Some may wish to support this petition… “Require Hawaii Island Helicopter Air Tours to fly offshore”

I TOTALLY support this. So many times I have gone to Volcanoes Park and had to endure helicopter after helicopter after helicopter after helicopter go over and disturb the sacred peace of Kilauea. To me, and anyone else who does ceremony at Kilauea and recognizes it as Pele’s domain, this has been something that NEEDS to end, in my view.

Read and sign if you feel so drawn.


Require Hawaii Island Helicopter Air Tours to fly offshore

We really suffer here on the Big Island from constant helicopter noise created by hundreds of over flights by air tour companies going back and forth to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We live in the most heavily traveled air corridor in the entire US by tour helicopters.

For more than (30) thirty years, thousands of Hawaii Island residents have complained about excessive helicopter noise over their homes. The FAA has no Inspectors stationed here. They have not done anything to change this situation. They tell us helicopters can fly as low and as often as they like over our homes. They do not regulate noise!

Eighty-two letters attesting to the very detrimental health effects from this noise on our ohana (families) have been filed with the State of Hawaii Department of Health in June 2017. urges Senator Schatz, Senator Hirono, US Representative Gabbard and Hanabusa to request the FAA to do the same for Hawaii Island as the FAA did for the citizens of Long Island in New York State. The FAA implemented a mandatory offshore route after hearing so many complaints of excessive helicopter noise there.

This could be a Win-Win for everyone! People could view our spectacular coastline. Mahalo (Thank you)

This petition will be delivered to: US Senator Schatz and Hirono and US Representative Gabbard and Hanabusa

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