Official government data from Germany suggests covid fully vaccinated people will develop AIDS

By Ethan Huff,

By the end of the month, most people who are “fully vaccinated” will have developed full-blown Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), new government data suggests.

German government researchers found that the immune systems of the fully vaccinated have already degraded to an average of -87 percent, depending on when they got jabbed. That degradation will only continue until their immune systems are completely gone. (Related: Fauci Flu shots are also spreading prion disease.)

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) put out the data, which shows that the fully vaccinated now have, on average, an 87.7 percent lower immune response to the new Omicron (Moronic) variant than the unvaccinated.

“This means that the average German is down to the last 12.3 percent of his or her immune system for fighting certain classes of viruses and certain cancers,” reports the Daily Exposé.

Interestingly, RKI did not produce the normal vaccine effectiveness tables in its December 30 weekly report.

“This may have been due to the holidays (the British gave up completely on December 23) or may have been because the table would be disastrous for the vaccines,” the Exposé added.

“But we can help the Germans out here by doing the calculation for them using Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness formula: Vaccine effectiveness = immune system effectiveness = (1-8.12)/8.12 = -7.12/8.12 = -87.7%.”

Fully vaccinated immune systems are doing WORSE than the predictive models estimated

Back in October, it was projected that this type of thing would occur. Scientists looked at data from the UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report, concluding that immune system degradation would become progressively worse in the fully vaccinated.

Those figures were mocked by some for being too “doomsday.” It turns out, however, that they were actually underestimates.

The fully vaccinated are doing worse in terms of immune strength than even the most “pessimistic” data modelers anticipated.

“So Germany, at 87.7% immune system degradation, has done 6.7% worse than our model which predicted, an 81.0% degradation this year (for over 18s based on 2 doses of the anti-vaccine rather than 3),” the Exposé reported.

“It is the 3rd dose that really kills the immune system as can be seen from the ONS data for Omicron … These figures mean that if you have Covid and you have had 3 doses of the vaccine then you are 4.45x more likely to have Omicron than if you are an unvaxxed Covid case. But the above was merely an estimation.”

Based on the latest data out of Germany, we now know that the fully vaccinated are 812 percent more likely to develop a Moronic infection than the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated are basically eight times better protected from Moronic than people who took the jabs.

“And the more jabs you take the faster the degradation of your immune system progresses,” the Exposé added. “It also looks like the unvaxxed are reaching sub herd immunity against Covid-19 whereas the fully vaxxed are being prevented from reaching it by the vaccines.”

“The German figures have destroyed the case for vaccine passports and by themselves prove instead the case for an immediate gene therapy and spike protein vaccination ban.”

It turns out that we were right, too. So-called “vaccine immunity” is really just fake immunity. It is flawed, at best. At worst, it destroys the immune system, leaving it unable to naturally fend off infections of any kind.

“By the end of January every fully vaccinated person in both countries over 30 years old will have full blown vaccine mediated AIDS,” the Exposé concluded. “However much of the immune system that is presently left with the ability to fight Omicron will have gone.”

The latest news about Chinese Virus injections can be found at

Sources for this article include:

58% of infant deaths reported to VAERS occurred within 3 days of vaccination, research shows

In a new research paper published in the journal Toxicology Reports, author Neil Z. Miller found that out of a total of 2,605 infant deaths reported to VAERS between 1990 and 2019, 58% occurred within three days of vaccination, and 78% occurred within seven days of vaccination.

In a new research paper published in the journal Toxicology Reports, author Neil Z. Miller reports on the relationship between sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) death and the timing of vaccination, based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database.

SIDS is defined as the sudden and unexpected death of an infant that remains unexplained after a thorough investigation. Although there are no specific symptoms associated with SIDS, an autopsy often reveals congestion and edema of the lungs and inflammatory changes in the respiratory system, according to the National Center for Health Statistics Vital Statistics of the United States 1988, Volume II, Mortality, Part A, Public Health Service, 1991.

Prior to contemporary vaccination programs, SIDS — sometimes referred to as “crib death” — was so infrequent it was not mentioned in infant mortality statistics.

