Planned Chaos Final Episode – What Now? Improve Discernment

What Now? How to Improve Your Discernment

We’ve just presented 9 vital episodes of Planned Chaos that tried to connect the dots with the events that are happening worldwide, why they’re happening and who’s behind it all. We realize that the information presented is a lot to process. You may be feeling a plethora of emotions which is normal and absolutely expected. We actually encourage you to embrace all of the feelings that come to the surface.

You see one of the reasons we are in this chaotic mess to begin with is because we do not honor our emotions. Allowing the full gamut of feelings that arise whenever we are confronted by experience of any kind has been deemed taboo on this planet for quite some time. Why, you might ask?

Human beings are blessed with the capacity to feel. On this planet when we do allow ourselves to feel, we find that humans are extremely empathic. That small club we have elaborated about in our series is also very much aware of this human skill, in fact, they have deliberately utilized strategic methods to eradicate, criticize and manipulate it. They have done this because when we are mindfully tuned into our emotions, we build a bridge to our higher wisdom. We build that bridge by grounding ourselves in the present moment and opening our hearts to virtuous actions and thoughts.

Remember we talked about how the controlling groups on the planet have tried to eliminate our connection to soul energy or consciousness? When humans are connected to their soul, they are able to intuit more accurately and so, they acquire sharp discernment skills.

Much of the chaos, confusion, reactivity and sheer terror that we currently see infiltrating the masses is due to a collective disconnect from our inherent wisdom. So, how do you reverse the disconnect so that you can nurture stability, clarity, responsibility and courage? You build that bridge back to soul and that brings us to empathy and the human heart. Your heart is your GPS — your built-in navigation system. If you want to know the truth about anything, you can tune into your own consciousness and get feedback.

The members of that small club have convinced us that we have to listen to outside authorities in order to discover the truth in a situation and then they coordinate their minions and dub them experts of “such and such” or doctors of “whatchamacallit.” As we demonstrated in our media episode, the ruling elite will then falsify information and present it in a contradictory fashion. They want to confuse you, dear human.

A prime example of this technique is the use of masks for COVID 19. We were told at the very beginning of the plandemic in March that masks were not really effective and so there would be no need to use them. As the months progressed and their plandemic was not evolving as planned, the controlling groups completely changed the mask narrative. This was done to cause confusion and also to justify their irrational actions and policies. It definitely creates a great deal of self-doubt and inner turmoil for us humans.

Opening to Intuition

Fortunately for you, you have that GPS. First and foremost, don’t buy into their narrative that you do not possess the faculties to discern truth. You do, end of story! Start by trusting yourself. And just like a power lifter who must exercise his muscles to develop agility, you must learn to read the language of your heart. Everyone is unique and so, your heart voice will be different from the voice of other human hearts. Heart speech is also called intuition.

The small club has told us that intuition cannot be trusted. Like everything else they slap a label on it. They call intuition “old wive’s tales” or “superstition.” What they neglect to tell you is that your heart is like a radio. It receives and transmits energy as information. It is a wonderful meter that lets you know how your soul is responding to an experience. It is exactly what is at work when a person says, “I just had a gut feeling.” When heart language is used in conjunction with a clear and grounded analytical mind magic happens and great discernment is the prize that awaits you.

So how do you use your internal GPS to process this information?

We humans get triggered easily because we have been so emotionally wounded, not only in our current lifetime but quite possibly in past lifetimes as well. Experienced trauma if not healed gets stuck in our energy field and remains active within our body’s internal hard drive, also known as the subconscious mind. The ruling elite are aware that trauma has a fracturing effect on the human psyche. All of their methods of planned chaos are specifically employed for the purpose of human soul fracture.

Safety and the Armor of God

You must begin the process of taking back your power and clarity by being kind to yourself no matter what emotions are bubbling up to the surface. That soul fracturing we spoke about actually creates many internal battles so it is important when you begin to open yourself to heart language that you find pathways towards self-compassion. Opening up to inner knowledge means going inside yourself. This can seem kind of scary at first, so it is important to create a safe space.

What is a safe space?

Every human is blessed with not only a physical body but an energetic body that radiates out from a center column of light. That column runs down from above the top of your head, through the center of your body, along the axis of your spinal column, down through the perineum and out below your feet. There is an energy field made up of subtle energy or energy that is not physically visible. That energy exists incrementally in higher and higher frequencies of vibration which move out from the center of the body extending into higher dimensions.

When a person has psychic abilities, it is because they have learned how to read the subtle energies that exist in dimensions higher than the first three that we are able to see, touch, hear and taste with our physical body. So, the energy field of a human extends out past your body. Your state of consciousness determines the well-being, strength, and size of your field. You have a subtle energy field and learning how to work with it can make your life healthier, happier, safer and more empowered.


When we humans say we are grounded it means that we have sufficiently pulled our energy down and connected ourselves with the Earth’s consciousness in the core of the planet. When we are fearful, our energy is stuck in our head and not present in our body. Our thoughts can get caught up in a loop that just keeps going without relief. It can feel like a tornado swirling in our mind when we get stuck in fear, anger, shame and self-doubt. Notice we keep talking about feelings here? Feelings are super important!

Obviously, what we have just described is not a “safe” space. To make matters worse, when we are in this kind of energetic space, we attract energetic parasites that actually feed off of the energy that we are emanating out from our space.

A safe space is an energy space that you create by using your God given intent and your powers of manifestation. To manifest is to create something by using your thoughts in combination with your will and your feelings. It is a direct engagement of heart energy or wisdom.

So, what are some ways to create a safe space?

Every person is unique but one of the best ways to create a safe space is to connect with something that is eternal and comes from a place of love, kindness and compassion. Connecting means you allow your consciousness to be present with that particular energy. You might call that God, Source, Mother, Father or maybe you might want to connect with someone who you truly loved who has passed on to the other side. The key is feeling, remember? That is how you “connect.” You want to bring up feelings and memories that empower you. Gratitude and thoughts of lovingkindness towards others can also put you in a safe space.

You might be a person who is in his/her Dark Night of the Soul. This is a stage of spiritual growth that is particularly challenging and is often accompanied by extreme self-doubt and unworthiness. If you are in feelings of extreme fear, anger, grief, etc., then you might want to find a compassionate human being to hold additional safe space for you like a really good therapist or an emotionally grounded friend. The key is to create the feeling of security and safety.

It helps to find an actual physical space that you can clear and hold sacred. What does holding sacred mean? It means that you are building a space that is an extension of your energy field. If it is an extension of you then it is sacred because you are sacred. It is a place where you can go every day in order to do the important spiritual work that is needed to exercise those muscles which allow you to read your GPS or heart wisdom.

In our Q episode we mentioned several key phrases that Q reiterates in their posts. One of them is “Put on the Armor of God.” What we are talking about here is creating that safe space where you are cradled in the energy of Source, the energy of love. This energy has a protective quality. What does that mean? It means that lifting the energetic vibration of your field actually creates a protective armor. Remember those parasites we talked about? When you create a protective armor, you deflect parasitism. The more you practice with creating your armor, the better you get at psychically defending yourself against the parasitic forces that exist in the higher dimensions. Creating armor is probably one of the most powerful methods that leads to a safe, empowered space. After much practice, you will find that you take your armor with you wherever you go. At the end of this article we have some references for how to shield your body. It is actually fun to try different tools. Each human is unique and so you must test what works best for you.

Patience and Intent as Tools

Sometimes we feel so unworthy that it is challenging to find the ways to bring the feeling of love into our space. That’s okay. Self-compassion means being okay with that too. It means letting yourself have bad days and learning how to “read” your energetic capacity for that day. We have had a lot of trauma thrown upon us. We must learn to have patience with our process. Patience is actually more self-compassion.

If you find that you cannot “feel” love, do not think that you are less than. The key is intent. Ask God to help you and intend every day to learn how to feel love, joy and compassion. If you truly want to grow and open your heart then you will. In the meantime, you keep moving forward with conviction.

The ego or lower mind is very challenging and it is easily manipulated by the Dark Ones. If the messages that are coming into your mind are creating confusion, self-loathing, anger, etc., then be assured that this is not coming from your higher self. As we demonstrated in previous articles, there is tremendous mind control happening on this planet right now. Sometimes it helps to reassure yourself that those kinds of messages are not from YOU. To help you to move through the challenges that the ego mind creates we have links to tools and practices at the end of the article.

Developing Discernment

Once you have learned how to create a safe space and how to develop an armor that deflects harmful interference then you are ready to learn how to read your GPS or heart language. As we said before, it is all about feeling not thinking. We are not analyzing anything. Maybe you were brought up to think that the rational mind is the only safe instrument to examine the world with. Maybe you have watched people around you fall into cognitive dissonance and emotionally explode right in front of you. So, our suggestions to you may seem a bit irrational.

Here is a quote from a Daniel Goleman, an author and science journalist who has studied the concept of emotional intelligence:

“If your emotional abilities are not at hand, if you do not have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships then, no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.”

and from Albert Einstein:

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

The reason some people think that opening up to emotional intelligence is silly or even worse, harmful, is because they have not had good role models. Remember we live in a world that wants to create chaos. The opposite of chaos is emotional and intellectual maturity. And it needs to be both of them together. But it is a choice that everyone needs to make.

According to author and mystic, Simone Wright:

“As it applies to our Intuition, discernment is the ability to recognize the difference between the Truth of our intuitive intelligence and the distortion of our emotions and past conditioning. The POWER OF DISCERNMENT can make or break your ability to accurately and successfully recognize and use your Intuition when you most need it.”

So, in order to properly interpret the intuitive messages of our soul, we must develop accurate discernment. We can start by setting the intention to better discern the truth. Then we can use our direct emotional experiences as a tool to learn how the heart communicates. As an example we will use mindfulness to show how to read emotions and develop better discernment.

Let’s say that one of your best friends happens to be on the opposite side of the political bandwidth. In the past this has never really been an obstacle in your relationship but during these current tumultuous times, your relationship has been compromised by angry outbursts, gaslighting arguments and a great deal of cognitive dissonance. If you are both severely polarized to opposite ends of the bandwidth then, most likely, you are both experiencing those emotional and intellectual explosions. Maybe you feel ashamed following an altercation with this friend.

That shame and the anger/frustration that you are feeling is a kind of gift. If we can learn to understand what our emotions are telling us then we can 1) diffuse the intensity of the emotions and then, 2) sit in our safe space and begin the process of understanding why they are there in the first place. It is in the understanding of why we emotionally feel what we feel that we find our intuitive intelligence. You see, that is the GPS. Your heart tells you by its huge range of emotions what is good for you and what is harmful for you.

By learning how to assess our emotions, we learn how to energetically move into an experience and “read” it. When you become skilled at this technique, which is our birthright by the way, then you are able to discern what is right for you and what is not in your best interest. In addition, with time, comes great aptitude for the development of higher sensory perception. HSP gives you the ability to energetically move into the higher dimensions and actually “see” what is happening there.

So how do you start?

To begin with it is helpful to start by working with simple mind/body techniques and using statements that we know are true. We will be learning what “truth” feels like in the body. Using your safe space, make yourself comfortable. Take some deep breaths and relax your body. You may want a journal to write down your truth statements and what your bodily sensations are. Write down several comments about yourself that you know are true like, “My name is…,” “I am a male or female,” “I love animals,” etc. Come up with as many truth statements as possible.

Next, take some more deep breaths, bringing your consciousness into your body. Recite the first statement saying it slowly and deliberately. As you say the words feel into your body and notice what your body is telling you about those words. Notice things like sensations, color, temperature. Notice thoughts that come up or images in your mind. Notice if there is a particular part of the body that is prominent. Write everything down. Then go on to the next statement and continue the process. You will notice that there is a common group of sensations that run through the body when we are in our truth. We can call this the truth signature and getting to know how this feels while you are in your safe space will help you to have a baseline for truth that you can use in the external world.

So what happens when we experience something that causes distress?

After an altercation with another human we feel great shame or anger and very often it is too painful to deal with. Some of us take the easiest route and we bury the pain and then move directly into judgment and finger pointing. This actually just increases the intensity of the emotional instability and makes the situation worse. You will find that not addressing your inner landscape will leave you open to being emotionally triggered over and over again.

The better choice would be to deliberately bring up your emotions for the purpose of healing and building emotional self-awareness.

Make yourself comfortable in your safe space. Do what you need to feel safe. Again, you might want to have a journal present to take notes on your experiences. We will be using deep breathing. Deep breathing calms the body and it is actually the breath that you will use to move into your body and your emotions. It is the breath that allows you to “untie” the knots of chaotic energy that are present in your energy field and begin the process of learning how to read your emotions.

You start by bringing up the event and letting your body feel the emotions associated with the experience. It helps to be inquisitive about the process so starting off with an event that is not too traumatic is helpful. As the emotions come up, don’t be afraid, You are in your safe space. Allow the emotions to come up and breath with them. If thoughts try to invade, just take more deep breaths and allow them to pass as best you can.

As you move into the feelings you may notice that they might sit in a particular part of the body. Breath into that part of the body and engage in an inner dialogue with your body. Some therapists and psychologists call this part of the psyche the inner child. Ask the child what it needs and tell the child that everything is okay, you have created a safe space and that you love yourself.

Keep breathing into the body. You may notice that the sensations move from one area of the body to another. Follow your heart and your emotions. Move your breath into your body as your heart is directing you. You may notice a whole myriad of sensations: tingling, heat, color, etc. Just follow the heart. Use your in-breath to move into the sensation and then with your out-breath let the energies expand out into your field. Chaotic thoughts and emotions create constriction in the body. By using the out-breath to expand the energy, you create more safe space.

