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My Natural First Aid Kit

Our fast-paced societies have numerous options ready made to aid in the event of unforeseen illness or injury. Namely pharmaceuticals or a trip to the doctor’s office. Planning ahead can be incredibly valuable. And simple home remedies can play a vital role in easing symptoms and providing immediate help. I think Nature has an answer for everything that ales us. I want share remedies I have found effective and routinely use in my home. I hope that my list will inspire you to research and build your own natural apothecary.

Calamine lotion I use for poison oak which I have had twice in the last 6 months because I have a new yard to play in. It helps with itching and dries out the lesions. I use peppermint oil first and then apply the calamine. It still takes a week to heal, but without the itch. Apply twice daily. Yes. One application will give you up to 12 hours of relief.

Peppermint oil is great for indigestion, respiratory congestion, colds and flu. It can alleviate pain and itching and fight infections. It can be taken internally, diffused, and topically. (only buy 100% therapeutic grade oil) I gave my friend some therapeutic grade peppermint oil to put on her abscessed tooth and it immediately took away the pain and continued to alleviate the pain, with routine application, until she got a root canal. This is one of my favorite remedies because it works for so many things. Be careful when you are using a pure essential oil. Dilute 1 to 2 drops with a dab of coconut oil for skin applications otherwise it could burn the skin with repeated usage. When making a medicinal tea use only 1 drop of peppermint oil. (powerful)

Eucalyptus oil I like to use to clean with. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It will break up congestion and help you breathe better.  It can stop a cough. And it’s an excellent bug repellant.

Tea Tree oil I like to use to clean with. It has strong antibiotic and antifungal properties and makes an excellent disinfectant, antiperspirant, and all-purpose cleaner. I like to make antibacterial liquid soap with this. Using ½ castile soap, 1/2 water and several drops of tea tree oil. If it is 100% therapeutic then you won’t need more than 10 drops. You can make a hand sanitizer with witch hazel and Tea Tree oil. It is a good bug repellant. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is a good application for skin infections.

Baking soda can also be used as a cleaning agent. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. When ingested it can alleviate heartburn, (UTI) urinary tract infections, muscle pain, improve pH and kidney function. This is my go-to when I have the first signs of a UTI. I will take 1/2 tsp in 4 oz of water twice daily for 3 days. My symptoms disappear immediately after the first dose. I also abstain from sugar and high acid foods for those 3 days.

Arnica gel is a powerful anti-inflammatory. I broke my toe while away at a retreat and someone gave me arnica gel to put on the injury. I was amazed at how quickly it soothed the pain and eliminated the swelling. It is excellent for sprains, bruising, arthritis and inflammation. Arnica should never be taken internally.

Lemons are a tasty way to improve your bodies pH. Great for a hangover or if you have overindulged in a high acid meal. They boost immunity, fight cancer, prevent kidney stones, promote skin health and promote weight loss. I recommended lemons to a friend whose fingers were freezing up on her due to arthritis. She has 1 or 2 lemons daily and her fingers are now limber. She has been doing this daily for over a year now and doesn’t mind sharing her home remedy/miracle cure with the world.

Manuka Honey has antimicrobial properties and now is being used in Medicine to treat wounds, burns and skin infections. Also good for sore throats and can help with digestion. Can help with a cough or cold when mixed with apple cider vinegar or lemon.

Apple Cider Vinegar can help detox the liver, purify the blood, cleanse lymph nodes and boost immunity. It can lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar and relieve acid reflux. It can help with weight loss and lowering blood pressure. It can stop hiccups, improve body pH, and relieve cold symptoms. It is great for sunburns and can be used to treat other skin problems like poison ivy or oak. It has antimicrobial properties and can be used as a disinfectant. I use white vinegar to clean with and as a weed killer.

Chamomile makes a lovely tea. I like to buy the flowers by the pound and use a French Press to make my tea. Better quality and less cost. Chamomile fight’s anxiety and depression, improves digestion and due to its high antioxidant content is cancer fighting. It is a powerful pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. I use it regularly as a sleep aid or to destress after work and before bedtime.

