For those who read this blog and wonder how I can be a Catholic.

This document is a proof of the line of succession of the Bishops and priests of the Society of Saint Pius V.
I have always been a Catholic. I was baptized in Hazelton North Dakota in 1948 in the local Roman Catholic Church. When the Vatican Counsel II was held in Rome 1963-1965 I was in a Society of the Precious Blood Seminary in Canton Ohio called Brunnerdale Minor Seminary.
When it became evident to me that something was wrong I left the Seminary and completed my high school in my home town in the public school. It’s been a long road from there to Eureka Montana and over 50 years of marriage to my wonderful wife Gladys.
We raised and home schooled 8 Children in Eureka Montana, who are all grown now. The 4 sons all live here and work here. The 4 daughters are scattered around the country, 2 in Montana, 1 in Indiana, and one in Tennessee. We have a long story, just like many other Catholics, of trying to keep Our Lord’s one true Faith. You can’t understand that until you do some serious reading. So here are a few links that you can refer to, in order to see the history of what has happened in the Roman Catholic Church over the past 57 years or so. To make a long and painful story shorter.   and

 Intro to the Society of Saint Pius V

And for the conclusive evidence of the line of succession of the Holy Orders of the Society.