Don’t engage the mind. Just ask the questions. You are actually not looking for an analytical answer. In fact, your answer will most likely not even come right away. That’s okay. Your answer is not in detailed words. Your answer will be like an epiphany. It is a knowing. The amount of time depends on how challenging and deep seated the issue is. Some epiphanies come in a week, some of them take months. Don’t give up.

When you finish with a session, write down any sensations, thoughts, images that you may have experienced during your sitting. Keep a journal of these experiences. You are trying to learn how to interpret these sensations. Compare how you felt when you were neutral/calm and sitting with your “truth” thoughts to how you felt during the more challenging emotional episodes. By learning how to assess our feelings we can learn what it is that we need and what is best for us. We can feel into a situation that may not be beneficial for us and we will be able to discern more accurately.

With practice comes more success. If it is challenging, then just work with this tool 5 to 10 minutes per day until you notice it is becoming easier and then increase the time.

This process is based on a Buddhist meditative practice called mindfulness or insight meditation. An easy way to remember how to do this is by using the acronym RAIN. The R stands for recognize (recognize the emotions or thoughts involved). A stands for allow (allow them to be there without trying to change them or push them away). I stands for investigate (investigate with the breath by moving into the body and asking simple questions). N stands for nuture (nurture with self compassion).

How can I use the wisdom gained from practice to assess the truth in our chaotic world?

As you regularly practice with mindfulness of the body and of emotions you develop an emotional vocabulary that is uniquely yours. You can then use that vocabulary to help you interpret your external reality. When you read a news article or watch a video, notice how you feel. If you are completely neutral, most likely that information is resonating with your higher self and so represents truth to you since you have already established what “truth” feels through your practice. If you notice any distortion or chaos in your energy field then you know that something is “off” with your higher self. You can then take that particular subject and use it as the subject in your RAIN practice. Bring it up, ask simple questions and feel it in the body. Work with it until the truth of the situation becomes clear to you.

You will find, over time, that your ability to understand your emotions will become more fluid and efficient. You will have more instantaneous “epiphany” moments and your discernment will become refined, accurate and more accessible.

So, if you want to understand why you feel or act the way you do then this is a very helpful tool. If you want to have insight into why relationships are challenging then this will benefit you. If you want to be able to read into a situation beforehand to know whether it is beneficial for you or not then eventually, with practice, this will get you there.

Mindfulness or RAIN is one technique that you can use to access your intuition by learning the language of the heart. Regular practice will help us to develop better discernment of the truth. For more links and tools go to the end of the article.


Moving from Reactivity to Responsibility

Once you step onto the path of the heart you begin the move from reactivity towards the world to creating a more neutral stance. This is important because if we really want to be impactful in the world we must act and speak from a place of neutrality and balance. It is the only way to change things. Clean up your inner house and then you can begin to think about what your purpose is and how you can make an impact on the world. This leads to responsibility and responsibility is service to others. The interesting result from acting responsibly in the world is that it increases your stability, your health and your well-being. It brings more joy and compassion into your life. And it allows you to face the darkness that is bubbling up to the surface through disclosure with an empowered compassion that will be greatly needed to assist those who will be traumatized by the coming events.

You can use your connection to God Source to ask what your role is in the coming disclosure. It might be to help share information in a neutral and calm manner. It might be to hold space for your loved ones. It might be to become a leader in the new paradigm. There are so many needs right now and these will only increase as disclosure unfolds.

We at Prepare for Change have been providing a safe and effective platform for the dissemination of information about ascension, the coming Event and the future of the planet. We have many varied opportunities for people to use their God given skills and we have a lot of fun working together towards a common goal.

If you feel guided, then help us to spread the word. Help us to teach others to be prepared for change.

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Planned Chaos Part 9 – Darkness Drives the Madness


Darkness Drives the Madness

The information provided in this article is highly detailed, likely confusing, and certainly controversial.  This should not be surprising since the Truth and our origins have always been kept from humanity.  Take a step back and look at the thousands of spiritual belief systems and spin-offs that exist in our world.  Why is this?  Should we as a collective, not been able to figure out by now where we came from and what is our purpose?  Afterall, there may be many concepts and interpretations, but in the end there only ever exists one Truth.

This series of articles was expected to introduce alternative versions of what we have heretofore been expected to believe as true.  Our personal truths and thoughts create our personal and collective reality.  If our understanding of what is true is based on falsehoods, contradictions, re-written history and confusion, is it any wonder that our perceptions mirror a seemingly upside down world?

We therefore suggest that you take your time reading and digesting the following content.  If you find yourself lost early, please stop and realize that it might not yet resonate with you.  Such information is not for everyone, nor is it meant to be.  It is suggested that it may take several readings and certainly further research in order to understand some of the concepts and to recognize a number of patterns that exist throughout.

In any case we hope that this inspires you to continue your search and personal path towards your own spiritual purpose and growth.  Sharing and talking about this information is extremely important the further we move forward in this collective journey together.

At the end of this article we have included an assortment of videos that may help you put some of these pieces together.

In our last article, The Spiritual Connection of Q,” we looked at and explored the almost inconceivable phenomena of Satan. We live in a world where Satan and the rituals associated with its cult seem like some kind of otherworldly sci-fi novel. We have been groomed to not look there” and although our past has plenty of evidence to expose the reality of Satan, many humans refuse to see the ugly truth that looms like some elephant in the room of our consciousness. And yet, as we saw previously, Satan and satanic devotion is the antithesis of life, compassion, kindness and love. We also saw that it is very much alive and kicking today as it was in our ancient past.

All of this leads us to the looming question that we’ve been underlining during this whole series: what drives these satanic devotees and magicians? And who are they?

These people are driven by the belief that Satan gives them power. Real or imagined, they worship the dark lord and their worship has spanned millennia. The mind is much more powerful than we are allowed to understand due to the control of knowledge they’ve mastered.

Their system of control is very organized and thousands of years in the making. As the control structure graphic shows, there are many levels. All the wheels in the machine are driven by money, which they control through their central banks – this means the printing and magical creation of money as we’re now seeing with crypto currencies.

The military keeps people in line, but so does propaganda whether run by media, corporations, the healthcare industry, pop stars, or education.

When they figured out that religion was a way to control people, they controlled that too. This is partly illustrated in why the Swiss guard protects the Vatican. The Swiss guard are the security detail of Swiss banks.

These three key anchors (money, military and religion) really established them and only need to be controlled at the highest levels by either bloodline family members or those who show their allegiance by merit. Silence is golden is one motto. For them, that’s a literal translation. To violate the code is to put one’s life or the life of a loved one in peril.

To get access into the small club, you have to be willing to sacrifice your morality – the ends justify the means. In taking the easy path offered by them, to gain more, means to sacrifice your spirit more. There is a direct correlation between the material and spiritual.

The physical manifestation is the material world. It is a world of dense matter. The spiritual is the world of a lighter density or the etheric. When they talk about fallen angels, they are referring to falling from the lighter density to a lower dense matrix that offers experiences not available in the higher realms since the higher realms are governed by the Laws of the Universe, Galactic Codex, and Laws of God. This is why men are governed by the laws of the sea, the laws of the land, the Magna Carta, and Draconian Laws wherein attorneys loyal to the Crown and Vatican (formerly the seat of Babylon) are sworn to “turn over” assets to their overlords.  This same small club includes prevailing members of Congress.

So let’s get into the lineage of some of these bloodline rulers who claim that they have the right to rule. What’s that about and says who?

To start we need to recognize that valuable information, no matter how old or seemingly implausible, exists in our ancient texts, myths and stories of origin.  There are many origination stories around the world and we encourage readers to do their own work and use their own discernment as to what stories they resonate with. From a mystic perspective, we live in an infinite creation so there are infinite possibilities in the universe but less probabilities in this experience. There simply isn’t a one size fits all application of origination stories and therein lies a microcosm of the struggle we currently find ourselves in: who’s claim is to be believed?

We begin by focusing in on the prevailing story coming out of the cradle of civilization that’s woven it’s way up through Eastern Europe, to Rome, then England and the UK, to America and which is trying to go through Asia and all points in between, to circle around back to Jerusalem where the Satanic practitioners intend to establish the seat of Satan.  Once the Synagogue of Satan is established on Earth, and the third temple is built, then, according to their desired scenario, Armageddon can commence, Satan can defeat Christ, and 1000 years of peace will ensue with the majority of humanity enslaved. Again, according to their prophecy, it’s peaceful for them and hell for us. It’s been a plan long in the making and the crucial time is at hand.

These are the people to understand because they have the means, the network, and control over technology to coordinate the planned chaos that they have unleashed during this year. But the good news is that they are desperate, and the end of the war is near. They’ve been most dangerous as they are losing the war and prepared to go down with the ship taking as many people down with them. If you think this sounds crazy, let’s get to know them better, because we must learn from the past.


Satanic Influence: Dark Drives the Madness

Unquestionably the most researched and historical writing that influences most of today’s religious belief systems is the Bible.  Therefore, we will present the following information from that perspective.  This is not to establish it is the authoritative resource for absolute spiritual truth, but it offers great perspectives and insight into what possibilities exist in our search for answers to our true beginnings.

In the Bible, Paul wrote in his letter to the Ephesians; For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Paul spoke of two evils – in heaven – and of this dark world. Paul was speaking of the world he was living in, to Christians in Ephesus. He was speaking about the Romans. When we speak of the evil Earthly powers today, we are still speaking of the Romans – and their brethren.

If you are familiar with this verse, have you ever wondered what was meant by the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” and wished you understood what it meant?

Did you ever think there could be evil in heaven? Many people might have difficulty with that concept.

There were three sects of Judaism at the time of Yeshua, the one the Romans called Jesus. They were the Sadducees, Pharisees and Essenes. It is commonly agreed upon by scholars that Yeshua was an Essene. The Essenes were the line of the true High Priests of Israel, descended from a line of priests begun in Egypt by Aaron, the brother of Moses.

The Essenes meditated while facing the Sun morning and evening and bathed multiple times a day. An all-male sect of theirs lived at the Dead Sea, and their texts, known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, talk about a battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. They wrote of a final battle – a battle that is taking place now.  The Essenes were one of a large group known as Gnostics.

Their descendants were the Gnostic Christian groups known as the Cathars, Manicheans, Templars, Freemasons, and many others. Protestantism was created by these descendant groups, but todays version is a pale imitation of the original, as Christianity was hjacked and corrupted by the Roman Empire under the guise of the Roman Catholic Church at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD.

The Council of Nicea was established to infiltrate the growing Christian movement in order to distort the Christian text by creating the crucifixion narrative.  This narrative is a direct reflection of how the practice of Satanic black magic inverts the truth regarding Source and our connection to Source.  We can observe a pattern throughout history of outright Satanic infiltration into benevolent groups, ideologies and institutions such as to maintain this distortion and separation.

We can actually see this practice taking place right before our eyes with the Satanic takeover of the New Age movement. These groups have even usurped the Gnostic ideologies. They have their own version ripe with Baphomet rituals and more. The anti-life groups are very clever and they have mastered their techniques. The highjack is always subtle at first so as not to be too evident. But why do they do this and what is it about Christians, particularly groups like the Gnostics, that provoke this practice from Satanists?

Let’s look more deeply at Gnosticism. What we know about the Gnostics is mostly derived from a few historians and from ancient texts like the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hamadi texts. There are different schools of thought but generally their origination story speaks of a Source of All which emanates through thought and will into Mother and Father, then an androgynous child known as the Voice or Logos. The Child is the Prime Creator.

Please go here to read more on Gnosis: Gnosis and here: More Gnosis

Next created were seven male-female pairs. In the Gnostic texts, they are called Aeons — emanations of Sources’ powers and virtues. Emanation is creation as in an outpouring of spirit. At that level, creation is meant to be in coordination with the Source of All, and together with your twin soul. But the Gnostic story relates that Pistis Sophia or Wisdom, the female half of one of the Aeon pairs, created without the consent of Source and without her partner. Her creation turned out deficient and was said to be a son she named Yaldabaoth. The top half of his body was like a lion, and the lower half was like a serpent or dragon. So, it is reasonable to see that there existed the potential of dragon, reptilian, and feline beings in Yaldabaoths creations.

When Sophia saw what she had created, she was ashamed, and she placed a veil between it and the rest of creation to hide it from Source. There then existed an upper world and an underworld.

If the Gnostics are correct, we on Earth are living in the underworld, and the authorities and spiritual wickedness in high places, are Yaldabaoth and his distorted creations or demons. Yaldabaoth is described as having seven sons who had female counterparts or twin souls.

It is believed that Yaldabaoth himself is described as a plasma being. A gaseous, electro-magnetic being who travels by, and infiltrates through, electrical means — especially through artificial intelligence. He invades and overtakes planets using artificial intelligence. He travels through plasma screens and through human to human contact. He is able to go directly into humans and take them over from within, because humans are electro-magnetic beings.

Yaldabaoth and his demons, who can move in the same ways he can, influence humans and non-humans to unwittingly do things that support an anti-life agenda such as putting nano-bots into vaccines and other delivery systems as seen in the vaccinations planned by Bill Gates and and the WHO. Once inside a human, the nano-bots can join up and take over a human from within. It sounds inconceivable and yet, there are trans-humanist, scientific patents that verify these very things. In these ways, Yaldabaoth takes over planets until he turns any biological life form into an artificially controlled, lifeless form. He is literally anti-life.

Yaldabaoths first creation were seven male-female pairs and just as the Aeons were divine emanations of Source, these seven pairs were an emanation of Yaldaboath’s thoughts and emotions and so, they were distorted. Each was described as having a face of an animal. Could these be the Chimera group who Cobra has often described? They are the spiritual wickedness in high places”. Somewhere below them are the ones known as the Anunnaki. Could they be the ones Paul referred to as the Authorities? Below them are the Rulerslocated on the Earth. The rulers are the Catholic Popes and various Queens and Kings, with the British royals at the head of the visible royals. Unknown to most people, there is a Dark Nobility who stay hidden behind the scenes.  They are descended from the Emperors of Rome.

