Kp Radio Hawaii 5-14-18… “Discernment of the ‘Higher Type’ is Recommended”

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Talked about (among other things):

  • The closer to the end, the more resistance might be felt.
  • We’re close to end stage.
  • I’m not really a gabber, chatterer. That’s why I do these shows.
  • I will not engage in arguments of any kind. Or debates.
  • What I get Inner-wise is my own thing.
  • Everyone has Higher Discernment. Higher = instant “get” (or “hit”). No thinking no debating no research.
  • Have to release the ego and all things related it.
  • I’m seeing lots of “opposing information channels” flying around.
  • Q disinfo (misinfo) programs coming out.
  • My Inner Discernment is that Q messages are for me.
  • I share what I “get” to share.
  • The “comment soap opera coliseum” is NOT for me.
  • Q put “trigger phrases” in one post. Those who had “triggers” to pull got “triggered”.
  • Cobra disinfo (misinfo) programs also came out.
  • My experience with Cobra.
  • Many are triggered BIG TIME. Bitch and moan if necessary, but ask, “What do I need to release?”… then release it.

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[Pre-show notes: “Use that discernment, baby!!”]