For All Those Who are Scared

By Anna Von Reitz

I am re-publishing this comment, because throughout America, there are wives and husbands and friends trying to come to grips with the actual situation our government is in and all the history that brought us here.  I know — first hand — how traumatic coming to grips with this information can be.  So I am going to share something from my own life and my hope that your families and loved ones, your best friends, will listen to you and stand by you — even if they don’t totally “get it” all and even if they are scared: 

One of my best friends attacked me early on and I mean, she flew at me like a Mama Bird protecting her nest and she practically screamed, “That can’t be true!” and she was really, really mad. She didn’t want to believe that “her” beloved country was in such a deep quagmire, that her government could be so messed up. 

But the rest of the story is that she was really very scared. 

Anger and fear are two emotions that go together like carrots and peas. 

She took the copy of my book that I offered and she stomped away. I honestly didn’t know if I would ever see her or be able to talk to her again. 

It was months before I heard from her. 

Thankfully, she may not have understood it all or believed it all, but she caught enough of it to know that “something was wrong” and she had enough faith in me to come back and say that she loved me and believed me even if she didn’t get it all. 

There are moments in life when someone just knocks you flat. You just shake your head and feel so humbled. 

My friend is a Great-Grandma like I am. She is not the same kind of person I am. Not intellectual. Not academic. She’s “just” a really good woman— better than I am. Devoted to her family and her country and as kind and compassionate as anyone could ever be, always thinking about and helping others—- not in the airy-fairy realms of international intrigues and politics and commercial law — but day by day and close to home. 

Somehow, through the years of our friendship, I passed the test. 

And I am grateful. And I am aware that not everyone gets this happy ending. Many relationships have been destroyed and never mended because of this information. Families have been destroyed. Marriages and friendships ended. I was just lucky and blessed that somehow, enough water had passed over our bridges so that my best friend no longer had to “understand” it all. She could just hold my hand.

I hope tonight that you are not feeling alone and not facing a crossroads in one of your relationships because you now know the truth.  I hope that your friends and family, your wives and husbands, will catch fire and grasp the importance of what you are doing and why —- and even if they don’t and can’t quite get it, I hope and pray that they will stand by you anyway, just because you are you, and they know you are a good person. 

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