At some point, the felines and reptilians in Yaldabaoths family separated into two distinct sets of species who warred with each other for eons. Eventually there came a peace pact between the Feline and Dragon families and inter-marriage between a king and queen. Thus, a resulting royal line consisting of Felines and Dragons. The Anunnaki are this blended race.

The story goes that there was a feline race (the Elohim in the Bible) on the planets Lyra and Vega who wanted to become upright. They took a hominid of some type from the Earth and blended it with their DNA. The end result is what is known as the Adamic Human. They intended it to be a vehicle for their own soul sparks to incarnate into. They wanted to make the Adamic Human special and they did. It was a 12 strand DNA human with sacred anatomy that enabled a soul spark to be on the lowest, densest planes, yet still spiritually connected with all of Creation. It was their desire to be spiritual beings experiencing what seemed to be a very tangible, physical or material existence.

The Felines of Lyra and Vega were attacked by a violent reptilian species and their planets were destroyed by explosion. The survivors, who had been on spaceships, separated, going to Sirius, the Pleiades and Orion. Because of inter-mixing with other extra-terrestrial species, there developed sub-species of both, especially Avian species. The Dragon or Reptilian races appear to have originated in the Orion Constellation and Andromeda.

According to some accounts, the original concept and purpose of our creation was to experience both sides of duality. One where a certain amount of friction was sought after and intended as a means to further the expansion of creation. Through polarity integration one would learn, heal, and reintegrate one’s consciousness back with ones god self and all of creation. Through surrender to unconditional love conscious beings would remember oneness and Unity Consciousness.


Darkness Descends to Earth

We will explore some stories about how spiritual wickedness in high places came to be on the Earth. Be aware that we will be looking at ancient writings and myths. Creation stories are plentiful throughout the planet, through tribes, and various cultures. They are spun out in all kinds of languages with names that differ from place to place but seem to echo familiar content. We must keep in mind that just like the controlling groups today, the ancient “Gods” or controllers of old could very well have written their version of reality to serve their agendas.

Let us look at a group of Gods we have come to know as the Annunaki.

The Anunnaki are the Assembly of gods mentioned in the Bible, recast through historic periods and indigenous cultures like Greek, antideluvian, Sumerian, etc. It was they and their sons who, took all the daughters of man that they wanted” because they found them attractive.

In the Sumerian texts, which were the precursors of the Bible, you learn the names of the assembly of gods. According to these texts there were two brothers, Enlil and Enki, who were the main leaders, and they didnt always agree. At some point, the Old Testament of the Bible was re-written so that the multiple gods, both male and female, became one male God. As a result, the identity of the Anunnaki deities of the Old Testament became lost until ancient texts were recovered and translated.

The small assembly of Anunnaki gods went by different names in different locations. According to the Sumerian texts the one known as Enki, (Ia or Yahweh in other traditions), along with his half-sister Ninhursag, created the Adam and Eve of the Bible using an existing humanoid of some type, possibly Cro-Magnon, along with their own DNA. As a result, Enki and Ninhursag have always felt very parental towards humankind. Their half-brother Enlil was not fond of humans and wanted to keep them on the level of slaves.

According to the clay tablets, the Anunnaki came to the planet searching for gold because the atmosphere of their planet depended on it to save it from destruction. At first, they did the work themselves, but tired of it, and wanted to create a primitive worker. Adam and Eve were the eventual result. The Sumerian texts make it evident that Adam and Eve turned out more advanced than Enlil wanted.

The ancient Gnostic texts reveal that the authorities raped Eve, and she gave birth to twins, Cain who in a fit of rage and jealousy killed his brother Abel. Afterwards, Adam and Eve conceived a son named Seth. The line of Cain had more Anunnaki DNA than the line of Seth. Cain was taller and more powerfully built. His line is the Homo Sapiens.

Seths line led to the biblical patriarchs, to King David and to Yeshua known as Jesus. They are the Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

The Bible records that Yahweh (Enki) could only bring himself to ban Cain, telling him to separate himself from his family. Yahweh commanded the Israelites to wipe out the Nephilim, the descendants of Cain who were taller and stronger – giants like the Philistines, Amorites and Amalakites.

As time went on, the Nephilim, became shorter by inter-breeding with human women. The taller ones were more of a threat to people, so early humans banded together to kill them. According to the Bible, the Nephilim first ate all the humans’ food, and when that wasnt enough, they ate the humans too.

Satan is the one known as Marduk, who is the son of Enki.

The Mesopotamian texts portray Marduk as power hungry, impatient, and willful. Marduk was punished by his family for marrying an Earth woman, a descendant of Seth. Marduk was in the royal line, so it wasnt acceptable, even though reproduction was possible. This caused Marduk to rebel, and he battled his family and forced them from the Earth. He gained control over the Earth and his home planet.

According to the ancient texts, Enki was the first to bring spirituality to humans. He brought an ancient, Universal teaching known as the Law of One, also known as the Sacred Mysteries. These were the pagan religions which have been slandered by the Roman Empire who eventually became the Roman Catholics. They had inner and outer teachings, also known as esoteric and exoteric teachings. Christianity, Judaism, Mithraism, Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Druidism, Zoroastrianism, Platonism, and all ancient spiritual paths derived from this original spirituality.

Its main focus was preserving the knowledge of how special a creation humans are. How humans are made in the image of God, with sacred anatomy – and with all of Gods powers and abilities. It taught Astro-theology and the inner workings of Creation. Devotees established schools and fostered the arts sciences and societal advancement.

But the dark ones, and probably Marduk/Satan in particular, did not want the humans to know they were a special creation. In fact, in the Muslim tradition, Satans rebellion began when he was told by his father to bow down to Adam. Enki had told him a greater creation than he had been made.

Imagine hearing that from your father and being told to bow down to it. That would be hard to take. But there was a good reason for Yahweh to make Adam and Eve so special. He knew they would have to be, if they were to have any chance of not being destroyed by the line of Cain.

Looking at evidence from the current collective ascension, it seems that Enki and the Annunaki take a lot of credit for the creation of mankind, when, in fact, it seems quite possible that their creation was actually a deliberate regression through genetic modification of a higher human form. Does this sound familiar?

In addition, it seems that the reptilian Annunaki may be using their creation story in order to support their claim that they were on the Earth first and so they hold dominion here. Contrary to this claim, it appears that the higher human form genetics has a natural resonance with the Earth that the reptilian form does not seem to have.

This is the reason for all the human DNA experimentation and human abductions for genetic research by extra-terrestrials. Humans are the crown of creation, and other species want what humans have.

It was most likely Marduk who reduced human DNA.  He took a twelve strand DNA human and switched off ten of the strands, leaving two. Hence human two strand DNA – and the mysterious, so-called Junk DNA”. In that junk” is human divinity and literal Magick. Fortunately for humans, their bodies have the ability to self- heal and currently, during the ascension, the Earth is being bombarded with photonic light that is re-coding and correcting their DNA.

According to the anthropologist Robert Sepehr, the family of Noah of the Bible were the three branches of the white race. That has been corrupted to lead people to believe that one man and woman could give birth to three different races. Noahs three sons were Ham, Shem and Japheth. Lets briefly follow the Cainites through time. Noahs wife was a descendant of Cain. Cainites inter-married with Canaan, son of Noahs son Ham.

Canaan moved into land intended for the family of Shem in what became known as Canaan, even though his family had been allotted land in Africa. They became a blended family of Cainite-Canaanites, who will hereafter be referred to as Cainites. Their descendants were Hittites, Hivites, Perizzites, Gergasites, Amorites, Amalekites, Jebusites and Kushites. Look for ites” in their earlier names. This changed later on. This map titled the Seven Enemies of Israel in the Promised Land by the Bible Fellowship Union, paints a clear picture.



In it, one sees the descendants of Cain and Canaan living alongside the Edomites, who were the descendants of Jacob-Israels brother Esau, and the Moabites who were Arab descendants of Ishmael. These were all people who held a grudge against the lines of Seth and Jacob-Israel for different reasons. One might conjecture that when they all lived next to each other, they plotted to overthrow the line of Seth and of Jacob-Israel in particular.

When one is familiar with history, and who the people groups morphed into as they migrated and inter-married, the ongoing battles become visible. Of course, these were the lands and people that the god of Israel told them to conquer and re-take the land that was given to the family of Shem – the Semites. If anyone thinks those ancient battles arent still having repercussions to this day…they are mistaken.

Canaans descendants were cursed by Noah because Noahs son Ham had intercourse with his own mother and Canaan was the result. This is veiled in the Bible by the uncovering his nakedness” story. Uncovering nakedness in the Bible always refers to incest and sexual sin. So, in this Cainite/Canaanite line you had a brother against brother murder, and incest between a mother and son. And thats just a part of what they were up to.

After The Tower of Babel, the Cainites settled in the mountainous areas of ancient Turkey (Anatolia) and northern Syria, an area that at one time was known as Scythopolis. Their descendants became known as the Hittites, Assyrians, Scythians and Huns. The Scythians were talented metal workers and craftsmen. They were renowned horsemen and charioteers. They made their way eastward to the Tarim basin in China, a thousand years before the Asiatic people arrived there. They became known as the Aryans. They spread to Persia, India, Greece and Rome. They became the Celts, Anglo Saxons, Teutonic/Germanic people and the early white Americans.

They became blended with the ten lost” tribes of Israel. The ten Northern tribes were forcibly removed in 722 BCE after being conquered by the Neo-Assyrian Empire. What transpired was that in the process, the Cainites mixed with Edomites (descendants of Jacob-Israels brother Esau) became the rulers over the ten northern tribes of Israel. What remained in Palestine were the tribes of Judah, mixed with Benjamin, and the tribe of Levi, although some of Levi went with each tribe as they traveled.

The ten tribes migrated across Europe ruled and led by the Royal Scyth Dragon lords, and were known as Sarmatians, Alans, Goths, Suevi, Cimmerians, Galatians, Saxons, Sakai, Davi, Galli, Cimbri, etc. They were the Indo-Europeans. They eventually spread everywhere the British Empire did. In addition, they spread eastward and became the Indo-Iranians and Indo-Aryans.

Because of their horses and wheeled transport, the Cainite Aryans were quick to establish and control the inland trading routes such as the China Silk Road and became extremely wealthy.

Along with the sea-faring Phoenician tribe of Dan, they established a trading network through the Mediterranean that extended up major water ways such as the Danube and Rhine and the Black and Caspian Seas. One of their main ports was Venice, which is where the black nobility was established. This secretive group is at the top of the pyramid of power on an Earth level.

These bloodlines are important for them to maintain as is the secrecy of their beliefs. But we are in the point of revelations and the world is set to change if enough people wake up to these rulers and claim their birthrights.


Use of Power, Corruption and Money

The group identified as being primarily made up of the descendants of Cain, Canaan, Esau, Ishmael and the Tribe of Dan and mixed with the royal line of Judah, set up a control system based on old Phoenician trading routes – both land and sea. And ruled by the Law of the Sea, or Admiralty Law, and the Law of the Land, or Civil Jurisdiction. The head of the Law of the Sea is the King or Queen of Great Britain and the head of the Law of the Land is the Pope. They based their court systems, taxation systems and governing systems on these two sets of laws and systems of control. An excellent source for exact specifics on how the system is run through secret societies and control agents such as religions, media and entertainment, see the You Tube video titled; The ONEWho Saved The World – The World is About To Change.

Now let us be more specific in saying that it was only those in the ruling classes, and their chosen minions, who are the ones who have been causing the majority of problems on Earth.

When kingship was handed down from heaven” or rather by the Anunnaki to their literal descendants, the role was supposed to be of a loving father figure to his people. One who served his people. That is why you will see the British royal family busy doing photo ops of their charity” endeavors. They try to pretend that they live up to this ideal.

Some of the descendants of these groups are still doing the same thing their families have done for thousands of years. Let’s take a look at the practices of the Cainites. They used to sacrifice their children to Moloch or Baal. They would throw their own babies into fires and other horrific live sacrificial atrocities. And what the Bible leaves out or what was perhaps censored out, is that they would also drink the blood and eat the raw flesh of sacrificial victims. Human sacrifice was a regular occurrence.

Orgies and incest were a regular occurrence. Bestiality was normal. All of these things are still happening today among their descendants and those under their control. It is the fundamental price to pay to gain entry into the smallest club. And some are simply born into it and don’t have a choice, nor can understand why this is a bad thing. The severe trauma creates humans who become leaders devoid of empathy.

While in battle, the Scythian descendants of Cain (the Phoenicians) , would eat the heart and brain and drink the blood of their victims. Their victims pineal gland was full of adrenochrome from the fear of the battle, and this and other components energized them so they could continue killing. Their homeland around the Caspian Sea was the birthplace of the vampire stories – for good reason. Because vampirism was exactly was was happening then and why it is such a fad today in popular culture – it’s still happening now.



System of Power and Control

Think of anything negative you can imagine, murder, lies, extortion, bribery, fraud, torture, imprisonment, slavery, mind control, invisible electronic warfare, dogma, ideologies, divide and conquer strategy, these are their methods.

And anything else horrific, amoral, or vile not listed. Complete anti-life.

The Phoenician/Venicians and their northern counterparts, the Black Sea princes of Scythia, who also controlled the Caspian Sea and the straights of Bosphorus which divided Anatolia and the major east-west route known as the Silk Road, had attained the first requisite for power; wealth.

