A Fat Molecule Unique to Avocados Can Help Lower Diabetes Risk by Addressing Insulin Resistance

(Natural News) Avocados are a powerful superfood that confers a host of health benefits. They help lower cholesterol levels, improve nutrient absorption and promote weight loss. Studies also show that avocados can help prevent cancer and relieve osteoarthritis symptoms. However, the compounds in avocados responsible for these health benefits are still unidentified.

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Panic And Shoplifting Sweep Across America As Fears Of An Economic Collapse Continue To Rise


Today, the lives of millions of Americans is about to be greatly shaken, as the federal benefits that were helping several families to stay afloat during this period of economic collapse are scheduled to expire, and no one really knows if the new stimulus package is going to come into force as soon as expected.

It’s no news that this year’s economic meltdown led a large chunk of our population to unemployment, and consequently, to fall into poverty and face housing and food insecurity, but as of tomorrow, these households will officially lose their safety net, and we can’t tell for sure they will be able to qualify for the next round of benefits while we head towards a very dark winter.

If this isn’t the saddest Christmas the U.S. has ever had, we wonder how much worse things could get, because at this point, the situation has become so dire it is just heartbreaking to watch our citizens and our country go down this tortuous path.

Panic and Desperation has been taking over the nation. Amid the worst hunger crisis this country has ever recorded in modern times, and the reduction of programs like SNAP and WIC as well as miles-long waiting lines in food banks, numerous people already started stealing food to survive.

Authorities, retailers, and loss prevention researchers are reporting a surge in shoplifting, but differently from other recessions, the items taken aren’t highly-priced merchandise, but everyday staples such as hygiene products and dried food, signaling the extent of the misery and anguish many in our society are currently suffering with. That’s the ominous sign of the times we expose in this video.

When the economic collapse becomes so intense people start panicking and stealing to survive, there we can see how authorities completely failed our country. The reckless response to the repercussions of the sanitary outbreak in the economy has destroyed our businesses, our jobs, and our finances.

As unemployment benefits and the extension of several food assistance programs lapse this Christmas, and we have no confirmation whether the new round of stimulus will be issued right away, many will be left without viable alternatives to find enough to eat, especially considering food pantries across the country have been increasingly overwhelmed by the unprecedented demand.

Since the institution of new lockdown orders, several publishings have been addressing the growing rates of shoplifting throughout the U.S. Most notably, the Washington Post has recently described the dramatic situation of a great number of Americans that have been secretly hiding essential products in their bags during their trips to grocery stores.

The article also covers business owners’ dilemma in face of the public’s mounting struggle to afford food, and just as worryingly, to provide enough for their children. That’s what Capitol Supermarket manager Joo Park explained in the article.

Theft rates have more than doubled at his store, and Park usually tends to avoid calling officers, choosing instead to ban offenders from coming back. “It’s become much harder during the [health crisis],” he points out. “People will say, ‘I was just hungry.’ And then what do you do?” the manager exclaimed.

Stores located in low-income areas, such as Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, have oftentimes seen increasing instances of theft during the past year. And with over 26 million adults, or approximately 1 in 8 Americans, already dealing with food insecurity, if the economic context doesn’t show any improvements nor reinserts its workers into the labor market soon enough, the situation might spiral out of control fairly quickly.

According to local law enforcement agencies, in states like Philadelphia, shoplifting has climbed roughly 60 percent this year.

This is the clearest picture of the great American tragedy. In the world’s richest country – a nation that once made us proud of its achievements – our citizens are now being forced to steal when they shouldn’t have to. Federal safety nets have proven to be ineffective when our people don’t have real conditions to restructure their lives.

The more they distract us with petty stimulus proposals while continue to let our businesses and our economy struggle, the more our suffering will linger. The United States is doomed to a dreadful fate in the hands of such deceitful leaders and this economic collapse is only the tip of the iceberg.

Source: https://www.investmentwatchblog.com

Vitamin D to the Rescue Again

From arlenejohnson.livejournal.com, as suggested reading from one of our subscribers.  Good information on the CV19.

My dear friends around the world,

This is from my dear friend Susanne who is a holistic therapist
in North Yorkshire, England. This landed in my Spam folder.
Thank God I saw it.

I’m incredibly excited to announce the results of a new
“vaccine” study.
Unlike Pfizer’s recent announcement, this one is actually
solid, statistically significant data that has already been
published in a medical journal and peer-reviewed.
Get ready for it… This is mind-blowing stuff. (And make
sure to read all the way to the end).
First, here’s what the prestigious, top-tier medical journal,
the British Medical Journal said about the results of this study:
“Although this was a small trial, the intensive care unit (ICU)
results are so dramatic that they are statistically highly

