Dr. Steve Hurley VIDEOS 3-17,18-20… Related to “Coronavirus”, it “…is DESTROYING the… NEW WORLD ORDER…!!!” and “…CNN is PRAISING Trump’s “REMARKABLE” Leadership…”

These two videos by Dr. Steve really point out how the CV (Trump’s leadership over the response to it) is essentially destroying the “New World Order / Globalist” agenda. And then the remarkable response by one CNN analyst to Trump’s leadership during this CV time, is amazing! Enjoy this show!!


The Coronavirus is DESTROYING the Globalist NEW WORLD ORDER as We Know It; there really is no way around that! We’re going to take a look at precisely what globalism is, what the latest impact that the virus has had on globalist structures, and see how the biggest victim of this virus is nothing other than globalism itself. I think you’re going to love it.



I’m just as speechless as you are, folks! CNN, the Clown News Network, is ACTUALLY PRAISING the leadership of Donald Trump. In a rare moment of honesty, the most UN-trusted name in news admits what’s really happening in our nation; President Trump has emerged as a leader like no other, who is overseeing nothing short of a massive paradigm shift in the future of disease control and prevention. We’re going to take a look at precisely why CNN and even ultra-liberal governors are praising President Trump’s response, and how it all really does signal a bold new precedent in the future of disease control, I think you’re going to love it.