They made sure the royalty became indebted to them by starting wars that the royals would have to fight. They bribed the royals minions, the politicians, and took over the actual administration of countries. They became Mayors of the Palace or Stewards who ended up taking over the power of the throne. And eventually they married into the royal Judaic bloodlines of Zarah and Perez. The royal bloodlines of Judah became polluted by them.

So, then they had the money, the power, and the control – and they were corrupt to their core.

It was that simple.

Lets focus a minute on a particularly noxious people from the Black Sea area known as the Khazars. They were a bad combination of the previous Cainite/Canaanite/Edomite/Danites along with some descendants of Ashkenaz, grandson of Noahs son Japheth. They were such a belligerent, war-like people that the kings in surrounding areas gave them an ultimatum to either choose Judaism, Islam, or Christianity as a religion to try to civilize them. Outwardly they chose Judaism, but inwardly they vowed to destroy all three of their choices. They formed Catholicism to destroy Christianity, Wahabbism to destroy Islam, and adopted Talmudic Judaism which was spoken of by Yeshua, known as Jesus.

Outwardly they chose Talmudic Judaism and became known as AshkeNAZI Jews. The emphasis put here on the NAZI part of the name, was intentional to emphasize the fact that it was these people who later became the part of the Germans who were the Nazis. So, the irony of the whole Nazis atrocities against Jews during World War II is that the Nazi leadership were in reality Satanists who were practicing Talmudic Judaism, who were masquerading as Christians, who were killing Jews.

And they were killing Jewish descendants of Judah – actual Jews. These AshkeNAZI Jews later became the Zionists who are behind the State of Israel. The leaders of Israel are in reality Satanists, and a non-Semitic, non-Jewish people. The Talmudic Jews were the descendants of the false High Priests who were in power in the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of Yeshua. The ones he openly called the Synagogue of Satan, because that is exactly who they were.

There is a particularly vile sect within this group known as Frankists, which is a Sabbatean Jewish religious movement formed by Jacob Frank, a man who claimed to be the Messiah. There are still descendants of them running things today. Jeffrey Epstein was a Sabbatean Frankist Ashkenazi Jew. No doubt Ghislaine Maxwell is too.

Most people think the Nazis were defeated and faded into the sunset. But the truth is that the Nazi leadership established bases in Central and South America and Antarctica and fled to those places at the end of the war. Their top scientists and engineers were brought to America during Operation Paperclip. Since then, they have infiltrated themselves into the highest levels of American government. Prescott Bush, President Bushs father, was a Nazi, and started the C.I.A. There is much evidence to support his responsibility for President Kennedys assassination. The Bushs have strong ties to Nazism and Satanism.

There are lists online of the Dark Nobility families of Venice. Their minions are the Popes and Cardinals. The Popes and Cardinals’ minions are the Mafia, various secret intelligence agencies such as Mossad, MI-6, the CIA, FBI, etc. and the visible royalty. Their other minions are the politicians, bankers, judiciaries, law enforcement, media, publications, celebrities, and sports stars.

All are expected to make human and animal sacrifice. All are expected to turn their children over for torture and mind control to insure the continuation of their system of control.

All are subjected to torture, intimidation, constant surveillance, and mind control. All are made addicted to alcohol and drugs, as well as adrenochrome, a drug that is a byproduct of human torture and sacrifice. All are made to participate in bestiality, incest, torture, murder, necrophilia, and deviant sex. A large number of them are forced to be transgendered. A shocking number seem to have no conscience and see nothing wrong in what they do.

They keep everything within their family lines. They enrich and reward only themselves. They have bought up and consolidated so much wealth that a very few own the vast majority of companies, lands, jewels, artwork, mansions and wealth of the Earth.

They plan centuries in advance. This is easy to do as their families have been in control for thousands of years. They have exploited every resource they ever found, and they have cared nothing for the people or environment they impacted and stole from.

One of their main businesses is war. It serves many purposes for them. They produce armaments, uniforms, equipment, etcetera, and they make money through the manufacturing of these goods. They provide the service companies needed for their war machines. Because they serve higher dimensional evil entities who cannot be seen, but who surround us, they feed their masters through war. They do that because all the pain, anguish, fear, and bloodshed is actual food to a negative energetic being.

So that is the main reasons for wars, it pays tribute and feeds their overloads. People pay for wars, not the ones at the top. They just profit from them.

People pay with their lives and hard-earned money and through physical and emotional pain.  And their leaders not only do not care about their suffering – they benefit from it in many ways.

The global elite” had a grand plan to eliminate ninety percent of the human population. They only need enough humans to serve them, and humans had gotten to be too much trouble to handle. They figured that each of them could get away with 2600 personal slaves. To understand their viewpoint, watch Cecil B. DeMille’s The 10 Commandments sometime. Or, The Hunger Games. Or any popular dystopian series that paints a picture of a bleak future where humanity resorts to killing off itself. Sound anything like Planned Chaos?

They have worked diligently in many ways to try to eliminate the population, and they are always clever to find ways to profit off human misery and death, war being just one method. Another is the medical industry that doesn’t cure but prolongs suffering. 

And as can be seen with the current so-called pandemic of Covid-19, fear of illness is a very effective control mechanism. One that the vast majority seem more than willing to go along with.

Fear is their number one control mechanism. Think about it for a moment, from childhood to death, these controllers have a say in every part of your life: horrific “fairy tales,” violent video games, television and movies, mosquito hornets, engineered electrical storm induced fire, and the latest, a massive incoming asteroid, as fear tactics. They seem to be very successful, if the number of people afraid to breathe any air at all is any indication.

We may face threats like poisonous contaminants or nano bots. We will have to deal with the threat of Artificial Intelligence so small it can be injected into you along with a poisonous vaccine. These also contain an invisible magnetic marker that permanently stains the skin which makes one trackable. It is the Mark of the Beast we were warned about in the Bible.

Their other methods to kill off humans include starvation, weather manipulation to cause droughts and severe storms, poisons such as fluoride in water and toothpaste, chemicals in our food supply, contamination of our water supplies, and toxic chemicals and heavy metals released in chemtrails that have been sprayed in our skies for decades. 

So, to them, control is through fear, financial insecurity, mind control through media and propagandized education, and the falsification of history and suppression of truth.

And since they worship Satan, the Father of lies, they use lies to control people. They are the proverbial wolves in sheeps clothing, pretending to be something they are not. They say one thing and plot another thing.

And they are the richest and most famous among us. Since they own all the media companies, they put themselves in their magazines and only favor fellow Satanists in politics and the movie and music industries. Or they make sure they become Satanists if they want to become successful.

That is the small club and they all come from one group who makes sure only their own succeed whether looking at actors, musicians, academics, scientists, politicians, and celebrities, the one thing they have in common is their pursuit of wealth, power, control, and in some cases fame.

So, what price fame? Quite high. Your soul? 


So it is that we’ve tried to describe the foe. We do this not to glorify them at all. We present this information as we do all information at Prepare for Change, to provide you with the tools to stare evil in the face and allow them to pass. Or, in really bad cases, not pass if they live their lives in violation of the creator’s intent.

Time has caught up to these violators and their judgment – a self judgment – is at hand. It is self judgment because they have been told the Laws of Creation and choose to live outside of those laws. The Laws dictate that one need be in service to others by 51%. The polarity and the times that we are in are raising the consciousness of the planet, indeed, the entire Galaxy and our solar system. Because of the compression zone that we are passing through, all living things on the planet are going to have to evolve. The dormant strands of DNA are what are being activated and the story told herein is coming to light.

Consciousness is being gained by the public. There is a mass awakening going on and that is where hope resides. We are all creator beings with untold power. The end times are the end of their wicked ways. The world will find its balance and return back to stability and even great prosperity.

It has been our duty to present this information which the team of volunteers at Prepare for Change have humbly and mightily responded to. The information that we’ve presented in this whole Planned Chaos series is possibly not new to many of you and shocking to many others. The claims are based on reports and our long-standing relationships with those in intelligence, secret societies, the occult, the inside, as well as vigorous researchers, academics, whistle-blowers, historians, scientists and family members. The information is out there. It has been our responsibility to connect the dots of these plans and planners as they have risen to the surface at this very moment in our history.

The war that engulfs the world at this time is a war for control of information. As people en masse realize that they aren’t getting the full story from traditional media sources, we join many, many other independent and citizen journalists in digging for the truth.

In the end, the truth isn’t for everybody. And that’s ok. It’s for those who seek and those who are willing to undergo transformation. Perhaps, it’s for those who are going to bloom first as a flower in the fields to show others how to do it.

We’ve created this series of work with painstaking information gathering over years and decades to provide you with the tools to arm yourself with the power of God and the power of truth. Continue on your journey knowing that this evil needs to be identified to give humanity a target to aim at. When aiming at this target, the takedown, ironically is with love. Whatever the question, love is the answer. They can’t stand that.

So we end our series now with many questions still to ponder, but with a great catalyst of information to begin the process of exposure. We salute the many who have been called and the few who answer the call.

If you have been moved by the information provided in our series, please reach out and consider donations to support our mission or volunteer your time or service. We have many initiatives that are building a better future and new society once we remove the controllers and clear the path to our abundance. That path may still see some huge pitfalls, but we feel confident that we are on the way there.

May you walk with love, light and blessings along your path.


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Many thanks to the Prepare For Change Planned Chaos team for their hard work and contributions towards making this docu-series of articles and videos.  They are part of the PFC Media Team and include:

Script Writers/Editors:

     Gerry,  Derek,  RevKat,  Shari,  Mary,  Melinda,  Richard

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The Riddles of the World and Anthroposophy

By Rudolf Steiner as suggested by one of our subscribers:


Berlin, 22nd February 1906

The Persian legend speaks of two contrary divinities, of Ormuzd, the good god, and of Ahriman, the bad god. Both divinities battle for the human being, generally for everything that develops here on earth as life. One holds out in prospect that once the good divinity wins the victory over the bad divinity.

Whatever one thinks about this legend, everybody sees a portrayal of this idea in nature, in the surrounding world. To get an example, look at the fire on one side. We owe our culture to it, our comfort and our advancement here within our life, and on the other side look at the destroying power of the forces related to the fire in any respect as for example the earthquakes and the volcano eruptions. So, on one side, beneficent, preserving, life-sustaining, and life-giving powers prevail, and, on the other side, life-destroying and hostile powers. The scene on which the fights of these both powers take place is not only the external human being but also the internal one. The human soul is torn between hostile powers: between pain, evil, grief, and the beneficent powers of existence, fulfilling us with joy, raising our hearts and pointing us to the spiritual spheres of heaven.

Deeper natures have always seen the unity, basically, the harmony between these two contrary powers. I need only to remind of something completely known and you imagine how a choice spirit of our own German culture expressed the unity and uniformity of these contrary powers. Schiller’s Song of the Bell contains the nice words just in this regard:

Benevolent is the fire’s might,
If man tames and watches it,
For what he builds what he creates,
He owes to this heavenly power;
But terrible this heavenly power is,
If she, casting off the shackles,
Strides along on tracks her own,
This free daughter of nature.

The same under two different points of view!

If we look at the external and internal human being in such a way, we see reluctant powers in him everywhere. One of these powers of which since ancient times prudent and not prudent people have spoken shall be an object of our today’s consideration: that power which one always called Lucifer. — Not only from the scientific, historical point of view, but also from the internal, the so-called esoteric point of view we want to deal with this subject.

The word Lucifer means light bearer (Latin: lux — the light, fer, ferre — bear). If we keep this word in mind, we must already say to ourselves, those who named this power could impossibly mean only that which various positive religious convictions summarise as the destroying, grief, and downfall bringing power that they see in the symbol of the snake and the evil dragon. — However, the religious system best known in Europe, the Christian one, complies with what in the vernacular one calls devil or Satan, whom one regards as the life-destroying power and as that power which draws us down. You all know the snake as the seducer of humanity. You can read it at the beginning of the Genesis, the Bible, and it lives in the consciousness of many people that way.

Not always and not in all confessions the snake was regarded as the symbol of the evil, as the ruining power, as power that draws us down. If we look at the Christian-Jewish myth, it cannot appear to us completely that way. For who would today count that power which brought the knowledge of good and evil to the human beings, of which one says that it opened men’s eyes, absolutely to the hostile powers? A big change has taken place just in the last century.

We only need to remind of the name of the great genius Goethe to say which changes have taken place in the course of the last centuries. You all know that Goethe transformed the medieval Faust legend, not only covered it anew. If you pursue this medieval Faust legend, Faust stands there as the representative and type of the human striving, of the striving that is built on freedom and independence and on science, not of that which should be built on revelation, on faith.

Even in the 16th century, the folk spirit represented this Faust, this genius of the liberal striving for human knowledge so that he must absolutely become a slave of the evil, life-hostile powers. Faust must go to ruin because he turned away from the faith, from the tradition of the millennia, from revelation. One tells of him that he did no longer want to be a theologian; one says of him that he laid the Bible behind a bank and became a worldly person. A worldly person was such a person who wanted to found his existence on own knowledge and on own insight of the forces. Such a person had necessarily to become a slave of the evil forces, according to the point of view at that time. Goethe shows us this fight in a new way. How does he close Faust’s destiny? He lets the choir of angels sing: “For him whose striving never ceases we can provide redemption.” In addition, here, Faust makes the pact with the powers that are connected with Mephistopheles, but he is redeemed, although he founds himself on freedom and self-determination. Faust reaches to the pacification of his existence. This soul change took place there. Lucifer is no longer recognised in the old way as fateful.

