Gene Decode 9-17-21 VIDEO… “The Cabal has played their Last Card, & We Win” (via Up Front In The Prophetic)

Watched this yesterday, and there were several things that stood out, but primarily it was the title (The Cabal has played their Last Card, & We Win) that drew me to it. He presents several “health protocols” that might be helpful for some, and ways to counteract vaccine adverse side effects. He also discusses his upcoming new websites, and their purpose.” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank


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Gene Decode Discusses “Cabal Army Reversed”, with Nicholas Veniamin (9-6-21) (plus notes from this and earlier (9-1) show)

Well, this came out and I listened / watched a couple days ago. Then I received notes for this show and an earlier Gene Decode (posted at Kp blog, here) from Elana, so I add those for this show immediately below the video, and the earlier show notes are below that.

Q: How much Gene Decode can one handle? Well, let’s find out!!
Rumble video link, Rumble web page link

Notes from this show:
two timelines have begun, armegeddon and as you create
@:30:00 white hats have taken over frequency of graphene oxide, can flip it
1918 flu was from army vax
no real variants, boosters are real variant, shedding
if vax worked no one would worry
New masking, same for last 1000’s of years
related to QFS, creating frequency match
On Sarah timeline, trump will return

Notes from 9-1 show
they talk about the CA fires, the engineered hurricanes & Mt Shasta.

I got to meet and talk to Michael Jaco for a short time
at Rob Potter’s huge event in Mt Shasta last weekend!

HAARP is all down, but “they” [DS] use other techniques
to control hurricanes & weather.

IDA [8/29/21] & Katrina [8/29/05] and other hurricanes she listed
that ALL coincide with the satanic date 8/29.

RE DUMBs on west coast; the fires actually help the good guys
to take out the DUMBs

lots of earthquakes under Lake Tahoe in last few weeks.

re Afghanistan was “MAJOR MAJOR HUGE” —
because it was the 1st country absolutely free from the cabal;
“no one was killed in the takeover of Kabul” [really???????]

the prisoners who were set free in Kabul were POLITICAL prisoners,
not criminals!
poppy fields were burned;

2 biggest sources of opioids on earth are Myanmar and Afghanistan,
2 parts of the “golden triangle” are now down
so cabal and big pharma are crippled! It is massive!
burned out buildings = ISIS
taliban leader went into warlord’s home, put him in prison

then they declared: no more face diapers, no more COVID mandates or shots;
Kabul people cheered the taliban; the shops reopened;
people were cheering for them!

borders are locked now — to keep ISIS out;

CIRSTEN: Myanmar and Afghanistan are big human trafficking sites

Jen Psaki, dir. of DNI, blinken = winken, blinken and nod

$85B of our military equipment was left so that taliban
can take out ISIS!

JACO: cia ops are being shutdown

GENE: bad guys don’t have passcodes to get into fed reserve

JACO: star children that are coming in are helping us to evolve;
they are very concerned; since “they” are going after the kids,
“all bets are off”

JACO talked to Alex Collier at Mt Shasta event; alex said
there’s only 4 moves on the chessboard left and it should be done by Dec.

GENE: Gene agrees; we’re having huge timeline split; we’ll be seeing
Mandela effect: people will remember different things

when they cleaned out the DUMBs from Vatican to Jerusalem,
they found $34.4 quadrillion in gold; so they can fund anything for 100 years

fauci is being told what to say;

they are targeting the kids because they don’t want a next generation;
spike proteins go to reproductive areas; they create sterility within
2 or 3 years; the new shots are aimed at kids; they call it “variants”;

Covid virus mutates as it goes from host to host;
now people are HIV resistant or will never get HIV;
Covid variants are much less virulent;

out of 5,000 jabs, 20% are saline! so human race is being used
as a double blind experiment study!
to see how do we adjust it to be more virulent

CIRSTEN: there have been 3 stings and a trap:

1. TX congress on vac., 67 got nabbed

2. “cyber symphony” [cyber symposium by MLindell]:
a bunch of them got nabbed there

3. re the August 11 Emergency broadcast:
only 12% participated
88% did not — a lot of them got nabbed there

big trap = Afghanistan

self-admitted crackhead got nabbed at Dulles airport allegedly;
2 underage girls separated from him

3 Gorges Dam = 1 of 33 satanic buildings in world

earthquakes in NK to take out the nukes there;
earthquakes in IRAN and
earthquakes at 3 Gorges Dam

Justice R [Roberts] was arrested; that’s why Supreme Court
has gone to the Right

2 top CCP generals were drowned as DUMBs were being flooded;
1 of them owns Weegers [sp?] concentration camp and 300 acres in West Texas;
he was fighting Pres. Xi

3 Gorges Dam is still standing, but concrete is not well made
and it’s leaking; link to 27 nuclear reactors is not working because
of the flooding; that links to big pharma, to bitcoin mining, &
the Wuhan lab

GENE: he’s a decoder! 67 = 13 =
13 bloodlines of Caan in China are being taken out by
the 12 bloodlines of Christ

earthquakes have completely flooded MUD underneath 3 Gorges Dam;

if u r in crypto currency: get out now! divest and go into silver!
“they” own 52% now of all crypto currency,
so they are in control; they can collapse it any time they want;
it’s how they use auctions that pay for trafficking on the dark web;
they are paying for the kids w/ bitcoin;
kids on US Southern border are being auctioned on the dark web;

when they cleaned out the DUMBs from Vatican to Jerusalem,
they found $34.4 quadrillion in gold;
they then found another door to a tunnel that goes to Switzerland!

