For the State Assemblies and New Readers — 30 November 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

1. We have Admiralty/Maritime Courts operating in an improper way in this country because our own American Courts are –for the most part– not operating. 

This situation arose as a result of the Civil War.  The solution for it has been on the books ever since.  

Milligan Ex Parte provides that when our civilian courts are operational, their military and commercial courts must be withdrawn and transitioned back to their proper limitations.  

So, while I appreciate the fact that many of you have problems with both the Territorial and Municipal Court Systems, and understand that you are being improperly “addressed” as Territorial or Municipal Franchisees, it’s up to all of us to do something truly effective to end this situation on a permanent basis. 

And that is?  

Declare our proper political status as American State Nationals, and, as adults, step forward to engage in self-governance as American State Citizens.  

Having the “right” to self-govern is not the same thing as doing the work of self-governance and thereby exercising that right.  

Having corrected our own political status records and having formed our State Assembly, we are in position to begin the whole endeavor set before us —- and to organize our own land and soil jurisdiction Courts to serve the People/people of our States and Counties.  

Once our courts are up and operational, their foreign courts by prior agreement established by Milligan Ex Parte, must withdraw and stop presuming upon us and misaddressing us.  

So, now that you know all these troubles with their courts—foreign taxation, child theft, licensing, foreign “titles” and “descriptions” placed on your land, foreign mortgages and foreclosures, funny money banking, securitization of living flesh resulting in enslavement and peonage— all these evils,  can be stopped simply by you and your neighbors declaring your proper political status and filling your jury pools and electing your court officers. 

What’s stopping you?  You are members of a separate population and you exist in a separate jurisdiction and you are responsible for your own self-governance, which includes operating courts for your own people. 

Step up.  Let your feet be fleet.  

If you are having trouble explaining this situation and garnering enough support from other Americans to assist you and join your State Assemblies, you aren’t explaining freedom well enough.   

2. Each  FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE  issued by THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a foreign fiat currency, not actual money, being issued as an I.O.U. and as a military script by a foreign corporation.  

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is not The United States of America. 

For the Newbies— any time you see anything named using all capital letters, you are looking at one of two things: (1) a dead man’s estate, or (2) a commercial corporation, and in either event, you are not looking at The United States of America [Unincorporated] — which is the Proper Name of our Country and our Federation of States operating in international jurisdiction.  

The potential collapse of this or any related foreign currency as a result of foreign counterfeiting and other criminal acts has nothing to do with us and emphatically does not mean that our country or our people are “bankrupt”.  

Far from it.  American State Nationals and American State Citizens are the Priority Creditors of these organizations, commercial corporations, and the foreign governments supporting them.  

So, again, give your friends and neighbors the benefit of an education in the value of being an American versus being a “US” citizen.  

You can claim your true birthright political status and receive back all that is owed to you, including your State property assets, free and clear, or you can stupidly and stubbornly insist that you are “US citizens” of some kind or another, and be caught with your pants down. 

So.  Do you want your land, your gold, your silver, and your National Credit returned to your possession, free of debt and encumbrance?  Choice One. 

Or do you want to be saddled with “infinite debt” that is actually owed by criminals — but to be paid for by you and your children for generations to come?  Choice Two. 

Again, if you are having any trouble explaining this to your friends, neighbors, and countrymen, you’re not trying hard enough.  

These are not trick questions.  

As an American State National or American State Citizen, you are the heirs and landlords and sovereigns in your own right. 

As a “US” Citizen — either a British Territorial United States Citizen or a Municipal “citizen of the United States” you are a servant and a debtor without recourse.  

In fact, as a “US” Citizen [that is, a Federal Employee or Dependent] of either stripe, your only hope is that other Americans will step forward and reclaim your State for you, thereby preserving your inheritance free and clear of debt, for the day when you, too, can “come home” again.  

3.  Once you have your State Assemblies properly populated you are in position to begin issuing instructions to the State of State Legislatures and the Congressional Delegation.  

You don’t like being mis-addressed?   You want the bogus tax bills to stop?  You want the Post Office to operate properly? You want a foreclosure moratorium in your State?  You want Child Protective Services to actually protect children? 

Well, there’s nobody but you to tell your public servants what you want done.  And once you do, they are actually obligated (by their paychecks and pensions) to do what you tell them to do.  Note the Emoluments Clause.  

I can’t do it for you.  Mr. Trump can’t do it for you.  

Self-governance begins with you, your decision to take responsibility for your own life.  

From that decision comes the decision to take responsibility for your own government, both at the county level and the State level.  

From that decision comes the determination to take responsibility for the proper operation of the Federal Government, too.  

Americans in charge of America.  

What a concept!

And again, if you are having trouble garnering the understanding and support of other Americans and trouble filling the ranks of your State Assemblies, it is high time that you reviewed points 1, 2, and 3 with them. 


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