If we look around in the old religions, Lucifer was not always fateful. In the old Indian religions. One called the sages, the leaders, those who illuminated the human beings with spirit “snakes.” It is similar in many religions. Why? What does Lucifer represent in these old religions? What does he represent, finally? This and the like shall occupy us today. What does he represent to the occultists, the explorers of the forces slumbering in nature, of the deeper forces of nature who speak about Lucifer in the sense of this knowledge as that who shall bring the light to the human being who builds on himself and does not build on revelation and faith, but on knowledge and science?

If we want to penetrate into this matter, we must touch something that leads us to bygone times of human existence, so to speak, to the starting point of human evolution. This object, which can only be touched here at the beginning, occupies us completely when we speak about the evolution of the planets. Nevertheless, we have to start already today from this time of human evolution. Evolution is that which appears to us today as a magic word and wants to make the human existence comprehensible, what faces us today in certain perfection and completion and from which we hope that it advances to higher and higher levels of perfection. We attribute everything that lives round us to a development from imperfect to the perfect. That applies to the human being also, to the human being who enters existence according a deeper teaching of development before ancient times in which our earth still did not look like today and in which its natural forces worked quite differently. In the sense of the theosophical or spiritual-scientific worldview, we also speak about this starting point of human evolution, but we speak of an evolution that leads us back to times that are even more distant and to a starting point, which are before our earth evolution. I can only indicate this.

When the human being entered into existence, he was alone, so to speak, with and among the physical realms in the world. If we look at the human being in such a way, he appears to us as the highest member, as the last link in a developmental chain compared with the remaining physical realms, compared with the mineral, plant and animal realms. However, as foolish as it would be if a plant, a stone, or an animal spoke: with me the development ends —, as foolish and senseless it would be if the human being spoke of himself: with me the development ends, I am the highest of the beings, which are possible here on earth. — We must look up at other beings, which we cannot reach with the sensuous eyes, which we reach, however, if the slumbering deeper, spiritual forces are woken if the spiritual eyes are opened.

The theosophical or spiritual-scientific worldview has to bring a consciousness of these advanced beings again who are related to the human beings as the human being to the lower realms of nature. When the human being entered into existence, he was not created from nothing, but he originated from former developmental links. In addition, other beings went through such developments. They outranked the human being. The religion, also the Bible speaks of these beings. It speaks of beings who could feel as perfect at that time as the human being feels once when he has finished his present development on earth. We say in the spiritual-scientific worldview, in the human being, in his deepest inside a god is originating. With the Christian mysteries of the Middle Ages we speak that the human being can rise to realms which stand above those in which he lives today. The Christian mystic Angelus Silesius says this: “If you rise above yourself and let God prevail, your spirit experiences Ascension.” Then he does not merely receive from the creative powers like today, but he is then a creative, a spiritualised and deified being.

At the starting point where the forces, which have reached certain levels of perfection today, were still in their childhood, there were beings beside him who had already gone through such stages which he has to finish today. They were that — if we understand the Bible rather internally — from which the gods descended. The gods have also developed, even in the sense of the Bible. The Elohim are not something that simply stands there, but they are something that has become and has developed to that height. They stood on that level in the past to which the human being develops once. These gods have reached a certain completion. However, as well as on the stages of our present existence beside more developed human individuals also those are who have only reached a lower degree of perfection, at that time still beings also stood between human beings and gods who were higher than the human beings, but lower than the creative gods. I know how ambiguous such things are, even if one takes them seriously. I know that the materialistic worldview almost forbids, because it regards it as superstition, to speak of developmental stages of such beings.

However, this cannot prevent us from facing the truth and from speaking of developmental stages of the human being. The gods were in lofty heights above the human beings, and immediately about these were beings who stood in their development between the gods and human beings, but did not complete it at that time. They went through their development among the human beings, because they were closer to them. These beings made up as it were on our earth within their development for that which they had omitted earlier. The secret doctrine, occultism complies with the old religions and the deeper profundities of our time. They subsume these powers as Lucifer. The theosophical worldview shows that a god lives in the human being who expresses himself in the slumbering dispositions that are, however, divine dispositions one day, that the human being has developed at the end of the evolution, but also the luciferic principle lives in the human being and belongs to his soul.

After we have made this clear to ourselves, we are free to speak of gods and luciferic powers, of the divine and of the luciferic principles in us as the physicist speaks of electricity and magnetism. The gods stood there as elated beings. Now we must realise both — gods and luciferic powers — as the big principle which lives in any development and work. Look once at nature round yourselves. As the lowest of a sequence the lifeless world of the mineral, then the plants, then the animal and finally the human realms face us; and then even further up the realms of the higher beings. If the plant could open the eyes and look with bright, clear knowledge around it, then it would say to itself, I owe my existence to this mineral realm, which lives round me; if it were not, I could never be. From it, I get my vitality. This realm forms the ground, from which my roots grow. Without this realm, I could never be there. — Again, if the animal could look at the lower physical realms in the same way, it would be the same. It would have to look down at the lower plant realm and say: I have grown out of it, I owe my food to it; if the plant realm did not exist, I would not be. —

It is the same with the human being. He also has to say to himself: I have grown out of these lower realms of nature, I owe my existence to them; if they were not, then I would not be. There the higher realm faces the lower one again and helps, so to speak, to further its existence. Imagine only once that the mineral realm would only have developed on earth! What would the earth have become? A rigid, lifeless body that hurried through the space. Life would have remained in the mineral realm like slumbering in a grave. Now this life has escaped, so to speak, to a higher realm, to the plant realm, and the mineral realm on earth is made again a living one by the plant realm. The mineral holds and carries the plant realm; the plant realm transforms the mineral perpetually in the living circulation. Consider what the plant makes with the mineral forces on earth! If there were no plants on earth, the substances of the mineral realm rested in the dead rock. However, because there is a plant realm, it soaks up the substances, revives itself with them, and returns them. The lower realm offers the basis and forces to the higher one, and the higher realm helps again to preserve the existence of the lower one. Thus, it is with any next higher realm. The animal realm lives together peacefully with the plant realm, it inhales oxygen and exhales carbonic acid; the plant builds up its body from the carbon and delivers oxygen for it.

What is about the human being? He also lives by means of the lower realms of nature. There we gradually come up to the human being who approaches the spirit, subsists on the spirit. If we go over to the spiritual powers, there is exactly the same relation between the gods and the human beings as between the lower realms of the universe, a relation, similar to that between the plants and the minerals or between the other higher realms of the universe. We know what the plant contributes to the formation and stimulation of the mineral realm, what do the spiritual realms contribute, what do the gods do with the human being at the starting point of development and in its progress? What did they do with the human realm?

The gods have completed their development. They have no immediate interest in the human realm — if we want to speak here evidently, even if not quite appropriately. However, they have an indirect interest; they give it the forces, which bring the slumbering and solidified life in the human being back to existence, as well as the plant gives the dead stone life. Have a look at the mineral, the plant, and the animal realms. How are they opposing each other? The esoteric who investigates the deeper forces of nature says, the mineral, the plant, and the animal realms face each other like wisdom, life, and love. — Try to understand that!

If you look at the mineral realm as it faces us in nature: everywhere you try to understand it with your intellect and wisdom. You investigate the stars and their orbits, the physical principles of the mineral world. The plant pulls wisdom and the world regularity out of the mineral world. We say without thinking, wisdom, regularity rests in the mineral realm; it is the embodied wisdom. However, poor, sober, and dead would this mineral realm be with its wisdom unless the plant world had come along and its stimulating principle had woken the sprouting life in this slumbering wisdom. Love and wisdom exchange the forces with each other, while the plants and minerals interact with each other. In a similar way, it is also between the gods and the human beings. When the human being began his development on earth, life rested in him at first; the gods stoked it up again for a new earthly development. What is associated with this earthly development? Again, the human realm and the divine realm are related to each other like wisdom and love.

Hence, esotericism, all deeper confessions — also Christianity — speak of the fact that God or the gods are love, the stimulating principle. This principle causes the sensual love at first. That is why Jehovah is shown in the Jewish religion of the Old Testament as the bringer of the sensual desire, as the giver of growth and reproductivity. In the sensual desire lies the principle of the further development that drives from the imperfect to the perfect that is the development from the animal realm up to where love founds states. In this love, which appeals, so to speak, the human beings for communities, which penetrates what is solidified in the human being with sprouting life, as the plant appeals the stone for life, we have the revealing, original divinity in it at first. This is the case in all religions and in the esoteric science too. Now we must take stock of the fact that we have here to see the divine driving forces in the human evolution. The human being had forever to regard that which propels him, which furthers him, as a gift, as a revelation of a divine principle.

The luciferic principle enters among him and the gods. Thereby he is enabled to take charge of that which lives unconsciously as a divine principle in him, in his unaware desire of reproduction and development. Thereby he ascends to independence and freedom in his development. Why this? Because that which lives in Lucifer is closer to him, so to speak, is a younger brother of the divine principle. When the development was still in an older phase, the gods were on the level of humanity; there they looked for their own development independently within the human level. However, after they have developed, the human being is a creature among them; they control the human being and work in him. Now the luciferic principle comes along. This still has a more familiar and more intimate relation to the human being; it has not yet completely outgrown the level of humanity. It is something that rises above the present point of view of humanity, but is associated intimately with it, so that it melts more together with the human being and works as own desire in the human being to further himself. These are three levels, which work in the human being as his developmental forces: his humanity, the luciferic principle, and divinity. If we want to understand the human being, as he faces us on the present level of development, then we must see in the sense of the spiritual-scientific worldview that he has developed the so-called four lower principles. At the same time, I assume something that the theosophical worldview teaches. I want only to give a short explanation of it.

At first we have the physical body of the human being, then the principle of the etheric body, the stimulating one, the formative one, then his desires and passions, the animal in him; this has awoken to independence due to the fourth principle, to the real ego of the human being with which he has outgrown the animal. This human ego is that which develops, actually. This ego lives in three lower principles. It is the fourth. Within this fourth principle, the divine powers work which have already passed the fourth principle in their development and control it from above. We have the luciferic powers still associated with the fourth principle. The gods have ascended from the level of egoity to unselfishness, to devotion and to the overcoming of any special existence. The luciferic in the human being is enclosed with the bigger part of its being still within the ego; it is still within the human interests. With it, we see that everything that lives as unselfishness and willingness to make sacrifices in the human being is the divine principle in the human being, and that beside this divine principle another driving force is in him. Who practices true introspection learns to recognise the other principle. It is the luciferic one.

It strives for divinity, not only in complete devotion sacrificing its self, but it strives for the high stages of perfection, with enthusiasm, indeed, but just from the deepest interest of the self: not only because I love it, but because the higher perfection coincides with that which I must love. I want to strive for it as a human being in divine freedom. The divine powers do not strive for this perfection. By the luciferic striving, however, I make the divine perfection my very nature.

That is why we can say, if this luciferic principle were not in the human being, the gods would him leave in a certain passiveness, in a certain idleness, and they would lead him to. He would be in the state of being a child of the gods. Indeed, his being would strive to perfection, but not he would be that who strives in such a way but the God in him. — Besides, the other, the luciferic strength is added. It makes this striving its own issue. It sets itself the goal of perfection. The biblical myth also shows this also wonderfully. The gods created Adam and Eva, fated to be led by the divine powers to divine perfection without any own activity. However, because the snake comes that gives knowledge and freedom and thereby the possibility of perfection, it brings the possibility of the bad too.

Because the decision between good and bad is now laid in the man’s own hand and knowledge, the desire, the love is made the bearer of an unaware, but divine striving for perfection. Everything that should live in this striving for perfection should be aglow with this love, with that which reveals itself to the human being in this love. On the other side, that power opposes it leading the human being, while it takes possession of this fourth principle, of the ego, it wakes him for own choice, gives him light to own knowledge, so that he walks to perfection in the light. Thus, we have the bearer of love and the bearer of light as two real forces prevailing in the human being.

I have expressed in modern form what you can find in all confessions, in all occult worldviews as the divine principle and the luciferic principle. Only those confessions which have gone over more and more to founding themselves only upon revelation, only on faith have felt what works in the human being and lives as own principle of perfection as the bearer of the bad. Therefore, Lucifer, the light bearer, became the seducer from that who invokes the human being for freedom, for independence, for the bright, clear knowledge.

This is one side. All those religions which have left their starting point — for they all have the right view of God and Lucifer at their starting point — which only search for the God who leads the human beings in unconsciousness to bliss, at the same time they all feel that in which the God himself works also as something causing ruin. They feel nature as sin; they feel the mind, the bright, clear knowledge as the perverting Lucifer. Goethe pronounced this, “Nature is sin and Intellect the devil, hermaphroditic Doubt their child, which they together foster” (Faust). Yes, it is true, very true that the doubt is between divine revelation and striving for freedom. However, it is also true that this doubt is necessary to the human being if he really wants to strive for godliness from his own ego by his own merit. We have to go through the doubt, and not before we can doubt all truth, we are able to take possession of truth really. Who has never doubted does not know how the human being is connected with truth. However, who overcomes the doubt gains higher knowledge than if it has become his possession out of blind revelation. This is the pedagogic value of doubt. Therefore, it stands rightly between the divine that cannot be separated from nature and is regarded as sin, between that which is diabolical, is luciferic and the level of perfection.

Considered this way, the human development seems to be put in a certain perspective. The whole development of the Old Testament appears to us in such a way that the God prevails as love in the progress of the human race, in the sensuous love and in everything that it founds: blood relationship, family, clan et cetera. We have perfect with the Jewish people in Jehovah. He is nothing else than the personified power of nature, if one notes how he prevails in the mineral realm, in the sprouting plant realm, in the animal realm feeling joy and sorrow, and in the human being himself. The human God, the Christ impact allows the mineral to form the crystal, it makes the plant sprout and the animals go through the instinctual life, and it leads the human being from the imperfect to the perfect. Ascended the human being to the higher realms, he would remain a mere nature being unless the other spirit, but the spirit beneficent to the human being, Lucifer, prevailed in him who evokes selfishness, indeed, but also independence and freedom. He makes the human being his own being, a special being and raises him above the mere power of nature that way. As true, as it is for the feeling of the servant of Jehovah that Jehovah himself is the basis of the human world that he is the godhead, as it is true that Lucifer rebels against this power of nature and leads the human being to knowledge, calls on him for a clear consciousness.

