Grand Torino / InfoWars News3-17-18… “Jerome Corsi, Charles Ortel, with Grand Torino”… “All about the Clinton Foundation”

This group call was run by “Grand Torino“, a citizen journalist in Ireland. I’ve been listening to this explanation of the operations of the Clinton Foundation, and the key statement for me, from Charles Ortel , from is below (at about 1:16:00)…

“You can use the… track record of the Clinton Foundation to help people understand how NOT to run a charity… Pick any law that matters, and this foundation has likely broken it.

[from 1:26:30] “All of these fake foundations associated with the Clintons is just that… it’s a fraud… the largest unprosecuted set of frauds in the history of mankind. Way bigger than Madoff!” Charles Ortel

I am quite sure that as more and more is unveiled about this, deep state dominoes will begin to fall, again and again (they already have, actually… the McCabe firing is one of them). I am personally neither pro-Clinton or anti-Clinton. But I am pro-Unveiling. This is only the beginning. Charles Ortel important contribution is that he has gone through the financials of the Clinton (and other) foundations, and knows what is correct and incorrect about foundations.

Published on Mar 17, 2018