So, How Am I?

By Anna Von Reitz

One week out after the 7.0 Earthquake targeted on me….

First, we are slowly but surely securing the loose ends and beginning to buy replacements for lost and damaged equipment, which thanks to all of you, is made possible by your donations.  We thank you all!!!

Second, we are closing in on the United Nations members who have violated their own Treaty agreements by firing upon non-domestic targets.

Third, we are seeking immediate and permanent liquidation of all municipal corporations that engaged in this profoundly destructive, immoral, and unlawful activity.  If the intended jolt hadn’t been dissipated, most of the west coast of this continent could have been detached or underwater.

Fourth, I was profoundly saddened to be presented with irrefutable proof of Russell-J:Gould’s involvement in all of this. Nothing in my discussions with Russell ever indicated that violence and self-service were any part of his agenda.

Fifth, hard on the heels of all this, we have begun unearthing the role of the Railroad Barons in promoting the Civil War and the Federal Reserve. These so-called Captains of Industry and their European allies provided the money to buy off the Rump Congress politicians and elements in the pre-Civil War military.  This enclave included the Vanderbilts, Hills, Stanfords, Hopkins, Crockers, Huntingtons, Carnegies, Goulds, Winchesters, Rockefellers, and others. 

It was all about obtaining millions of acres of land and transportation conduits across America subject to international jurisdiction law, and the use and control of these transportation conduits and elements of infrastructure for unfettered private commercial gain— for which these Vermin were more than willing to sell this country and everyone in it down the drain. 

Only Henry Ford and those lost aboard the Titanic remained above the slime pit these industrialists created, and again, gold fever was at the root of it. The California Gold Rush more than any other single thing created the impetus for the vast criminality that created the so-called American Civil War and which has served to preserve and institutionalize that criminality to the present moment.

As for me, I have been through the Refiner’s fires and honed to a hard edge, prepared for my task, armed with the truth, and protected by faithful angels. My body may crumble and I may be killed in this earthly form, but my spirit has summoned forth the trumpet and shall never call retreat. 

These corporations, these “legal fictions” — all entities with no natural right to exist, are going down, and the evil men who have used them to perpetuate these crimes against mankind are going with them.

If you are ready to take up the work that must be done, do so. 

If you can afford to contribute to our efforts, please make a donation to: Paypal: or via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

And no matter who you are or how destitute you may be, pray. 

Pray to Our Father, our Creator, to rescue us all and lift us up out of this morass of deceit and criminality which has insidiously increased itself and been institutionalized in our midst.

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