Thus, the human being raises himself to independence. He releases himself from the ties of the blood relationship, of the clan and the people. He becomes gradually a personality, indeed, an egoistic personality. There Jehovah approaches him out of the same spirit, the governor of the higher life, who regulates the development by law, by commandment. If we have the god working in nature by the sensuous love with necessity, we have him as legislator now, as the god of the Ten Commandments. We have him as Jehovah, who gives the human beings the law, which they have to obey, which shall arrange the awaking personality, which shall harmonise and balance it. What is sensuous love below is a commandment of morality above. That should also be raised which works not only as a physical power, as a commandment which strives not only out of divinity to perfection, but it should also be raised to the human ego. Thus, the general physical lawfulness gives that the mere power of love changes into the principle of spiritual love that Christ originates from the sensuous Jehovah. This spiritualised love does no longer work only in the physical instinct but spiritualises life, which once law could only control.

Thus, Christ becomes the founder of the law that does not approach the human being from without like the usual law, but becomes a soul force like the innermost desire of morality. If Jehovah gives the commandment, Christ gives the power of working. If the god Jehovah determines what is good, Christ prevailing in the human being gives birth to the good out of the strength in the human being himself. The forces of nature are raised to the soul; what was sensuous love becomes spiritual love due to Christ. The law itself is warmed up by the divine, it works in the world as divine grace — using a Christian term.

Thus, we see with the big progress in the turn of the eras the sensuous love, the principle of the natural force only imagined as divine, being refined and spiritualised to the mental love, to the power which does no longer work on the physical plane but on the moral plane.

At first the Christian caritas, the Christian love is the refined power, which produces a moral coherence among the human beings. This coherence considers the human beings strictly as human beings and makes them all equal compared to the highest perfection. It immerses morality in love, as instincts were once immersed in love. This is the first time of Christianity. Hence, the Christian virtue became the virtues of community, the virtues of the harmony of the human souls. The god who brings together the human beings wanted to work in mental love, and this is the principle of the Christian religion. As once, body found body in the natural principle, now in Christianity soul meets soul in the higher love due to the Christ principle. As the Jehovah principle created human communities based on blood, based on family, clan, and people, Christ was called to cause that souls find souls without mediation of the blood. The sensuous love is refined to the self-sacrificing devotion; the physical power is refined to the moral action of the god. As well as in the course of the Old Testament the other principle worked, the luciferic principle, as a divine natural force penetrating the human beings bringing them independence and freedom, in the newer times this principle penetrates the human development as a bearer of light, as bearer of freedom. It is not the opponent; it is the necessary supplement of the Christ principle. It is connected with this Christ principle in a unity, as well as all reluctant forces of nature are imagined as connected by those who have understood nature and universe. As well as Schiller speaks of it:

Benevolent is the fire’s might,
If man tames and watches it,

But terrible this heavenly power is,
If she, casting off the shackles,
Strides along on tracks her own,

It is the same here. On one side, the Christian caritas, the Christian love, the divine that leads soul to soul and, on the other side, the bearer of light, the bearer of independence and freedom.

By the soul love, humanity would also live only in an unconscious perfection. However, because the soul is impregnated and warmed up, is illumined with the bright, clear knowledge, warmed up by the light of the spirit, because in the human being the bearer of light lives and works, the Christian love thereby works on the free development of the human being also in future. Thus, both powers — revealed wisdom and science gained by the human being — face each other. Soul and consciousness face each other in such a way: the soul glows in spiritual love, and the consciousness penetrates and illumines this spiritual love with the principle of clearness and freedom. Thus, the human being lives between these poles of his being; he works and lives between these powers. To somebody, who looks deeper at the things, Lucifer, the bearer of light, is no hostile power. Lucifer — even if he himself casts off his shackles and strides along his own track, as a free will of the universal power —, always creates the good — to speak with Goethe’s words — even if he wants the bad. Lucifer opposes us inevitably as that which must complement another principle in the human being. He proves to be the close friend of the human being who faces him as a brother, whereas on the other side the human being looks up at the elated gods to whom he obeys in quiet devotion, who bear him in their love.

Thus, life appears really as a fight between light and love. It is that way in the present stage of development. As well as the physicists put positive and negative electricity, positive and negative magnetism as two poles, which belong together inevitably, light and love in the higher area of human life belong together like two poles of human existence. Never there originates only one kind of electricity; if you rub a glass rod with a cloth, it becomes positively electric; however, the cloth becomes negatively electric. That applies everywhere. Never can work only one force in the development of life, always the other force must be added as necessary complement. In the human life, the two poles are love and light. The one is not possible without the other.

As well as the old law, the commandments of Jehovah, which he gave symbolically on Sinai, changed because of the appearance of Christ Jesus on earth, love also changes. Love is something mental that appeared as a higher stage of the physical power in the sensuous love. That is why it is also possible that on the higher stage something clearer appears, namely knowledge.

What was knowledge? It was, if you look back, something that is similar to Jehovah’s law, the Ten Commandments, and it has to be remelted. As by Christ’s death the love of the sensuous stage was remelted to the mental stage, the principle of mere knowledge, the luciferic knowledge, has to be transformed into a higher one.

We are included in this change today. In certain respects, we experience such a renewal of that which took place in Christianity. As the law changed into grace, science has to change into wisdom. As grace must be borne by our own soul, wisdom has to be borne by the human soul. As Christ is the god who can also prevail in the human being and enables him to become his own legislator in grace, wisdom is born out of the human science. As our science is built on external experience which is given from the outside like the Jews got the commandments on Sinai, this science will be born in wisdom as the law has been born anew by and in Christ. This is the spiritual-scientific striving. We have science given from without, given by the senses, up to now and this has reached the highest level in our cultural life in certain respects. The future must bring that the human being produces this science from his inside as his very own possession, that he changes Lucifer into that who lives and works from the human being. Spiritual science wants nothing else than such a deepening of knowledge. Just as the law or commandment became internal in the Christian virtue and as in the Christ virtue the human development advances in love in the soul life, our material science will progress emotionally if it is reborn from the soul. Spiritual science should aim at this rebirth.

There is a quite analogous event of the human development: Christianity has put up moral virtue instead of the mere physical power in love. The future development brings inner virtue by evoking inner, concealed forces in the human being. As we look back to a development that brought internalisation, law, we see back in the external academic life to a scientific striving, which brings internalisation. As the law was deepened to grace, science will be deepened to wisdom. That means, however, to look for inner development. The law was transformed into the soul by Christian grace. Our science is transformed out of the strength of the own soul into human skill and achievement. Spiritual science wants to rouse the inner, slumbering abilities.

If the Christian works out of the love of his soul compared to the servant of Jehovah, somebody who recognises works out of the wisdom of his heart in the future and attains an even greater deepening of the human development with it. Christianity also promises development of the external soul life. Christianity promises a citizen of the spirit, who connects human being with human being externally without distinction of race and gender. This striving will make the human being such a citizen in the higher spiritual worlds by inner esoteric development.

This is the relation between spiritual science and the external Christianity: the external Christianity looks for external virtue to gain the spiritual with it; the occultist rouses inner virtues slumbering in the human being to gain the even deeper sense of the higher spiritual worlds. What we are talking about is only a deepening of Christianity itself. The Christian principle deepened the law; the spiritual-scientific principle will deepen science. We have the luciferic principle in the entire human development not as an enemy, but as a pole belonging inevitably to the other pole. We have put it to Christianity, as it was up to now. However, just there we have recognised that the principle of the light bearer associates with the principle of love to a higher unity. If inner spiritual abilities are added by the development of the only external Christian virtues, we have an even deeper Christianity, a Christianity that cannot be dictated by the church but that everybody develops by the abilities still slumbering in himself today. Everybody develops the god by own strength, and all souls co-operate in free striving. Lucifer adds freedom, science, and independence to love and goodness. Only that who wants to stop at an epoch of human development can bring himself to turn away the look from that auspicious future perspective.

Any past would be infertile unless it contained a new higher future within itself. The understood spiritual science makes hearts leap for joy and fulfils them with another enthusiasm. What could be achieved by the external institutions up to now could be forced upon the human being in noble, but external kind. The human being once produces that out of the strength of his own soul. An inner church, an inner temple will be there that transfigures and spiritualises the external one. Everybody will be a Christian because Christ shall awake in him, because the inner Christ lives in him and comes along to the Christ who released humanity as a whole. Christ redeemed this humanity as a whole; the human being will understand this if he is internally free and redeemed, if he believes not only in the redemption, but relives this redemption.

Those remind us always who want to point us to Christianity: you aim at self-redemption, but you misunderstand what Christ did. That is not right with which spiritual science is confronted. Spiritual science is not an adversary, but a friend and co-worker of Christianity; not of the Christianity of the last time, but of that Christianity, which knows what Jesus said, “I will be with you, to the end of time” (Matthew 28:20), of that Christianity, which develops to higher and higher perfection. Spiritual science is not hostile to the redemption principle of Christ, because it does not stand on the one-sided point of view that every human being should do something only for himself. This would be the most destructive egoism, even if the human being wanted to strive only in himself for the noblest forces. Humanity is a whole, and if a single — Christ — accomplishes the death of redemption, this death of redemption is for the whole humanity. However, one has to penetrate it with consciousness; any single human being has to relive it. The redemption itself must be reborn in freedom. The principle of St. John’s Gospel of the new birth of the human being also applies to it. Anybody is no real human being who is not reborn in spirit and in truth. Christ Jesus said this. He still lives according to his sentence today, he says in no uncertain manner about his own death of redemption, indeed, I died once for the whole humanity to bring humanity the certainty that death can be defeated by life, but this death must be reborn in the soul of the single human being. The redeemed human being is really redeemed only if he has also reborn the redemption in himself.

This is the living Christ principle, deepened by spiritual science. Thus, the soul is in every single human being that develops love with the noblest ideals of humanity. This love is added to the mere sensuousness as spiritual love and leads the human being to divine perfection. On the other side, the Lucifer principle is illumined by science, freedom, and independence. Love in bright clearness, the consciousness is added to the soul. The soul brings the strength of love, and consciousness penetrates and illumines this strength of love with bright clearness. The human being walks through the soul and consciousness to perfection.

He would progress to divinity by a trial not clear to him if he were only a feeling soul; he would rise to the cold, only reasonable perfection if he were only consciousness. Nevertheless, soul and consciousness have always to penetrate each other. Therefore, someone who strives for spiritual science looks back and forth. He looks at the soul with its feeling and its sensation, and he looks at the consciousness with its light and wisdom and says to himself, I want to be not the human being living in dullness, but the human being prospering in bright clearness. — Those virtues have to be added to all other virtues that are founded on science, freedom, and independence. However, freedom has to be deepened by love; otherwise, it becomes arbitrary and brings the human being only nearer to his instincts.

On the other side, love must deepen science: then it becomes wisdom, true spirituality carried by action. Otherwise, it gets cold, desolate, and abstract. Independence must also combine with love, otherwise, it becomes blind egoism, and otherwise, it becomes rigid. This is the deeper truth of life of the spiritual scientific worldview and lifestyle that again three virtues must completely develop as the necessary principles of the human soul: science, freedom, and independence, which must be deepened, however, by the strength of love. Then love transforms science into wisdom, freedom into willingness to sacrifice, into the devotion and admiration of the divine, and independence into unselfishness, into that principle in the human being that overcomes the special being and is merged in the universe and gains divinity in freedom this way.

Entering Into the Golden Age: Christ Consciousness

I put up an article earlier in the week about this same topic.  Interesting.

From FreakSenseTV:

The Miraculous occurrence of the Great Conjunction in the Night Sky between Jupiter (the Father) and Saturn (the Son of the Sun) represents a shift in the way that God’s Light will be able to enter into the body of Mankind, helping us to achieve the ultimate goal of Christ Consciousness, which is Heaven Upon Earth. Starting on September 22nd, coming to its Zenith on December 21st, and completing this process on March 22nd is the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and Conjunction literally means the UNITING of two or more bodies into a JOINING…a Oneness with the Creator. Thus, when we need it the most, God is helping Mankind to AWAKEN, especially those who have been the most deeply inured to this Wicked System of Depravity by filling our Bodies and Minds with MORE LIGHT…God’s Light, which is comprised of Magnetic Photons. This is the GREAT AWAKENING that many have foreshadowed and are describing for Mankind…a Miracle from God, where Jupiter (an Energetical representation of the Father) and Saturn (the Son of the Sun) are becoming Level to one another, with the greatest PROXIMITY that they have ever had to one another as they approach the Constellation of Sagittarius in Retrograde…Sagittarius is known as the Keen Bow, the Archer with CLEAR VISION, who sees, thus speaks, ONLY THE TRUTH…and in this Moment of Balance, Harmony and Truth, in the face of 6,000 years of the Great Fall of Mankind, it is the TRUTH that will set us Free…and this is our True Golden Jubilee, or NESARA, that will help to transform us into the Golden Children, on this Golden Creation of the Golden Creator…and together we will set the True GOLD STANDARD for all species to abide by… So, sit back, relax, and let God’s Holistic Truth wash over both your Body and Mind, and let it cleanse away all the dirt and grime from your Soul…enter into the realm of the ONE where ONLY the Holistic Truth exists…God Bless! And if possible, please remember my Friends to support Colleen and I here in Mexico as we continue daily to expand and grow, through the Vibration of Love, our Animal Rescue Shelter. We have now reached 45 rescued animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Goats, Possums, Birds) and our costs of maintaining this beautiful facility have grown far beyond what Colleen and I can maintain on our own. Only through your kindness and generosity will we be able to continue our vital efforts to give LIFE to all of these precious creations of God! You can donate to us either through PayPal or Patreon by following the links provided below! Thank you!

