Dr. Charlie Ward 10-24-20 VIDEO… “Bombs on the Journey with Cirsten W, Mel K, and George Webb” (AND Charlie Ward)

Well, this was a quite “illuminatingly informative” discussion. Several items “stood out” to my mind, at various points (pardon, some of these I’m not sure the exact points where these were mentioned):

  • George Webb (at 43 min.): Columbus, Ohio, maybe being used as a “testing ground” for a “smart city” (aka, “You’ve got to be vaccinated before you may enter”) CCP type scenario (Charlie: won’t happen if (when) Trump is reelected).
  • Charlie (at 58 min.): this whole “second lockdown, wave”, etc., is a coverup (smoke screen) for the financial reset to occur and startup of the Quantum Financial System (QFS).
  • Charlie: all monies in bank accounts will be okay when the financial reset to the QFS occurs. All monies will move up to the QFS. No one will lose anything.

I will note one thing, that is it is very important (to me, at least) to remain free of any “doom and glooms” one or two occasionally brings out. We are moving through this, rising out of the chaos, and above the chaos.

This is also available via the DrCharlieWard.com website.