Ale vera soothes rashes, burns and skin irritations. Is high in zinc and boosts the immune system. Another antimicrobial skin conditioner.

Cloves are high in antioxidants and kill bacteria, they support liver function and bone health. They regulate blood sugar and protect against cancer, I love them! I became a vegetarian in 2014 and shortly thereafter started having dental problems. I have a lot of amalgams. I chew on one or two of them in place of candy or gum. They have the added benefit of freshening your breath. They were actually used in ancient times to do just that. Cloves have a numbing effect and can reduce pain. Clove oil is often used for mouth pain.

Epsom salts can reduce pain and swelling when you soak in it, either via bath or individual limbs. People who suffer from magnesium deficiency may improve their sleep and relaxation. I use it to alleviate constipation. 2 tsp in 6 oz of water. One dose is all I need to set things right.

Lavender is another one of my favorite remedies. It is a natural antioxidant and can boost your mood and alleviate stress. It has been proven to boost cognitive function in Alzheimer patients. It has antimicrobial and pain-relieving properties and is an excellent application for the skin. It will help tension headaches, improve sleep and relaxation. I use it to make antibacterial soap and for massage. Occasionally I apply it to my face with a carrier oil or cream as a daily moisturizing cream. When I have to put on a mask the smell is incredible.

Witch Hazel is an astringent that can cleanse soothe and treat inflamed irritated and broken skin. It contains antioxidants that prevent widespread inflammation and neutralize free radicals. It tightens your pores, reduces redness and has antiviral properties. It is excellent for any type of skin irritation. It is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids. I use it to cleanse my hands in place of hand sanitizer. I like it because it does not dry out my hands the way the alcohol-based hand sanitizers do. I also use it occasionally to clean my face. It’s a good extractor for herbal skin tincture remedies. My next herbal project is to make a licorice tincture, using witch hazel as the solvent, for age spots. I hear it works really well.

Oregano oil can be used in place of antibiotics for a number of concerns. Bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasites, viruses, inflammation, allergies, tumors, candida, and indigestion. It belongs to the mint family and has some of the same digestive healing properties as peppermint. It can be taken internally, diffused, and topically. (only buy 100% therapeutic grade oil) Dilute in water for internal and diffused and dilute in coconut oil for topical applications. I keep it on hand for cold and flu season and food preservation. This is a powerful natural broad-spectrum antibiotic.

Clay and Activated Charcoal have the amazing ability to absorb everything from bacteria and viruses to toxic dugs and radioactive substances. Both can be used on the skin to draw out poisons or foreign bodies. Charcoal can be taken internally to eliminate bloating and gas, it is an excellent absorbent of toxins. If taken internally drink plenty of water with this treatment and note your stools will be black. Charcoal can be used as a room deodorizer, it absorbs odors.

Written by: Patricia White, RN, Detoxification Specialist

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“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”
? Rachel Carson, 
Silent Spring

Even though we are in the final throes of a long spiritual darkness, we stand on the edge of a magnificent new beginning — a spring of a new Eden.

Welcome to Prepare for Change’s
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We are very supportive of each other. We eagerly share our passions, ideas, solutions, and stories at our meetings and on our website. As a member of our group you will have an opportunity to participate in our meetings and discussions, contribute articles and content to our website, and create classes/webinars for the public.

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Artificial Meat Company Claims You Can Buy Salami Made from Human Flesh of Famous Hollywood Actors (INSANE People Are Currently in Charge of Everything)

(Mike Adams) In Wenatchee, Washington, a high school has placed band students inside suffocating cocoons where they can’t see each other or socialize, but they still have to play their band instruments.

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Hershey, Nestlé and other chocolate makers sued for child slavery


A human rights group has filed a lawsuit against some of the biggest names in the chocolate industry for allegedly trafficking children across national borders to harvest cocoa.

Eight Malian men claim they were victims of this child slave labor scheme, which involved their being recruited under false pretenses, trafficked into Côte d’Ivoire, and forced to work on cocoa farms without pay, travel documents, or any knowledge of when they would be allowed to return home.