they found an estimated $97 septillion in gold , based on length
and volume; gold is so plentiful that it is not really a good investment;

at 45 min. they show a map of Europe w/ earthquake activity;
huge DUMB under island of Malta where Knights Templar
and Knights of Maltese Cross were

they are taking out huge DUMBs in various locations world-wide

a tunnel from Vatican goes to Albania to Greece;
also tunnels go to many countries!

they are taking DUMBs out in Stanley, Oregon and UNDER
LAKE TAHOE; A LOT is being taken out at area 51

planet x or nibiru has 29K orbit; won’t be back for 29K years;
the Space Force escorted it out of our solar system,
or else we would have had a Noah’s ark and flood scenario!
it came in at 86 deg. angle so they didn’t see it for a while;

it came below the ecliptic, passes above the ecliptic then out
of our solar system

we are in a trinary star system; there are 2 other stars

he talked on and on and on about our galaxy, black sun,
central sun, photon belt, infrared; ascension info

our planets are all in climate change because we entered the photon belt;

once we get to the “hard belt” that’s the ascension because
that’s when the Sun will jump densities and go from 3rd to 5th density;
to Christians it will be the “rapture”

he has pictures of a second Earth ;
NE, KS, TX and OK will be under the Atlantic ocean;

so cabal built a new D.C. in Denver, ocean front property;
solar warden will take people via space ships to Venus;
it is all built to look like Earth!

if the ships were uncloaked now, the whole sky would be dark;

fake patriot people on the internet are being exposed.

find Gene on T: realgenedecode

Nicholas Veniamin 8-9-21 VIDEO… “Gene Decode Discusses Cov-d, V– Protocol, Obama’s Birthday and Evergreen UK…”

[Kp note: currently, as I view it, I’m seeing “Video is restricted, please check your whitelist/blacklist” on the embedded video. No idea why… To view the video, just click either of the links below the embedded video.]

This was a discussion of “current issues”, which I found very enlightening. One video they played was this one (which I’ll post separately), where a “Doctor calls out CDC and school board at school board meeting with truth!” Well worth sharing! (thanks to JMP and YK for sharing that link).

[Video mentioned above: “Doctor calls out CDC and school board at school board meeting with truth!” (]

Timelines VIDEOs… “Gene Decode Discusses TIMELINES with Nicholas Veniamin (7-28-21)” & a recent Jetson White

These came across my path today. Listened to the Gene Decode and Nicholas one on the way home. And synchronistically, the Jetson White video showed up after returning to the house.

To me, these are “mind expanding” types of items, and I’m looking at these as “stretching the Inner-Standing”. Anyway, no way to look at these from a 3D-only viewpoint.

Have fun with these…

“Buckle up for a discussion about Divine Time Travel by our favorite Space Cowboy, Juan. Includes anomalous ISS footage, Stellarium images, and loads of space-time movies. Yeehaw!”

Michael Jaco 3-17-21 VIDEO… “Gene Decode breaks down the DUMB situation and isolation of Antarctica before the final assault”

This was one that “impacted” quite deeply, for myself. Particularly, Gene goes through the number of small earthquakes noted around the Antarctica plate boundaries, all at 10 km depth. He says they are closing off all potential escape tunnels of the cabal. Michael also adds his viewpoints from his remote viewing perspective. MedBeds are discussed around 39 minutes, and around 47 minutes they talk about a formula for nanobot inhibitor (using borax).

This may very well be taken down by YT, so here are links to download/play: AUDIO MP3 (31 MB); VISUAL MP4 (360p, 127 MB)

B2T Show… “Several Gene Decodes on Africa”

I wanted to post the YouTube links on this yesterday, but I looked today (at the Blessed2Teach Youtube channel), and they were all gone! Fortunately they have uploaded them to Bitchute and Rumble, so I “got” to post all these here, in one place.

There’s a lot of very illuminating data in these, and although it may be challenging to look at and/or know about, I do feel it’s part of the process of Awakening for the Planet.

Only Rumble links were used here.

McAlisterTV 2-16-21 VIDEO… “GENE DECODE! K–S Exiting WH! etc.”

A couple have pointed out this video to me, and, yes, there’s quite a few “interesting” items in here. However, I’d like to suggest going to the end of this (interestingly, to 1:23:45) where Gene talks about “navigating” these current energies, in Light of (and, perhaps, in spite of) what is currently happening all around us on this planet. Just those few minutes I found very helpful.

This is very much thanks to Beverly, who pointed out the time stamp.

Michael Jaco 2-11-21 VIDEO… “Gene Decode Reveals the Ascension is Upon Us as the Planets of 4 and 5D are Already Visible”

[Kp update: here are MP3 audio (34 MB) and MP4 video (113 MB) download links.]

This is a big time information message from Gene “Decode” Cosensei. The beginning he discusses the immense cleanouts that have been going on in (actually under) DC, now that it is “empty” (of B-den, et al.). Absolutely much worse than even Australia, which apparently was quite “bad”. Imprisonment for many is on the Moon.

We need to stay focused on completing this process. The time period of March was mentioned for some type of completion (and I’m being very vague about that, and/or any dates). Halfway through he talks about the codes DJT (and others) are using to expose / take down the cabal.

Here are MP3 audio and MP4 video download links.