A “Report” has surfaced with the title, “CNN Raided By FCC For Deceiving American Public”… Really??? (this appears to be NOT the case)

Links to Hoax-Alert article

Yes, I’ve seen this YourNewsWire article, “CNN Raided By FCC For Deceiving American Public“, now posted all over the internet tubes.

Many of us would perhaps enjoy this if it were true. But from all I can tell, it has not happened. I did do a short search of local Atlanta stations, where I figured the story would most certainly would have appeared, but searching Fox5Atlanta, AJC.com, CBS46, I found nothing. Of course, it is possible that something like this is indeed being done in the background, but at this point, who knows.

The only thing I could locate about this with some apparently valid data was a Hoax-Alert piece that stated the following:

“Strong claims require strong evidence. What are these “reports”, you ask? Here they are:… 5) My one source inside one of these networks has informed me that the FCC has arrived and has seized all kinds of document as part of their investigation, including all of the source data the networks were using for their stories… — Kyle (@HNIJohnMiller) May 22, 2018

“A tweet from two days ago that the author hasn’t even been able to confirm for himself…

“The FCC is allowed to act in cases where false content is broadcasted during news programming according to their own website:… But AP (Associated Press) is not a broadcaster. And do you really think CNN and MSNBC (and all their colleagues in the media) would not make a huge stink about such a raid if it happened?

“The site was profiled in the Hollywood reporter where it was described as:

“Your News Wire, a 3-year-old website of murky facts and slippery spin, is published by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Treadway — a Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016 — out of an apartment in L.A.’s historic El Royale.”

So feel free to decide for yourself.