Among the companies named in the suit are Mars, Nestlé, and Hershey, which together represent a bulk of the world’s chocolate supply.

“Enough is enough!” announced IRAdvocates Executive Director Terry Collingsworth in a statement. “Allowing the enslavement of African children in 2021 to harvest cocoa for major multinational companies is outrageous and must end.”

The class action litigation was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Also named as defendants are Cargill, Mondel?z, Barry Callebaut, and Olam.

The suit represents the first of its kind against the chocolate industry. Plaintiffs seek damages for forced labor, as well as compensation for emotional harm and improper supervision.

It is estimated that some 1.56 million children harvested cocoa in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana during the 2018-19 growing season. This is up from 14 percent in 2015. Of these, 1.48 million children are said to have undertaken dangerous tasks while working.

Multinational corporations should not be using slave labor to reap windfall profits

Each of the defendant companies has long pledged to end the use of child slavery in its supply chains. Their deadlines, however, keep extending.

Back in 2001, many of them signed on to the “Harkin-Engle Protocol,” which promised to end child labor by 2005. Fifteen years later and that goal has changed to a 70 percent reduction by the year 2025.

“By giving themselves this series of extensions, these companies are admitting they are using child slaves and will continue to do so until they decide it’s in their interests to stop,” says Collingsworth.

“Based on the objective record of twenty years of the failed Harkin-Engle Protocol, these companies will continue to profit from child slavery until they are forced to stop. The purpose of this lawsuit is to force them to stop.”

While none of the companies named in the suit are directly responsible for child slave labor, they all continue to purchase cocoa from suppliers who do, knowing full well the implications.

The World Cocoa Foundation, to which all of the defendants belong, has spoken out against child slave labor, but tacks blame onto suppliers and the government of Côte d’Ivoire.

“The cocoa and chocolate industry has zero tolerance for any instances of forced labor in the supply chain,” World Cocoa Foundation President Richard Scobey said in a statement reported by Business Insider.

“The government of Côte d’Ivoire has a comprehensive legal framework in place to pursue, arrest and bring to justice those who traffic children or adults.”

With the blame constantly shifting, the lawsuit seeks to hold the end manufacturers responsible, calling on them to take action for the benefit of child slaves, which we also know are being exploited to produce “green” technologies.

[I]n filing this new case, we want these companies to know we will use every possible legal tool available to make them stop abusing child slaves,” Collingsworth added.

“We call upon the companies to work with us [to] solve this problem, rather than spend millions in legal fees to fight an uncontestable fact – the cocoa industry is dependent upon child labor.”

You can learn more about the human rights abuses that are routinely overlooked or ignored by multinational corporations at


Florida Man Uses Stimulus Check To Start Thriving Home Garden To Feed His Community


When millions of people across the United States received their federal stimulus checks to help them cope with the devastating economic repercussions of the novel coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown, most people spent their checks on basic necessities like food, rent, mortgage, utilities, and other basic necessities

However, one man from East Tampa, Florida, decided to use his funds to invest in a much more long-term project: building his own garden at home and using it to help provide food for himself. He’s now teaching his community about the massive benefits of food independence.

Michael Chaney, who goes by the nickname “Spirit Mike,” has long been interested in gardening. It wasn’t until the pandemic struck and local supermarkets were struck by the crisis that he was able to muster the self-motivation and time to fully pursue what began as a hobby and now has turned into his passion.

When he received his first stimulus check, he immediately used the funds to purchase some pots and start growing his first tomato plant. He also spoke to seasoned gardeners at the nearby A Land of Delight Natural Farm to pick up some materials and advice that would enable him to begin growing his own food, he told local radio station WMNF.

Now, Chaney is growing not only tomatoes but also collard greens, ghost peppers, mustard greens, strawberry guava, eggplants, onions, papaya, cashew apples, sugar cane, lemon, yucca, and lettuce, among other plants on his .3 acres of land.