After the national immunization campaigns were initiated in the U.S. in the 1960s, for the first time in history, most U.S. infants were required to receive several doses of DPTpoliomeaslesmumps and rubella vaccines.

Shortly after, in 1969, medical certifiers presented a new medical term — sudden infant death syndrome.

In 1973, the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics added a new cause-of-death category — SIDS — to the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

By 1980, SIDS had become the leading cause of postneonatal mortality (deaths of infants from 28 days to one year old) in the U.S.

As Miller points out in his article, the ICD category for vaccine-related death, or cause of death as “prophylactic inoculation and vaccination,” was eliminated when the ICD was revised in 1979 — despite the fact that this information would be useful in trying to understand the relationship between vaccination and death.

But Miller, a medical research journalist and the director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute, provides an alternative route for establishing such a correlation — by observing the temporal relationship between vaccines and reported infant deaths, including SIDS deaths, in the CDC’s VAERS database.

Miller found the excess deaths within these ranges were statistically significant (p<0.00001), meaning the chance that this result is random is less than 0.001%.

The same type of clustering was present in the 1,048 reports of infant deaths (out of the total 2,605) reported to VAERS specifically as SIDS.

According to Miller, if there were no correlation between vaccination and infant deaths, one would expect to see an even spacing of deaths within the time range reported prior to vaccination — not a clustering of deaths as Miller found.

Miller included a comprehensive literature review in his paper refuting the “official” claim that the SIDS epidemic was curtailed by having infants sleep on their backs — as recommended by the “Back to Sleep” campaign, initiated in 1992 by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The subsequent rate of SIDS dropped by an annual average of 8.6% between 1992 and 2001. However, the neonatal mortality rate due to “suffocation in bed” increased during that same time at an average annual rate of 11.2%.

Other similar causes of infant death also increased significantly during this period, as reported by Miller. Further, from 1999 through 2015, the U.S. SIDS rate declined 35.8%. while infant deaths due to accidental suffocation increased 183.8 %.

Miller also affirms his main results from the paper (i.e., the temporal clustering of SIDS deaths with vaccination) through the discussion of seven additional peer-reviewed studies and two confidential reports.

On average, these authors found that substantial proportions of infant deaths occurred within one day (mean = 25%), three days (mean = 49%) and seven days (mean = 71%) post-vaccination, matching the results of the present study.

Mechanistically, vaccine injury has been tied to SIDS multiple times. Matturri et al. (2014) examined 13 SIDS deaths occurring within seven days of a hexavalent vaccine. Analysis of the brainstem and cerebellum of the deceased infants showed brain edema and congestion in all victims.

The authors hypothesized that “several compounds and immuno-potentiation adjuvants of the hexavalent vaccine might easily go beyond the blood-brain barrier, which in the first year of life is still immature and quite permeable, inducing neuronal molecular alterations in DNA, RNA and proteins of brainstem neurons regulating vital functions, with consequent fatal disorganization of respiratory control in particularly predisposed infants.”

Specifically, these authors implicated aluminum-based adjuvants in the dysregulation of respiratory control.

Scheibner and Karlsson (1991) monitored infant breathing during sleep before and after the DPT vaccination, revealing an increase in episodes where breathing nearly ceased or stopped completely. These episodes, which continued for several weeks post-vaccination, were not seen prior to vaccination.

Despite the official insistence that SIDS deaths are not caused by vaccination, as Miller points out, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation (NVICP) is set up to compensate families of individuals who are injured and/or die from vaccine administration.

Death from vaccination is compensated with $250,000 for “pain and suffering” to family members of the deceased victim. Conditions typically leading to death that are considered “table injuries” to be compensated under the NVICP include anaphylaxis and encephalopathy or encephalitis.

‘Healthy babies just don’t die for no apparent reason’

Kari Bundy, who lost her son after his four-month vaccinations, said she’s always been “flabbergasted” at the denial of the medical community of the link between SIDS and vaccines. “For me, it was too obvious to even attempt to ignore,” Bundy said.

Bundy lost her third-born child, Mason, in 2011.

“A few days after his routine four-month vaccinations, my husband and I discovered his dead body in the middle of the night, laying on his side, his body still warm,” Bundy said

Mason’s autopsy came back “unremarkable,” aside from some thymic petechiae, which is the most common gross finding in SIDS cases at autopsy.

