank that takes money from Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and the US State Department.

Three others selected for the team are Stacie Pettyjohn, Terri Tanielian, and Christine Wormuth who previously worked with the RAND Corporation, which receives funding from the US Army and the Department of Homeland Security and often promote foreign intervention and hostility towards non-allied countries.

Ben Freeman of the Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative, which recently authored a report on think tank funding, said that “It’s telling the think tanks represented here — RAND, CSIS, and CNAS — are among the top recipients of Department of Defense and Department of Defense contractor funding. CNAS and CSIS are literally number one and number two in terms of donations received from US defense contractors in the last six years. RAND is, by far, the top recipient of Department of Defense funding of any think tank.”

Sharon Burke, also on Biden’s team, works for New America, which receives funding from Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, and US Army War College. Another pick for the team, Shawn Skelly, recently worked with CACI International, a company that provides information technology for US military weapons systems. Team member Victor Garcia has a background in cybersecurity for the US government, previously working with a software company called Rebellion Defense that says it helps “our defense and national security agencies unlock the power of data across all domains.”

The software company was reportedly founded by former defense officials and works to analyze video gathered from drones.

Other members of the team are also heavily involved in Wall Street and the oil industry.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

Non-Cult, No-Lockdown Belarus Has One of the Lowest Death Rates in Europe

The last free country on the continent

By Kata Karath,

Editor’s note: No-lockdown Belarus is doing just fine (far better than most on the continent in fact) and The BMJ (ex-British Medical Journal) is looking for ways to rationalize what it can’t wrap its head around.

Plagued by political turmoil over “Europe’s last dictatorship” and with a president in denial of covid-19, how has Belarus ended up with one of the lowest death rates on the continent? Kata Karáth reports

Belarus’s beleaguered government remains unfazed by covid-19. President Aleksander Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994, has flatly denied the seriousness of the pandemic, refusing to impose a lockdown, close schools, or cancel mass events like the Belarusian football league or the Victory Day parade.

Yet the country’s death rate is among the lowest in Europe—just over 700 in a population of 9.5 million with over 73?000 confirmed cases.

Pandemic mindset

The relatively low death rate is thought to be thanks to Belarus’s large hospital capacity which allowed the country to isolate people early on, says Andrei Vitushka, a healthcare policy expert at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies in Vilnius, Lithuania.

With 11 hospital beds per 1000 people, Belarus outnumbers nations like Germany (8) or the UK (2.5).1 “It’s usually a problem because it takes a lot of money to maintain them, but it turned into our advantage in this situation,” says Vitushka, who is also an intensive care physician in Belarus.

“Belarus, like most of the post-Soviet states, has a focus on “sanitary epidemiological problems” meaning large scale health scares like a pandemic,” says Rasmus Nilsson, a teaching fellow at University College London’s school of Slavonic and east European studies.

This may be one reason Belarus also outperformed most of Europe in terms of mass testing during the first four months of the pandemic. While many countries were reluctant to carry out extensive testing, according to the state owned news agency BelTA, testing in Belarus started as early as 23 January. Most kits were donated or purchased from China and Russia2 using government funds and donations from companies3 and ordinary citizens.4 The country stepped up testing in early April,5 developing its own rapid testing kits6 and switching to the use of domestically produced reagents for polymerase chain reaction testing in May.7 According to government information, there are now 32 laboratories processing samples across the country and testing is widespread in hospitals as well as from GPs.

By the end of June, Belarus had conducted around one million tests,8 covering more than 10% of its population.

Citizens doing it for themselves

With low expectations of the authorities, Belarusians were bracing themselves for the worst.9

With the last of a handful of press briefings on the pandemic held on 24 April, information on safety protocols and the country’s situation has been scarce, inconsistent, and often contradictory. “It’s a personal decision for every citizen. If you want, you wear a mask. If you don’t want to, you don’t wear a mask—and this is a problem,” says Vitushka.

Citizens began practising self-isolation early on. On 26 March a crowdfunding campaign “ByCovid19” was launched in order to buy safety equipment for hospitals across the country. The movement collected around $360?000 (£277?000; €304?000) in three months and, with the help of nearly 1500 volunteers, they purchased and distributed around 450 000 pieces of personal protective equipment, oxygen tanks, and other medical equipment.

Although initially slow to react, the health ministry has worked alongside ByCovid19 and taken measures to reorganise hospitals and encourage social distancing, says Vitushka.

Another factor is that Belarus has very few care homes (203 beds per 100?000 of the population compared with 854 in the UK), with most elderly citizens living separately.10 This has helped shield its most vulnerable.

“In many cases in Belarus, you have already had some isolation of elderly people, particularly in the countryside or in single flats” says Nilsson.

Nilsson says Belarus also benefited from being a relatively isolated country where the government can easily shut down borders and monitor those passing through. “People tend to go in the other direction,” he says, “Very few people will go to Belarus for holidays or work.”

Not out of the woods

With anti-government demonstrations ongoing in Minsk and other big cities following a controversial 9 August election that awarded Lukashenko another term, Belarus will likely see a sudden spike in infections. Nilsson believes this will serve as another pretext to crack down on government critics. [Except if Lukashenko wanted to use the virus excuse it would have happened by now. That’s actually the tactic of the West, eg by Macron in France.]

