HATJ: An email exchange with BZ Riger on 9.22.2020

An email exchange 9.22.2020 published on The IUV,  on September 21, 2020

—–Riger, Bz on 9/22/2020 8:21 AM wrote:


Its getting pretty wild and woolly out in America… Our fair state was just designated as an “Anarchist territory” and the process of stripping all federal funding is in process. Emperor Inslee is not too happy about it lol. Portland and NY are sharing the same status.

I trust its not too wild and woolly for you.
Sending you comfort wrapped hugs and clean streams of inspired vibrations.

Gaia Portal
published on September 22, 2020, at 8:08 AM

Mosaic constructions continue to unite as One. 

Gaia rests in the comfort of her caretakers. 

Avians fly toward the East. 

Harmonics rise.

Date: 9/22/2020 12:19:27 PM
Subject: RE: Mosaic constructions continue to unite as One

Cue GANGSTA’S PARADISE by Coolio & LV …(that’s been on looooooooooooooooopty loop since 2000 when I was prepping for the BAR Exam, lol). Inslee, Cuomo, “China”, et al… have done a fabulous job on bringing the “dirty laundry” out into the open for even the most comatose to recognize. They will be picked up from “on the floor”, dusted off, and given an icepack for all their bruises. ?

We’ve all got this.

Thank You. Love You. Love All.

Update 1: #HATJ Short Note


From:    Terran
Subject:  GP 9-7-2020
Date:      September 7, 2020 at  2:21 AM


Premium ideas are recognized by humanityby EirePort

Premium ideas are recognized by humanity.

Stellar contacts promote themselves. 

Highest alignments are encouraged.

Freedom comes. 

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To:         Terran
Subject: RE: GP 9-7-2020
Date:      Sep 7, 2020 at 11:34 AM

Thank You… ??

Subject: RE: GP 9-7-2020
To:         Terran
Date:      Sep 7, 2020 at 11:34 AM

Cued simultaneously and looping in these moments now:


THE BRIGHTEST LIGHTS ~ King Charles and Mumford & Sons

Hugs, Love, to You, to All. ??


Il Libro Dell ‘Amore
Il libro dell’amor mi annoia
E pesa come l’anima
È pieno di carezze al cuore
E modi per danzare
Mi piace quando lo leggi tu
E tu di più
Tu puoi leggermi il cielo al blu
Il libro dell’amore suona
Nasce così la musica
A volte un po’ banale, stona
A volte solo stupida
Mi piace quando la canti tu
E tu di più
Tu puoi cantarmi il cielo al blu
Il libro dell’amor mi annoia
È stato scritto tanto tempo fa
Pieno di fiori nella notte buia
Che non sappiamo cogliere
Mi piace quando li cogli tu
E tu di più
Dovresti darmi fede in più
E ma
Mi piace quello che sei tu
E tu di più
Dovresti darmi fede in più
Fedi nuziali e fede in più

Il Libro Dell ‘Amore
The book of love bores me 
And it weighs like the soul 
It is full of caresses to the heart 
And ways to dance
I love it when you read it 
And you more 
You can read me the blue sky
The book of love sounds 
Thus was born the music 
Sometimes a bit banal, it clashes 
Sometimes just stupid
I love it when you sing it 
And you more 
You can sing me the sky to the blue
The book of love bores me 
It was written a long time ago 
Full of flowers in the dark night 
We do not know how to grasp
I love it when you catch them 
And you more 
You should give me more faith
And but 
I like who you are 
And you more 
You should give me more faith 
Wedding rings and more faith