“I was assured time and time again that he had not suffocated,” Bundy said.

When Mason died, Bundy learned if you can’t pay for a funeral, you can’t have one. So a few months after Mason’s death, she founded a nonprofit called Mason’s Cause, to provide grants to cover funeral costs for families who had experienced the loss of a child under the age of 1.

“I never wanted any parent to experience this devastating loss and not be able to bury their child,” Bundy said. She continued running the charity for just under 2 years, during which time she worked with 94 different families who experienced the death of a child under age 1.

Of those 94 infant deaths, 87 died from SIDS, or from causes “unknown.” Of the SIDS cases, 81 — or 93% — died within seven days of routine vaccinations.

“When I realized SIDS seemed to be undeniably related to vaccines, I realized I could no longer dedicate my life to running a charity that would help bury babies,” Bundy said. “That’s when I realized I wanted to save babies by speaking out about the real risks of vaccination.”

Bundy, who works for Children’s Health Defense as translations coordinator, said she’s grateful for research like Miller’s because it shows what she and all SIDS parents already knew — healthy babies don’t just die for no apparent reason.

Listen to the interview with Neil Miller, author of the study of SIDS and vaccines, on the “Right on Point” Podcast:



Exploring Ethics as a Foundation for Personal and Planetary Healing – Aug. 7, 2021 8am PDT, 3PM UTC

Exploring Ethics as a Foundation for Personal and Planetary Healing

Topic introduction with Layla Turner

As we move forward and the focus slowly shifts from the dismantling and falling away of the old guard towards the creation of a new way of living and being, how can we ensure that what we bring into existence is in alignment with harmonious living?  What should we consider and put in place to safeguard us all from any future control, tyranny, or misuse of power?

The topic of this week’s call was inspired by Penny Kelly’s concept and announcement that a World Council of Ethics is being formed to work towards addressing these concerns.  The intention is that any new project or development will be evaluated using the following thirty-two ethics: cooperation, truth, love, honesty, beauty, peacefulness, joy, generosity, health, courage, strength, right use, compassion, patience, persistence, intelligence, harmony, self-esteem, honor, responsibility, tranquility, integrity, endurance, gratitude, will power, loyalty, justice, appreciation, modesty, trust, humility, and observation without judgement.

Please join us on Saturday, August 7, 2021 to explore and discuss the formation of a World Council of Ethics and how we can apply these values and principles, both individually and collectively.  The greatest impact and influence that we each have, with regards to what unfolds before us, is our living example, what we contribute to the world around us in terms of our thoughts, words, and actions.  The choices we make from moment to moment shape the reality that we experience, and that is how, by being the change we wish to see in the world, we become the ripple effect of goodness and heal the world around us, starting with ourselves.

If you would like to join us for this Public Zoom Call, please send a request email to: Healing@prepareforchange.netand we will reply with the invitation link.

In preparation for our call, please review the below Zoom Call Guidelines in advance.

Healing Group Zoom Call Guidelines

In order to maintain a smooth, distraction-free Zoom call, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform. If this is your first time on Zoom, don’t worry. We were all new at one time! 

  1. Upon entering the room, or if you haven’t done so already, please mute your mic. This will help eliminate background noise, feedback, or other distortions that can disrupt the flow of communication. Please keep your mic muted until it is your turn to speak. If able, please have your video on.
  2. If you have a concern, please type it in the chat box and one of our volunteers will assist you. Sometimes emotions might be triggered during a call. If you are experiencing this, please mention it in the chat so we may create a separate room for you and one of our volunteers to have a safe, private place to talk.
  3. Questions/comments pertaining to the topic of discussion are encouraged to be verbally raised and not placed in the chat. If you would like to contribute to the topic of discussion, please raise your hand physically and/or use the raise hand feature within the app. If you raise your hand using the app feature, please be sure to lower it after your question is answered. You can do this by clicking on the “hand” icon. If your hand has been raised and you still have not been acknowledged, please mention this in the chat so a volunteer may assist.
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  5. Please be respectful in your communications.
  6. In our efforts to preserve the privacy and security of all participants, unless advised in advance, we do not record and share our discussions.