Lukashenko has allegedly overcome coronavirus infection, Nilsson says, framing it as yet another chapter in Belarus’s historical sufferings that the country managed to overcome. “This is Lukashenko 101, and he is probably not going to change.”

Although the low death numbers are encouraging, some experts fear that many coronavirus related deaths are registered as cases of pneumonia—UN data show a difference of 5605 between April-June 2019 compared with the same period in 2020.11 And the deaths per capita ratio remains one of the highest in Europe. Nilson is cautious, “Until we have the figures for excess deaths, I don’t want to praise Belarus too much.”


  • Commissioned, not peer reviewed.

  • Competing interests: I have read and understood BMJ policy on declaration of interests and have no relevant interests to declare.


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Great Debasement

Inflation is theft by your government

Is there a trace of hope for the better?

Everyone is paying more for less

The People Economy

Endless money creation

The termination of the longest business cycle expansion in history must be nearing its end soon. With record highs in the stock market, after a 12-year march to the top, with stock prices more than 300% and real estate 200% higher than they were in 2009. These events were made possible by a record expansion of the base money supply, in other words inflation.

The whole programme is grotesque and unnatural it comprises; spend, borrow, print, that leads to boom, bubble, crash, pain, panic, bailout, and then again spend, borrow, print, boom, bubble, crash, pain, panic, bailout. But the weak link in this unpredictable chain is the paper currency. The central banks can print them, but they cannot control their value.

With their continuing money printing program, the central banks have added more money to the monetary system in the last 10 years than it added in the previous 90 years of their existence. Not only that, by lowering its key interest rate below the level of consumer price increases, it made borrowing more attractive than saving. Borrowed money, too, about $20 trillion has been added to each of the larger nations total debt in the last 10 years, with no end in sight. All adds to the available “money supply.” That’s an inflation that’s vaster than ever before created in all of human history, outside of World War II.

Inflation is a poorly understood financial concept. It has nothing to do with price indexes, such as the consumer- or production- price index. The trust in the reliability of these measurement tools stems from the 1970s, when inflation flowed into hard assets and commodities.

Inflation, by definition, experience and theory, increases the amount of money in circulation. But it does not increase the amount of goods people can buy with it. The law of supply and demand tells that, under equal conditions, prices rise. This is another way of saying the central banks have “debased” the currency; money becomes less valuable. Losing purchasing power, as each unit buys less products or services.

The question arises: Where has the money and credit gone? Not into commodities, like gold and silver. These have been suppressed – manipulated – in a bear market. But, housing prices have rebounded going up by 200%, and tend to be going crazy. Stocks have gone up tremendously by 300%, trading at bubble levels. But the worst are the bond markets, with junk bonds in particular, trading at highly inflated prices, to keep interest rates down.

If the new created money goes into the system through the consumer channel, tax cuts, spending increases, giveaway programs, wars, etc. People can expect consumer prices to rise too. If it goes into the system via monetary policy, lower interest rates or QE, the result is more likely to be an increase in capital prices, like stocks, real estate and bonds. It is not a coincidence that the rich got so much richer in the last 12 years than at any other period in history. In effect, the Central Bank gave them the money.

The only real asset most people have is their time. By 2018, it took about twice as many hours of work for the average man to buy the average house or motor car as it had in the 1970s. The Central Banks’ inflation inflated the asset prices of the rich; it added not a second to the working man’s time. Nor did it increase the wealth of the economy.

Inflation is theft by your government

Inflation is just a trick, a deceit. Imagine if the government sent everyone a check for $1 million. Everyone would be rich, right? Of course not. Prices would rise. And soon everybody will be back where they started. But in between your check is opened and prices didn’t rise, you would feel being rich. And spend as though you were rich. Merchants and manufacturers would step up output to meet the new demand. So, it would seem like a real boom just for a short while.

This is the so-called “wealth effect” that governments are banking on. If higher stock prices make people feel richer, they’ll go out and spend! But a business can’t really make a profit by selling goods and services to people who can’t really afford them. And it wouldn’t be long before consumers, businesses and investors realised that they had overspent, overbuilt and over-extended themselves. Then, they’d have to cut back which is producing a bust that would be equal and opposite to the fake boom that preceded it.

Every boom that is based on inflation, rather than on real earnings, is doomed to fail. Because, as French economist Jean-Baptiste Say put it, you buy products with products, not with money. He meant that real wealth is the ability to provide goods and services to others. Which ultimately is a measure of time and productivity. Time cannot be increased. Only productivity can be improved. But it is a long, demanding process.

In other words; it doesn’t help to hand out pieces of paper with ink on them. Instead of stimulating growth and productivity, inflation does just the opposite. It distorts, disguises and censors the key price information that people need to make decisions.

The result is always negative; bubbles, crises, and lower growth rates. Smooth out the growth rates, by looking at the trailing 10-year average, of the last 20 years, and you see that they are barely half of those of the previous 20 years. Proving; It is inflating or die. Real GDP growth is declining. A recession is coming. And the only way the central banks can keep this inflationary expansion going is to inflate more.

The economy is balancing on the critical edge of destructive deflation and runaway inflation. Prices could quickly and unexpectedly fall or rise, one way or the other. The occurrence of relative price stability is a product of deflation and inflation acting at the same time. Far from price stability, it is actually an extremely unstable situation.

