SGTReport 12-30-18… Dr. Dave Janda, “…Justice is Coming, #GITMO Style…” (plus one more with Dr. Janda) (and credible intel about “the envelopes”)

Enough with the “surmising” and “speculating”. Finally, an interview that seems to have more credible intel about “the funeral” and “the envelopes”, I’ve watched the first video below, and found it quite fascinating. Personally, I put more credence in this information than that from other “surmisers and speculators”. Perhaps you will, too.

I know Dr. Janda has several sources for intel into what’s really going on with the take down of the deep state. The most fascinating part was at about 21 minutes, where he discusses what his sources had to say about “the funeral” (of GHWB) and “the envelopes” (he discusses the funeral starting at 18 minutes).

According to Dr. Janda’s sources, there were more envelopes given to people than were visible in the front row. What they contained was a list of “upcoming events”. The deal with George W. Bussh and Laura and Jeb was somewhat different (go to 21 minutes for that).

The video below is another interview with Dr. Dave Janda, by Greg Hunter (I’ve not listened to this full video, as it’s two hours long).

Host of the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” Dr. Dave Janda warns about the massive debt problems the world is facing and the coming economic reset. Dr. Janda says Trump is correct when he says, “The real problem is the Fed and not China.” Janda says the Deep State “rigged the economy to implode” with massive amounts of debt. Dr. Janda says, “Trump has been buying time” to put the American people in the best position possible when it all comes down. Dr. Janda says the economic system is “vapor” and contends, “This is all part of the war we are in right now.”

Don’t worry because Janda says, “The hammer of justice will fall in 2019.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda, host of “Operation Freedom.”

A Whole Load of Videos about possibilities for “The Envelopes”

I’m only posting these because this whole “The Envelopes” thing at GHWB’s funeral on 12-5-18, where several received envelopes which fell out of their programs (prior Kp blog post about that). That has led to a whole load of “speculations” about what were in the envelopes, and what was the message. As I mentioned in that prior post, QAnon had been asked “What were in the envelopes ???” in post 2608, and Q replied, … “Our promise to ‘counter’.

Since then I’ve viewed a number of videos about it, and/or been sent links. All of this is still pretty much “throwing out possibilities”. But it can be fun to surmise. I’m placing the videos below in rank of what “hit” my innards hardest… not necessarily based on any deep evidence-heavy truth. The first one (with old time bearded guy) was my favorite!

By the way, I never knew the meaning for “Bolt hole”, which is (according to Urban Dictionary), “A place where a person can escape or hide”.
. 12-18-18… “Benjamin Fulford Interview: Ding Dong the Sherff is dead, Military Tribunals are now ahead! – 13th Dec 2018”

[Note: corrected the title’s publication date, which should be 12-18-18.]

Am listening to this now. These interviews are always very helpful (to me, at least) to understand what’s really going on now.

They also support a project in Malawi to help orphaned children. Go to and click the donate button on any page.


Benjamin Fulford Interview: Ding Dong the Sherff is dead, Military Tribunals are now ahead! – 13th Dec 2018 (Published on December 18, 2018)

King Pin Bush death signals critical cabal loss. Rothschilds add nail in their coffin? 3M Woes (Macron, May, Merkle). Upcoming US Senate Hearings

Today’s release recorded on the 13th December 2018, Prepare For Change continues its interview series with Benjamin Fulford.

In this episode, we discuss the recent “official” death of Bush Snr AKA Scherff, the notes that where given to the bad guys at the funeral telling them the game is up, discussing China and how they’re involved with the Clintons and the recent “suicide” of top scientist there.

We further discuss how things are heating up in America and that January is looking to be crunch time for the mass arrests and military tribunals. We also touch on the fact that the Rothschilds are selling their Trust business, something that the family has had for over 145 years!

Things are continuing to heat up and so much is happening it’s difficult to keep on top of all these changes in the background.

Benjamin Fulford Continues to Work to Liberate the Planet

Benjamin Fulford continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

This interview is about 50 minutes long and we hope you enjoy it.

Let’s take our cue from Benjamin Fulford… and turn our world into a wonderful place!

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A video with a Fascinating theory about “The Envelopes” (received by several at GHWB’s funeral)

[Kp update: QAnon had mentioned “the envelops” in post 2608, where it was written, “What were in the envelopes ???”… Q: “Our promise to ‘counter’.”]

Several of “the globalist type” people at GHWB’s funeral on 12-5-18 received envelopes which fell out of their programs (check this short video). Many researchers have noted this. I’m posting the current video (by RedPill78) because it linked many dots which may point to a connection between Trump’s AF1 visit to Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) (on 12-15-18), and the curious path of a flight of another airplane on the same day.

The other plane may have mapped out a “keystone” like form, which focuses precisely on
ANC. Fascinating, to say the least. Take a watch…

[Note: I did a Bing map search of ANC and was able to locate the ANC structure shown in the video (link to image I snipped), although it’s rotated about 90 degrees from what’s shown in the video.]

Did the envelopes read, “Arlington Closed?” Quick video on an amazing Twitter thread connecting dots and making sense of only things Autists could.

Something’s going on here (at the GHWB funeral (12-5-18))… What could it be?!!?

Click for full image

This composite image was posted by an anon, and has been Tweeted out there many times, I’m sure. The link I passed on to a few is from Brenden M Dilley Twitter account. It appears to show several “surprise” reactions to envelopes and other items that were stuck in programs, plus something that was handed to the Bushes by an (apparent) agent at the funeral.

Here is an alternate link to the full image.