Michael Jaco 3-17-21 VIDEO… “Gene Decode breaks down the DUMB situation and isolation of Antarctica before the final assault”

This was one that “impacted” quite deeply, for myself. Particularly, Gene goes through the number of small earthquakes noted around the Antarctica plate boundaries, all at 10 km depth. He says they are closing off all potential escape tunnels of the cabal. Michael also adds his viewpoints from his remote viewing perspective. MedBeds are discussed around 39 minutes, and around 47 minutes they talk about a formula for nanobot inhibitor (using borax).

This may very well be taken down by YT, so here are links to download/play: AUDIO MP3 (31 MB); VISUAL MP4 (360p, 127 MB)


B2T Show… “Several Gene Decodes on Africa”

I wanted to post the YouTube links on this yesterday, but I looked today (at the Blessed2Teach Youtube channel), and they were all gone! Fortunately they have uploaded them to Bitchute and Rumble, so I “got” to post all these here, in one place.

There’s a lot of very illuminating data in these, and although it may be challenging to look at and/or know about, I do feel it’s part of the process of Awakening for the Planet.

Only Rumble links were used here.







McAlisterTV 2-16-21 VIDEO… “GENE DECODE! K–S Exiting WH! etc.”

A couple have pointed out this video to me, and, yes, there’s quite a few “interesting” items in here. However, I’d like to suggest going to the end of this (interestingly, to 1:23:45) where Gene talks about “navigating” these current energies, in Light of (and, perhaps, in spite of) what is currently happening all around us on this planet. Just those few minutes I found very helpful.

This is very much thanks to Beverly, who pointed out the time stamp.


Michael Jaco 2-11-21 VIDEO… “Gene Decode Reveals the Ascension is Upon Us as the Planets of 4 and 5D are Already Visible”

[Kp update: here are MP3 audio (34 MB) and MP4 video (113 MB) download links.]

This is a big time information message from Gene “Decode” Cosensei. The beginning he discusses the immense cleanouts that have been going on in (actually under) DC, now that it is “empty” (of B-den, et al.). Absolutely much worse than even Australia, which apparently was quite “bad”. Imprisonment for many is on the Moon.

We need to stay focused on completing this process. The time period of March was mentioned for some type of completion (and I’m being very vague about that, and/or any dates). Halfway through he talks about the codes DJT (and others) are using to expose / take down the cabal.

Here are MP3 audio and MP4 video download links.


Scott McKay & Gene DeCode Discuss Deep Underground Military Bases

From Patriot Streetfighter 3 Youtube Channel
January 29, 2021

Gene Decode talks with Scott McKay and Cirsen W about the progress being made with the liberation of children from Deep Underground Military Bases, as well as technologies and procedures used in the DUMBS like adrenochrome harvesting, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetic modification. Gene shows maps of DUMBS locations, earthquake activity.

Gene Decode – Return to the Republic End of US INC

Interview with Gene Decode by James Rink and Super Soldier Talk (also on the Interview is Free Energy Special Interest Group – Crystal Go from TrueVisionofpeace.com and Pontus)

Interview covers Current Events with the Elections, the Vatican and what is happening underground.



Gene has come forward as a whistleblower with information regarding the liberation of deep underground military bases and the emancipation of human trafficked children from these bases. Gene is a 21 year veteran with the Navy. He is a Vietnam vet. He worked in electronics on submarines in special forces. He has a background in martial arts. With a strong desire to learn more about the human body, Gene researched holistic medical practices, acupuncture and the science of herbal medicine, much of it through a Chinese foundation. Because of the nature of his expertise, Gene was privy to high military clearance sometimes higher than some of his commanding officers. His father was a scientist for Martin-Marietta and Gene grew up hearing about covert military operations.


James Rink is a meditation practitioner, researcher, author, and video producer. Under different alias’ and timelines he spent a total cumulative of 330 years in the SSP, including 75 years on #Mars as a #SuperSoldier for the Nazi military contractor Kruger, a Colonel in Upper Management and Logistics at the MCC (Mars Colony Corporation) where he went by the name of Derrick Reinhold and worked with Peter the Insider. After he was discharged from service, he was sent to S4, re-aged into a fetus and inserted into a surrogated family here on planet earth. He also spent 20 Years at Lunar Operations Command on.