Researchers randomly assigned 76 people with moderate to severe
C19 into the vaccine group (50 patients) or no-vaccine (26 patients)
group on the day they entered the hospital.
* NO VACCINE GROUP: 13 out of 26 patients (50%) were admitted
to intensive care unit (ICU), and two died in the end.
* VACCINE GROUP: Only 1 person out of 50 (just 2%!) required
ICU admission, and NOT ONE PERSON died!
This means that the vaccine led to a mind-blowing 93% reduction
in odds of ICU admission!
Amazing, right?
This vaccine could save untold hundreds of thousands or millions
of lives! It’s a huge breakthrough!
Here’s the best part… It wasn’t actually a vaccine that was
given in this study! …
It was actually VITAMIN D!
(So in my description of the study above, just replace my words
“vaccine” with “vitamin D” and you have the real study.) ?
Yes, really. This a real study — it was just published. See
Now, why did I present this information this way? Why did I
portray it as a “vaccine” instead of telling you it was vitamin D?
To make this one important point: Can you imagine the publicity
that this study would be getting right now if these SAME exact
results were on a vaccine instead of vitamin D?
We would be seeing MASSIVE publicity all over the world. It would
be hailed as an amazing breakthrough and the media would be talking
about its potential to save hundreds of thousands, if not millions
of lives.
But the same thing for vitamin D??? We have crickets in the media
and from public health authorities.
Isn’t that an interesting phenomenon to think deeply about?
Why aren’t the public health authorities and media talking
about this? (Please think about the whys behind this phenomenon).
Please be aware… no matter what you hear in the media, you DO
have options to minimize your risks. You do have power to do more
than simply wait for a vaccine.
You do have the ability to take charge of your health, improve your
metabolic health and dramatically reduce your risks. (We know that
metabolic health is by far, the best predictor of risk, next to
old age. And we now know that vitamin D status is one of the other
critical players in predicting risk of severe C19).
Just thought I’d share this little update on this new research and
hopefully give you some optimism, motivation and a reason to smile. ?
P.S. More research on the power of vitamin D coming to you soon!

Link to the study: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960076020302764?via%3Dihub#bib0100

Fat-soluble vitamins: What are the best dietary sources of vitamins A, D, E and K?

(Ramon Tomey) Vitamins are nutrients found in food that help the body function effectively. Two types of vitamins exist: Water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins B and C, dissolve in water, while fat-soluble ones dissolve in fat. Fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E and K, are best absorbed by the body when eaten with foods containing high amounts of fat.

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Restaurant Industry Warns Of “Economic Free Fall” As 110,000 Eateries And Counting Are Permanently Shuttered

By Tyler Durden,

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) sent a damning letter to Congress today (Dec. 7) addressing the collapse of more than one hundred thousand restaurants across the country this year because of the virus pandemic. In just the last three months, the letter said more than 10,000 eateries have closed, and thousands of others are in “economic freefall.”

The letter goes into detail about the association’s most recent nationwide survey, which determines that most restaurants are still experiencing a plunge in sales revenue. Many operators believe more furloughs or layoffs are imminent. As we noted last week, the layoffs have already begun.

“What these findings make clear is that more than 500,000 restaurants of every business type— franchise, chain, and independent—are in an unprecedented economic decline. And for every month that passes without a solution from Congress, thousands of more restaurants across the country will close their doors for good,” Sean Kennedy, executive vice president of public affairs at the association, said in a letter to Congress.

According to the association’s survey,

  • 87% of full-service restaurants (independent, chain, and franchise) report an average 36% drop in sales revenue. For an industry with an average profit margin of 5%-6%, this is simply unsustainable83% of full-service operators expect sales to be even worse over the next three months.
  • Although sales are significantly lower for most independent and franchise owners, their costs have not fallen by a proportional level. 59% of operators say their total labor costs (as a percentage of sales) are higher than they were pre-pandemic. 
  • The future remains bleak. 58% of chain and independent full-service operators expect continued furloughs and layoffs for at least the next three months.

The tsunami of restaurant closures and bankruptcies will continue to rise through 2021 – leading to deep economic scarring and permanent job loss. The association predicts “as of today, 17% of restaurants—more than 110,000 establishments—are completely closed.”

The findings come as the industry continues to deal with the devastating impact of the virus pandemic. State and local governments are imposing strict indoor limitations on restaurants or even, in some cases, banning indoor dining.

It’s not just the virus and draconian public health measures from governments that restaurant operators have to deal with – they also have to contend with Mother Nature. As we’ve previously noted, citing a Goldman Sachs report, foot traffic to restaurants will start to plunge when the outside temperature drops below 45°F.

The National Restaurant Association hopes that the letter will pressure Congress to act and provide aid to restaurants once the new stimulus package is approved to help them survive under circumstances that are being forced upon them by policymakers who seem to be ignoring the science, and following the politics.


Source: Zero Hedge

Image: Pixabay

We Haven’t Seen This Much Suffering On Thanksgiving Since The Great Depression Of The 1930s

By Michael Snyder,

In my entire lifetime, there has never been a Thanksgiving like this.  39 million Americans don’t have enough to eat right now, more than 70 million claims for unemployment benefits have been filed so far during this calendar year, and people are waiting in line for hours at food banks all over the nation just for some Thanksgiving handouts.  If you and your family have plenty of turkey to eat, you should be very thankful, because many Americans can no longer even take Thanksgiving dinner for granted these days.  On Tuesday, vehicles were lined up for hours in New Jersey as people waited to receive prepackaged Thanksgiving meals at a local food bank…

Video obtained by CNN on Tuesday from the Meadowlands entertainment complex in New Jersey showed residents waiting for several hours to obtain prepackaged boxes of meals for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“If it wasn’t for this place, we wouldn’t know where we would get our food,” one distraught woman told CNN of the food bank in East Rutherford, N.J.