Prepare for Change (PFC) was formed to serve others in loving and peaceful support towards a new and prosperous society. All actions and commitments will be pursued with the Laws of God, the Laws of Creation, and the Galactic Codex as our supreme guidance.

We are charged with organizing Light Warriors & Light Workers who work at this etheric level to bring about change and assist others through the Event. 

Personal Healing

Prepare for Change Healing Group does not exist to offer instantaneous personal and deep emotional therapeutic sessions.  We are primarily here to provide solace and calm through the awakening journey.  At this time, we will not be offering personal healing sessions as part of the group sessions.  Participants may request attention to a specific issue they are facing however it will be addressed in a general manner to manifest the best possible outcome for the situation at large.  The outcome may not immediately benefit the primary person involved if it is not meant to occur.

That said, many participants do benefit from the positive energy and intentions shared in group sessions and you will likely leave the meeting better off for the experience. With practice and perseverance comes progress and changing world situations begins with a change within each of us. We at Prepare for Change seek to be the change we want to see in the world!

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FORMER PFIZER EMPLOYEE SPEAKS OUT ON DEADLY COVID VAX ‘BIOWEAPONS’: “They’re Just Seeing How Much They Can Put Into People Before They Die.”

“All of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are bioweapons. Graphene oxide is not listed in the patent applications because it is poisonous to humans, and because it is the main ingredient in the hydrogel which can be used to create a brain-computer interface and a drug delivery system. There are 4 ‘lipid’ nanoparticles in the COVID-19 vaccines. Graphene oxide, 4,000 times stronger than titanium, can withstand 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures and is an excellent conductor of electricity, and can host a magnetic field. When the graphene oxide in the vaccines becomes positively charged, such as by electromagnetic radiation, radio frequency, wireless devices, wireless networks such as 5G, etc., it will annihilate anything it comes into contact with and therefore can cause great damage and death depending on how much of it exists in the body and where it is located. Multiple COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ and booster shots may increase the amount of graphene oxide in the body. The COVID-19 vaccine study should have been stopped when, during a study with mice, 80% died within 24 hours and the remainder died within the next few days. With this round of vaccines, they rushed this thing out and they’re just seeing how much they can put into people before they die.”

~Karen Kingston, former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries

         “If People get jabbed after watching this they are beyond saving”

Strange Alive Worm-Like Fibers Found in Face Masks Produced for COVID


  • THE STORY:It sounds like science fiction, but it’s real life. Strange, microscopic fibers that move of their own volition have been found by many independent researchers worldwide embedded in the disposable masks used for COVID.
  • THE IMPLICATIONS:It is too early to say precisely what these mask fibers are, however they certainly resemble Morgellons fibers – synthetic and self-aware.
mask fibers

What are these strange, alive, worm-like mask fibers being found worldwide? Is this indicative of a nanotech invasion or Synthetic Agenda?

Evidence of mask fibers

is popping up all over the net, as video after video is showing incontrovertible proof that strange new worm-like fibers, black strands and string-like objects are embedded within the cotton masks made en masse for the COVID scamdemic. Independent researchers from all over the world are buying basic microscopes, putting the masks under the lens and seeing truly shocking sights. There are all sorts of weird thin strands, predominantly black, which appear to move of their volition, scattered throughout the fabric. These mask fibers are very different to the rest of the cotton material. What are they? How did they get there? What is their purpose? This article does not have all the answers – not even close – but serves as an introduction to what is shaping up to be a very important topic for humanity’s future: the COVID-nanotech connection. For the background to this, I suggest reading 2 of my earlier articles Hydrogel Biosensor: Implantable Nanotech to be Used in COVID Vaccines? and Operation Coronavirus is Working Hand-in-Hand with the Nanotech Agenda, as well as looking at the research of Celeste Solum.