The Brightest Lights

King Charles
The brightest lights
Cast the darkest shadows,
And that’s where I’ll be found,
For what’s hiding by the morning
Will be chased by daylight’s hounds.
Oh, the Dawn light sweeps all the shadows clean
Of what has gathered in the night,
Hang the villains and the crooks
High on butchers hooks
As they run from the sun in fright.
Oh the moonlight shadows are fleeting and scattered
Where memories and prophecies are slain,
Only the moment you’re in, can delight in sin,
So forget your regrets and pains.
The brightest lights
Cast the darkest shadows,
And that’s where I’ll be found,
For what’s hiding by the morning
Will be chased by daylight’s hounds.
Well the twilight shivers as darkness is risen,
Cold ash poured over the sun,
For the son to rise again he must go through hell
To see what the darkness has done.
The depraved are tamed, caught in pleasure’s chains;
Willingly surrendering,
There’s a song to your soul, while you bow to gold,
The song the angels sing.
The brightest lights
Cast the darkest shadows,
And that’s where I’ll be found,
For what’s hiding by the morning
Will be chased by daylight’s hounds.
The brightest lights
Cast the darkest shadows,
And that’s where I’ll be found,
For what’s hiding by the morning
Will be chased by daylight’s hounds.
Songwriters: Charles Costa / Charles Nicholas Joseph Costa


Subject: WTC Brussels
Date:  8/6/2020 5:07:35 PM

The World Trade Center in Brussels is burning.

Subject: RE: WTC Brussels
Date:  8/6/2020 5:07:35 PM

…thank you for overlighting that data…

Subject: RE: WTC Brussels
Date: 8/6/2020 4:36 PM

There’s more… on the side of that building is a banner in white with red letters “The Future is here”.

A lot of very strange incendiary events around the planet that could be tungsten rods from above.

Even more rain in China and speculation the water is cutting its way thru the bedrock under 3 Gorges Dam. Plus cavitation. Damage on the downstream side. A lot of stuff hitting the fan at once. If that dam goes China has a good decade of recovery ahead of it. Many cities already under water up to waist high.

Subject: RE: RE: WTC Brussels
Date: Aug 6, 2020 at 11:49 PM

Well, “China”, et al, who have been broke [a] “long time”, had very little avenues for accessing trillions/quadrillion of funds that were placed in “decimation” accounts (“in event of…”, “pandemic…”, etc. accounts)…

…the end of then…and the beginning of NOW.

Hugs, Love, and Calm to All in this NOW.

Update from #HATJ 7-24-2020


Subject: Data regarding new BOP “outdates”

Date: Jul 24, 2020 at 6:35 PM

Youssef, Zac, Lisa, Bill, and BZ:

Youssef and Lisa have the last email (July 15, 2020?) regarding data about BOP setting/changing/extending a new “outdate” for me, that is not just about an “outdate” but is also determinative for “eligibility” for “home confinement”, “halfway house”, etc.  As of today, the beings in this facility point at Grand Prairie TX with no further information forthcoming, and no way to contact Grand Prairie directly from in here.  

There is a so-called “administrative remedy” (8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, etc. forms) that, by my personal observations over a two-year period, is unnecessarily an variably tedious and sabotaged, from facility level to Grand Prairie level, as to make remedy hard to get, if remedy is attainable at all, and that is coupled and riddled with retaliatory actions during said “process”… “follow the money trail”…

…CA’s Pelosi, Schiff, Feinstein, etc…

At the moment, all actions being done and to be done, at any level… for any matter… is Washington, D.C… they are on their third(?) Director of BOP since I have arrived, Attorney General Barr, FBI, et al.

The new data today is that, as of last week, some women in this facility are receiving anywhere from 1 month to over 2 years OFF their “sentences”, with many releases occuring now to the end of the year for those who originally were not to be released until 2021, 2022, 2025, etc.  

As of this moment, and from current data today, I appear to be the only one who RECEIVED EXTRA TIME TO SERVE, with no explanation for said increase.  

There is other data regarding all that is being done in this matter, that is big picture dissolution and solution, however, that shall be known by All, including each of You, as it is experienced by each One.  I may guard each One’s opportunity and space to believe, BE and DO as they feel and choose to, and yet many disregard, or unaware that their said BEING, DOING, and choices do not preclude my own.  LOL.  

