VIDEOs of Interest that I have viewed recently (as of 9-28-21)… (including Tarot by Janine, HFSN, MajicEyesQnly)

Several videos I’ve viewed recently, and I’d say that the two that are from “Majic Eyes Qnly (Rumble video page) were the most unveiling for myself. I may do a separate post with just those videos, and/or the document he put together.

The only note I will add is that I always follow Higher Inner Discernment about anything or anyone.

HFSN… “Part 1 Waikiki Mega March 5.0

MajicEyesQnly, “The Storm”

Tarot by Janine
Tarot By Janine Discusses Audits, Obama, Military and Trump with Nicholas Veniamin

Hawaii Free Speech News 9-22-21 VIDEO… “Waikiki Mega March 4.0” (from 9-18-21)

This video is about the “mega march” on 9-18-21, and it certainly goes along with the last Kp blog post, which covered the “Mandate Free March” in Maui, on the same day. I found this video very uplifting, and illustrates the wide variety of cultures and people who are standing up in and for the islands.

Waikiki Mega March 5.0 is coming up on 9-25-21.

Watch this video in 4K high quality on YouTube:

This video is about the Waikiki Mega March 4.0 which took place on September 18, 2021.

Here’s a link to the Hawaii fake news star advertiser article:

HFSN Bitchute channel
Aloha Freedom Coalition
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Hawaii Free Speech News 9-13-21 VIDEOs… “Waikiki Mega March (9-11-21)” & “Press Conference w/ Gary Cordery (9-10-21)”

Image links to second video

These videos are about the “mega march” on 9-11, and also a Q&A held on 9-10. I found both to be enlightening and informative. The Light is continuing to come in to the Islands, baby!!

“Location: Waikiki on the island of Oahu, after Joe Biden’s dictatorial vaccine mandate proclamation for federal workers, even more people were motivated to join Hawaii’s biggest freedom march in Hawaiian History. This is on top of compromised mayor Rick Blangiardi who pretended to be a republican who wanted to be more relaxed on covid restrictions (instead the new boss is the same as the old boss (Kirk Caldwell), made a proclamation on Hawaii’s rollout of the vaccine pass in order to dine at restaurants, etc which really pissed off private business owners. This AFC’s fifth official Waikiki Freedom March and each Saturday, thousands of more people and other organizations join the group of discontent, concerned Hawaii residents who are being forced out of their jobs due to illegal man-dates.

“On September 10, 2021, as Mayor Rick Blangiardi has failed to deliver on his promise to plan for the first public town hall meeting in 18 months, a number of guest speakers came to Honolulu Hale to speak to the alternative news as well as local mainstream news on the topic of the passing of resolution 21-194, the vaccine passport, vaccine mandates, therapeutics, and kids being for bed to wear a mask for 8 hours a day at school. The event was setup by Rhy from anti-corporate news. Multiple entities shared camera footage for the making of this edit, Mahalo everyone.

HFSN Bitchute channel
Aloha Freedom Coalition
Aloha Freedom Coalition FB
Aloha Freedom Coalition Twitter

Hawaii Free Speech News 9-10-21 VIDEOs… “Karl Dicks (Part 1)… “Hawaii Bankers Association, Hawaii / China Connection, KHH Lawsuit”; (Part 2) “Covid Injection Mandate Illegality”

Image links to first video

These videos from HFSN really helped open my eyes (a bit more) to what is behind the CV lockdowns in Hawaii, and the PBS (political BS) that’s been happening on the islands for quite some time. At a couple of points, Karl refers to them using the word “mafia”.

“[Part 1] Karl Dicks from Klean House Hawaii has a lot of inside knowledge and experience dealing with the Hawaii political landscape. He makes it very clear that there is a push to force as many people to leave Hawaii as possible to set Hawaii up as a vacation resort reserved only for the rich elites in the future. He also discusses how puppet governor David Ige is connected to China and how the CCP has their tentacles in Hawaii.

“In part 2, Karl… (which brought forth a lawsuit against governor David Ige, Josh Green, Rick Blangiardi among others) discusses how employers will be coerced by the government to impose illegal covid mandates on employees which will make them liable. He explains the harmful and sinister element of PCR testing among other things.”

Klean House Hawaii
Go-Fund me Karl Dicks & KHH lawsuit

Hawaii Free Speech News 9-8-21 VIDEO… “Karl Dicks & KHH Lawsuit Against Governor Ige, Josh Green, & Rick Blangiardi (Preview)”

This came up on my feed today, and although I’m not here just to post about “lawsuits and the like” (see this prior Kp blog post), it is clear to me that the energy in the islands has changed to that of “Stand up and be counted”. And I believe Q mentioned that “Class Action Lawsuits Are Very Effective”.

We’ll see where this goes.

This is also viewable on YouTube.

Karl Dicks from Klean House Hawaii has a lot of inside knowledge and experience dealing with the Hawaii political landscape. He makes it very clear that there is a push to force as many people to leave Hawaii as possible to set Hawaii up as a vacation resort reserved only for the rich elites in the future. On our bitchute video, he discusses a whole range of serious topics not allowed here on YouTube so check out the full length uncensored video premiering this evening on our bitchute channel.

