For a Veteran

By Anna Von Reitz

You have to make your own decisions and not just stand there.  If you allow these foreign incorporated entities to rule your life as a condition of being employed by them, that’s your business.  If you are retired-in-fact and not doing any more work or getting any more paychecks and now want to “return home” and enjoy the freedom you are owed, that is also your business. 

You need to write a letter to the top officer in your branch of the service (or multiple branches if you served in more than one) and tell him/them that you have returned to your birthright political status and nationality as an American state national effective _________________.  And give the date. 

You also need to send in a DD2068 and have them deny you benefits for any “military connected civilian duty” — which is admission that you never did any such duty and cannot be presumed to have any further connection to military operations as a civilian. 

In essence, they (eventually) discharged you from Active Duty, but did not change their records to reflect any change in your political status as a “United States Citizen”—- and used that excuse to continue to keep their thumbs and forefingers on you, because you didn’t declare any other political status.

It will come as a surprise to you that none of the “wars” that these corporations have engaged in since 1860 are actually wars.  Technically, they are all mercenary conflicts, including WWII and the Cold War. As such they can’t be settled by Peace Treaties, and that is why they slumber on in a miasma of uncertainty and “veiled conflict”. 

The only way that this can be resolved and ended is for us to wake up and restore our lawful government, which can then impose discipline on the corporations and put a stop to this. 

What I am telling you is that you and other Americans hold the key to ending “perpetual war” and also the key to your freedom and peace, but you have to make decisions and take action to create this change.  And only you can decide what to do in your own case, according to your own conscience and circumstance.

As corporations, vis-à-vis your retirement funds and benefits, they have no choice but to provide all that they contracted to provide. 

As for your “concealed carry” permit — Americans have never needed any such thing to carry arms.  It is only “United States Citizens” and “citizens of the United States” who are subject to such regulations. 


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