Of course we have been seeing similar wait times all over the nation.  At one food bank in Texas, demand for Thanksgiving meals was more than eight times higher than normal

Food bank officials in Dallas, Texas, have also noticed a staggering increase in demand for food assistance. North Texas Food Bank representatives told the Dallas Morning News that they handed out roughly 8,500 meals to local families during a giveaway on Saturday that in years past has seen fewer than 1,000 show up for donations.

You can see a stunning photograph of vehicles lined up for that food distribution event right here.

There are a lot of really nice vehicles in that picture.  Many of those individuals are probably accustomed to living comfortable middle class lifestyles, but just like I warned in my new book they are “suddenly” in need of food because this economic downturn has turned their worlds completely upside down.

Yes, there have always been hungry people in America, but what we are witnessing now is hard to fathom.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 12 percent of all Americans did not have enough food to eat between October 28th and November 9th…

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge, more Americans are reporting going hungry, a Washington Post analysis found.

In data collected by the Census Bureau between Oct. 28 and Nov. 9, around 12 percent of all American adults reported not having enough food to eat, a figure higher than at any other point since the pandemic began earlier this year.

It is estimated that the current population of the United States is 328 million.

If you take 12 percent of 328 million, you get more than 39 million Americans that are going hungry right now.

And this is just the beginning.  Thanks to the new lockdowns that are being instituted all over the country, the number of Americans that are filing for unemployment benefits is starting to rise again

The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits rose last week to 778,000, evidence that the U.S. economy and job market remain under strain as coronavirus cases surge and colder weather heighten the risks.

The Labor Department’s report Wednesday said jobless claims climbed from 748,000 the week before. Before the virus struck hard in mid-March, weekly claims typically amounted to roughly 225,000.

Overall, more than 70 million new claims for unemployment benefits have been filed in 2020.

As I discussed yesterday, we have never seen anything like this before in all of U.S. history.

At this point, even Hollywood is conducting mass layoffs.  More job loss announcements just keep rolling in with each passing day, and I expect that to continue all throughout the very dark winter ahead.

Other economic numbers also tell us that the U.S. economy is definitely heading in the wrong direction

The data firm Womply says that 21% of small businesses were shuttered at the start of this month, reflecting a steady increase from June’s 16% rate. Consumer spending at local businesses is down 27% this month from a year ago, marking a deterioration from a 20% year-over-year drop in October, Womply found.

If you think that anyone is going to be able to wave a magic wand and fix this mess, you are just being delusional.

There are millions upon millions of Americans that have already been pushed to the breaking point by this pandemic.  One of those individuals is a 38-year-old California resident named Andrew Lee

“I’ve exhausted all of my unemployment benefits. I’ve had to resort to food stamps and [California’s Medicaid program] for the first time in my life. I’m backdated on my rent and my credit has been ruined,” said 38-year-old Andrew Lee, who lives in a suburb of Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

Lee lost his job as a business development director several months before the pandemic. But once it hit, it became that much harder to find work. And he didn’t initially qualify for any pandemic-related unemployment benefits.

His car has been repossessed and his wife’s car has also been repossessed.

So even if they could find jobs, how are they supposed to get to work?

Lee is just like so many other hurting Americans.  First he ran through all of his savings, and then he started relying on his credit cards.

Now that his unemployment benefits have been exhausted, he is out of options, and his family is a step or two from becoming homeless.

In the months ahead, tens of millions of others will find themselves facing similar scenarios.

This is what an economic collapse looks like.  The United States hasn’t had to face anything like this since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and what we have experienced so far is just the start.

In 2019, I received quite a bit of criticism because the economy was relatively stable and to many people it seemed like an “economic collapse” was not even remotely a possibility.

But now an economic collapse has officially arrived, and all of the things that I have been warning about are starting to happen one right after the other.

The “perfect storm” is upon us, and most Americans still do not understand the horrors that lie ahead.


Source: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com

Healthy Starters and Appetizers for All Occasions

(Ocean Robbins) The appetizer is making a comeback! For a long time, appetizers were mainly for fancy, multi-course sit-down dinners — and as finger foods at cocktail parties. For most of us, they weren’t part of our everyday life. But just as many of us are consuming media in smaller and smaller chunks — and getting our news in “soundbites” — many people are taking a liking to the sampling of lighter and more convenient food fare. And while decreased attention spans might not be anything to celebrate, the move toward lighter and more varied meals can be good for our enjoyment of life and our health — if we make those appetizers healthy.

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What is Miso? Introducing a Longevity Food of the Blue Zones

(Ocean Robbins) It’s a comfort food that’s good for you… A salty food that may improve heart health… A peaceful culinary offering to the West from the son of an impoverished warrior… If these sound too good to be true, allow me to introduce you to the delicious, versatile, and wonderful Japanese condiment called miso.

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