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In complete Love, Gratitude, Heartitude, and Joy, for All, with All, by All,

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf 

UPDATE 1: #HATJ Update 5-11-2021

Heather has been released from the Dublin facility. There were paperwork glitches on the way out of Dublin, and also upon her arrival in Tacoma.  They were not expecting her in Tacoma, so someone in the BOP didn’t communicate she was being released. 

Denice tracked down Heather and called her via the staff.  Denice said the Feds were investigating an issue with one of the record keepers at Dublin. Many prisoners have been held who should have been released because of this clerk (who may have been on the take). This person was apparently adding rule infraction points and extending sentences by altering prisoner records.  I don’t have many details and what I have may not be the complete story.  I’ll let Heather relate the details of what happened when she’s settled in. 

The debit card they gave her didn’t work at first, but that must have been resolved as she took a taxi from the airport.  Everything about her trial and imprisonment has been a little odd.

Heather was supposed to go home last night but had to wait for the paperwork to get straightened out. At least she’s out of Dublin and in a safe place for the moment.  And her family can visit.

Update 1: 

I got three phone calls from Heather today, one quite brief the other two very long.  She shared a lot of details with me about her last three years.  I was feeling most of what she went through the last three years but didn’t have the context to know what was causing those emotions.  I found the first 18 months of her sentence the most difficult, somehow I learned to cope with the intuitive data I was getting and push on through it.  When you work with someone as long as I have, you get tuned to them.  Same thing has happened with Denice, if I just think of Denice she will either call or write me.  

What phone calls she was allowed from prison I wanted her to use with her family. She couldn’t say much on prison email because they do face retribution and recrimination by the staff.  There is no recourse for prisoners regardless of their innocence in the US Penal system.   She said “it is said 20% of the prison population should not be there”, she said “the percentage is far higher than 20%”.

It was very good to hear her voice again after all this time.   She is still in the halfway house, the paperwork snafu is being worked on and she’ll be home once that is straightened out.   I think it will be within days. They didn’t know she was coming.

She asked me to not publish what she shared about the last 3 years.  She said the particulars doing those things will “self implode with self disclosures”, and that “it goes faster if it’s not published first”.   She did say over the last 3 years 1/3 of the prison management has been fired, quit or jailed. While they say they provide medical and dental care to prisoners, they in fact do not.  There are still scandals to come out, but that will happen organically.  She said if she has anything to say publicly on it she will make it clear when she wants it published.   I will honor her wishes in that regard.

Heather is happy, joyous, enjoying real food and a real bed.  She is unable to smoke cigarettes, it makes her ill now.  Her hair is now down to her waist, she joked she didn’t like the idea of anyone holding sharp scissors behind her back in jail. She has seen her husband and youngest son, and hopefully will see the other 3 children (who are now over 6 feet tall!) soon. 

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is being released!


Subject: Update 4.21.2021
Date: Apr 21, 2021 at 10:05 PM

Youssef, Zac, Leila, BZ, Bill, Paul, Denice, and Lili…As of 4.21.2021:

Release to Home Confinement (walk out the gate) on Monday, May 10, 2021. The Case Manager is obtaining information to clarify whether I will be placed in quarantine or not, prior to May 10, 2021, since release to home confinement and not half-way house. (Quarantine was a term negotiated contractually between Half-way Houses and Government entities.) I could go into quarantine as early as tomorrow (with no access to phones, computers, my property, addresses for mailing, etc….with showers only twice a week.)

The Case Manager will also obtain clarifying information whether I am to report to a Half-Way House immediately upon arrival in Tacoma on May 10th, and then they will have home confinement set up from there.

The Secretary still has to notify me whether I am flying or traveling by bus. The Case Manager, Secretary, and I were interrupted this afternoon when they attempted to tell me the news, when lunch was called…and then an immediate shakedown of every room in our unit was done right after, lol. “Good times.” 😉

My love to my family. My love to each of You. My love to All. <3

In Love, Gratitude, Heartitude, Joy, and Celebration, with All, by All, for All. A presto!

Update 1: #HATJ on Jenna Ellis Quote

Subject: RE: Jenna Ellis quote
Date: Apr 11, 2021 at 12:49 PM

Lol. That “fury” is turning to self-fury as each “outs” their self. By their own tongues, by their own hands, by their own hearts.

Hugs, Love, Compassion, Heartitude, and Hyperacceleration to All, by All, with All.

—– Terran on 4/9/2021 9:36 PM wrote:

“Hell hath no fury like a vested interest masquerading as a moral principle.”

Update 1:
Subject: RE: Jenna Ellis quote
Date: Apr 11, 2021 at 9:07 PM

Playing on loop:  BANG by AJR


New mailing address for #HATJ

HATJ: …I was just moved to UNIT C(harlie) and I told Y. it feels EXACTLY like UK Heathrow’s waiting area for International flights, minus the duty-free shopping and the food court!

