Namecheap Is Suspending Our Hosting Account As Extortion To Upgrade To VPS Quasar

Below is the email I received June 15th at 1:00 am. Note that the database “crecuqau_wp701” is the database for Eddie’s Blog List and no changes have been made to Eddie’s since October 2022. If this Bull spit continues, I will be looking for hosting and domain registration elsewhere.


We are writing from the Namecheap Legal and Abuse team.

It has come to our attention that the account with the username ‘crecuqau’ is affecting the server performance and all accounts hosted thereon by a number of queries to the ‘crecuqau_wp701’ database.

We assume that the subject abusive activity may be caused by an unoptimized database assigned to your website(s). Thus, in order to resolve the matter, you should optimize it with the help of the following Namecheap KnowledgeBase article:

Additionally, please perform the following steps to prevent the matter from being repeated in future:

– enable caching plugins (Note: Such plugins in conjunction with other website elements might malfunction. That is why if one of the plugins is already in use, it is required to disable the plugin temporarily and monitor the account activity.)
– revise all active plugins disabling unnecessary ones (in some cases even changing the current theme might be of use)
– make sure that all websites are well optimized and work as expected (if you are not a developer or professional in website administration, we strongly recommend use webmaster services)
– if SSH access is enabled for the account, it is possible to check which threads are being processed by the MySQL server:
Step 1 – Connect to your database using the following command: mysql -uusername -ppassword database_name
Step 2 – Once connected, please use the following command to see the active threads: show full processlist

As an option, you might consider upgrading your current hosting plan to ‘VPS Quasar‘. If you decide to proceed with this route, please let us know. Once your confirmation is received, this ticket will be forwarded to our Billing Department for further assistance.

While we try to avoid disruption of services for our customers wherever possible, given the severity of the incident, we have been forced to suspend the account in order to prevent the resource abuse and its impact on other accounts located on the server. In order to have the account unsuspended, it is required to confirm that all measures necessary for the issue resolving will be taken immediately after the unsuspension.

Thank you for understanding. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Ticket Details

Ticket ID: YYX-669-90719
Department: Abuse Cases
Type: Hosting L&A
Status: Awaiting Client Response
Priority: Low