In the period from 2009 – 2018 we have experienced deflation because the world is in a depression, but governments cannot tolerate deflation, so they have to cause inflation. That’s why excessive money printing has been going on for so long. There is pressure from both sides, deflation against inflation – depression against money-printing – one pressure manifestation against the other. Deflation and inflation both fight on the edge of a knife. Eventually, one side wins, but the battle could go on for a long time before one side wears out the other side.

As, since 2008 the world is in a depression, which obviously is deflationary, debtors sell assets to raise cash and pay their debts. That pushes down asset prices. Falling asset prices, in turn, put other investors in distress, causing further asset sales. So, it goes on in a downward price spiral.

Printing money is logically inflationary. With more money chasing a given quantity of goods and services, the prices of those goods and services tend to rise. – If central banks stop causing inflation, deflation will quickly overwhelm the economy. If central banks don’t give up and keep printing money to stop deflation, they will eventually get more inflation than expected. When central banks print reserves far in excess of domestic savings, the result is inevitably inflation, followed by hyperinflation.

Central banks can monetise everything, leading to unprecedented asset bubbles which, though only for the time being, boosts investor and consumer confidence. However, they can’t print trade – that is the all important driver of growth in a globalised world, which arose long before central banks were set to monetise over $1 trillion in bonds each and every year to keep first interest rates too low, and secondly to mask the fact that the world is deep in debt, globally. They successfully destroy the currencies, by stealing from the people, and boosting the stock market, and not seeing significant inflation, they tell the public, to continuing to print more money to boost the economy. That is clearly a pertinent lie.

Is there a trace of hope for the better?

President Trump has accomplished what no other president could, or dared. During his Asian trip; he got the nations together in Asia. He solved the war in Syria and stabilised the Middle East in the process. He put an end to the war in Afghanistan. And, he met with all the global leaders who came to visit him. This reveals the high regard in which he is held by world leaders. The agreements reached and relationships built were incredible and unprecedented. He did a lot of good work for, not only Americans, but for all of Humanity.

Returning from this historic trip to Asia, he appears to have brokered a $250 billion dollar ‘Fair Trade’ deal with China. Take note that ‘Fair Trade’ can only be accomplished when goods, services, and products are valued properly based on what they are. The corresponding currency would have to reflect this value for trade to be fair. This implies it should be paid for with gold backed money! – He also spoke to his Nation describing the success of his trips, by starting with a statement that the “US is back!” or in a state of recovery.


President Trump, met with Putin, and Xi Jinxing off the record. President Jokowi, of Indonesia, was met as well, in his function and as the representative of the Soekarno M1 gold holdings in the collateral accounts. This means that the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of Japan, Bank of England, etc. must be taken out of Rothschild’s Khazarian control. They are not going to just hand over the keys, so at the end of the day, it will most likely require men with guns to do the job. That is why U.S., Chinese, and Russian military forces are humanity’s best hope.


Everyone is paying more for less

Inflation is nothing more than legalised swindle by your government; it stands at only two percent, at least that is what the manipulated Statistics say. But these numbers don’t portray the truth. The real rate is probably closer to 9%, maybe even higher. Who knows? All published inflation data are fabrications, as these numbers are made up to suit the government. Lower inflation numbers in statistics look better, and they don’t show the theft committed by governments.


For example, an inflation rate of 8% annually means that $100,000 in cash today would be worth only $46,319 in 10 years. That’s more than half its value evaporated into thin air. In 20 years, it would only be worth $21,455. In 30 years, it would be worth an abysmal $9,938. What can you do to protect yourself? – The only answer is to buy precious metals for any amount you have deposited in the bank and don’t immediately need.

Central Banks drastically expanded the money supply after the 2008 financial crisis. In simple terms, the continual climb in CPI statistics means everyone is paying more for less. An explanatory video has just been removed. The purchasing power of the major currencies fell officially by 2.93% in May compared to a year earlier, the fastest drop since November 2011.


Nonetheless, despite the reality of tens of trillions of dollars printed over the past ten years and grand scale monetisation by Central Banks in the U.S. Europe, UK, and Japan, most banks remain underfunded and would be insolvent if they had to administer true accounting practices


Two or 3 percent inflation may not sound like much, but increases of this magnitude really start to add up over time. In just five years, you’re looking at a 10% to 15% price increase – or more correctly a 10 to 15% loss in purchasing power, which signifies the debasement of your hard-earned money. The dirty little secret is that prices are going up even faster than the CPI indicates. Governments do all kinds of accounting tricks to manipulate the CPI numbers lower.


The People Economy

This destructive central bank policy has gone too far to stop the inevitable collapse of the financial system. But that does not mean that it is too late for individuals to protect themselves, with gold and silver. If we enter this final phase, there will be panic on the financial markets, with governments and central banks taking draconian measures. Here are some of the potential risks against which all people need to protect themselves.


The collapse of the currency leads to the destruction of capital. Capital controls will therefore be introduced which will make it impossible to take money out of a bank or the country. The necessary bailins for banks are going to steal your money in an attempt to bail out the financial system. Through forced investments, for example, through compulsory purchase of treasury certificates from your bank or through pension fund managers. In order to prevent the collapse risks, e.g. for shares and bonds, these are mortgaged by the bank, leaving people without a penny to spend. In the final phase, bank failures will break out everywhere, causing your investments to disappear if these banks fail.


