For a Young(er) Lawyer

By Anna Von Reitz

Our courts have not, generally, operated in any of the States of States since 1954.  The pleadings all changed from Common Law to Statutory at that point.  You are not old enough to remember that, but numerous members of my team lived through it.  Nobody much questioned it at the time, but now we know how and why it was done to our eternal detriment. 

For more information on this I suggest you read Melvin Stamper, JD.,  The Fruit From a Poisonous Tree.  

Dr. Stamper was an early researcher into these matters and he got some of the history and implications wrong, but for the most part, he accurately describes what happened to convert our courts into THEIR courts.  

Milligan Ex Parte, then, does not apply, because Milligan Ex Parte is talking about how we may get rid of the usurping quasi-military tribunals by restoring and running our own courts, but instead of restoring our own Common Law courts we let them slip away and “vacated” them, so that all that typically now remains are statutory courts and military tribunals.  Thus you can now see how your quote   “martial rule can never exist when the courts are open…”  does not apply; our courts–the Common Law Courts that the Justices assumed to exist in Milligan Ex Parte– are not open.   They closed in 1954.  

Our courts still exist — on paper — and we are free to operate them, so long as we give up or never accept Bar Association membership and correct our own political status records.  That said, there are precious few of us who have seen through the Roman deceit [ Maxim of THEIR law — “Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.”] and have made those necessary corrections.  There are only a few Common Law Courts operating in this entire country, and most of them are operated by old people like me who have the knowledge and skill to do it with a skeletal set of elected officers and the help of volunteers.   

We are the ones who can use Milligan Ex Parte to shut down military law oppression in our States of the Union.  Everyone else’s turf is up for grabs.  

You can see how the “closed union shop” practices of the Bar Association diminish the potential for restoration of our court system, because most lawyers now do not understand the difference between a “Counselor at Law” and an “Attorney at Law” and they firmly but wrongly believe that they “have to have” a Bar Card to practice law.  Even many judges now assume that.  

We are leading the effort to teach people the truth about these matters and restore our lawful court system.  The Living Law Firm is overwhelmed with work and everyone involved here has torn up their Bar Card for cause and learned how to operate as Counselors at Law.  We have also learned how to reopen and operate our lawful courts accepting Common Law pleadings. 

But all of that is in the civilian world — and the military courts I am talking about with respect to the sealed indictments are not the quasi-military tribunals which are the subject of Milligan Ex Parte.  I am talking about true military courts under international Admiralty, which is what Joe Average accused under those indictments will face—specifically, civilians will stand trial under The Law of Peace mandated by the Hague Conventions [Lieber Code in this country.]  People like Hillary Clinton, who were actually working for the government, will stand trial under the Code of Military Justice and may be executed for treason.  

It’s apparent that you are knowledgeable and well-intended and support the rule of law and the concept of Public Law.  I sincerely encourage you to learn more and help restore the Public Law and the Public Law Courts that Americans are owed.  

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