Penguin: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Open Phone

A good primer on how hard it can be to create an end to end open source ecology.

Librem 5 phone hands-on—Open source phone shows the cost of being different

It’s not finished, but many of the basics for an open source smartphone are here.

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ROBERT STEELE: This is a great short overview of the challenges of open source everything — which is why I believe that Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) needs to be a national “Manhattan Project” type commitment.  My latest book attempts to put in one place all that I have written to that end, less the Presidential Memorandum, which is in the previous book.

Book 3: REINVENTING ENGINEERING: The Ultimate Hack — Creating a Prosperous World at Peace with Open Source Everything

Book 2: REINVENTING INTELLIGENCE: 30 Years in the Wilderness

Book 1: REINVENTING NATIONAL SECURITY: Grand Strategy, Global Reality, and the U.S. Army — Everything Our President Is Not Being Told


Penguin: Open Source Toolbox for Studying Earth

An Open Source Toolbox For Studying The Earth

Fully understanding the planet’s complex ecosystem takes data, and lots of it. Unfortunately, the ability to collect detailed environmental data on a large scale with any sort of accuracy has traditionally been something that only the government or well-funded institutions have been capable of. Building and deploying the sensors necessary to cover large areas or remote locations simply wasn’t something the individual could realistically do.

But by leveraging modular hardware and open source software, the FieldKit from [Conservify] hopes to even the scales a bit. With an array of standardized sensors and easy to use software tools for collating and visualizing collected data, the project aims to empower independent environmental monitoring systems that can scale from a handful of nodes up to several hundred.

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