We Are All Being Cooked in the Soup Together

By Paul Levy:

One of the recurring thought-forms that I hear repeated everywhere during these apocalyptic times is, “We are all in this together.” It is ironic that “we are all in this together,” and yet, our world feels anything but together, as it is in an incredibly polarized and dissociated state. Our species is suffering from what Jung calls a “sickness of dissociation,” which is a state of fragmentation deep within the unconscious itself that has seemingly spilled outside of our skulls and, through psychic forces beyond our conscious awareness, has taken the form of polarizing collective events playing themselves out en masse on the world stage. Our dissociation is not solely pathological, however, but is an expression of a deeper holistic process that is in the act of revealing itself. To quote Jung, “the sickness of dissociation in our world is at the same time a process of recovery, or rather, the climax of a period of pregnancy which heralds the throes of birth. A time of dissociation … is simultaneously an age of rebirth.”[1]

Whenever I hear “We are all in this together,” it reminds me of an amazing paragraph that Jung wrote in the late 1950’s that is as relevant today as it was then. Here is an excerpt: “We are in the soup that is going to be cooked for us, whether we claim to have invented it or not…. We are threatened with universal genocide if we cannot work out the way of salvation by a symbolic death.”[2] In other words, we are fated to suffer an unconscious “literal” death if we don’t consciously go through a “symbolic” death. What does Jung mean by this?

We are all in the soup together, yet we are suffering from a sickness of dissociation, and we are needing to go through a symbolic death experience, while another part of us is being reborn! What is going on here? Is what’s happening in our world meaningless chaos, or is there “something deeper” going on? The short answer: Our species has gotten drafted into an archetypal death/rebirth experience – in symbolically dying to a part of ourselves that is no longer serving us, another part of us is being reborn. As Jung points out, “there are times [and ours seems to be one of them] when the spirit is completely darkened because it needs to be reborn.”[3]

We can deepen our understanding of the archetypal process of death and rebirth that we are living out by shedding light on a prototypical example of death and rebirth – i.e., The Incarnation. Contemplating the West’s prevailing myth of the birth of God as a human being—the Christ event—psychologically, which is to say symbolically (i.e., as if it is a dream of our species) can help us gain some crucial insights into the deeper archetypal process that we are collectively enacting unconsciously on the world stage during these truly apocalyptic times.

The word “apocalypse,” etymologically speaking, refers to something previously hidden being unveiled and brought to light – in other words, something is being revealed to us during these apocalyptic times. Whereas in religious language, the apocalypse has to do with the Incarnation of God and the coming of the Messiah, psychologically speaking, the “apocalypse” means the momentous, world-shattering event of the coming of what Jung calls “the Self” (the wholeness of our personality, i.e., the God within) into conscious realization. Instead of incarnating through one man, however, like God did over two thousand years ago through the individual person of Jesus, the divine is now incarnating through the unconscious psyche of all of humanity. “God,” Jung writes, “wants to become man,” and instead of choosing a pure, guiltless vessel, God has chosen, in Jung’s words, “the creaturely man filled with darkness—the natural man who is tainted with original sin.”[4]

In that same amazing paragraph Jung writes, “Through his further incarnation God becomes a fearful task for man, who must now find ways and means to unite the divine opposites in himself. He is summoned…. Christ has shown how everybody will be crucified upon his destiny, i.e., upon his self, as he was. He did not carry his cross and suffer crucifixion so that we could escape.”[5] In other words, regardless of our outer religious orientation, everyone of us is fated (whether we like it or not) to carry our cross—to consciously bear our shadow and suffer the tension of the opposites within us—just as Christ did. And yet, something that we could not have created via the efforts of our own ego can potentially emerge as a result of consciously bearing this creative tension.

In being “summoned,” like a healer, shaman or artist who is being called by their inner voice and sacred vocation, we are being subpoenaed by a higher power. Whenever the archetype of the Self is constellated, due to the opposites intrinsic to the nature of this experience, we invariably feel a state of extreme conflict within us that is epitomized by the Christian symbol of the cross. Viewed symbolically, Christ on the cross reveals to us that the development and differentiation of consciousness leads to an ever-increasing awareness of a primordial conflict within our soul which necessarily involves a crucifixion of the ego. To understand this conflict psychologically, we could say that the unconscious longs to reach the light of consciousness, while at the same time continually recoils against it, because it would rather remain unconscious. In theological terms, to quote Jung, “God wants to become man, but not quite.”[6]

The Self is made manifest—i.e., real in space and time—through consciously suffering the conflict between the opposites to the point where we begin to experience their synthesis and complementarity. Jung comments, “This condition of the crucifixion, then, is a symbolic expression for the state of extreme conflict, where one simply has to give up, where one no longer knows, where one almost loses one’s mind. Out of that condition grows the thing which is really fought for … the birth of the self.”[7] It is by going through an internal experience of what the historical crucifixion symbolizes that the divine holy and whole-making spirit gets born through us.

Jung comments, “One shouldn’t evade this conflict by escaping into a premature and anticipated state of redemption, otherwise one provokes it in the outside world. And that is of the devil.”[8] If we don’t deal with the source of the divine conflict within us, it will get projected outside of ourselves and dreamed up in the external world. In other words, in our avoidance of dealing with the conflict within us, we are unwittingly colluding with the darker forces of death and destruction that are playing out in the outer world.

Nature herself does not come to a permanent standstill when confronted with opposites – rather, she uses them to create, out of their very opposition, a synthesis, a new birth. When Christ is nailed to the cross during the crucifixion, it symbolically represents that it is through the experience of being bound and severely limited in the space/time continuum that itself becomes the doorway through which we become introduced to the transcendent part of us that is beyond the physical, i.e., our spiritual nature. In other words, it is in experiencing our finite limitations to the max that becomes a doorway to the infinite part of ourselves.

Nothing so promotes the growth of consciousness as confronting the opposites within ourselves. Holding the tension of the opposites that is inherent in the crucifixion experience invariably liberates us from holding and identifying with our fixed and cherished perspectives. Helping us transcend the notion of a privileged and correct point of view, we become aperspectival in our viewpoint, as we see the relativity of all viewpoints – a way of seeing which coincides with the meta-perspective of the Self.

The essence of the Christian gnosis—the Incarnation of God through humanity—can be best understood as humanity’s creative confrontation with the opposites and their synthesis in the Self. The Self—which Jung equates with Christ—is present in everyone, but typically in an unconscious and unrealized condition. Once we withdraw our projections and fixations upon an external historical or metaphysical figure, however, we can realize that the Self/Christ (or whatever name we call it) lives within us – in Jung’s words, we then “wake up the Christ within.”[9]

It is important to not get caught up in or overly react to the religious language; the same ideas can be expressed psychologically. Instead of using the term “God,” we can say “the collective unconscious;” instead of “Christ,” we can say “the Self.” Instead of “Incarnation,” we can say “integration of the unconscious;” instead of “salvation,” we can say “individuation.” “Crucifixion” we can translate as “realization of our wholeness.” The mystery encoded within the Christ event is now to be found and consummated in and through humanity, who becomes its living carrier. When seen symbolically, the events of Christ’s life are brought within the range of psychological experience through the unfoldment of the individuation process.

In that same amazing paragraph, Jung continues, “The bill of the Christian era is presented to us: we are living in a world rent in two from top to bottom; we are confronted with the H-bomb and we have to face our own shadows…. If God incarnates in the empirical man, man is confronted with the divine problem. Being and remaining man he has to find an answer. It is the question of the opposites, raised at the moment when God was declared to be good only. Where then is his dark side?”[10]

Our bill—our karma—has become due. If we don’t acknowledge and pay our dues to the darkness, like the return of the Freudian repressed, it will take its due on its own terms, with a vengeance. We are at the point of our evolution where we are fated to come to terms not just with our own personal shadow, but with the dark side of God, so to speak – i.e., with evil. We can only escape an experience of the opposites by choosing to identify with the light and deny the darkness, as Jung reminds us, “up to a certain point.” We are living through the time in history where we can no longer postpone facing and coming to terms with our darker half.

The cross is the symbol of the suffering Godhead that redeems humanity. This suffering would not have occurred without darker forces seemingly opposed to God. This is to say that the powers of evil play a crucial, mysterious and essential role in the redemption of humanity. Jung continues, “Christ is the model for the human answers and his symbol is the cross, the union of the opposites. This will be the fate of man, and this he must understand if he is to survive at all.”[11]

To quote Trappist monk and author Thomas Merton, “every man is Christ on the Cross, whether he realizes it or not. But we, if we are Christians [and in the deeper symbolic sense we are all “Christians”], must learn to realize it.”[12] Realizing we are Christ on the Cross re-contextualizes our suffering, transforming it from a deeply problematic personal situation to a more universal process in which we have all gotten enlisted. It is important to distinguish our neurotic suffering—which is a result of our unconscious clinging and is totally unproductive—from the suffering which is “sent by God” (as Christian mystics would say) in order to purify us of our obscurations. Our neurotic suffering blocks us from experiencing the divine, while the suffering that is a result of our participation in the archetypal process of crucifixion, through connecting us to the deeper passion that Christ went through, is the doorway introducing us to something beyond ourselves.

Russian philosopher Nicolas Berdyaev writes, “But there was a tendency to forget that the cross had a universal significance and application. The Crucifixion awaits not only the individual man but also society as a whole, a State or a civilization.”[13] In other words, it is not just individuals who are symbolically going through a crucifixion experience, but our global civilization as a whole. The microcosm (the individual) and the macrocosm (the collective), like iterations of the same fractal, are mirrored reflections of each other. The Self (or whatever name we call it) is incarnating through us—both individually and as a species—and it makes all the difference in the world whether we consciously realize this or not.[14]

If we remain unconscious when a living archetypal process is activated within us, this inner process will physically manifest itself externally in the outside world, where, as if by fate, it will get unconsciously dreamed up and acted out in a “literal,” concrete and oftentimes destructive way. Instead of going through an inner symbolic death, for example, we then literally kill each other, as well as, ultimately, ourselves. If we recognize, however, that we are being cast to play a role in a deeper cosmic process, instead of being destined to enact it unconsciously, and hence, destructively, we are able to consciously and creatively “incarnate” this archetypal process as individuation.

We, as a species, to quote Jung, have been “drawn into the cycle of the death and rebirth of the gods.”[15] In other words, having become part of a deeper mythic, archetypal and alchemical process of transformation, we are going through a cosmic death-rebirth experience of a higher order. Jung describes “how the divine process of change manifests itself to our human understanding and how man experiences it – as punishment, torment, death, and transfiguration.”[16] This divinely-sponsored process is subjectively experienced by the human ego as torture.[17] However, if we don’t personalize the experience, identify with it or get stuck in its nightmarish aspect—a great danger—but allow this deeper process to refine us as it needs to, it can lead to a transfiguration of our very being.

Whether consciously or not, we are all in a state of grieving – the world we have known is dying. In addition, our sense of who we think we are—imagining we exist as a separate self, alien to and apart from other separate selves as well as the rest of the universe—is an illusion whose expiration date has now been reached. This illusion is like a non-existent mirage that, if not recognized as illusory, can become reified and thereby become a lethal mirage. Either our illusion expires, or we do. As the poet Rumi would say, we need to “die before we die.”

To step out of the illusion of thinking we exist as a separate self is to recognize—and be born into—our greater identity (whether we call it the Self, Christ, Buddha, etc.), that includes and embraces everything under the sun. The Self—who we actually are—is simultaneously the source and fruit of life itself, enhancing life beyond measure. Connecting with the Self is not only our only hope in these dark times, it’s what everything that is happening in our world is potentially helping us to realize. And yet, the way to ascend to the light of the Higher Self (in Christian terminology, to attain The Resurrected Body)—as Christ himself indicates via his descent to the underworld after his death on the cross—is by journeying through the darkness.

To quote Jung, “God really wants to become man, even if he rends him asunder[18] … because he wants to become man, the uniting of his antinomy must take place in man.”[19] Where else, after all, could the opposites intrinsic to God’s nature (e.g., light and dark, good and evil) attain unity except in the very vessel—humanity—that God has prepared just for this very purpose? Being cooked in the soup together, we are being immersed and baptized into a deeper cosmic process. We are playing a crucial role in the divine drama of incarnation, an insight that renders meaning to our suffering and assists us in discovering our place in the world as well as helping us to find our very selves.


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About the Author

A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Paul Levy is a wounded healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. Among his books are The Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality (SelectBooks, May 2018) and Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil (North Atlantic Books, 2013). He is the founder of the “Awakening in the Dream Community” in Portland, Oregon. An artist, he is deeply steeped in the work of C. G. Jung, and has been a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for over 35 years. He was the coordinator for the Portland PadmaSambhava Buddhist Center for over twenty years. His email is; he looks forward to your reflections.

Energy Update Riders on the Storm


The Transit of Venus completes her powerful cycle of elemental regeneration. We transit with her, elemental in our own divine transformation. Our inner divine feminine awakened, healing, rissssinng on the horizon of the collective consciousness. Gaia dropped into heart vibratory fields of ethereal light as our consciousness expanded and our chakras were activated in 444 lightbody frequencies. Throat chakra expansion is the collective reclaiming sovereign human rights. We stand up for ourSelves and each other amid the disarray of world economic and political corruption. Transparency follows our enforced enlightenment retreat. The gloves are coming off friends. The dark reveals itself just as the angels of light, healers and teachers, step out of stealthy shadows, reclaiming our right to preeeeeaaach love vibration. Eclipse transformation portals facilitate ascension in divine rays of celestial intervention. The reality plane operates on multiple levels of frequency. We can harness her illumination, magnetize our dreams in focused intention, pledging commitment to DreamWeaving.