HATJ: Thank You, again.

HATJ: Hugs. Love. Gratitude. Heartitude. Compassion. And Completion. ??

New mailing address for Heather:

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

Reg #86748-007, Unit C

Federal Corrections Institution

5701 8th Street

Dublin, CA 94568

PS: Here’s a photo of Heathrow Airport’s international waiting area….

HATJ: Consciousness, the greatest (internal/eternal) security "system" in existence

Subject: “il Papa” trip to Iraq
Date: Mar 5, 2021 at 12:36 PM

Paul highlighted “il Papa” trip to Iraq near some Babylonian Ziggurats. I think Paul wondered if there was an Enil or Enki connection.

I wasn’t too interested in Francis so I didn’t pay much attention to his wanderings until Paul asked. I asked Denice to inquire of Stan or Adrian which led to an interesting set of data for now. Adrian answered 

Seems some portals are wide open, “il Papa” is no longer working for Dracos but rather St Germaine. Out of money and out of luck he’s going down that narrative of the violet wonder boy.

Simon Parks let slip yesterday DJT was in Switzerland getting signatures. Whether that relates to “il Papa” ventures I don’t know. Adrian said the answer to that was above his pay grade. So I left it at that for now.

Subject: RE: il Papa trip to Iraq
Date: Mar 5, 2021 at 6:06 PM

lol…”…above his pay grade…”

My experience with data, all data …accessible data is determined by one’s current state of consciousness…

…consciousness, the greatest (internal/eternal) security “system” in existence…different states of consciousness equals different levels of data accessed…however, all data is available always. “It goes as fast as you go”. This, everyone is aware of within…can you imagine ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the different “levels” of consciousness operating at once on this planet? can you imagine what it takes to get anything done when each and every current state of consciousness is to be acknowledged, honored, and yet goals still accomplished? when all is done, it will be obvious that unity, and Being in UNITY, was always the case.

….to see a data “outside” of one’s current state of consciousness, then expand the state of consciousness (and no, one does not need drugs, or other external methods to do so…just go within). Perhaps one will find that love is the “key”, the “shortcut”, Being love that is. “Words” of love, “actions” of love (specifically and particularly ritualistic), only get one so far, only to certain levels of expanded consciousness (rather limited in the complete spectrum of existence)…

In college, a professor of mine (Mysticism Class) once quoted something to the effect of, “…it is not required to master the highest state of consciousness, but rather know the state of consciousness you are in at any moment and shift within them as required and desired.”

The more expanded the consciousness, the less the existence of judgment, the more data accessible.
I was never being contrite or condescending when I would say, “go within”. I was not being vague when I would say, “BE LOVE, DO LOVE (BE AND DO). I was being honest. 
As promised in DC during Brian’s (fun) conversation, I made my self visible first. Context proves transparency was always present, and the flipside…one cannot have transparency without context, “boyo”. 🙂

Love to You.

Love to All.

Subject: RE: il Papa trip to Iraq
Date: Mar 6, 2021 at 12:34 PM

…when I was talking about “‘[w]ords’ of love, ‘actions’ of love” I was referring to the recent and current doings of those done by the former top hierarchy and old guardians, and their attempts (primarily by specific and Particular “rituals”) to access data residing in the most expanded states of consciousness in order to counter all, and All, that cannot be countered. :

…my love, gratitude, and heartitude to You, Bev, and the whole gang in Texas!!!!!!!!!!

–More to come–

Update 1: Quick HATJ message regarding books sent


There has not been a whole lot said by Heather recently other than some personal comments to me.  It’s kind of the moment we are in that not much can be said until it’s all finished.  While its tempting to hold our breaths collectively, its also important that WE BREATHE!  Push pure love energy out into the ALL with every breath.  I will share this snippet below which is meant for ALL.

I was prepared to do this without assistance in that manner, well, in many “manners”…”graceful and easy” as we say.  Teams came out of the “woodworks” in unthinkable ways, positions, and places.  The unity throughin has been perfect and perfectly done.  A gift in every “way”.  To me, my family, everyone in existence.  “Universal” is as an inadequate word as any other one attempts to label with.  



Emily of the UK brought this to my attention. Its a conversation BZ Riger had with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf in 2017.  This was long before the Mueller Special Prosecutor hearings on “Russian Collusion” and Peter Strzok’s spectacular downfall. (his crew arrested Heather and wiretapped and persecuted Trump and his aides with planted “evidence”).  

I have had many similar conversations with Heather in private but I don’t have a recording of those.  There maybe some off a hard disk if that disk survived all the moves I did between 2013 and 2018.  But I can’t guarantee that.   

It’s easy to forget what you’re told in the heat of the moment when it feels like the world is crashing down on you.  Thought I’d post it here as I regain my footing after a very disappointing couple of weeks.  It applies as much to this moment as it did in the heat of the court battle in Tennesee in 2017 and 2018.