‘Risk Pool’ to be Created to Compensate Nations Hurt by Bill Gates Venture to Dim the Sun to Cool Earth

by Matt Agorist It was reported that the top climate change scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration received $4 million in funding from Congress along with permission to study two highly controversial geoengineering methods in an attempt to cool the Earth. According to Science Magazine, David Fahey, director of the Chemical Sciences Division […]

New Study: No Warming at All in Sweden for the Last 200 Years

First we start by noting how Greta Thunberg has been obsessed with the climate of the globe and that of her home Sweden. She claims it is changing dangerously fast and how this is supposedly unprecedented. But a recent paper shows this is in fact all false, at least in Sweden: New study: No warming […]

Real-World Outdoor Experiment Destroys Global Warming Narrative: As CO2 Naturally Rises From 0.1% to 75%, Surface Temperatures Drop 10°C

by Kenneth Richard At an outdoor test site in Italy CO2 concentrations vacillating between 1,000 and 750,000 ppm have no more or less an effect on local temperatures than a nearby site with stable, ambient (<400 ppm) CO2 concentrations. Mofette fields are “natural carbon dioxide springs” that allow us to observe the effect that a […]

Greta Thunberg is UNABLE to Answer a Simple Question Without a Script

Observers were shocked at a now viral video that shows environmental activist Greta Thunberg being unable to answer a basic question without a script. Thunberg has been lauded by the media establishment for her thunderous speeches denouncing world leaders who don’t take climate change seriously enough. However, when the teenage campaigner was asked a question […]

Davos, THE GREAT RESET and the Plot to Cancel Trump

From the Editor’s Desk, Michael Matt takes a look at some good news regarding the Covid recovery rate before exploring what’s really going on with the global pandemic. To understand this, he takes us to Switzerland — to the World Economic Forum — where the movers and shakers of the world have been meeting on […]

Why Worry About Warming? Cold is the Killer

by Viv Forbes Green alarmists are fanning a firestorm of fear about man-made global warming. Earth always cycles between warmth and cold. Every recent warm period (Medieval Warming, Roman Warming, etc) was a time of plenty for all life on Earth, while cold periods like the Little Ice Age saw crop failures, famine, migrations, invasions, […]