Capricorn full moon closing the Eclipse Trinity Portal heralds divine timing, Revelations. The goat is stepping out of the shadows, seeking worship, adulation in the spotlight of a self-ie obsessed world. We tune into dimensional planes, we exist in the quantum field now. Our energetic vibratory field fluctuates as celestial events and the dark matrix intervene, each wishes us to align to their dimensional plane of existence. The Force is always there beautiful friends, we choose the dark or light side. Kansas is burning friends, the light has penetrated the darkness. It’s getting elemental beautiful people. Fire burns blocks preventing us from expanding. Air blows light into us activating our throat chakras, powered up to speak our truth. Earth grounds us, connects us back to our root chakra, our ancestral truth, anchoring us to our destiny. Water cleanses us, clears all darkness from our souls. Water holds us, contains us, we are held, safe, flowing with divine alignment.

Transformation corridors are celestial intervention, harnessing powerful vibrations enabling us, individually and as a collective, to expand and activate our chakra systems. The energetic central irrigation ley system of Gaia has been reset, she is flowwwwing again. The polar magnets align Gaia, her goddess vibrations, to the perpetual motion of all existence, once more. The Anunaki operate their 5g dark matrix within fourth realm vibratory field. We have raised the vibrations beyond the constraints of the lower realms, piercing the fifth dimension, light cascades down upon us. We have broken free of the dense weight of the third dimension, everything is lighter, more fluid, trippier, less corporeal more surreal. The material plane hovers within the frequency fields of the lower fourth realms and the lower fifth realm. We choose where we vibrate in the quantum field. We are now reconnected to multiversal sacred geometric motion, magnetized. Movement of jah people has released density anchoring the Gaia plane to heavier, darker realms. Transit was safe, secure and lit. We float higher every moment we create joy, happiness and balance in our lives. We are the light that enabled, facilitated and engineered the exodus beautiful people. As the elders securely predicted 2020 was always going to be movement of jah people. Sanctuary in the sky, an enormous cloud complex, temples of recovery, recuperation and regeneration. All is well.

Capricorn full moon brings us light and dark in equal measure. We move through high celestial vibratory fields interjected onto the material plane in light portals. The closure of the trinity eclipse season of 2020 marks the passing of 2020’s divine feminine rising Transit of Venus. We are in transit, cocooned in our homes. We received our invitation to expand beyond the consciousness we entered this unprecedented space in. Quantum beats are here, we walk to the quantum beat, groove on high vibes, we learn to dance, to trip the light fantastic cosmic friends. Spirals expand inside the pyramid. We expand the pyramid from within friends. We stretch their gold capped pyramid of despair till it cracks, bursts, explodes in infinite spiritual expansion of our lightbody activvvaaaatttiiiiooon cosmic surfers.

We bring the light, we are the light, we are change makers, rule breakers, rebels and rEvolutionaries. We dialogue, meme, vlog our way into expansion, pushing boundaries, making folk uncomfortable, disturbing every algorithm the dark matrix is planting in our minds. If it looks like fear, smells like fear, tastes like fear, probably is fear. We take the 5g network down energetically friends. We mount a campaign to destroy darkness in light. We smile when we see pillars of darkness perched on top our buildings, sentinels barking silent instructions Obey, Conform, Consume. Flip it friends. Feel the fear, release it, laugh at it, it can’t hurt us, we riiiiiisssseee above its bandwidth and the network buckles under our light, gone, defunct, disabled beyond repair. An act of aggression for the 5g network is laughter. A combative move to attack the network is to smile, giggle, hug and dance. An assault on the 5g network is not caring it’s there, consciously choosing to live our lives like they’re golden, coz they are beautiful people. Rainbow lightwaves we emit take the 5g network down at the motherboard, it cannot sustain high vibrations friends. We are the high vibrations. We are chargers, batteries, power connectors to the light matrix network, seen and yet unseen. We light the way for others. All can exit the swamp any time, release the karma, step back and look up. The light is always there.

The New Earth is here, she is a baby requiring round the clock nurturing, feeding, and tenderness. We nurture her when we plant seeds of love in the earth and in people’s minds. We nourish her when we water and feed our plants, coaxing them from seedling to tree, till we have a forest of light. Mindfulness breaks the 5g network just as it did the old 3d matrix and every other dark holographic form of mind control the dark side can come up with. Gaia’s reality plane expands beyond the fourth realm, dropped onto heart vibratory field in the depths of our quiet, hibernating world. Heart and crown chakras activated in the Transformation Corridor of Manifestation unleashed upon us, predicted across space and time, it was always going to happen in 2020. Sparked by Trinity Supermoon Dreamweaving, transformed in 2020s unique brand of divine Transit of Venus, grounding back into our lives, gently, through Trinity Eclipse Corridor we transform from pyramid panopticon sleep to Tribal Unity Consciousness. We are coming online as a society, a population, readying to take our rightful place on the Intergalactic Federation Council. Humanity will be represented, Ambassadors for her divine masculine and feminine, in balanced truth.

Ascension is Unity Consciousness activated to tipping point, 100th monkey effect, when the frequencies anchor in the fifth. We leave the fourth to keep itself busy, whilst we construct, engineer, create light cities of peace on the fifth realm. Multiple tracks of existence are operating within Gaia’s reality plane. Dark cities strive to increase their population, Light Cities are woven into the fabric of humanities existing history, integrating, harmonising past, present and future . Space has been created for profound healing of the collective consciousness. Deep wounds, scars, criss cross our bruised human psyche. We work together to enable, facilitate and allow the release of trauma, healing damaged souls, bodies and minds in spiritual enlightenment. Meditation, cultivating inner stillness, core balance micro to macro. Universal love and light are the balm, the ointment to soothe and heal all wounds sustained during Earth’s Dark Ages. We are all in Transit friends, we are in transit together. Tribal, unifying and alchemizing the polarities, balancing the divine feminine and divine masculine, transmuting truth out of the heart of darkness.

The fifth is higher than the sun, we reach the peak, Base Camp, see the sun below us, dance among the clouds.  Angels surround us, their wings emit waves of healing light, emanating, penetrating, permeating the dark smog of the matrix.

‘Trying to find words to describe the vibe… landmarks as evidence, we live the Now for the promise of the Infinite, I sink into the paper, like I was ink, I got love, l.o.v.e.’ Mos Def.

‘The soulless body is no longer sacrificed, the day of death becomes the day of birth, the divine spirit will make the soul happy, seeing the word in its eternity.’ Nostradamus

‘I find a higher state of grace in my mind…higher than the sun.’ Led Zeppelin

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are passed and are birthed. Ancestral Queen of Gaia has passed to eternal light, her life remembered, honoured, praised and revered, her light, her birth shifted worlds. Her passing marks the closing of an era, the passing of the age of Pisces. The Temple honours the Water Goddess of Gaia. The Emperor, Elder, Grandfather of Light, has passed, shepherding his people through Transit to Sanctuary. All is well. We honour the Preacher and the Queen in a higher state of grace. The King and Queen accompanied their people, as was predicted, prophesied and whispered across galaxies, time and space, to the promised land. We honour their lives, their deaths and their memories. We are humbled by their divine service to the light and to their people. We offer grace, gratitude and humility in praise of unified light on the Gaia plane.

Death is accompanied by birth. Micro to macro. We emerge from our chrysalis, those who passed though the dark tunnel of spiritual awakening, tentatively surfacing into a new world. The cosmic King and Queen are here. The Gamechangers are here. Riders on the Storm. The Light has anchored Gaia to the magnetic truth of the multiverse. We are grounded to the Goddess and her Twin. Held in space and time, moving, dynamic, sacred, integral to the divine weave of the world. The Emperor and Empress emerge with their people, readying for cosmic truth. It is already done beautiful people. We live truth. Indigos, lightworkers, healers, light warriors, the divine feminine riiiissess, the divine masculine steps into his power. This is the Time of Our Life people, make it exactly what we want.

Harness full moon closure of a divine and potent Portal of Transformation in precision, know what your goals are and plan reaching them. Drop into our dreams, buried deep in our heart chakras, in meditation, vision boarding, reflection and inspo hunting. Uncover them from the soot, dust, dirt and grime of the swamp, delve deep and find our dreams beautiful people. This is the time of our lives cosmic surfers, we make our lives happen. Constraints have changed shape, we shape shift in response. We are dynamic beings in a dynamic interactive smart world. The Matrix Interface has changed. So have we. This is the time of our lives, now. Solstice energies turbo charged the Transformational Portal activated by Supermoon trinity alignment and Eclipse trinity alignments. 2020 has kicked ass, tbh. 2019 took many of us to spaces we didn’t think we could return from, but we did. Lightworker down, got up, dusted her wings off and reached for the stars. We got there. We are anchored into perpetual motion again. In Transit. Lightbody activation on a collective and individual scale. Choices have been made in deep reclusive retreat. Faced with Self, many distractions of the matrix taken from us, socialization blocked, isolation implemented across the material plane, we emerge slooooowwwwllllly. We recognize we have been through an intensely healing transformative space. Self care translates to self love. We speak a new language now, the quantum language of love. Old synaptic thought processes need to be deprogrammed, disabled, we do this. We unplug. We ride the Harlem River encased in diamond Twin Flame frequencies, held, flowing and cleansing. Love is the language we are speaking, show love, be love, share love, create love, breathe love in all its glorious and beautiful forms #hugatree #sacredunion #onelove.

The old 3d matrix required we limit exposure to mainstream media, advertising and matrix toxins, living off grid as much as possible, to retain sovereignty and clarity of thought, avoiding obey/consume algorithms. The new 5g dark matrix operates on astral and energetic wavelengths. Sound and vibrational hypnosis is being used on the population, emitted from receivers set atop our buildings in secret, dark operations. We awake to more transparency, the dark will no longer hide in plain sight, darkness merges with us. We break conform, obey, consume coding by walking, talking, breathing self care, compassion and community. We disable 5g hypnotic frequencies in meditation, woke white rabbit research and Islander expansion communication. We think for ourSelves, we question, we activate the free radical in each of us. We challenge the establishment narrative, greed, war and poverty are ‘necessary evils’. They’re not, service-to-self political monopoly facilitates the elite’s obsession with wealth, status and the abuse of power. We drop into throat chakra activation exercising our right to demonstrate, petition, pressure and speak our truth. We raise our vibrations beyond the bandwidth frequencies the 5g network emits consciously. We have a toolkit of healing therapies to release karma, lighten our emotional load, work through trauma, pain, grief and fear till we are able to expand into lighter vibratory fields. Adopting spirituality in our daily lives through self care, sacred time and nature, tribal connectivity and cultivating inner peace anchors the fifth dimension to Gaia’s reality plane, one peaceful heart at a time.

Fear is the weapon of mass destruction used to drag us down to 5g bandwidth, Love is the key to aligning with 5d harmony. Upgraded surveillance networks are operational across zones and cybernets. The reality plane motherboard required upgrade to install 5g hardware. Fifth dimension divine synchronicity is mimicked, mirrored, inverted within the new algorithms of the dark matrix network. Dynamic Inversion has been achieved by upgrading the Matrix Interface. Synchronicity, universal alignment to truth, is mimicked by a dynamic, responsive, interactive interface responding to our thought patterns as we express them in the physical world. Manipulation of our thoughts, our senses and our energetic fields is more supple, subtle, intangible, a dark inversion of spirituality by the 5g matrix. We can render its deceptive algorithms and vibrations obsolete on our own motherboard by facing all fear with fearless love. More sinister than the old 3d matrix, defunct in high vibrations, we are the anomaly, free radicals in the system, we break on through to the other side with passion, purposely stepping into our power. The Merkabah has been activated. The divine feminine and masculine alchemize in elemental transformation. Separation and magnetization have occurred. We work within parameters running on biblical terms. We walk a path of self trust and truth through darkness. Heaven and hell operate within Gaia’s reality field, we choose our path.

Ascension vibrations pulse throughout 2020, we are only halfway through our shamanic healing transformation. We emerge graciously, gently, quieted by the silence of the offline matrix, hushed by our own hearts whispering, softened by time spent with loved ones and alone, wrenched off the matrix, cocooned, hollowed away, hibernating while the world upgraded around us. Our emergence is gradual and we take our time. Find our way. Reflection in the Capricorn full moon will illuminate spaces where we need to dig in our heels, construct boundaries for preserving our sovereignty, our space, our sacred vibration. Capricorn full moon helps us drop in, earth, ground into our new Self, our true Self rediscovered.

Mindfulness is our path, we walk purposefully, we engage all our senses, listen, smell, taste, touch the world around us. Celebrate nature, culture, creativity, our achievements and successes, the dreams we already live, the dreams we nurture deep within. We slow our thinking down, accommodate new algorithms of the new earth. We are Present. Allow the power of the Eclipse Corridor closure and illumination of the goat full moon, lean into heavier denser emotions with grace and honesty. Allow more difficult feelings to surface, feel them, thank them for their lessons and let them flow from us into the universe. We grow when we reflect, we heal when we ground and we expand when we learn. Our path is Tribal Unity Consciousness beautiful friends. We walk together unified in compassion for all who share the heavenly space with us. We focus our intention on what has to change to create a harmonious society balanced in divine feminine and masculine harmony. Peace up the rEvolution cosmic surfers.