I do biointensive gardening, which means planting as much as you can in a small space,” Chaney told Atlanta Black Star“I specifically picked these types of fruits [dwarf plants] because they grow fruit fast.”

Chaney derives the most pride from his moringa trees, which he values for its high vitamin C content and celebrated medicinal properties as well as its antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant qualities.

“That is the Michael Jordan and the Kobe Bryant together,” Chaney told WMNF with pride.

“If you were stranded somewhere and all you have is this and water you would not only survive, you would thrive,” Chaney added. “I don’t work out. All I did was add this to my diet and add flax seed fiber and I lost 65 lbs.”

Chaney also has nine chickens that he purchased for only $3 per chick.

“My aim is to make my food cost zero,” he explained. “So, my food scraps go into the soldier fly larvae bin, they eat that and produce more larvae. Those larvae get fed to the chickens. The chicken produces eggs, I sell the eggs and eat the eggs; life is good.”

Chaney made sure to meticulously plan his garden so that actually managing it and ensuring its success would be much easier.

“It’s very important that you plan your garden. Do your research before you put a dollar down because you want your dollar to go as far as it can,” Chaney said.

He is now upholding the garden – which he has named New World Growers – as an example of community self-determination and food independence at a time when food insecurity is sharply on the rise.

Gut Bacteria Can Help Fight the Harmful Effects of Processed Foods like Cereals and Pasta, Scientists Find

(Divina Ramirez) Research shows how a certain bacterium found in the human gut can break down a chemical commonly found in processed foods, such as ultra-pasteurized milk, pasta, chocolate and breakfast cereals. Published in Cell Host & Microbe, the findings generate invaluable insight into how gut microbes break down processed foods and lower the risk of health conditions often associated with those foods, such as obesity and diabetes.

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Red Alert: Food Supply Chain Shutting Down as Blackouts Spread

Food Supply Chain Shutting Down

Video from Ice Age Farmer about the Grand Solar Minimum

As blackouts are occurring throughout Texas and in other areas of the country, the food supply chain in the country is being threatened.

Are we seeing “Problem, Reaction and Solution” as we are being forced to move further into the planned Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.

Texas’ Ag Commissioner has issued a RED ALERT as the power grid is down and our food supply is grinding to a halt. Agriculture is not “critical infrastructure,” and reports of blackouts tonight extend to ND, SD, NE — livestock producers unable to provide water to their animals, and farmers unable to deliver to grain elevators that are shut down. Welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum. Christian breaks down the latest on this developing situation.



Nothing Like Bicarbonate for Cancer – The Science Part Two

By Mark Sircus,

Now we have more reason than ever to focus on bicarbonate therapy for cancer. The science that sustains the use of bicarbonate is as profound as it is multidimensional. It is with great pleasure that I am refocusing my attention on sodium bicarbonate (writing the third edition for my Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment book) for it is a solution for everyone because it is so widely available and affordable. It is the most basic of all treatments, fundamental if you want to address the roots of cancer and many other diseases.

For less than the cost of a mineral water bottle, one can purchase several weeks of enough baking soda to treat cancer and many other diseases. No wonder the powers that be do not want anyone talking about it for cancer or viral treatments. “If you have not read Part One on Bicarbonate and Cancer, see it here.)

A new Ludwig Cancer Research study said, “If you want to clean cancer’s clock—that is, defeat it decisively—you may want to really clean it—that is, restore it to proper working order. Only cancer cells that remain active, in sympathy with the tick-tock of their internal circadian mechanisms, remain susceptible to cancer therapies. So, how might these circadian mechanisms be kept in motion? Sodium bicarbonate now promises to awaken cancer cells that have gone to sleep deep inside tumors, where oxygen deprivation and acidic conditions go hand in hand. By buffering against acidification, sodium bicarbonate rescues circadian oscillation.”

You can think of the circadian cycle as a sort of internal clock of your body regulating many different mechanisms. The cycle starts over about every 24 hours (hence the term “circadian,” coming from Latin circa “about” and dies “day”), and among its many functions, it tells cells when they’re supposed to produce and consume nutrients. Healthy cells are normally allowed to do so for about 12 hours a day, to prevent them from being overwhelmed by a flood of excessive nutrients.”

