Hopeful “Tarot by Janine” (with Catherine Edwards) reading for Hawaii (1-5-22) (plus an HFSN video with Hawaiian Nationals)

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Okay, I’ve been trying and trying (via Twitter and YouTube and direct email) to ask Janine if she could read about Hawaii, and what’s going on / going to happen with Hawaii.

Lo and behold, Catherine Edwards asked a question today about Hawaii. And Janine responded, via her cards, that it was looking positive for Hawaii to come out of their “lockdown status”. Go to about 35:45.

The second video (“Occupied Forces Hawaii Army @ Ala Wai Boat Harbor”) is what (I believe) Catherine and Janine were referring to (I’ve been calling those people, the “Hawaiian Nationals Army”).



That Video the music came from… “Hawai’i Aloha | Song Across Hawai’i | Playing For Change Collaboration”

I absolutely loved this production, part of which was featured in the recent Kp Radio Hawaii show. This features many of the varied musicians across the islands, a few of which I have met during my time there. Particularly I enjoy the children from different charter schools (my favorites are those from Nanakuli (used to live there) and Kauai).

Feel free to enjoy this one.


“”Hawai’i Aloha” features dozens of Hawai‘i’s top artists across many genres, and over 1,000 youth from 10 Hawaiian charter schools in one epic song. Recorded live across 27 locations, this is Hawaii?s most widely known song, used to close important gatherings of all sizes. It is a song of unity and Aloha ‘Aina (Aloha for one’s birthplace, land and home).

“About this collaboration: Mana Maoli, a Hawaiian nonprofit, teamed up with Playing For Change and 4 Miles as part of their Mana Mele Project, which features a solar mobile studio and a Music & Multimedia Academy. Alongside the youth – on campus, in real-world settings, and in this video, is the “Mana Mele Collective” – over 200 artists, engineers, and filmmakers who donate their time and talents to mentorships, recordings, and concerts in support of these schools. We hope you enjoy watching this collaborative effort as much as we enjoyed creating it!

“For lyrics and a bit of history behind “Hawai?i Aloha”: http://www.manamele.org

[Kp note: A translation to English may also be found here(“O Hawai?i, O sands of my birth, My native home, I rejoice in the blessings of heaven, O Hawai?i, aloha.”)]