Please Hold the Light for Mauna a W?kea and its Protectors and Stewards (9-8-19)

It is my understanding that certain actions by the State of Hawaii and County of Hawaii are being “considered” (likely meaning, “Already in process”), against the Mauna Kea protector group at Pu’u Huluhulu. I would not be surprised if this is an attempt by the State to provoke something, giving them an excuse to use more “intense” methods with the protectors.

Here is a link to a proclamation about this, from the acting King, Ali’i nui Mo’i Edmund K. Silva, Jr.

Link to proclamation

For those who feel the desire to help, feel free to pray, meditate, and Hold the Light (and post this message) for the Mauna and its protectors / stewards.

As we all know, the Light is prevailing, and the Light will heal all.

Aloha, Kp

Four Videos reflecting the Sacredness of this island… Videos 2-4… “The Honoring of Mauna a Wakea (Mauna Kea)”

These three are testimonies from Big Island kahuna before (I believe) Office of Mauna Kea management (OMKM), who are putting together new “rules” for improved “management” of Mauna Kea. That, to me, is another way of saying, “When anything goes wrong on Mauna a Wakea (Mauna Kea), we’ll just make more rules to ‘manage’ it, rather than turning it over to the true stewards of the Mauna… Like you all testifying here.”

Feel free to listen and watch these to get a flavor for how these kahuna view what the OMKM is trying to do. Aunty Pua Case is considered by many to be one of the primary caretakers of Mauna Kea.

I am posting four videos in total before I leave on a mission on this island, and I felt strongly they were to “go up” to the blog before I left.

Four Videos reflecting the Sacredness of this island… Video 1… “The Magnificence of Pele”

The title is different from what I wrote, I know. But it is quite an excellent overview from a scientific perspective about the current Kilauea eruption. The collection of video images here is astoundingly beautiful (to me, at least), and this is why I connect with these events… Pele is breaking the old foundations, and building a new one… in beautiful ways.

I am posting four videos in total before I leave on a mission on this island.

Big Island Video News 4-24-18… “Kilauea Volcano Lava Lake Overflows Continue (Apr. 24, 2018)”

This was “news to me”, as I first saw it in a West Hawaii Today newspaper article. This is an indicator to me that a new foundation is being laid, once again, for the return of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Just as North Korea (Q post 1257) and Armenia have been (are being) returned to the people (via “Clown (CIA) removal”), so it is (will be) with the Kingdom of Hawaii.

From the WHT article:

Kilauea’s summit lava lake covered nearly 40 acres of Halema‘uma‘u after rising over the top of Overlook crater. The lake has been relatively high for the past week or more and first spilled over Saturday night.

Janet Babb, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory spokeswoman, said there were four separate events, or “pulses,” that spread a fresh layer of shiny black lava over the floor of madame Pele’s home through Monday morning.

The Halema‘uma‘u crater is about 133 acres in size. Overlook crater, where the lake resides, sits inside Halema‘uma‘u. Babb said the largest overflow covered about the same area as overflows in April and May 2015.

By Monday afternoon, the lake began to recede after the summit entered a deflationary period.

It remains to be seen how long that trend will continue or if the lake will remain visible for the public from Jaggar Museum.

For the moment, the summit remains the focal point for lava viewing.

The “61g” lava flow remains active within the upper flow field of Pu‘u ‘O‘o. But that area is closed to the public and difficult to access.

Carolyn Parcheta, Kilauea operations geologist at HVO, said a new vent is still expected to open at Pu‘u ‘O‘o as it continues to uplift due to a buildup of magma underneath. The cone has been erupting almost continuously on Kilauea’s East Rift Zone since 1983.

For daily updates on the volcano, visit

The 9-30-17 Mission Point…

This was where I was moved to stop to do some kind of ceremony. I wasn’t sure where it was going to be, then suddenly it “showed up”. Not all way up to Mauna Kea, not even to Pu’u Huluhulu, but here. You can see the blue dot with the direction blue, pointed right towards Mauna Kea.

Not sure exactly what was done. I did see a dome of light over lighting the Mauna.

Yesterday’s decision by the BLNR to approve the TMT permit was likely connected to this (ref. 1, ref. 2).

There’s still several hurdles that are in front of the TMT people, though. I am continuing to send Light and Love and Aloha and all that to the Mauna and her protectors.

Suggest following one’s Higher Guidance about what to do and how to BE with all this.

Aloha, Kp

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Mauna Kea TMT BLNR Contested Case Final Argument videos, 9-20-17

I’ve been watching a few of these in the last couple days, and felt the desire to place them here for others to get a flavor for what is happening regarding the TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) situation. Here is a link to a prior Kp blog post about this which some may wish to view. There are three pro-Mauna Kea videos and three pro-TMT videos.

2015 was the year when Mauna Kea protectors prevented the beginning of construction of the telescope, and there was a continuing pressing of the issue that there had never been a contested case hearing (before the BLNR = Board of Land and Natural Resources). The efforts of various local groups and their attorneys eventually led to the presentation of their case before the State of Hawaii supreme court. The court decided that the contested case should have been held, and invalidated TMT’s permit.

So now there have been final arguments before the BLNR, and they will then make a decision whether to grant a Conservation District Use Permit (CDUP) for the TMT (hopefully I’ve got those details right).

I have watched these videos, not using the intellect, but rather with my na’au (solar plexus), from the depths of connection with the Mauna. I know who I am connected with. See what you connect with here.

Thanks to Big Island Video News for these excellent videos.

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Ali`i Nui M?`? Edmund K. Silva, Jr., 8-10-17… “King’s Request for Peace throughout the world”

This was posted on the Kingdom of Hawaii blog. This is a beautifully composed letter, and I feel it is significant that he has “tuned in” to the rest of the planet when he requests a daily meditation/prayer for peace at 11 AM each day. He writes:

“Therefore, let us unite in prayer and meditation that our hearts, thoughts and actions are in accord seeking unity and peace throughout these Hawaiian Islands, Guam, Japan, the West Coast of the United States and the world.

“As such, I humbly request that at 11:00 a.m., every morning for just a few minutes until this crisis is over, that everyone throughout Hawai’i and the world stop and pray for peace, calm and unity to Akua the Great Spirit.”

This surely aligns with all of those who are gathering for meditation and prayer for peace during the 8-21-17 solar eclipse, at 11:11 PDT (see this Kp blog post, and this one). This is an important time, in my view, and the King’s request emphasizes that.


Ali`i Nui M?`? Edmund K. Silva, Jr., 8-10-17… “King’s Request for Peace throughout the world”

“Today, I send you my warm aloha. I am here among you, looking at the situation with North Korea from all angles. I know of your grave concerns as many of you wonder if the threat to Hawai’i will come to pass. Please do not let your fears overcome a calm heart which is what Iencourage you to adopt as this is the best way to protect our beloved Islands…”

Download PDF

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