Golden Age of Gaia 1-6-20… “Thanks From Australia”

Thought a few might enjoy this. I’m not keeping up too closely with this, but GAoG posted this article. Remember, too, that each of us are undergoing some types of “internal fires”, perhaps burning up old, unneeded things (paradigms) in our consciousness.


Thanks From Australia

It’s only right to share the warm appreciation coming through for all the compassionate Prayer Warriors doing the Cosmic Rain Dance for our friends in Oz…

We want to thank you for doing this.

I woke to rain today, for the first time in a long time. Soft, gentle, ground-soaking rain. Some rain is also forecast for an area of my state that is suffering from severe fires.

We are very grateful for you posting this and organising it.

Knowing how many animals have experienced unimaginable suffering is very distressing. There are limits to the practical assistance people can offer, especially when they’re not allowed in to help wildlife.

Having rain fall on the fires is a wonderful outcome.


Thanks for putting out that call for prayer! Here’s what I just sent to my network, based on info from yours. Please let me know what kind of responses you receive to your alert. I think a powerful miracle just might be on the way to happening, especially if we spread all the good news we can right now.

Dear Friends, Good News!

“While the wind change will initially bring dangerous fire weather, it will bring a rapid temperature drop and lead into a cool Sunday and Monday…. In addition, a rainband looks to pass over VIC and NSW from Sunday, providing most places with a few millimeters of welcome rain over the next few days. ” — Southerly Buster Roars up the East Coast

A bit of rain fell on the south coast on Saturday. Here’s a source to check weather there:

Look for updates at this Australian site with the same place/time schedule as Cornflower used.

More details from Farmonlineweather

Showers and storms for NSW’s ranges early next week

14:16 AEDT A low pressure trough will draw moist air from the Tasman Sea over eastern parts of New South Wales over the next few days.
· 13:20 AEDT Tropical Cyclone a high chance of developing
· 11:59 AEDT Cold front brings showers and rain to southwest WA
· 11:40 AEDT Southerly Buster Roars up the East Coast
· 20:48 AEDT Tropical cyclone risk increasing for WA

Our friend in Milano sent a weather forecast for today along the south coast.

Let’s be sure to give thanks to all the thousands of people all around the world who are praying with us to restore the balance in Australia.