This moment has been created by the Deep State, for the benefit of the International Monetary Fund – IMF that will be in charge of implementing the new central bank financial system, the so-called reset.


Everything around the IMF is intended to mislead people, starting with the name. The IMF is not really a ‘fund’ in the sense of a donation or joint investment funds; it functions as the central bank of the world, taking deposits, which are called ‘loans’, from countries around the world and granting loans to its members.


The IMF prints money like all central banks, but this world money has the opaque name of special drawing rights, called SDRs. Financial elites around the world use strange names for what they do so that people do not understand what it really is. The IMF can print these SDRs. But they are not spent on the people.


Ordinary people will not be able to use, touch or feel these SDRs. Even, they will not be able to spend them. SDRs are not money to be used in cash, it is exclusively made available electronically. The SDRs will be used to equalise the ‘balance-of-payments’ between countries, the price of oil and perhaps the annual accounts of the 100 largest DS-companies.


The consequences for savers and investors will be disastrous inflationary. The only difference is that current inflation will come from central banks, but in the future come from SDRs. That means that when people try to blame the central bankers, they will say it is not them; it is those people at the IMF. Go and blame them. Nobody knows where they are. So the SDR is just a way of bringing inflation through the back door in. The IMF is designed for the insiders to make it hard for outsiders to have any idea of what is going on.


Think about; the central banks have deliberately caused the current and all previous economic crises. Today’s economy is a central bank economy and not a people’s economy. This rotten DS-economy cannot be repaired, the new people’s economy is replacing it, free from intervention and manipulation by central bankers. In short, an economy controlled by the people themselves on the basis of supply and demand, a ‘fair trade economy’, as has been explained in detail in earlier articles on this site.


It is important to know that President Trump and the Patriots have full control of events; without even realising it, the central banks have been side-lined.


Readers can now hopefully imagine how dangerous this situation can be for all of us. This aspect, too, creates an urgency to have more awake people. As soon as 50% or more people are awake, the old central bank financial system will be dissolved and replaced by the QFS, based on the people’s economy. Then, with great urgency, the day of true unity for humanity can dawn. After that day, lasting peace will be guaranteed. With a money system under the control of the people without inflation and corruption.


That is when GESARA and the new QFS will be introduced, in order to save the world’s population from a major disaster. GESARA is the Global Economic Security and Reform Act. Not to be confused with the “Great Reset” of the Deep State’s New World Order.


The Global Currency Reset (GCR) makes all gold backed currencies worldwide the standard, while the ‘Great Reset’ was the NWO’s idea for the introduction of the One World Government, with full seizure of your personal freedom, to be made impossible by the introduction of GESARA.


Generations after us will honour this day with respect for human unity, and keep the peace on planet Earth. Many of us have prayed for this to happen. But now, we don’t have to wait long for it. If the swamp is drained, corrupt politicians and criminals will be dealt with properly and fairly.


If you found this information interesting, explanatory, valuable, and/or insightful, please share it with everyone you know to help awake and prepare them. And don’t forget to put up your national flag showing the world you are awake, and hopefully it motivates the silent awake majority to follow suit. The more flags out show the cabal is losing their grip of power over us. There is much more enlightening information to follow! For which you are invited to subscribe free of charge.


Unity is Power

Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created, such as in the Marbella / Malaga area, which attracts an increasing number of participants in just a few months of existence, the group has grown to more than 340 members. If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group, please contact FWC via email.


Meetings and lectures in English are regularly organised. Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.

Stay tuned there is more to come…


Source: http://finalwakeupcall.info

Israel Lobby’s Latest Way to Extort Money from US Taxpayers

Cumulative US Foreign Assistance to Israel 1949-2020: $295 billion. This doesn’t include additional aid to Israel for intelligence support and other covert funding. Data from Congressional Research Service adjusted for inflation. (Source)

By Grant F. Smith,

New bill would give Israel a veto over US arms sales… Cumulative US aid to Israel is three times the amount the US spent to rebuild Europe after WWII under the Marshall Plan… an Israel lobby group proposes that the US explode its already ballooning deficit even further by advancing cash to Israel under a new “Deferred Payment Plan”… 

Israel is the leading state sponsor of nuclear proliferation… a 1994 paper speculated that Israel’s nuclear weapons might drive regional rivals to develop their own nukes to balance Israel’s nuclear arsenal… The Israeli study also admitted that US silence on Israel’s nuclear weapons was “at odds with articulated US positions on nuclear nonproliferation…”

The United Arab Emirates bid to purchase F-35 multirole stealth aircraft caused a firestorm among Israel lobby operatives, pundits, and congressional fellow travelers. They say the US has an obligation to maintain Israel’s “Qualitative Military Edge” (QME) if not Israel’s “Qualitative AND Quantitative Military Edge.”

QME is a doctrine that US war planners originally conceived to assess and counter the Warsaw Pact’s numerical troop advantage over US and allied forces stationed in Europe. The US was thought to need a qualitative advantage in military systems in order to counter the imbalance.

Israel began insisting on QME for itself during the tumultuous debate surrounding the Reagan administration’s sale of advance airborne radar systems (AWACs) to Saudi Arabia. Israel argued to protect its QME any such sale required additional and more advanced arms for Israel.