Standard Face Masks Are Toxic

Many of the masks being handed out do way more harm than good. It is reported that 85% of these masks come from China, are made in substandard conditions and are laced with toxic chemicals. The article entitled Exclusive: Chemical cocktail found in face masks reported that these kind of masks for COVID contain a chemical cocktail including but not limited to formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), aniline (a known carcinogen), acetaldehyde (a known genotoxin) and many other toxic compounds. The Canadian Government just put out a safety alert that face masks may contain graphene (Solum warned about graphene nanotech months ago), stating that “Health Canada’s preliminary assessment of available research identified that inhaled graphene particles had some potential to cause early lung toxicity in animals. However, the potential for people to inhale graphene particles from face masks and the related health risks are not yet known, and may vary based on mask design.” I have pointed out how masks are dangeroushypoxic and dehumanizing.

However, the discovery of ubiquitous and self-moving mask fibers takes the situation to a whole new level. In the sources below I have listed several videos which show the bizarre discovery, many from (hat tip to Tim). The following images are screenshots from his videos:

mask fibers

mask fibers

mask fibers

mask fibers

mask fibers

mask fibers

How are the Mask Fibers Behaving?

The video evidence thus far shows that these mask fibers react to heat and moisture, since they start to move and become agitated when people breathe on them. The fibers may be magnetic; in this clip, you can see the fiber jump out when in the proximity of a standard metal sewing needle. In this compilation, you can see the fibers of a cotton swab/bud jump out at a pig’s brain as though they were attracted to it. In a different clip, you can also see the fibers (which look like shards under a microscope) detach themselves when brushed against a piece of meat. All this gives much credence to the theory that these mask fibers are actually Morgellons fibers, part of the nanotech invasion of mankind – the Synthetic Agenda.

Some of the Different Theories about the Identity of these Mask Fibers

Some people say the mask fibers are small, stray fabric threads from clothing. But how could they be inanimate clothing threads when they wiggle and move? Why do they appear to be activated by heat and moisture? Who do they appear to be magnetized by metal? Some say they are microscopic worms. Others say they are micelles for drug delivery. Then, there are those who believe they are synthetic Morgellons fibers, which I personally find the most believeable at this stage.

There is another theory that the mask fibers are carbon nanotubes (CNTs). A 2015 scientific study found carbon nanotubes (tiny tubes measured in nanometers) in the lungs of every single person tested. These nanotubes can readily be used as biosensors – tracking you from the inside. The study Anthropogenic Carbon Nanotubes Found in the Airways of Parisian Children analyzed the prevalence of CNTs and concluded:

“Anthropogenic carbon nanotubes were found in all samples, indicating that humans routinely breathe such nanostructures … These nanostructures are similar to those present in dusts and vehicle exhausts collected in Paris, as well as to those previously observed in ambient air in the USA, in spider webs in India, and in ice core. These results suggest that humans are routinely exposed to CNTs …”

Final Thoughts

The video clips and compilations below contain incontrovertible evidence. Watch them. See these alive worm-like fibers for yourself and make up your own mind. Is there a sinister plot to position these fibers right near our mouths and noses, so they enter our lungs and body? Is humanity the planned host for these parasites? Mask-wearing mandates are being forced by governments and corporations alike. All we can do is hypothesize and speculate at this stage as we gather more evidence, while being vigilant and wary. As chilling and unnerving as this notion is, it seems very probable that Operation Coronavirus is indeed a cover for the advancement of the nanotech takeover.


Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles, author of the book Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and senior researcher at Makia is on Steemit and LBRY.


















From Slovakia Hospital – COVID PCR Tests Found to be Tool for Genocide

I just received very disturbing news from Slovakia, where a hospital lab personnel in Bratislavia conducted a study on the COVID PCR Tests and concluded the test swabs that they jam up your nose all the way to the brain are implanting Darpa Hydrogels in your body.

Darpa is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – a research and development agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military. Originally known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency, the agency was created on February 7, 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhour, USA

From the study “Darpa Hydrogel (reference) is an artificial substance that creates a converter between the electromagnetic signal and living cell, tissue and organ. Converts an electromagnetic signal from a transmitter to a signal which a living cell understands and responds to. (see photo of beetle – Darpa Hydrogel was injected into this nerve structures and was controllable via a radio)”

“Darpa Hydrogel and lithium block and destroy the pineal gland and cause the thinking person to become a controllable biorobot. A hydrogel is a carrier of an active substance, its task is to get the substance into the body at a pre-desired place.”

