This is a Terrific Interview with Wanda Allen Who Recently Awakened to the Geo-engineering (Chemtrails) Agenda

As a result of her extensive research into weather modification patents, she is taking an active roll in helping get this hidden information out to the public.  It is well worth a listen.


This is a quote from the link above:

“On this show, we will continue to report on the different facets of weather control engineering, or geoengineering or the aerosol operations, or climate engineering. The sudden awareness to the reality of these operations being conducted in plain sight can be a jarring experience. Many who have had this experience can’t believe how long it took them to finally see it. How can a veil be so strong to hide this reality from good, intelligent, caring humans on this planet?

Guest – Wanda Allen lives in New Hampshire, and she has given a powerful presentation on geoengineering, and its side effects. Wanda continues to fill in missing pieces that some listeners may not have heard about before, such as Monsanto buying Weather Corp.”

As a side note, the Vatican made the commemorative coin below in 1985.

A big thanks to Daun for sharing this with me.

So-called ‘Climate Change’ as Seen by the Public Is Not the Problem; But Weather Geoengineering Is Destroying Everything on Earth?

by Gary D. Barnett
August 19, 2022

Link to original article here.

“We are all inmates in a global asylum; the bars that enclose us are visible to any who choose to see.”
Dane Wigington—Creator and lead researcher for Geoengineering Watch

I will preface my comments here by accepting the fact that this subject matter is foreign to many, while being ignored by most. Those in the past who entered into this conversation were exposed to extreme criticism, name calling, scathing reproach, and viewed as insane conspiracy nuts. I have experienced this myself on many occasions. This subject is complicated, and geoengineering can be used in any number of ways to cause great harm, such as weather manipulation, a myriad of extreme health problems, sickness, and death. It can also be used as a bioweapon, and can be used against those exposed to these toxic concoctions of nanoparticles through controlling psychological and physiological means. This initial essay is an overview, but I hope to offer more concentrated and in-depth analysis in a later writing.

Weather geoengineering is considered very controversial, but it is not controversial in any regard; it is a fact, and has been happening for decades. Some claim, and I think correctly, that this is the biggest threat to life on this planet. It is not that normal human activity is destroying the health of the earth due to the common misunderstanding of ‘man-made global warming’ believers, but weather geoengineering is most definitely and aggressively harming every lifeform on this planet. All plants and animals, including of course humans, have been, and are being, devastated by massive amounts of metals, toxic chemicals, and nanoparticles being let lose in the skies and atmosphere of this country and the world; this not even considering all the other poisons in our food, daily use products, and massive spraying of poisons for weeds, yards, highways, and agriculture.

Look around and consider the new era of constant droughts, wildfires, floods, soil destruction, root system collapse, unnatural tree and forest devastation, eradication of bees and insects, loss of vital plankton in our oceans, destruction of many waterways and reservoirs, and many other unnatural catastrophic events. This is not an endorsement or acceptance of any fraudulent ‘climate change’ agenda levied against the population by the state, it is simply the reality of purposeful geoengineering policies by the state meant to achieve multiple totalitarian agendas, and in the process, great harm to all has been the result. This was not necessarily what was initially sought by the ruling ‘elites’ in my opinion, but the very adverse consequences have been accepted in order to continue the drive toward global tyranny in the form of creating a one world government.

For once and for all, let us accept and understand the difference between a harmless contrail and a chemical trail of nanoparticles made up of metals, toxins, plastics, and any number of other harmful elements, purposely sprayed into the atmosphere in order to block sunlight and change the natural order of things.

Contrails are simply condensation or vapor trails (ice crystals) formed in rare circumstances under very particular conditions where high moisture is evident in jet exhaust, and cold and humid conditions are present.

“With very few exceptions, we should not see anything behind the jets in our skies that are fitted with high bypass turbofan jet engines. High Bypass turbofan jet engines are fitted on all commercial aircraft and all military tankers. High bypass jet engines are nearly incapable of producing a “condensation trail” except for the most extreme conditions, and even then, any visible trail should not be more than a few seconds at most.”

Chemical trails (Chemtrails) contain aluminum, barium, and strontium, among many other chemicals, plastics, and other toxic elements, many in the form of harmful nanoparticles. As retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Charles Jones stated concerning the sprayed trails in the sky:

“When people look up into the blue and see white trails paralleling and crisscrossing high in the sky, little do they know that they are not seeing aircraft engine contrails, but instead they are witnessing a manmade climate engineering crisis facing all air breathing humans and animals on planet Earth… Toxic atmospheric aerosols are used to alter weather patterns, creating droughts in some regions, deluges and floods in other locations and even extreme cold under other conditions.”

This is of course, only the tip of the iceberg. Besides all the harm caused to humans, animals, trees, and all plant life, including the foods grown in the now tainted soil, the death and extermination of insects, birds, bats, and vital oxygen-generating plankton, the earth itself is being decimated. In other words, this is a most active threat, and it is real. This is not the ‘climate change’ discussed by politicized ‘environmental ‘organizations, most all of whom are largely state funded, counterfeit, and bogus entities. This is a real threat that is lied about and purposely hidden by all those pretending to care for the earth. By ignoring, whether intentional or not, the real risk that is right before their eyes, they continue to propagandize about the common people in general being at fault, hoping to place false blame in order to advance nefarious agendas.

Global weather geo-engineering projects are a war against all of humanity, and one of the biggest coverups of all time in my view. The danger to us all is astronomical, and much harm and destruction has already occurred. If this was common knowledge, as it should be, maybe this collective group of fools called the masses, would actually stand up and do something to stop this insanity. It is not like this just happened recently, as weather modification has been pursued and implemented for at least 60 years and beyond. Our skies and the skies of the world are choking due to constant spraying of sun-blocking elements meant to change weather patterns so as to justify total control of all human activities, to fatally harm the natural growing and production of food sources, to cause sickness and death to large swaths of humanity to affect depopulation, and to implement an exhaustive system of total control based on the political lie of what is commonly called ‘climate change.’

Climate manipulation, climate warfare, and environmental destruction are taking place, but this is being… continue reading >>>