Check out our full length uncensored videos plus several videos not featured on YouTube:

Klean House Hawaii
Go-Fund me Karl Dicks & KHH lawsuit

Hawaii Free Speech News 9-6-21 VIDEO… “Waikiki Mega March Promo for September 11 (10,000!)”

Some may be able to participate in this. I know these HFSN videos are “going around” out there. People are paying attention. Light is being shone on, and for, the islands, just as in the rest of the world.

This is also viewable on YouTube.

As everyone knows someone whether friends or family that have lost their job or are on the verge of losing their job due to the v-mandates imposed on employers and employees by the governor and mayor of Honolulu, people from the North shore to the Westside all the way to the East side are ready to take to the streets to protest in a move for united non-compliance against this tyranny. Thank you to Ben (the drummer) for providing the drone footage for this video!.

Hawaii Free Speech News 8-31-21 VIDEO… “Josh Green protest… (and more lockdowns from the Oahu mayor?)” (or, “the Hawaii ds must be getting very desperate”)

Found this new video on the HFSN Bitchute channel today. One part that stood out is at about 1:40, where a short news clip is played showing the mayor of Oahu (home of Honolulu) announcing more cv restrictions. All I can say is that this is likely very positive, as the ds (deep state) on the islands is pushing and pushing and pushing. People on the islands (more and more of them) are indeed waking up.

This is also viewable on YouTube.

Location: Hawaii State Capitol. On the Eve of Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi’s announcement that restaurants, gyms, and even shooting and archery ranges would be forced to require vaccine passports from people or suffer excessive fines or be forced to shut down, the Aloha Freedom Coalition joined by other groups from around Oahu who want freedom from a compromised controlled democrat puppet government imposing a communist and fascist mandates on the good people of Hawaii under an emergency use proclamation took to the Capitol to March to Lt. Governor Josh Green’s residence once again to demand and end to these fascist mandates. As more and more people lose their jobs for refusing to comply with getting the jab or going through the trouble of weekly covid fraudulent testing throughout the state, people of Hawaii are being pushed to the edge as they consider whether to move to texas or Florida or stay on the island and fight this medical tyranny on the front lines. The situation is getting more desperate. Folks are on the front lines trying to keep Hawaii from turning into Australia.

Abrien Aguirre, Hawaii Free Speech News 8-26-21 VIDEO… “Josh Green [Lt. Gov. of Hawaii state] Hypocrisy”

This is one that “stood out” strongly to me. Dr. Josh Green, Lt. Gov. of Hawaii state, has (in my view) clearly been either a) taken over by the “deep state”, or b) taken over by the “White Hats”, who are asking him to now play an adversary role in this movie that’s playing out. He appears to be “reading from the corporation script”. At least that’s my sense of it.

It reminds me a bit about how Rachel Maddow all of a sudden started saying that even questioning the official 911 report was dangerous… at that point I was done with Rachel (see this Kp blog post). She had been bought out (or something like that).

In any event, this is great news, from my viewpoint, as it means Hawaii deep state is in the process of being “taken down”. The people of Hawaii are waking up, and the dark ones being exposed and taken out.

HFSN Bitchute channel.

Abrien Aguirre and a group committed to freedom from medical tyranny in Honolulu caught Josh green red handed as he held his fundraiser party in a restaurant maskless while the general public are forced to wear a mask indoors. Abrien filmed Josh Green avoiding his questions regarding the misrepresentation of false classification of covid deaths. Josh Green was also interviewed on fake news MSNBC claiming he was a victim of anti-semitism by pro-freedom protesters.

Abrien sacrificed his occupation to bring us this truth. You can help him pay for his legal fees by donating to the links below:
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Also PayPal @abrienaguirre

Hawaii Free Speech News VIDEO channel… One place to see what’s going on (for freedom) in Hawaii…

[Kp note about these videos: some of them are pretty intense, but I like to remember that we may continue Holding the Light for all those involved in these events (protests, marches, education, etc.), and for the Planetary process through which we are now moving.]

I’m sure there are many other places, but this Bitchute channel, HFSN, is posting videos from events related to people waking up in Hawaii and “liberation of Hawaii from the deep state”. I’ve posted a couple videos from them before (see this Kp blog post).

I’m posting just a few videos that have “hit the innards” from this site.

Part 1 Waikiki Vaccine Mandate Protest (August 21, 2021)

Maskless Shopping in Kapolei

This one shows efforts to educate and inform about the “mask mandates”, and at a shopping area I used to go to on Oahu. Similar things happened here in Illinois, and, occasionally, by me. This video also has an excellent selection of video clips about aspects of this CV situation.

Capitol Rally Against Vaccine Mandates (August 20, 2021)

Abrien Aguirre Hawaii Covid Whistleblower

Abrien Aguirre Hawaii Covid Whistleblower (Terminated for the Truth)