So, the Darpa Hydrogel is a key component, “these are actually nano-antennas”, to connect to 5G and allow the global elite to literally control people like robot beatles.

They cite their test results that show Darpa Hydorgel is also deadly to human blood cells. When used in conjuction with Lithium, which is highly toxic, can destroy the Pineal Gland. The report further states “From this information it is clear that test sticks are a criminal tool of genocide in the population of Slovakia. This is a worldwide, thoughtful and carefully prepared event.”

Here is a link to full study in PDF format.

This is stuff from the Science Fiction archives happening right now.

Jai Guru Dev


Stop Cancer: Bicarbonate Miracle and Cancer – Part 1

By Dr. Mark Sircus,

Sodium bicarbonate is a surprisingly useful tool for treating and preventing cancer. The basic reason that sodium bicarbonate is such a wonderful cancer treatment is that it directly increases CO2 levels in the body. Cancer tumors respond to increased CO2 in a way that does not favor their continued growth.

Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) is a natural substance used in the human body to regulate pH. Bicarbonate affects the pH of cells and tissues, balances cell voltage, and helps with oxygenation through increasing CO2 levels in the blood. The use of bicarbonates amounts to a real breakthrough in cancer treatment, and there is no doubt that thousands of lives could be saved every day with its use.

At about three dollars a pound, sodium bicarbonate will outperform chemotherapy and radiation treatments because it targets acidity and low oxygen conditions. Treating cancer with bicarbonates treats the fundamental reasons cancer cells form and get aggressive, so it’s a medically sound therapy that should be denied to no one.

Chemo and radiation create a lot of oxidative stress, acidity, inflammation, and low oxygen conditions; bicarbonates cleans up the mess that these toxic treatments make and is known to make traditional mainstream treatments more effective.

Sodium Bicarbonate - Chemotherapy Mesothelioma Patients

The reason for modern medicine’s inability to stem the tide of cancer deaths starts in medical school and the unwillingness to understand carbon dioxide and pH medicine and why hypoxia (low oxygen conditions) are at the root of cancer. We are touching on the heart of pharmaceutical terrorism. They completely repress knowledge of CO2 and pH medicine because it puts the spotlight on sodium bicarbonate.

Baking soda is one of the biggest threats to the pharmaceutical industry because it’s affordable, accessible, and effective. More than inexpensive, baking soda is impossibly too cheap. Bicarbonate medicine is strong and effective enough to devastate the entire pharmaceutical paradigm, so no wonder the medical establishment is so against its use.

Conquering Cancer – A Course in Naturopathic Oncology by Dr. Sircus – Find Out »

Its full power to reduce suffering and death has to be repressed at all cost. So they crippled doctors, leaving them without any understanding of one of the most basic medicines. Basic science knows and appreciates carbon dioxide. Doctors do not and are threatened against using sodium bicarbonate for treating cancer. On the Internet, which is now famous for fake news, you can see doctors, medical institutions, and plain silly people make derogatory remarks about something they know very little about, baking soda as a cancer medicine.

Absolute Certainty

Before we present the science that sustains all the above assertions, be aware of how firm and certain this all is for cancer patients, as certain as the idea that your breathing keeps you alive. There is no room for a shred of doubt with bicarbonates and what they do.

Imagine the best basketball player up in the air making a slam dunk; the ball is already halfway through the hoop; how much would you bet on him making the score? Not sure what else to say to communicate how certain simple baking soda is in its ability to turn the tide of acidic, low oxygen conditions, thus saving millions of cancer patients’ lives. Baking Soda is good. It is a gift from nature, a gift from God. Our best friend, as the Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Company has been saying since 1925 in a book they put out about the medical uses of this simple substance.

