Give Us This Day Our Oxymoron?

By Anna Von Reitz

If someone starts talking to you about “Catholic pedophiles” or “Christian paderists” — what do you know? 

You are being lied to. Satan is trying to trick you. Why? Because no such thing exists. 

Like “sovereign citizen” and “civilian military”, “Christian pedophile” is an oxymoron– two words joined together that are mutually exclusive in meaning. 

No true Follower of Jesus in the history of the world has continued to be a pedophile after their conversion.  Why?  Because actual Christians don’t rape children, don’t lie, cheat, steal, kill, fornicate, or do other things that Jesus taught us not to do. 

And all these people who give Christians bad names while they continue to do all these things?  They are not Christians at all. I have told you what they are. They are Satanists. 

And we do nothing but harm the victims when we stupidly fail to recognize the problem for what it is and the perpetrators for who they are.  

The First Step in curing a problem is to recognize that it exists.  The Second Step is to keep your wits about you and define what the problem is. 

In this case we have Satanists lurking in some offices of the Church.  That should not surprise anyone.  Naturally the Church would be targeted.  And this is what Satanists ALWAYS do: pretend to BE their Enemy. 

So the Satanists pretend to be Jews and then they pretend to be Muslims and then they pretend to be Catholics just like they pretend to be Americans and pretend to be Russians and pretend to be Chinese. 

They pretend to be their enemies and they do terrible things, knowing that when and if they are caught, their enemy will be blamed by all those people who don’t catch on to the game they are playing.

Don’t be one of those people spreading gossip and twisting logic with the use of oxymorons as Satanists do.. Use your head and look sharp and be wise so that you do not fall into sin yourself. 

Satan is gone, but his son, Lucifer still prowls the Earth seeking our destruction.  Do not fall prey to him who would separate you from your faith in Jesus because of the failings and deceits of men and institutions. 

Indeed, men and institutions failed Him, so why should we expect anything different or better?  Do we not suffer with Him, to be raised up — literally lifted– above our own limitations? 

Feel His glory within you.  Hear His words echoing in your heart and mind— not the deceptive screeds of the Satanists and the blathering of the New York Times. 

The Time has indeed come that so many have looked forward to and never seen.  The Table is set and waiting for you.  Lucifer is pulling out all the stops, making one last push to keep you from entering The Kingdom of Heaven— one last throw to keep you enmeshed in lies and War and suffering. 

Resist all impulse to gossip and judge.  Stand fast on the principles He taught you. Many will fall victim to Lucifer and mistake good for evil and evil for good.  Be on your guard and try your best to guard everyone else against this plague and remain strong in your faith no matter if the Church wobbles and falls, no matter if Francis comes or goes. 

It was not men or their institutions which have been the light of your days and the comfort of your nights.  The glories of Rome saved no one.  The Sanhedrin saved no one.  You cannot put your faith in things like these, for their strength is ashes and their wisdom is not worth your breath, much less the risk of your condemnation. 

Our Shepherd is faithful and true.  No storm can dismay Him.  So must you be faithful and remain centered in Eternal Truth despite whatever is said in the world of men. 

When someone who is either ignorant or evil comes to you wanting to gossip– guard yourselves and hold your counsel. Rebuke them as I have done and set them on the right path again. 

Don’t be. absorbed in the media circus, but keep alert and watchful and ready to recognize when children are being harmed and trafficked. Do your best to deal with the actual problem wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head.

This, too, is part of the “waking up” we are called upon to do. 

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