For All The Jural Assemblies – 54 Two Courts Systems, Neither One Ours

By Anna Von Reitz

As you now know, for sure— and also how it happened— there is really only one form of law and one Article 3 Court operating in America.  That Court is the [British Territorial] [Military] District Court.  All the other forms of law have been nested inside the Admiralty Law since 1966. 

There are two court systems, both of them are foreign.  One Municipal Court System run by the Municipal United States for “Citizens of the United States”, one Territorial Court System run by the British Territorial United States for “United States Citizens” —– and neither one have anything to do with us, unless we are actually and legitimately engaged in Maritime Commerce or Admiralty contracts.  

Even including all those unfortunates who have no other choice, less than 25% of us are legitimately subject to these courts at any one time. 

They try to gain jurisdiction over us via numerous tricks and devices beginning with the unconstitutional “conscription” of babies and their purposeful mis-identification as “United States Citizens” via the Birth Registration process.  

This then results in our “assets” being “monetized” by the bonding process that results from registering us.  This creates a Public Charitable Trust in which we are mis-identified as Paupers and “Wards of the State of State” franchise operated by the British Territorial United States.  The British Territorial United States keeps the beneficial title to the estate named after us and the Municipal United States keeps the legal title.  

The Municipal United States Government then confers an additional political status upon the unknowing babies, claiming them as “Citizens of the United States”, too, and after that, they create any number of corporations —- all STRAWMEN defined as Roman Municipal SLAVES —-  belonging to the members of the Municipal United States Congress running their oligarchy in the heart of the District of Columbia.    

If either the Municipal or Territorial Governments had functioned in Good Faith and done their jobs, this situation would have been resolved promptly after the Civil War.  Instead, here we are,  being commandeered and pillaged and plundered under color of law by people on our own payroll, pretending that they don’t know who we are.  

If you are angry, you should be— but remember: 

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.” — American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442 (1950).  

It is your duty as an American to correct your government, and they agree that it is, so let’s clean house and do a good job of it, too. 

To correct this situation requires those of us who can do so to boot up and (1) reclaim our lawful, birthright political status; (2) form up our State Jural Assemblies; (3) Hold our elections and fill our court offices — sheriff, justices, coroners, etc. (4) Hold our State Assemblies to conduct the business of our States; (5) Recharter our Federal States of States; (6) Elect our Deputies to convene the Continental Congress; (7) Elect our Deputies to convene the Federal United States Congress of Federal States of States. 

At the point that our own courts are in operation, these other courts are required to withdraw under the mandate established by Milligan Ex Parte when this whole Mess began, and cease and desist all unnatural claims of Admiralty jurisdiction on the land. The whole game of Carpetbagger Courts comes to an end. The American Common Law re-asserts itself, and we finally breathe free again, at home in our own country.  

This is why the Jural Assemblies are of such crucial importance and the reason that every red-blooded American should be eager to join —- and also why we should all be doing double-time to explain this situation to our friends and neighbors, our pastors and our priests, and to the local sheriffs and politicians and lawyers who are either wittingly or unwittingly participating in this catastrophic Breach of Trust and Duty. 

By any stretch of the imagination, this is the worst Breach of Trust in history, and the longest running commercial con game, too.  Time to shine up your Shinola Sensors and get to work, America.  

As a result of all the other forms of law being rolled up and into the Common Law of Admiralty and the fact that 75-80% of all Americans are not actually subject to the Common Law of Admiralty, the Military District Courts have had to adopt “Special Rules of Admiralty” to deal with the situation, and it is under these “Special Rules of Admiralty” that American State Citizens and American State Nationals have their small window of relief.  

If anyone asks you about your purportedly “suspicious activities” or accuses you of any wrong-doing or improper or illegal action or ill-intent related to your reclaiming and re-conveying your Trade Name, recording your paperwork, assembling your State, participating in your State Jural Assembly, or anything else of that kind, just smile and inform them that you are doing your duty as an American and the United States Supreme Court fully agrees with you.  


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