Today, as the US offers additional advanced weapons to regimes successfully coerced to establish ties with Israel [see this], someday those countries could stop obeying US marching orders and respond to popular demands for change, like Egypt during the Arab Spring.That is a problem, according to pro-Israel thinkers.

Bill would give Israel veto over US arms sales

Their latest solution for maintaining Israeli QME, therefore, involves giving Israel veto power over such US arms sales. The legislative solution introduced by Representative Brad Schneider (D-IL) and supported by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is the “Guaranteeing Israel’s QME Act of 2020.”

The bill proposes amending the Arms Export Control Act by requiring the president to consult with the Israeli government before proceeding with any such sales. The president would then have to submit a report card to Congress on the degree to which Israel’s “Qualitative Military Edge” might be impacted.

The AECA was already amended in 2008 and 2012 to require certifications that any sales would not “adversely affect” Israel’s military edge. But it is ironic that the Schneider bill employs the Arms Export Control Act and presidential certifications as vehicles for inserting Israeli oversight into the US decision chain.

After Israel’s illegal 1960s diversion of US weapons-grade uranium from the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) in Pennsylvania, Senators Symington and Glenn passed mid-1970s amendments to the Foreign Assistance Act.

They banned US economic and military assistance, export credits, and US support to countries that deliver or receive, acquire or transfer nuclear enrichment technology when such countries do not comply with International Atomic Energy Agency regulations and inspections.

Israel leading state sponsor of nuclear proliferation

Since then, Israel has continued to be the Middle East’s leading state sponsor of nuclear proliferation due to its incessant top-to-bottom illicit trafficking in nuclear weapons-related materials, know-how, and technology from the US. Israel proliferated to regimes such as apartheid South Africa.

Symington & Glenn now reside in the Arms Export Control Act and require the president to notify Congress of any proposed US foreign aid to a known rogue nuclear state.

Clinton, Bush, Obama & Trump secretly said they would violate law

Rather than comply with the law, the last four Presidents instead caved into Israeli and its US lobby’s pressure not to uphold that particular section of the AECA.

Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump instead executed secret letters promising not to do so as reported by Adam Entous in The New Yorker. The National Archives refuses to release two of these letters.

After a successful lawsuit was filed in 2011 to release damning US government information about Israel’s nuclear weapons production facilities, President Barack Obama even passed a 2012 gag order called WNP-136 forbidding any further releases. That has limited any informed debate about Israel, nonproliferation, and related policies such as QME.

Other legislation promoted by AIPAC, such as sections within S.2583, now mandate that the US withhold IAEA funding if the leading state sponsor of Middle East nuclear proliferation is ever “denied its right to participate in the Agency.”

$295 billion to Israel, and more to come…

Publicly known cumulative US foreign assistance (excluding intelligence support and other covert funding) to Israel is on track to reach $295 billion in 2020. That is three times the amount spent to rebuild Europe after WWII under the Marshall Plan.

Some $253 billion (86%) has been delivered since Symington and Glenn became law, while $116 billion has been delivered after presidents Clinton through Trump signed secret letters promising to subvert the AECA.

Analytical output from pro-Israel think tanks such as the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) [info on FDD here] outline even additional solutions beyond the Schneider bill – by showering more “free” US weapons on Israel and more US taxpayer money for Israel to purchase Israeli weapons systems.

The US should also further explode its already ballooning deficit by advancing cash to Israel under a new “Deferred Payment Plan” for Israel to tap future “allocations” from the current $38 billion MOU and even “future MOU’s,” says FDD.

US loss of legitimacy because of Israel

Things were not always this upside down.

A quarter-century ago serious analysis about the so-called “QME” centered on the core issue of deterrence necessarily factored in Israel’s nuclear weapons. The 1994 Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies paper “Israel’s Deterrence Strategy Revisited” performed an analysis of the impact Israel’s undeclared nuclear arsenal had on deterrence.

It even speculated that Israel’s nuclear weapons might drive regional rivals to develop their own nukes or seek long-range missiles with chemical weapons to “balance” Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

The study also admitted that US silence on Israel’s nuclear weapons was “at odds with articulated US positions on nuclear nonproliferation.” This last point is poignant. For a long time, the US has had little legitimacy in global nonproliferation circles largely because of Israel.

Lobby scam to fund billions more to Israel

Today “QME” has become just another Israel lobby scam for extorting American taxpayers.

It requires Americans to fund billions in freebies to Israel for every US sale of advanced weapons systems to wealthy autocratic regimes in the Middle East. It is preconditioned on undermining nuclear non-proliferation.

Americans would be much better served by the cancellation of all US arms sales to the region including the Israel giveaways, enforcing Symington and Glenn, and restarting long-dormant direct US diplomatic engagement with regional bogeymen such as Iran and Syria. A serious conversation about the Middle East nuclear proliferation – and Israel’s central role – is similarly long overdue.

Grant F. Smith is the director of theInstitute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington which is co-organizer of 2021 Transcending the Israel Lobby at Home and Abroad conference at the National Press Club and 2020 IsraelLobbyConEXTRA!


* Addendum on Brad Schneider

Schneider is a life long Israel advocate. He has lived in Israel and prides himself on using his position in Congress to advocate for the Jewish State.

Interview on i24 News, Israeli TV station, October 13, 2020.