Not all details of every moment are required to be front and center (hence the “contact list” doing [queen and bowie’s “under pressure”…have you ever really listened to those lyrics, I mean really?, lol] during cosmic-balance doings specifically done in this facility during that time regarding many facets), however, every detail is lovingly and consciously planned and actioned.  

My Love, Gratitude, Heartitude, an Joy to each of You as everyone in existence makes their bow in the bright shining Lights Now.

A presto

#HATJ Update 7/19/2020


I spoke with Heather’s husband Youssef yesterday.   He said there was a woman who handled early releases at Dublin FCI.  Shortly before she left her job on maternity leave, she told Heather she was to be released in June and was on the list.  Heather gathered together her clothes and papers and packed them, in anticipation of getting called to the office.  She also deleted all her email contacts but Youssef’s at that point.

Heather does not know why the web site currently shows a release date of 1/13/2022 now.  She will know more details on Monday.  The local staff of the B.O.P. did not know why it was changed.

Youssef also said she will be restoring her email contacts.  Heather only gets 5 minutes for a phone calls, which is just about enough time to say hi to the kids. Communications are pretty limited, even for family phone calls.  I suspect computer time is also similarly limited due to the “COVID19 lockdowns” in California.

He said the web site originally showed 9/13/2021 as the release date, then it was moved forward one month to 8/11/2021.  Then last week it was changed to 1/13/2022.  It may be an attempt by an insider to skew the systems so she will not come out on any early release program list, which require a year or less left on the sentence to be eligible for early release.

Heather’s sentence mysterious extended by 5 months???

Denice caught this extension in Heather’s sentence by 5 months.  We don’t know why or how even this can be done long after the trial sentencing.  It’s very odd.  …AND ALL THAT FOR WRITING A ONE PAGE TRUST DOCUMENT????

Meanwhile 8,000 ACTUAL violent criminals are being released by States onto the streets because of COVID19.

I believe this is more fuckuppery from China. China initiated the arrest…

The screen shot I took July 11, 2020 of BOP web site:

SIRI’s Odd Late Night #HATJ Note Suggestions

I don’t have a good technical explanation for this SIRI anomaly. Maybe there isn’t a logical one. As a techie for 20+ years I can’t think of a single “logical” reason why this is happening.  I can think of plenty of non-logical reasons….

Since at least May 15 (and I think May 12), my iPhone has been giving me a “SIRI SUGGESTION” late at night of the note in my notepad that was the cut and paste precursor to this blog post:https://terrancognito.blogspot.com/2020/05/hatj-comments-on-perceived-stall-of.html

What makes this particularly odd is that SIRI is not automatically enabled on my phone, I have to press and hold the button to get it activate. It’s not in a listen and activate mode of operation.  And I will not own an Amazon Echo, or A Google speaker for the same reason I don’t want devices listening to me.  With this SIRI just does it…

The note in question does have very good advice, and I do read the note each time I get this… but perhaps I am missing some point in the note?  I dunno.  Head scratcher! Not like I can email her at this moment…

Here’s a slide show of the screen shots I captured as it happened, and this is not by any means all of them, just the ones I remembered to screen capture.  I don’t think I started capturing them until it happened about 3 times.  Doesn’t happen every night but at least 3-4 times a week.

