Government by Proxy

By Anna Von Reitz

The only entity in our history ever organized as “the” Republic, is the Municipal United States Government — the same old, ugly, nasty, venal Roman-style oligarchy allowed by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 — run by the Popes operating in their Office of the Roman Pontiff.  

So if you have been conned into supporting “the” Republic because you assume it is something different and better, or that it represents our actual government, The United States of America—– it’s time to polish off your Shinola Sensor and set it on “High Alert”.  

The Municipal Government is supposed to take care of Washington, DC — and has done a miserably poor job of managing even that much.  They are also supposed to provide us with Postal Service — which they palmed off onto private subcontractors, and other services related to the Federal Civil Service, which they have palmed off, too.  

This is how we have the whole unaccountable monstrosity of “Government Agencies” and “Administrative Code”.  

Agencies are private subcontractors of our subcontractors.   

We hired the Pope’s Municipal Government to provide us with stipulated and enumerated services.  They, in turn, sloughed off the responsibility, and using our money, hired Third Parties — private parties — to actually provide the services: Agencies, like The Pinkerton Agency.   

So, the Municipal Government is accountable to us if and when we act in our proper capacity as State Citizens and as our Federation of States, The United States of America —- but all the Agencies are accountable only to the Municipal Government.  

Neat, huh?  The Vermin have contrived to occupy a middleman position that allows them to escape their actual responsibilities, yet places an army of unaccountable private contractors at their disposal and all at our expense.  

This is, of course, illegal and unconstitutional and should have been stopped when it started under FDR, but Americans were asleep and trusting what they thought of — mistakenly — as their government.  

Of course, all these unaccountable Agencies look to the Municipal Government as the source of their contracts and instructions, and don’t necessarily have brains enough to look beyond that facade and see the fact of who their actual employers are.  

So we have FBI Agents ambushing and murdering innocent ranchers on their way to a public meeting on a public road in America.  

So we have IRS Agents collecting money and confiscating property under false pretenses. 

So we have “Bureaus” of Health and Vital Statistics kidnapping American babies and “killing” them on paper, so that members of the Bar Associations can “administer” their “infant decedent estates”.

All these evils can be traced directly back to “the” Republic and to the Municipal Government of the United States and to the Roman Pontiff and the Roman Curia ensconced like spiders and hiding behind the skirts of The Roman Catholic Church.  

This Municipal United States Government aka “the” Republic, has been functioning under Roman Civil Law and under the Maxim of that foreign law stating, “Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.”  

So when they attempt to deceive you and “re-brand” their same old crap as something new and wonderful by calling it “the” Republic —- snort through your nose like I do and ask them which Republic that would be?  Let them know that we are not deceived and not amused. 

These same Cretins used your money to buy billions of rounds of ammunition and military assault rifles to arm “their” Agency personnel, ordered millions of body bags, 30,000 guillotines, and built over 800 FEMA concentration camps, aka, “Fusion Centers” on your soil. The also militarized the Free Trade Zones and opened them up for occupation by foreign military forces. 

It’s not really a joking matter, is it?  

Are you ready to get off your couch and reclaim your stolen birthright and join your State Assembly?  Go to:   

They didn’t want to pay you back for their use and abuse of your identities and your resources, so they decided to arm all the “Government Agencies” they have been using to rule over you anyway, and start a Civil War with the object of killing off as many of their Priority Creditors as possible.    

While they have been strutting around the Capitol Rotunda and yapping like dogs about “gun control” and ordering False Flag attacks all over this country, they have in fact armed their “Agencies” to the teeth and misled and militarized all the local police, too.  

County Sheriff’s Offices have been armed with the latest military gear and bought into the hype about non-existent “sovereign citizens”.  

Bear in mind that the Pope controls the Municipal Government doing all this evil and he controls it directly.  Also bear in mind that he also owns the Territorial Government and controls that through the British Queen, who is his Overseer of all Commonwealth–that is, British Territorial– interests and properties.   
So this would have been a Civil War between these two entities, both egging on stupid Americans, and both of them secretively working for the Pope. 

Isn’t that sweet?  Doesn’t that just warm your Christian cockles?  


And now, finally, look again at what The Pledge of Allegiance really is and what it means and what it does:  

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  

It’s a “pledge”— an ancient feudal act of donating ones “fealty” to a sovereign — that is, pledging of a living man to serve an inanimate object, a proposition that is, on the face of it, idolatrous and insane.  

The object so honored and elevated as an idol above the living man belongs to what?  Oh, “the” United States of America — that is, the British Territorial United States —which is, in fact, merely borrowing and using the flag of The United States of America under the terms of the Constitutions.  

And what is all this promoting?  “The Republic for which it stands” —- the Municipal Government, not our actual Government, not The United States of America, which every member of the Armed Services is supposed to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.  

Can you all say, “treason” —or do you already have a mouthful?   

Are you all gaping and thinking —  I never meant to pledge myself to a flag!  I never meant to pledge myself to support foreign governments usurping against my own government!  Why didn’t anyone tell me this?  Why was this being done in our schools?  

Let him who will be deceived, be deceived. 

The Republic — the phony deceitful run-amok Roman-style Municipal Government has substituted itself for the actual government of this country and wantonly trashed the actual Constitutions owed to us for a century and a half, right under our noses.  Let him who will be deceived, be deceived. 

And most recently, they have moved beyond murdering American babies on paper, and offered to carry out the real thing on our soil, against us, against our families.  

What do your think our General Civil Orders issued in 2014 were about, if not to expose and prevent such a heinous blood-letting?  

These Vermin and those supporting them — certain renegade international bankers and “domestic security agencies” — are on the ropes, but you still have to wake up and smell the java.  

I recently had a senior banking official visiting with me and going on and on about “the Republic”, “the Republic” —- and he didn’t know what he was talking about.  He thought he was talking about The United States of America, the actual government.  

Please, everyone, stop a moment and think.  

The Republic is not our government.  The Republic is the Pope’s Municipal United States Government.  The Republic is a terribly run amok subcontractor of The United States of America.  It’s the same old evil under a different name.  Is that what you mean to support?  Yes or no?  

Sheep to the right, goats to the left….. 


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