On July 28, 2014 he spoke at the “Stand Strong With Israel Rally” in Washington D.C. during Israel’s July-August attack on Gaza. Israeli forces killed 2200 Palestinians –1,500 of them civilians, including 500 children, 16 health care workers, and 9 journalists. 72 Israelis were killed, and 550 Israelis were injured, 16% of them civilians. 116,000 Gazan homes were damaged or destroyed, leaving over 100,000 people homeless; 216 Gazan schools, 67 Gazan health care facilities were damaged or destroyed. Of the 11,000 Gazans injured, 3,300 were children; 1,000 of them are permanently disabled. More than 1,500 Palestinian children were orphaned.

A total of 30 Israelis have been killed by rockets in the entire time they’ve been launched.

A Palestinian family carries their belongings towards the remains of their destroyed home in Gaza, August 2014. (FINBARR O’REILLY/REUTERS)

Below is Sherman’s July 28, 2014 speech:

Source:  Antiwar.com

We Haven’t Seen This Much Suffering On Thanksgiving Since The Great Depression Of The 1930s

By Michael Snyder,

In my entire lifetime, there has never been a Thanksgiving like this.  39 million Americans don’t have enough to eat right now, more than 70 million claims for unemployment benefits have been filed so far during this calendar year, and people are waiting in line for hours at food banks all over the nation just for some Thanksgiving handouts.  If you and your family have plenty of turkey to eat, you should be very thankful, because many Americans can no longer even take Thanksgiving dinner for granted these days.  On Tuesday, vehicles were lined up for hours in New Jersey as people waited to receive prepackaged Thanksgiving meals at a local food bank…

Video obtained by CNN on Tuesday from the Meadowlands entertainment complex in New Jersey showed residents waiting for several hours to obtain prepackaged boxes of meals for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“If it wasn’t for this place, we wouldn’t know where we would get our food,” one distraught woman told CNN of the food bank in East Rutherford, N.J.

Of course we have been seeing similar wait times all over the nation.  At one food bank in Texas, demand for Thanksgiving meals was more than eight times higher than normal

Food bank officials in Dallas, Texas, have also noticed a staggering increase in demand for food assistance. North Texas Food Bank representatives told the Dallas Morning News that they handed out roughly 8,500 meals to local families during a giveaway on Saturday that in years past has seen fewer than 1,000 show up for donations.

You can see a stunning photograph of vehicles lined up for that food distribution event right here.

There are a lot of really nice vehicles in that picture.  Many of those individuals are probably accustomed to living comfortable middle class lifestyles, but just like I warned in my new book they are “suddenly” in need of food because this economic downturn has turned their worlds completely upside down.

Yes, there have always been hungry people in America, but what we are witnessing now is hard to fathom.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 12 percent of all Americans did not have enough food to eat between October 28th and November 9th…

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge, more Americans are reporting going hungry, a Washington Post analysis found.

In data collected by the Census Bureau between Oct. 28 and Nov. 9, around 12 percent of all American adults reported not having enough food to eat, a figure higher than at any other point since the pandemic began earlier this year.

It is estimated that the current population of the United States is 328 million.

If you take 12 percent of 328 million, you get more than 39 million Americans that are going hungry right now.

And this is just the beginning.  Thanks to the new lockdowns that are being instituted all over the country, the number of Americans that are filing for unemployment benefits is starting to rise again

The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits rose last week to 778,000, evidence that the U.S. economy and job market remain under strain as coronavirus cases surge and colder weather heighten the risks.

The Labor Department’s report Wednesday said jobless claims climbed from 748,000 the week before. Before the virus struck hard in mid-March, weekly claims typically amounted to roughly 225,000.

Overall, more than 70 million new claims for unemployment benefits have been filed in 2020.

As I discussed yesterday, we have never seen anything like this before in all of U.S. history.

At this point, even Hollywood is conducting mass layoffs.  More job loss announcements just keep rolling in with each passing day, and I expect that to continue all throughout the very dark winter ahead.

Other economic numbers also tell us that the U.S. economy is definitely heading in the wrong direction

The data firm Womply says that 21% of small businesses were shuttered at the start of this month, reflecting a steady increase from June’s 16% rate. Consumer spending at local businesses is down 27% this month from a year ago, marking a deterioration from a 20% year-over-year drop in October, Womply found.

If you think that anyone is going to be able to wave a magic wand and fix this mess, you are just being delusional.

There are millions upon millions of Americans that have already been pushed to the breaking point by this pandemic.  One of those individuals is a 38-year-old California resident named Andrew Lee

“I’ve exhausted all of my unemployment benefits. I’ve had to resort to food stamps and [California’s Medicaid program] for the first time in my life. I’m backdated on my rent and my credit has been ruined,” said 38-year-old Andrew Lee, who lives in a suburb of Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

Lee lost his job as a business development director several months before the pandemic. But once it hit, it became that much harder to find work. And he didn’t initially qualify for any pandemic-related unemployment benefits.

His car has been repossessed and his wife’s car has also been repossessed.

So even if they could find jobs, how are they supposed to get to work?

Lee is just like so many other hurting Americans.  First he ran through all of his savings, and then he started relying on his credit cards.

Now that his unemployment benefits have been exhausted, he is out of options, and his family is a step or two from becoming homeless.

In the months ahead, tens of millions of others will find themselves facing similar scenarios.