Acidic conditions in tissues shut off a lot of things.
Dr. Chi Van Dang

“To keep dividing indefinitely, cancer cells cannot afford the periodic fasting imposed by the circadian rhythm; before they can divide, they need to grow, and in order to grow, they need nutrients. Therefore, the furiously paced division requires furiously paced nutrient intake. Hence, all cancers evolve strategies to get around the circadian limitation.”

Buffering against acidification or inhibiting lactic
acid production fully rescues circadian oscillation.
Ludwig Institute for Cancer

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Starved of oxygen deep within tumors

When bicarbonate is given to mice in their drinking water, it neutralizes hypoxic patches’ acidity in tumors. This sends lysosomes zipping back to the nuclear periphery in cells — where RHEB was waiting — and restored mTOR activity. “Cells don’t want to make proteins or other biomolecules when they’re under stress,” says Dang. “They want to slow things down and only awaken when things return to normal.”

Acidification, the Ludwig researchers report, essentially disengages some of the elements that keep the cell’s circadian clock ticking. This acid-mediated effect, the researchers assert, can be reversed by sodium bicarbonate. When they gave tumor-xenografted mice water that had been supplemented with sodium bicarbonate, the acidity of hypoxic patches in the tumors was neutralized.

The study, presented on May 31, 2018, in the journal Cell, in an article entitled ‘Acid Suspends the Circadian Clock in Hypoxia through Inhibition of mTOR.’ “Unexpectedly, we uncovered a profound disruption of the circadian clock and diurnal transcriptome when hypoxic cells are permitted to acidify to recapitulate the tumor micro-environment,” the article states. “Buffering against acidification or inhibiting lactic acid production fully rescues circadian oscillation.”


The study’s authors, led by Chi Van Dang, M.D., Ph.D., scientific director of the Ludwig Institute, conclude that acid produced during the cellular metabolic response to hypoxia suppresses the circadian clock through the diminished translation of clock constituents. Dr. Dang, who is also a professor in the Molecular and Cellular Oncogenesis Program at The Wistar Institute, said, “But if you add baking soda to the drinking water given to those mice, the entire tumor lights up with mTOR activity. The prediction would be that by reawakening these cells, you could make the tumor far more sensitive to therapy.”

The Ludwig study details how in response to acidity, cells turn off a critical molecular switch known as mTORC1 that, in ordinary conditions, gauges the availability of nutrients before giving cells the green light to grow and divide. That shuts down cell’s proteins’ production, disrupting their metabolic activity and circadian clocks, pushing them into a quiescent state.

“We started out with a question about oxygen starvation and the circadian clock, and we ended up discovering a new mechanism by which acidic conditions in tissues shut off a lot of things—including the cell’s molecular clock,” muses Dang.

The finding that something as simple as baking soda could reverse this effect and render quiescent cancer cells susceptible to cancer therapies excited Dang. “The concept is so easy,” he says. “It’s not some $100,000 per year drug. It’s literally just baking soda.” Using MRI, medical scientists have seen how much-tagged bicarbonate is converted into carbon dioxide within tumors. In more acidic tumors, more bicarbonate is converted into carbon dioxide.

Cancer cells have a lower pH than surrounding tissue.

Other research points out that bicarbonate can also be used to diagnose cancer in its earliest stages. We know that bicarbonate turns to CO2 easily when in contact with acid, but few know that cancerous tissue turns bicarbonate into carbon dioxide. A few years ago, a United Kingdom Cancer Research team found MRI scans could track changes in bicarbonate and therefore identify cancers even in the very early stages.

All cancer has a lower pH, meaning it is more acidic than surrounding tissue. Working with mice, the researchers boosted the MRI sensitivity more than 20,000 times. Using MRI, they looked to see how much of the tagged bicarbonate was converted into carbon dioxide within the tumor. In more acidic tumors, more bicarbonate is converted into carbon dioxide.