1925 A Friend in Need, Facts Worth Knowing About Arm ...

The Overwhelming Science

The first lesson in our understanding of why sodium bicarbonate is a necessary and possibly the most important medicine for cancer patients comes from Dr. Yandell Henderson. In 1940 he wrote, “Another natural misconception is that oxygen and carbon dioxide are so far antagonistic that a gain of one in the blood necessarily involves a corresponding loss of the other. On the contrary, although each tends to raise the pressure and thus promote the diffusion of the other, the two gases are held and transported in the blood by different means; oxygen is carried by the hemoglobin in the corpuscles, while carbon dioxide is combined with alkali in the plasma. A sample of blood may be high in both gases or low in both gases. Under clinical conditions, low oxygen and low carbon dioxide generally occur together. Therapeutic increase of carbon dioxide, by inhalation of this gas diluted in air, is often an effective means of improving the oxygenation of the blood and tissues.”

I recently got a message from a Russian gentleman who lives not far from me that three years ago, he was diagnosed with myeloma stage 4. He was later diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma with metastasis everywhere, mostly in the bones. He reported that he started drinking sodium bicarbonate one teaspoon three times a day two years ago and is now drinking only one teaspoon in the morning and is feeling great.

The necessary second lesson: “But nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause be. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse,” said Nobel Prize Winner Otto Warburg in a meeting of Nobel Laureates on June 30, 1966. Warburg is considered one of the 20th century’s leading biochemists. He was the sole recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1931. In total, he was nominated for the award 47 times throughout his career.

To not understand how acid and low oxygen conditions influences cancer is not to understand cancer. Over 80 years ago, Warburg showed that cells could always be made cancerous by subjecting them to hypoxia periods. Cancer cells survive by utilizing a process that is advantageous in low oxygen environments. Before we go on, remember that low CO2 brings on low O2 and that sodium bicarbonate gives us instant access to more CO2 and thus more oxygen.

“The Secret of Life is both to feed and nourish the cells and let them flush their waste and toxins,” according to Dr. Alexis Carrell, Nobel Prize recipient in 1912. Warburg said, “If our internal environment was changed from an acidic oxygen-deprived environment to an alkaline environment full of oxygen, viruses, bacteria, and fungus cannot live.”

Related image

Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have unearthed a previously unknown phenomenon. They found that important regulatory molecules are decreased when deprived of oxygen, which leads to increased cancer progression in vitro and in vivo.

The most important factor in creating proper pH is increasing oxygen because no waste or toxins can leave the body without combining with oxygen. The more alkaline you are, the more oxygen your fluids can hold and keep. Oxygen also buffers/oxidizes metabolic waste acids helping to keep you more alkaline. The quickest way to increase oxygen and pH is through the administration of sodium bicarbonate. That is why bicarbonate has always been a mainstay for emergency room and intensive care medicine. Of course, when we increase oxygen and pH levels, we are simultaneously increasing cellular voltage.

It is really hard for doctors and all health practitioners to realize that Carbon dioxide is, in fact, a more fundamental component of living matter than is oxygen. Carbon dioxide gas makes plants grow. It is a life gas, not a deadly gas. You can treat cancer with it because increased systemic concentrations of pH buffers lead to reduced intratumoral and peritumoral acidosis and, as a result, inhibit the malignant growth of cancer. How do you treat cancer with carbon dioxide? Put plenty of bicarbonates in your drinking water. Take bicarbonate baths, add citric acid (but don’t forget the magnesium)—nebulize bicarbonate into the lungs—under some conditions, administer it intravenously and bathe internal organs in it during surgery.

Little does anyone know that a lack of carbon dioxide is
harmful and even less understand is that carbon dioxide is
as fundamental component of living matter as oxygen is.

If a carbon dioxide deficiency continues for a long time, it can be responsible for most diseases, aging, and cancer. Ancient forms of medicine knew that good breathing habits must be formed for increased vitality and freedom from disease. They knew that poor breathing reduces our energy and opens the door to illness, and now we know that too fast breathing drives down CO2 levels in the blood. Good to know that 70 years ago, the medical norm for breathing was eight breaths a minute and that everyone breaths much faster than that now.

Bicarbonates Treat Cancer

“I bought your book, Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment, after letting doctors treat my prostate cancer with extensive radiation. Then I developed colon cancer. The doctors wanted to remove almost half of my colon. I said no way. I used the protocol outlined in the bicarbonate book for 21 days, and it completely rid me of my colon cancer. I am certain that I will never have cancer anywhere in my body as I am certain that the sun will come up tomorrow, wrote Greg Goss, whose full story is here.