This is what an economic collapse looks like.  The United States hasn’t had to face anything like this since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and what we have experienced so far is just the start.

In 2019, I received quite a bit of criticism because the economy was relatively stable and to many people it seemed like an “economic collapse” was not even remotely a possibility.

But now an economic collapse has officially arrived, and all of the things that I have been warning about are starting to happen one right after the other.

The “perfect storm” is upon us, and most Americans still do not understand the horrors that lie ahead.


Source: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com

Benjamin Fulford 11/23/20 Report: Arrest of Cabal Agent in Japan will be a Game-changer

While the U.S. remains locked in a power struggle, a game-changing opportunity is presenting itself in Japan.  On Thursday, November 26th Doctor Ryuichi Morishita will be publicly promoting a vaccine that alters human DNA to cure the provably non-existent “Covid 19” virus.  Morishita reports to senior Khazarian Mafia agent and former Goldman Sachs employee David Atkinson.  Atkinson seems to think he runs Japan on behalf of his Rockefeller and Rothschild masters.

We will be calling the U.S. military at the Yokota Air Base and the Yokosuka Naval Base to ask for military police to be deployed to arrest this man.  We urge readers to do the same.  The number for Yokota is 0425-53-6611 for local calls and 81-425-53-6611 for international calls.  The corresponding numbers for Yokosuka are 0468-16-1110 or 81-468-16-1110.

Ask to speak to a base public affairs representative and inform him or her that a war criminal, who is part of a genocidal plot, will be appearing at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan at 3:00 PM, Japan Standard Time on November 26th.  When you call the base, tell them to go up their chain of command until they reach someone at the Joint Chiefs of Staff who can check the facts and verify that yes indeed, an attempted genocide is under-way and that arresting Morishita will help to find the leaders of this genocidal plot.  A true fact-based legal investigation will of course be required subsequent to his arrest.

This is all provable information.  A trip to any real hospital will reveal the coronavirus is a giant fraud.  For those who still don’t get it, here you can see Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Adviser for Pfizer acknowledging that “we are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six people in a meeting…all based on, what may well be, completely fake data on this coronavirus.”https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/pandemic-over-former-pfizer-chief-science-officer-says-second-wave-faked-false-positive

For additional confirmation listen to top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson explain reality to government officials in Alberta, Canada in a brilliant 5-minute summary  https://www.bitchute.com/video/hWPjDdXOWkOo/  of why we should not be tested or vaccinated and how the whole thing is a scam. https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/top-pathologist-claims-covid-19-greatest-hoax-ever-perpetrated-unsuspecting-public

So why are they trying to vaccinate us all for something even the CDC publicly admits they cannot prove exists?

If that fails to convince the U.S. military to take action, then they should listen to the testimony of the Red Dragon Family Ambassador, who reports to the people who really control communist China.

The Ambassador, in a one-hour talk with me and the staff of the Goldfish report, was asked why China stopped exporting all items to the U.S. in February and then resumed again in August.  He said they were offered payment by the cabal in real estate, including Australia and New Zealand. https://rumble.com/vbbjln-the-goldfish-report-no.-609-geopolitics-w-the-red-and-white-dragons.html?mref=7vwkz&mc=86oah.

We have also re-confirmed with the Asian secret societies that China was offered a United States of China, including Korea and Japan, in exchange for supporting a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidency.

In other words, arresting Morishita and his bosses Heizo Takenaka plus David Atkinson is necessary for the security of U.S. forces in Japan and Korea, not to mention Australia and New Zealand.  Failure to act on this provable, actionable intelligence will lead to court-martial and possible criminal charges.

Now, let us look at what is happening elsewhere in the world.

The U.S. remains deadlocked in a bitter power struggle.  Since the details of this struggle have been reported elsewhere, we will not go into them here.  However, we would like to inform U.S. patriots that Japanese military intelligence estimates the Khazarian Mafia has…


about 1 million members in the U.S.  Their leadership is concentrated at the top management levels of the Fortune 500 companies.  Many of their henchmen meet at Synagogues of Satan disguised as Jewish places of worship.  Concentrate on the people who are on the boards of multiple multi-national corporations in order to decapitate their leadership and cut off their money.

The move to cut off the Khazarian Mafia’s funding worldwide is proceeding smoothly.  As we previously reported, they have already lost control of the SWIFT international inter-bank payments system.  They are also now being deprived of their ability to launder money through stock markets.  This is being reported in the news as “glitches” that are shutting down stock markets in Europe, the far East, and now Australia. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/first-europe-then-japan-now-australia-hit-unprecedented-full-day-trading-halt-due-software


There is also a fight by Russian, Turkish, and other forces to prevent the Khazarian Mafia from stealing oil revenue in the Middle East. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/11/17/secret-war-massive-secret-us-force-building-isis-in-syria-and-iraq-as-largescale-fighting-breaks-out/

Russian FSB sources say Turkey and Russia have reached some kind of deal.  According to this source, the entire so-called war between Armenia and Azerbaijan supposedly pitting Muslims backed by Turkey against Christians backed by Russia was simply an event staged “to promote a giant arms bazaar.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hints at this in a comment reported on Russia’s official Tass News Agency.  https://tass.com/politics/1226403

Clearly these nations are cooperating to fill a vacuum being left in the region as the U.S. winds down its operations in the region.  In the latest, Washington has announced the drawdown of troops to 2,500 in Afghanistan and 2,500 in Iraq by Jan. 15th of next year.

