Charlie Freak VIDEO 6-20-21… “PFP Radio Episode #11 Becoming the Mast Star” (this assisted my Higher Self greatly)

This was of great help to my Higher Self quite a bit a few days ago. I mentioned it in one of the many videos I’ve done in the last few days (soon to be posting those playlists, but now it’s 3 AM and the “House Work” has taken priority). I loved the message here, and it resonated strongly for some reason.

“This is Show #11 from Charlie’s Brilliant Radio Show, A FreakSense World…all of these shows are absolute classics, with so much Truth shared…this one focuses on the essence to your reason for being here, to go from the Apprentice to become the MASTER, the MAST – STAR where you Understand no one but God, and Overstand all else thru Innerstanding God’s Truth…this is such a special show…enjoy!”

And don’t forget to help Charlie and Colleen’s Animal Rescue Sanctuary out with a donation…they currently look after 56 Animals, and the costs are overwhelming for them…so, do what you can to help those who help others…

Freaksense TV YouTube channel (Charlie Freak, Colleen) has (apparently) been “terminated” (1-7-21)

[Kp update: for many of the videos I have found alternate video links (copy the title, and do a (or other alternate search engine) search.]

I just noticed this. All of their YouTubes are gone. However, many of them are also available via Bitchute.

Also recall that most of the (what I considered) well-worth-saving ones, I have saved and uploaded to my own storage area. Check each of the “Freak” Kp blog posts to find them.