Thus, bicarbonates should be included in all cancer patients’ protocols. Virtually every cancer patient will benefit from combinations of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and magnesium bicarbonate because they treat the low oxygen acid conditions universally found in cancer patients.

Sodium bicarbonate shrinks tumors. Bicarbonate inhibitsspontaneous metastases (Robey 2009). ‘Bicarbonate Increases Tumor pH and Inhibits Spontaneous Metastases’ according to medical scientistsNaHCO3 therapy significantly reduced the formation of hepatic metastases inhibiting extravasation and colonization.

“Studies conducted at the University of Bari in Italy demonstrated that a hallmark of all tumors, regardless of their origin or background, is their acidic environment. In fact, tumor progression increased with an acidic pH and hypoxia, or a low oxygen level,” writes Dr. Veronique Desaulniers. The perturbation in pH dynamics rises very early in carcinogenesis and is one of the most common pathophysiological hallmarks of tumors.”

“The results of a study suggest that tumor cells do, indeed, perform niche engineering by creating an acidic environment that is non-toxic to the malignant cells but, through its negative effects on normal cells and tissue, promotes local invasion.”

Our body pH is very important because pH controls the speed of our body’s biochemical reactions. It does this by controlling the speed of enzyme activity and the speed that electricity moves through our body; the higher (more alkaline) the pH of a substance or solution, the more electrical resistance that substance or solution holds. Therefore, electricity travels slower with higher pH. If we say something has an acid pH, we are saying it is hot and fast. Alkaline pH, on the other hand, biochemically speaking, is slow and cool.

Tumor invasion did not occur in regions with normal or near-normal pH. Immunohistochemical analyses revealed that cells in the invasive edges expressed the glucose transporter GLUT-1 and the sodium-hydrogen exchanger NHE-1, both of which were associated with peritumoral acidosis. In support of our findings’ functional importance, oral administration of sodium bicarbonate was sufficient to increase peritumoral pH and inhibit tumor growth and local invasion in a preclinical model, supporting the acid-mediated invasion hypothesis.

Increased systemic concentrations of pH buffers lead to reduced intratumoral and peritumoral acidosis. Oral NaHCO3 selectively increased the pH of tumors and reduced spontaneous metastases in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer. NaHCO3 therapy also reduced the rate of lymph node involvement and significantly reduced the appearance of hepatic metastases. Acid pH was shown to increase the release of active cathepsin B, an important matrix remodeling protease.


Twenty-seven thousand people died of cancer today. Tomorrow another 27 thousand cancer patients will die. Each year 10 million perish, and yet doctors and medical organizations cannot tell us why and our politicians and health officials do not seem to care about anything other than COVID deaths. After reading all the science on cancer and tumor and intracellular pH, one has to seriously wonder how many of these thousands would not die if bicarbonates were given to them.

Many doctors have asserted that there would have been virtually no COVID deaths if proper treatments had been administered, so it is not outrageous to think that thousands of lives a day of cancer patients could be saved if sodium bicarbonate was included in all cancer protocols.



35,000 Soldiers Died from the Experimental Anthrax Vaccine – More Than Those Who Died in Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq Combined

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Vaccine Syndrome is a film produced by Oscar nominated filmmaker Scott Miller, and provides exclusive interviews with military personnel who have had experience with the controversial anthrax vaccine.

The film claims that over 35,000 soldiers have died from the anthrax vaccine, according to a “RAC-GWVI Government Report” published in 2008.

Compare that to how many soldiers have died in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan, which is 6753 at the time of the filming.

The film starts out with a dramatized recreating of Lance Corporal Jared Schwartz, who refused to receive the anthrax vaccine.

He had to face a military tribunal without legal counsel, and read a prepared statement.

That statement can be found online, such as at the website.

The film also mentions how pharmaceutical companies have legal immunity from any injuries or deaths resulting from vaccines, and that the civilian population only has recourse to sue the federal government in a special Vaccine Court.

However, military personnel are prohibited from suing in this court, which is part of the National Vaccine Compensation Program.

Watch the film here, or on our Bitchute Channel.