Hear the Birds Sing, All You "Citizens"

By Anna Von Reitz

I tell you that the very word “citizen” implies a duty to serve a government.  And you have a choice about that.   Otherwise, you aren’t free.  

Go look up the word in a Legal Dictionary if you don’t believe me.  

I also tell you that you have a choice about which government you may choose to serve. 

Americans who wish to serve as “citizens” have a choice of serving their soil jurisdiction state republics or their land jurisdiction States, or both. 

Americans can also choose to serve as “citizens” of the Federal Corporations — meaning employees and dependents thereof — known as “US citizens” — but that requires letting go of their natural political status as Americans.  

If people paid attention in Civics Class they would already know this.  

Admit it, you slept through U.S. History.  You slept through Civics —if you even took the class.  

You barely remember something about “reconstructing something somewhere sometime….mumble…mumble…maybe.” 
You never really knew what a “citizen” was to begin with.  
And some of you still don’t.  Despite my best efforts. 
So all you “experts” out there trying to put words in my mouth  — do everyone a favor.  
Those of you who do understand the words written above, tell others.  Those of you who just can’t “get it” — shut up and sit down until you do.