How Insane is Insane?

By Anna Von Reitz

How Insane is Insane?

Similar to the assumption that many people have when presented with two bad choices, that is, that they must choose the Lesser Evil, instead of rejecting both bad choices with extreme prejudice — there is a similar Logic Gap in which people struggle to define different degrees of insanity.

It really doesn’t matter if we are dealing with Freddie Krueger or Jason Voorhees or Jack the Ripper. 

It’s just a matter of taste between the rabid mentality of hate-filled Communists, contempt-filled Fascists, or cynical monsters who sell arms to both sides of every issue and profit themselves — like Hillary Rodham Digby Churchill Clinton, the new Chancellor at Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Perhaps we had better now check our own sanity, because a fair number of people in New York voted for this creature to act as their Senator, and still more Americans voted for her to be their President.

Why did the facts and associations never surface until now? 

Where was the American Press Corps?  Where was the CIA?  The DOJ?  The State Department?  DIA?  Homeland Security?  DHS?  FBI?  New York State Police?  NYCPD?  Heck, where was the Republican Party? Didn’t anyone, ever, check this woman out? 

It appears that nobody was doing any kind of Due Diligence at all.  We had Hillary, code name “Mom” to the IRA,  brokering arms deals through the US State Department. 

Now, that’s insane. 

That is completely crackers.

And the fact that she got away with it, even after Benghazi, is even worse, because it implies that not only is she certifiable, but so are all the rest of us. 

Some people here actually voted for her for President. 

Think about it.  What does this imply about our National Security?  The quality of our Intelligence Services?  And the nature of our Media Sources?

One is tempted to say —  Fourth Estate, what?  And start a newspaper called “Banana Republic News” to replace the New York Times.

One is also tempted to ask —what’s she going to teach in Belfast? 

Racketeering?  Smuggling?  Electioneering? Arms Trading?  Embezzlement of Public Funds?  How to Hire a Hit Man?  Finding Your Perfect Mate?  Sidestepping Accountability 101?  Impersonating an American?  Advanced Shameless Guile? 

God help the people of England and Ireland, they are importing our criminals in a Weird Reprise of Project Paperclip, and entrusting them with educating a new generation.


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