Patriot Intel Report 3-25-19… “GCR Trigger Activated!”

I mentioned this video in the last post, and noted that the submission of the “Mueller Report of ‘No collusion’” has been pointed to as the trigger for the global currency reset. This person goes into what this means and why this can now go ahead. Early on in the video, he points out the significance of the US ambassador to Ukraine connection, and how she has apparently been part of the “collusion” scenario.

One part of this which I feel is important, is at the end, where he discusses that it is very important to forgive those who may have been used, and are possible “victims” of the deceptions of the deep state.

Also, I do not if the use of the term “Global Currency Reset” relates to what many have termed, “Global Currency Revaluation”. We shall see.

Published on Mar 25, 2019
The GCR Trigger has been activated!
Video: The GCR Trigger Event:
Article: Calls Grow To Remove Obama’s U.S. Ambassador To Ukraine

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