Possible (probable?) Military operations currently being carried out (pt 1 of 2)… General Milley talks at 4-1-20 press briefing

[Kp update: Simon Parkes posted this short article, which included the video posted here, and entitled, “War On Satanic Elite”. Perhaps a type of confirmation.]

I’m not one to post much of this type of thing, however I feel one part of the 4-1-20 WhiteHouse press briefing (starting at 7:40) is evidence that the COVID “operation” is being used as cover for a military operation to take down the deep state assets. Feel free to check it out.

General Milley starts at 7:40, and is followed by Atty. Gen. Barr adding more to the picture, of taking out cartels, etc.

[Kp note: the “probable” is via my “sense” of things.]