Montana Governor Steve Bullock Moves Toward Gun Control

Bullock wants to be President, and he thinks he has nothing to lose by now  coming out of the closet on gun control. Just another sleazy politician who hid his real views from the people who elected him and now does whatever is expedient to get himself elected. Can anyone spell BACKFIRE.

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Dana Loesch on Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s move toward gun control: “It’s a typical, slimy, unprincipled, political move. It’s so swamp. And the worst part: Democrats will let him get away with it, so long as he kisses all the right anti-gun rings.” —Dana Loesch

You are going to crash and burn over this one in Montana Mr. Bullock. You might just as well leave the state right now. You have committed political suicide in Montana.
Paul Stramer

Is Congress About to Start a Civil War in America?

Are the criminals in Congress who want to disarm law abiding Americans about to pass unlawful measures that will trip the trigger on a civil war in America, by hiding it in the next budget law?

We all know that any so called gun control bills would be totally treasonous, and won’t stop any violence anyway because criminals are not the ones that will obey them.

It’s the deluded so called “law abiding” Americans that will be tricked into believing that these codes and statutes have any weight of law, when in fact they are completely against the Supreme Law of the Land, and will be null and void from their inception.

Let’s get real folks. Perhaps the Federal Corporation has the right to deny it’s own employees the right to carry firearms, but they certainly don’t have the right or authority to strip average Americans of the right to arm themselves to prevent government tyranny.

Please use the comment section below to give us your two cents.  These people are pressing forward with their criminal attempt to take your guns and once they have them, make no mistake, they will come to kill you.  They will never stop until they are stopped.