Lead researcher Professor Kevin Brindle, from Cancer Research U.K.’s Cambridge Research Institute at the University of Cambridge, said: “This technique could be used as a highly-sensitive early warning system for the signs of cancer. By exploiting the body’s natural pH balancing system, we have found a potentially safe way of measuring pH to see what’s going on inside patients. MRI can pick up on the abnormal pH levels found in cancer, and it is possible that this could be used to pinpoint where the disease is present and when it is responding to treatment.”

Affecting the pH of the Extracellular Matrix Surrounding Tumors

The cells’ surroundings, known as their microenvironment, contribute to how cancer occurs and grows. Cancer involves an interaction between rogue cells and surrounding tissue. A clear message of Dr. Mina Bissell, the director of life sciences at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in California (LBNL), is cancer cells cannot turn into a lethal tumor without the cooperation of other cells nearby.

That may be why autopsies repeatedly find that most people who die of causes other than cancer have at least some tiny tumors in their bodies that had gone unnoticed. According to current thinking, the tumors were kept in check, causing no harm.

The interactions between cancer cells and their micro and macro environment create a context that promotes tumor growth and protects them from immune attack. The surrounding extracellular matrix interacts to shape cancer cell behaviors such as polarity, migration, and proliferation.

A new study explores how an acidic environment drives tumor spread.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge found that acidic, or low-pH, tumor regions alter gene expression in cancer cells in ways that make them more aggressive.[1] The “malignant progression of cancer” depends on cancerous cells participating in an “intricate network of interactions” with other parts of the tissue surrounding them, the tumor microenvironment. Reducing the acidity of the tumor microenvironment returned the gene expressions almost back to normal. The researchers reduced tumor acidity in the mice by adding sodium bicarbonate to their drinking water. Other studies have also found that this reduces metastasis in mice.

However, senior study author Frank B. Gertler, a biology professor at MIT, says humans do not tolerate sodium bicarbonate. So it would not be a suitable potential treatment for them. One has to wonder what planet he lives on. Sodium bicarbonate is available in every drug store and supermarket globally, used by millions for decades before Gertler was born.

The H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute confirm that cancer cells have the ability to grow in an acidic tumor environment that is detrimental to other cells, including immune cells. In a new article, researchers have reported that neutralizing the acidic tumor environment increases the efficacy of several immune-targeting cancer therapies. They found that sodium bicarbonate combined with PD-1 or CTLA-4 Inhibitors or adoptive T-cell transfer reduces melanoma and pancreatic tumor growth.[2]

Bicarbonate Product Information

Because bicarbonates control the pH in your body, sodium Bicarbonate can rapidly alkalize your body far more effectively than a diet. Still, it can’t be continued forever because of the excess sodium. That is why I recommend a product called pH Adjust because, in addition to sodium bicarbonate, it has potassium bicarbonate (reducing the sodium load and supplying essential potassium) and a dose of magnesium. Magnesium bicarbonate has no such problems and can be used long term.

The ideal water is alkaline because it is rich in magnesium and bicarbonate. Alkaline water machines that produce high pH water cannot hold a torch to waters high in magnesium and bicarbonate. It was the work of Dr. Russell Beckett, a veterinarian with a Ph.D. in biochemical pathology, that paved the way to understand the significance of bicarbonate acting in conjunction with magnesium. Unique Water from Australia and Noah’s Water from California, Donat Mg from Europe (natural spring waters), and a convenient magnesium bicarbonate concentrate made in Florida offer water that is powerful medicine. Magnesium and bicarbonate rich mineral waters are easily absorbed.

Special Note: I have developed a full system of natural medicine that I call Natural Allopathic Medicine. At heart, it transposes ICU use of the above natural drugs (and more than several others) used in dire medical situations to home use for acute and chronic illnesses, including cancer. Instead of limiting their usefulness for near-death cases, we employ them at high dosages daily to reverse disease. I do consultations from a distance to teach people how to set up intensive treatment centers in their own homes using only natural substances that are powerful and safe. Information can be gathered freely on my site or in my many ebooksbooks in print, and books in other languages.