While some details of the Russian/Turkish deal remain obscure, our FSB sources say Russia is moving to provide security to African nations.  The article below indicates some sort of Russian-Turkish split of African spheres of influence at the expense of France, the traditional top Western power in Africa.  https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/11/20/macron-accuses-russia-turkey-of-promoting-anti-french-sentiment-in-africa-a72107

Speaking about France, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is now facing a public trial related to various crimes.  He was one of the original plotters of the Nazi coup d’etat of 9.11.  He also ran France from 2007 to 2012 and knows where a lot of the bodies are buried.  Sarkozy was also deeply involved in the international narcotics business. https://news.trust.org/item/20201122220422-7wpxy

On that front, we note that Mexico has begun taking decisive action against CIA led drug dealing there.  Their government threatened to expel all U.S. agents from the country unless they released a Mexican general who was about to face trial in the U.S.  They made it clear that only Mexico had the right to prosecute people who commit crimes in Mexico.  The country is also moving to legalize drugs in order to deprive the underworld of funds.  This, of course, includes a large part of the U.S. underworld, notably the former Bush crime syndicate in Texas. https://apnews.com/article/marcelo-ebrard-mexico-trials-latin-america-united-states-c9e3711e312fea2978827253b445ce62



The crackdown on drug networks is also starting to shed new light on the use of submarines by transnational criminals.  The Nazis and Japanese militarists who went underground at the end of World War II used submarines to smuggle weapons and drugs to help rebuild their forces in the post-war era.  This rebuild culminated in the September 11, 2001, Nazi coup d’etat in the United States.

The submarines were also used to stage the March 11, 2011 attack on Fukushima, Japan.  Also, submarines controlled by the Nazi faction of the Khazarian Mafia were used in multiple attempts in recent years to try to start World War III.  A most notable example of this was when a rogue Israeli submarine fired a nuclear missile at Hawaii in 2018 in an attempt to start WWIII by blaming the attack on North Korea.  The missile was intercepted by U.S. forces and the submarine in question was sunk, Pentagon sources reported at the time.

Hopefully, the public will soon be informed of this, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:

“Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced on Sunday that he has established a governmental commission of inquiry into Israel’s procurement of submarines and other naval vessels in the so-called ‘submarine affair.’” https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-gantz-announces-he-will-establish-inquiry-committee-into-submarine-affair-1.9322799

The public is starting to wake up anyway.  Here for example are some tweets from Glenn Greenwald, a mainstream corporate journalist who is going through a similar mental process to the one I went through after I left Forbes Magazine:

“CNN and NBC and others now employ little hall monitor dweebs whose only purpose is to pressure other platforms to censor or block the voices that are most threatening to them.  It’s not journalism: it’s quashing of dissent.  That’s their function: it’s vital to see NBC News is a huge corporate conglomerate that has always existed to disseminate U.S. Government, CIA and corporate propaganda.”

When NBC propagandist Ben Collins tried to chastise him, Greenwald replied:

“Does your employment there ever make you think that your self-conception as a brave, intrepid journalist confronting corrupt power centers might be a fraud?” — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) November 16, 2020


It difficult for many of these corporate propagandists to take a principled stand like Mr. Greenwald, because they know they will probably end up like these people in Texas lining up in their cars for food. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/largest-distribution-ever-thousands-cars-lined-texas-food-bank

In any case, it is not just corporate journalists who are waking up.  Last week, Lin Wood, attorney for Donald Trump, said:

“This country is going to be shocked to find out the truth about who’s been occupying the Oval Office for some period of years.  They’re going to be shocked at the level of pedophilia.  They are going to be shocked at what I believe is going to be a revelation in terms of people who are engaged in satanic worship.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otKrPgriFIk&feature=emb_logo

Also, while we do not want to reveal operational details while the battle is still raging, we can say that a major re-alignment is taking place at the top levels of Western secret societies.  These involve such groups as the Scottish Rite Freemasons, the Russian secret societies, the Illuminati, the Knights of Malta, the P3 Freemasons, etc.  What we can say is that the White Hats are winning decisively and this will be very good news for the people and living creatures of this planet.

However, in a sign the battle is not over, the Davos Economic Forum, the people behind Fukushima, etc. are trying to seize funds meant for saving the planet while pretending to put on a nice face by saying:

“We must build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems…Rather than using these funds, as well as investments from private entities and pension funds, to fill cracks in the old system, we should use them to create a new one that is more resilient, equitable, and sustainable in the long run.”

It sounds good until you realize they are also calling for using the “COVID-19 crisis” to push “diagnostics, therapeutics, and possible vaccines; establish testing centers; create mechanisms for tracing infections, and deliver telemedicine.” Since COVID is fictional, this appears to be an excuse for hi-tech totalitarianism. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/now-is-the-time-for-a-great-reset/

In conclusion this week, we must not lose sight of what makes us human and remember far more important goals are to live long, healthy lives and turn this planet into a paradise for all living creatures.  We are seeing positive developments examining how natural processes can heal illness and reverse biological aging in humans. https://www.yahoo.com/news/human-ageing-process-biologically-reversed-153921785.html


Source: https://benjaminfulford.net/