I’m not claiming to know exactly why this happens, but I have my hunches based on what I’ve seen since 2013.  LOL. 
PS: This is not the first time I have had iPhones do weird things. During the summer of 2012 (before I met Heather) I was doing the “Banker Resignation List”. I had to go to the hospital for a couple of days,  One morning at 4 AM, Mumford and Sons “AWAKE OH MY SOUL” began playing really loudly in my hospital room. I was worried it wake people up on the floor.  It would not stop playing and I could not get it to shut off!!  The only way it stopped was to reboot the phone. 
There was a repeat incident the next day, a ragtime piano tune was playing on my phone, under the Album title “Danny Elfman’s Music for a Darkened Theatre”, an album I did have.  My wife at the time’s mother was a fan of rag time music and played it well. But I didn’t remember that tune.  When I got home from the hospital I went through that entire album trying to find that piano ragtime song.  It wasn’t there!  WHERE’D IT COME FROM????
In 2016, just after Heather returned to Boston from Morocco, she called me up on my cell phone. My phone has a feature that if the cell carrier isn’t there, it will piggy back on a known WIFI network.  It’s handy at times.  I had borrowed Bev’s Miata, and had just pulled into driveway from a trip to the store.  My phone battery was dead. And I wasn’t near enough to the WIFI to get that.  So I am looking at my phone, I answer it on the speaker, and its Heather AND IT WORKS!!!  
Heather “HI!!!!!!!”  
ME: “How are you doing that? The battery shows its dead! There’s not even WIFI available…”
Heather: “When I need to talk to you, I Just talk to you! I don’t worry about the details!”


This was a private question I posed to Heather about a “doing” she did in 2014 that was much misunderstood, by some, at the time. 

She left Aouchtam Morocco late August 2014 and moved back to her extended family in Casablanca and then went “dark” communication wise.  She told us before she left “I’m going on the road”, I wasn’t sure what that meant, but she did mention a few times she wanted to personally thank everyone who assisted along the way.  Heather can be enigmatic at times.

Caleb and I drove her and her kids to the bus station in Tetouan. I helped her get the kids on the bus which is a bit like herding cats.  I thought perhaps she was going to tour Europe, I really didn’t know.  Some got very upset.  I knew from the smile on her face and hug as she left it was not personal about any of us.

In the summer of 2015 I learned, after spending some weeks in Casablanca, she retreated to do some deep internal work in the Atlas Mountains (an energetic area like Everest or Shasta). She had gone cold turkey on cigarettes in Aouchtam and later coffee,  I recall her telling me over a cig and coffee in the alps  “my body said if you want me to do what you have in mind you got give up cigs and coffee first”.   I totally get listening the body, I’ve had mine speak to me a time or two.  I’ve outlined before before what came from that… the Sphere Alliance.  No need to go back over that. That’s not my purpose here.

I began doing some internal work myself beginning in May (I’ll speak to that in a separate post), and asked Heather about what she did to prepare for her “on the road” doing.

I wasn’t intending to post this, but given that Heather went dark again May 10th with all of us in communication with her, except her husband, it seems both good advice and synchronistic. None of us feel its personal, it could be a sign of potentially very good news!  We will just have to wait until Heather or her husband give us the news. 

Heather has done this periodically in important moments before. I accept it for what it is.  I’ve worked with her since 2012.  Heather does everything for a reason.

Hope this helps you all.


PS:  The energies are off the charts lately.  Be patient with each other, everyone is sorting themselves out in these energy fluxes, people can ache, have headaches, be a little loopy at moments (like me in the last week or so) and having really wild vivid dreams.  People may distance from you or you may get new unexpected friends. Be kind, as much as possible – and it can be difficult when you feel like you got stuck in a bug zapper.. lol…

—–Terran  on 5/3/2020 11:21 PM wrote:

When you went “on the road” in 2014 how did you prepare?


Subject: RE: QUESTION 
Date: May 4, 2020 at 12:20 PM

…any preparations for this “life” were all ready done…the major “issue” was moving/doing without being limited/hindered/etc by existing programs/programming. 

My bunkie handed me a book last week called The Fifth Agreement which immediately had a similar resonance as the Celestine Prophecy stuff.  I opened the book yesterday and smiled at the familiarity as i read the inside cover jacket for the listed the so-called Five Agreements as:

1. BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD ~ Speak with integrity.  Say only what you mean…etc.


3.  DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ~ Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want…etc.


5. BE SKEPTICAL AND LEARN TO LISTEN…which in my life, #5 has all ways always been listen to me/within and trust in me 🙂

…anyways, yesterday a piece of a convo that occurred with Sky, et al in Garavet, rang last night as i went to work, “she is basically self-taught”, lol.